An Undying love

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Jacqueline stood by her window frame, her eyes blurred by the tears of sadness running down her face, hands wrapped about herself, trying to comfort herself, for the hands that used to do that for her were gone. He was gone!

The news she received four days ago, her love was gone, he died on a hunting trip, a wild boar had attacked him unexpectedly and killed him instantly. Christopher the love of her life was gone! Each memory of her love sending shivers of pain and agony through her soul. She could not bear to live without him. Ten years they had been wed and it seemed like yesterday they had met.

She leaned against the window frame remembering how they had met.

It had been the coming out ball for her sister Amanda, Jacqueline was 20 years old then and unmarried. She refused all suitors saying marriage was useless if she was not in love. Her parents had left her to that decision knowing she was stubborn and could not argue with her. Then at that ball she had seen him, Christopher 27 yrs old, black jet hair and dark skin, tall and lean. She was shocked that a man could possess such beauty, then as if fate had led him there, their eyes locked and he had stared at her for minutes, before he boldly approached her and asked her to dance.

Christopher fell in love with her that same night, they talked, laughed and danced.

Soon after that he began his courtship and not more than 7 months later they were wed.

Even when he found out she could bear him no children, his love for her did not change in fact it grew stronger. Together they traveled the world and loved each other endlessly. Their love was so strong nothing could draw them apart, except death!

“Death!” she whispered through her panting sobs. Life was of no use without him, none at all. She thought.

She turned away from the window frame and looked down at the dagger she had set on the table. No! She refused to live without him; she would join him she thought, Soon.

On her bed she had laid her purple and gold robe, “he loved that robe so much.” she thought. It was fitting for what she wanted to do.

Approaching her bed, she slid off the black mourning clothes and stood naked; her body of 30 yrs had not changed, still incredibly beautiful and soft. Picking up her robe she slid her hands into the silk fabric and tied the knot at her waist. She stepped to her door and turned the lock, locking it, she needed to be alone and undisturbed.

Back to the table casino oyna she lifted the heavy dagger, sliding the cold steel between her fingers, turned and walked towards mirror table. Sitting upon the chair, opening her robe, she slid the knife against her warm skin and closed her eyes.

“Forgive me lord, I cannot bear to live without him, my life is empty and so is my soul.” she whispered.

Holding the knife aimed at her heart, her hand about to strike, it was stopped.

Chapter two

He was sent back for a reason and now he knew it, suddenly he was watching the love of his life about to strike the dagger into her heart and he leapt forward, stopping the dagger before it touched her skin. “Jacqueline my love, no” he whispered as he held her hand away from her heart.

She opened her eyes, the sound of his voice, “was she dead already? Was she with her love? Christopher?” she turned around and saw him.

Her Christopher an angel, dark wings, and beautiful as always.”Her beloved!”

“Christopher, my love.” she said.

Her eyes swelling up with tears, “Am I dead? Am I with you now?”

“My love, why? Why my love? Don’t you know that taking your life will not join us?” he asked.

“But how is it you are here? How can I see you? Am I not dead?”

“No love, you live still, your time has not yet come, I was sent to stop you, you mustn’t die now.” he replied.

Turning in his arms, her hands at his face she began to kiss the love of her life, not believing this was possible. Each kiss harder than the first, he was live and before her. She needed him, needed to feel him, his skin, his warmth his existence beside her.

He knew her passion for him had ignited and that she wanted him and lord knows he wanted her too. Wrapping his arms about her he pulled her in closer and kissed her lips, savoring each taste, knowing it would be their last time together.

His wings wrapping about her body, shielding her within, his hands caressing her soft exquisite skin and beautiful frame.

“Jacqueline my love.” he whispered against her lips.

Her mind swimming with passion as her heart overleapt with joy, she was in his arms once more and maybe for the last time and she couldn’t let go.

“Make love to me Christopher.” she pleaded.

He felt his shaft grow and throb against her and knew he could not resist her, he never could! Sweeping her off her feet he carried her to the bed and laid her upon canlı casino it. Suddenly his wings disappeared and he was as if he was man again. He leaned above her and kissed her magnificent lips once more, caressing her gently with his tongue, rocking his barely clad body against her.

She moaned and ran her fingers through his long hair, holding his lips to hers, she didn’t want to let go. Not now he was hers now and she needed him.

He slid his hands down to her shoulders lifting her gently so he could disrobe her, looking down at her lovely body, he kissed down her slender neck, savoring each kiss and touch.

Her hands slid down his back, till she reached the hem of the white cloth wrapped about his waist, gently sliding it down his firm buttocks, till it was down to his bent knees. Her hips arching voluntarily to his shaft, heat seeking heat, her hands roaming about him, touching him all over.

His lips now at her bare breasts, kissing the valley between, his hands caressing her sides, lifting her up gently so he could taste each rosy perfectly peaked nipple, Sucking gently at each one.

Crying out her love for him as waves of desire shot though her veins, she arched up for him urging him to continue.

Trailing his kisses down to her navel, he circled his tongue about it teasingly, then lower to her mound, laying his head there for a moment inhaling her scent, he kicked off his cloth, laying his hard shaft against the mattress hoping it would provide some relief.

“Love it is as if it is out first time together.” he said.

“Yes my love.” she replied.

With that once again his lips returned to kissing and tasting her. Deep in his mind he knew what she tasted and felt like, yet every kiss and touch was as if new to him. When his lips touched her folds, her body shot up beneath him, his hands held her firmly by the waist holding her steady so he could enjoy each last moment of her.

She moaned and tugged at his hair as her body shook to every kiss and lick. He was sending her into a higher world; she was soaring, passion, want and desire pumped through her.

“Christopher! Love I beg you please.” she managed to say.

He heard her pleas and gently gave her one last kiss and he heaved himself up to cover her with his body. His lips once again taking hers, their naked and heated bodies aching to be joined, he slid one hand between them and pressed his shaft to her folds. Instantly her legs wrapped about his kaçak casino waist urging him to enter her, slowly he pushed into her, her tight muscles clenching about him sucking him in deeper.

He groaned upon entrance and she moaned against his lips.

Gently he began rocking his hips, sliding in and out of her, her wetness incredible and her body moving with him was driving him to the edge. He had slept with her for 10 yrs yet something was different about today, all the feelings were new and stronger, and he knew she felt it too.

His pace increased as emotions peaked, her moans and words of love dancing through the air between them, her legs holding him closer within her, her body dancing with his, her lips biting at his neck, her hands caressing his back and sides and her heart filled with joy.

About to lose his senses he thrust even deeper, harder and faster. her moans grew louder, her muscles tighter, he knew she was about to reach her climax, then all control snapped and he heard her scream with pleasure as he filled her with his seed and her body shuttered beneath him. They had reached a level they had never been to before, they had actually soared the heavens together. He kissed her lips once more, their panting strong and their heart beats racing, sliding off her not to crush her; he cradled her to him and kissed her neck.

“Jacqueline I love you so much and I always will.” he said.

“I love you Christopher, my sweet love.” she replied and tears began to stream from her eyes, she knew he would soon be gone. She would lose him once more.

“Jacqueline, promise me, you will not attempt to take your life again, promise me love.” he pleaded.

“I promise love, I promise.” she wept.

They laid there for moments weeping against each other, the words of love binding them as their souls met for the last time, till the both fell asleep.

During the hrs of sleep, Christopher was once again summoned to the skies, where his wings turned white as he was granted entrance to heaven.

He sat above watching his beautiful wife sleep away, whispering, “I love you.” from above.

Chapter three

Nine months later, Jacqueline died giving birth to a baby boy, everyone was shocked at the news of her pregnancy, and all doubted her faithfulness to her dead husband, yet when Christopher was born all doubts fled when they saw the resemblance between the boy and his dead father. God had granted her a miracle they had all said.

She was granted entrance into the heavens and at the gates he waited.

Greeting his loving wife he held her in his arms and kissed her lips, “Welcome my sweet love. We are together now and forever.”

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