An Unexpected Adventure

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It had been a long, horrible day. It seemed like the whole world had decided to call upon her to rectify their problems. One complaint after another, the phone didn’t stop ringing once. But now, she was free. Her boss had finally allowed her to close up her office for the weekend. Not a moment too soon either, although she did regret not bringing a warmer jacket. It had been raining all day, only stopping but thirty minutes before she left her work.

Now the evening was frigid, way below the usual temperature one expected to feel in August. The cold damp air seemed to cling to her skin as she made her best effort to dodge puddles on her trek home. At least it was also late, and most of the general population had made an effort to clear the streets an hour ago. Which was something she was grateful for. There was nothing worse then having to push her way past crowds of people on her way home, it always hindered her ability to unwind from the day’s events. Now she had the ability to set her own pace and just let herself relax.

Glancing up ahead she noticed a crosswalk light turn to red, forcing her to come to a halt as she let slip a sigh and pulled her thin coat tighter about herself. The night really was cold and she couldn‘t wait until she finally reached her apartment building. She’d turn on the gas fireplace, take a nice warm bubble bath…Before she could continue her thoughts, the light turned green and she stepped down into the street. Even as she did so, one last vehicle flew through the intersection, nearly running her over in the process and she suddenly found herself covered in mud. Her skirt and jacket were just about caked in it and she spun around to face the direction the car had gone in.

“Thanks buddy! Thank you so fucking much!” she exclaimed angrily as she threw a hand into the air.

Of course there was no way the person in the car had heard her and she had no other choice then to continue across the street soaked and filthy. “And I didn’t think this day could get any worse,” she muttered angrily as she walked down the streets toward her apartment. But the further from the street corner she got, the more colder and uncomfortable she became. Eventually she gave in and turned to hail herself a cab, yet before she managed to throw a hand in the air she noticed a small twenty-four hour Laundromat across the street.

“Well.. At the least I could dry off my skirt and coat,” she thought to herself as she moved across the street and stepped into the Laundromat. The place seemed well kept, there were six washing machines set in two rows in the middle of the room. While on the back wall were six industrial sized drying machines. About what you would expect from any Laundromat. To her left she saw a small vending machine that dispensed single use boxes of dry laundry detergent.

Deciding that it’d be best to wash her soiled items, instead of just drying them she grabbed hold of her purse and purchased one of the boxes. She then removed her jacket and skirt, tossing them into the nearest washing machine and starting it up. It was only then that she realized what she was doing. Not that washing clothes was anything to be surprised about. But here she was, standing in a public Laundromat, at midnight, in nothing but her thin blouse, a bra, and panties. What if someone was to walk in on her?

The very thought of being caught like this was embarrassing… Or, was it? Perhaps if the timing poker oyna was right it could be an exciting experience. But.. Exciting? Her? Hardly. With a small shrug she grabbed a magazine off one of the chairs set about the room and sat down, preparing to read some of the articles while her clothes were being washed. No more then fifteen minutes had passed before she noticed a vehicle pull up in front of the Laundromat. It seemed that she was no longer going to have this space to herself, and the idea of it sparked something inside her.

With a bit of curiosity she watched as a young man emerged from the vehicle and unloaded a basket of laundry from the trunk. Yet before he stepped into the building she returned her gaze to the magazine, pretending to read. She didn’t have to keep up the guise for long though, because within minutes the buzzer on the washing machine containing her clothes went off. So much for being silent and un-noticeable. Pursing her lips together she rose from her seat and moved to the machine, opening its top lid and removing her damp clothing from its confinement.

She wasn’t aware that the man’s gaze had fallen upon her until she turned to the dryers along the back wall and saw his reflection in the glass of one of the closed machines. What was he thinking about? Pushing aside the thought for the moment she opened another machine and stuffed her clothing inside, pulling a few quarters out of her blouse pocket she started the cycle up. She then turned around, hiding a slight smirk as the man immediately lowered his gaze and turned the washing machine containing his clothing on.

Trying to appear as comfortable as she could she returned to the seat she’d been occupying and picked the magazine up once again. Of course she really wasn’t interested in reading, though she casually flipped the page of the magazine to a new article. The man’s gaze was again upon her, even though she didn’t look up to confirm this, she felt it. She didn’t care either, let him look; she thought to herself as she glanced upward momentarily. The man really was rather good looking, standing approximately six feet in height, he had sandy brown hair and blue eyes. He was slender, yet not over-much and he carried himself rather well as he stepped around the washing machines and settled into a chair two spots away from her.

Perhaps the day wouldn’t be a total waste. Smiling to herself she returned her gaze to the magazine she held. The two of them sat in silence for about ten minutes before the man approached her, sitting down in the chair immediately to her right.

“So,” he said as he settled himself. “I haven’t seen you in here before.”

Raising a brow she lifted her gaze from the magazine to the man. That was one of the lamest pick up lines she had ever heard. Could he honestly not come up with something a little better? “That’s because I’ve never been in here before,” she replied idly. Doing her absolute best to sound disinterested.

The man shifted slightly in his seat as he looked her over from head to toe. “Do you always do laundry in your undergarments?”

Oh boy, she sighed slightly as she turned her attention back to the magazine. Well he was a total bore, so much for an interesting night.

Almost as if he could sense what she was thinking the man also let lose a sigh, shifting in his seat once more. “Alright. Yeah that was lame. Long day you know. But seriously, why the canlı poker oyna scant attire?”

“Some asshole blew through a red light and managed to nail me with a mud puddle,” she replied as she again returned her attention to him. “I was going to just catch a cab home after that, but I figured I was safe coming into a Laundromat at midnight.”

“Ah.. Well then.” Again he shifted in his chair, but this time it was to get closer to her. His gaze once again looking her over. Now she considered herself to be fairly pretty. She had long brunet hair, and brown eyes. She stood to a height of Five foot, seven inches. Her body was lean and well kept, and her size 36, C cup breasts fit her form perfectly.

Yet as the man looked at her he seemed to be trying to figure something out. Was there some mud on her she didn’t see? Or did she really look more disheveled then she thought she did? Before she had the chance to ask him what he was looking at the buzzer on his machine went off and he rose to take care of it. Shrugging to herself she returned to her dull magazine once again. At least her clothes should almost be done. The thought was barely finished, when the man came back over to the row of chairs. Stopping right in front of her he snatched her magazine away and brought himself down to her level, placing a hard kiss firmly on her lips. At first, she was taken off guard by the motion and attempted to push him away. But as she did so, she found herself slightly aroused and returned his kiss instead.

It took him only a few seconds to unbutton her blouse, as well as to undo her bra, which was one of the new front hook types. Thus leaving her rather exposed in the neon lighting of the Laundromat. Though she had little time to linger on the matter as the man immediately began licking and sucking on her hard nipple. Oh the sudden sensation of it had her juices flowing and she failed to suppress a low moan as she adjusted herself in the chair. Unfortunately, this position just wasn’t going to do for her, and with a smile she slowly pushed him away. The man was alarmed, but didn’t protest when she coaxed him into a standing position.

A few seconds later she positioned herself on her knees in front of the man, her fingers dancing over the bulge in his pants as she gazed up at him. He looked nervous, but then, so was she. She’d never done something like this before. Meeting a strange man while she sat half naked in a public Laundromat. But she wasn’t about to let that stop her as she undid his pants, and pushed his boxers down just a bit, allowing his hard cock to slip free of it’s confinement. It was just as delicious looking as he was, nice and thick and approximately seven inches long with a drop of pre-cum glistening in the light.

Licking her lips she took hold of his shaft in one hand before wrapping her mouth around it’s head. Her tongue sliding forward to wrap and caress his organ as she began sucking him off. The hand that held his shaft sliding down to give his balls a squeeze as she did so. Within moments the man’s moans began to fill the small space of the Laundromat as she bobbed her head up and down his swollen member, but before she could finish him off he stopped her. Pulling her up to her feet as he planted a hungry kiss on her lips and turned her around, lifting her up on top of one of the washing machines.

If this wasn’t considered exciting, she didn’t know what was. She smiled internet casino a moment before he caught one of her nipples in his mouth sucking upon it once again. At the same time his hands slid down over her body, rubbing and caressing before he settled them upon her thighs. They were immediately parted as he pulled her panties off of her and set them aside, his fingers then rubbing and caressing her wet cunt for just a moment before he lowered himself down and replaced them instead with his tongue.

It was like magic, her eyes closed as she felt all her worries and problems from the day melt away at his touch. His tongue probing deep inside of her before he dragged it up over her swollen clit, sucking gently upon it while she moaned in pleasure. He continued taunting and teasing her for a good five minutes, never once allowing her to explode. It was pure torture, her hips rising and falling in response to his movements until she just couldn’t take it any longer, bursting out quite suddenly. “Oh, just fuck me now!” It came out a bit louder then she thought it was and that caused her to blush as he grinned and slid himself up her body.

Within moments his arms wrapped around her body as he pulled her toward the edge of the washing machine, his cock sliding fast and hard into her depths. The feeling of it was so wonderful that she couldn’t suppress a moan as she wrapped her legs around his body, pushing him even deeper inside her body. This seemed to catch him off guard but he simply grinned, pumping himself faster and more determined inside her. His moans rose to mingle with hers as he worked himself hungrily into her depths, stopping suddenly as his load spurted deep into her cunt.

They held their position for a few moments as they both opened their eyes and looked at each other, the sound of his dryer sounding in the background. “Well..” he breathed as a smile curled upon his features.

“Well.. Indeed,” she replied as she too found herself smiling. “My name’s Tanya.”

The man let slip a chuckle as he pulled out of her and did his pants up. “Nice, to meet you Tanya. I’m Jake.”

The smile remained on her lips as she grabbed hold of her panties and slipped them back on, tossing a glance toward one of the front windows as she hooked her bra and re-buttoned her blouse. It was raining again, and she couldn’t suppress the sigh that followed her observation. “This definitely wasn’t how I expected to spend my evening,” she stated in a light tone as she followed him over to the dryers.

Jake let out a laugh at her statement as he pulled his clothing from the dryer and placed them into his basket. “That makes two of us.. But, I can’t say I regret what happened.”

“Nor do I,” her response was a little distant as she pulled her now clean skirt back onto her body. Following it up with her jacket.

“So where do you live?” Jake inquired as he watched her move toward the exit of the Laundromat.

The question stopped her just short of the door as she turned to face him, a smirk playing upon her lips. “Thinking to get a little more?”

“Well.. That would be a bonus. But, I have a car… And you don’t,” he stated as he stopped just a step away from her. “I figured, with it raining and all, that I’d at least offer you a ride home.”

“Oh of course!” she exclaimed with a chuckle. “I live in the Calvary apartment complex.. It’s about two and half blocks from here.”

“Well…What a coincidence. I just moved in there a week ago.”

She couldn’t suppress the grin that curled on her features at his statement.. Somehow, she had a feeling that this evening wasn’t over just yet…

To Be Continued…

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