An Unexpected Christmas Pt. 04

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Sandra and I spent the remainder of the holidays at my place. Seldom did we leave and rarely did we dress. Our time was spent naked and in bed, or just being naked together. We cooked naked, watched tv naked, always naked. We made love as often as we cared to. January second loomed the next day and reality would arrive.

We attempted to sleep, but it would not be so. Sandra and I wanted to make the most of the last night before the workday world intruded. It was an intimate and satisfying night for us both. The early hours of the morning found exhausted and asleep, still entangled in the others embrace.

The alarm sounded and we arose. Sandra to the Café, and I to my job. I can speak only for myself. I had no desire to leave Sandra and trudge to the office. The last seconds before we parted were awful. But were responsible adults.

I had no concentration at work and the morning was a blur. My thoughts lingered heavily on Sandra. More than once I dialed her number, only to stop. She would be busy, and I knew this. Lunch arrived and I believe I ate, not sure. The afternoon lingered as bad headache. The last hour of the day, I gave up and left. There may be consequences, I didn’t care.

My feet and legs must have known what my mind wanted. They took me to the Café as my brain was a fog. The door burst open and called Sandra name. She looked to see me, and we met in the middle of the room, kissed, and embraced. The patrons stood and applauded. Many had seen me there in the last two weeks, working along side Sandra. Others totally surprised.

Sandra worked for a few more hours before closing. I hanged my coat and rendered assistance. The final customer exited, the door locked, and the lights extinguished. Sandra and I could not move upstairs faster. The trail led straight to her bedroom; clothes littered the way. Nothing fancy about this coupling. Sandra on her back and we did missionary position. Very little time required for us to climax and yes, we were that excited to be with one another. Even though we had slept together the night before. After, we lay together in bed and there were no words, just holding.

Darkness had long since covered the world, yet in bed we remained. Hunger gnawed a bit, and I was unwilling to leave the bed and Sandra. The lapse had been twelve hours. I found it unbearable.

Sandra spoke.

“Phillip, are you hungry? I am starving. Could we order food in?”

I suggested Chinese as it was close, and we liked the food. Sandra agreed. I dressed for the delivery; Sandra headed to the shower. I watched as the water ran down Sandra’s fine form. The curves of her body entranced me. She knew I observed and modeled seductively for me. Then the doorbell rang. The food had arrived. I scurried downstairs and Sandra dried her hair.

We feasted on Hot Sour soup, eggrolls, noodles and lo Mein. We spent the time laughing and talked about our days. Sandra insisted I sleep at her place tonight. I had no desire to be anywhere else, so I agreed. Sandra looked thoughtful for a few moments, then spoke.

“Phillip, I like having you here. I realize we have only been together for a little while. But I would like you to consider moving in with me. We get along well and………….

(There was a pause in her voice.)

“I Avrupa yakası escort bayan think I love you, Phillip.”

I sat and stared into her eyes. A broad smile formed on my face as I reached for her hands.

I answered.

“Well, that is a coincidence, Sandra. I have been thinking that I love you as well. I would be very happy to share this place with you.”

Then we kissed and hugged and kissed more. The remains of dinner stored, and I hit the shower. Sandra waited for me in the bed. We spent an enormous amount of time in foreplay. Kissed parts of each other, sucked this, licked that and the like. A moment arrived when I moved down between Sandra’s thighs. A great amount of time was spent as I teased her by not touching her vagina. The area around it given many kissed and caresses. I found her moist when I did touch her folds. An audible sigh issued from her mouth.

Fingers, tongue, and lips rediscovered each little place. Two fingers inserted and a gentle come hither motion. As Sandra enjoyed this, I added an upward tongue. Her hips joined the motion. The climax would be soon. It was a gentle orgasm. She tensed and quivered a bit. A different thing for her than some of the screaming ones she had before. Either way, I take pleasure in giving them to her. Maybe I tried to make up for all the ones she had missed with her ex.

Sandra pulled me to her face and guided me inside her. My erection was firm, and I slid between her folds of lubricated flesh. She was warm and smooth, and I loved being inside her. Sandra wrapped her legs around my waist, and we went slowly once more. We gazed into each other’s eyes, kissed, and made slow passionate love. The time arrived that I would orgasm. I pushed a deeply into her womb as I could and let flow my streams of cum. Sandra tightened her legs around my waist to keep me in place. I rolled from her we held the other in the night.

Sandra spoke.

“Next time, I want to ride you. I like that a lot.”

I responded.

“And when will that be?”

Sandra’s answer.

“Well, if you go like normal, you should be ready in about twenty minutes. Want to get some food and a drink before that?”

So naked to the kitchen we went. Eating out of boxes by refrigerator light, giggling like teenagers. The last of the feast consumed, we returned to bed. I on my back and Sandra on top of me. We paced as before, slow, and gentle with Sandra doing most of the movement. I found it difficult to not move. Sandra alternated and bounced slowly or slid back and forth. She had her third orgasm next and not long after, so did I.

We slept; we had no choice. And in the morning, we were up and at it early. I had breakfast and espresso with Sandra. She opened the Café, and they streamed in, all in search of espresso and coffee. Many of them I knew as regular customers and we spoke. I kept an eye on things incase Sandra needed help.

Sadly, it became time for me to leave for work. Sandra gave me a kiss and hug that left me breathless and wanting more. I need to stop at my apartment for a change of clothing. I stood and looked around. It seemed so cold, barren, and empty. A few sticks of furniture and less personal items. I had not much to show Escort Ataköy for my years of labor, other than a very healthy bank account. I changed and went to my job.

I had flourished here in the early days.

The job demanded long hours and above the usual commitments. But I had no one, so it never occurred to me to do things differently. Sandra had changed all this in the space of a few weeks. And not just her, I had found something else to devote my time too. I started to contemplate a rather bizarre idea. The apartment would be moved from and empty. One less expense. I could afford to invest in Sandra’s Café and perhaps work there with her. Leave this place, do something I enjoyed and be with someone I loved. A discussion with Sandra before I did anything.

The day ended and I left. This time, I stopped at the apartment to gather some things. The discussion I planned did not take place while Sandra worked. I knew better and waited until things relaxed. Sandra and I sat on her sofa. We had eaten dinner, all was quiet.

We discussed my moving in. It would take place on a weekend. The best time for me. I packed small amounts each time I was there. The larger pieces were to be sold or left in the apartment. Sandra and I would have no use for them. Each trip brought a few more of my clothes to Sandra’s. Then the big question.

I spoke.

“Sandra, I have a radical suggestion.”

She eyed me carefully.

“My job is no longer the place I wish to be. The bank account is more than I could have dreamed. I would like to invest in your Café and work it with you, just as we have for the last two weeks. You run it the way you have been and would like. I would be a silent partner and your live-in boyfriend.”

Sandra at looking at me with wide eyes at first. These narrowed and a frown replaced her smile.

She spoke.

“You want to give up your corporate job, give me money for this place, sleep in my bed, and work the Café for a living?”

I nodded my head yes and answered.

“Yup, that sums it up. Sandra, I want to be with you all the time. Separation from you is too sad. I want to help you here and live together. Is this something you want too?”

Sandra stood, reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties down.

She spoke.

“Take off your pants Phillip. We are going to consummate our merger, partner.”

Sandra straddled my lap, and we had sex on the sofa. As she raised and lowered her body on my cock, I gradually removed her upper garments. Once done, I cupped her ass in my hands to help her up and down. Sandra leaned heavily on my chest; her nipples pressed against me. She would cum soon. Sandra found my mouth and we kissed deeply. Remaining that we as she climaxed. All those moans of hers inside my mouth. Very erotic.

Sandra broke our kiss and spoke.

“Cum in me. I need it inside me. Do it Phillip. Fill me with hot cum.”

That I should argue? No. Fill her I did. Warm stream after warm stream until it leaked from her. We sat this way for a bit. But Sandra’s legs began to cramp, and I helped her to move. The next activity was the shower and getting ready for bed. No fooling around this time. We would both be up early. Sandra to run the Café, and me to Şirinevler escort turn in my two-week notice.

They were flabbergasted at my resignation. I explained Sandra and what I had found with her. While sad to see me leave, most understood. The bosses would find someone else to do the long hours and late nights. The days would still be long at the Café, but I would be with Sandra and doing something I liked.

The days progressed, the countdown on. Mid-January had all my belongings at Sandra’s. The apartment keys were turned over and I was a permanent resident above the Café. The first evenings proved interesting. I didn’t go to the apartment for clothes or anything else. This was home now. We counted down the days to my resignation taking effect.

That morning, I got up with Sandra and we both went downstairs to work the Café. I loved every second of it. Waking up with Sandra, working with her, then closing and going upstairs. We acted teenagers or newlyweds, every private second,

naked and making love.

The moments in the Café were also close. We kissed often and in front of whoever. Nothing disgusting, but tasteful, people that cared for the other. We had a wonderful life together. But something changed.

Mid-February arrived. I had contemplated taking Sandra out for dinner and a night out. Neither of us had done much. But I thought it important. Arrangements were made, reservations placed, and we waited our moment.

The evening of our big date, Sandra dressed. She had a lacy black bra and panty set, with stockings. She said her plan was to seduce me and make love to me all night. I liked this plan. Sandra had purchased the bras a couple of weeks ago. Tonight, she tried to put it on. Sandra’s boobs were spilling out. They were bigger than the bra. She lamented out loud that it fit a couple of weeks ago. As Sandra stood there, looking in the mirror, she said aloud.

“Phillip, look at my areola. See how dark they are? They weren’t like that before.”

Sandra went suddenly pale, and her eyes widened impossibly.

She spoke.

“We need to go to the drug store right now.”

Confused and concerned, I dressed, and we went out. Sandra did not allow me to see what she purchased. Once we returned home, she closed herself in the bathroom. Minutes passed. Sandra emerged with a shocked face and holding something in her hands.

I asked.

“Sandra, what is that? What is wrong? Are you okay?”

Sandra handed me the object. I had no idea what it was.

She spoke.

“It is a pregnancy test. Phillip, I think we are going to have a baby.”

Once that sunk into my muddled brain, I became very excited and rushed to Sandra. I lifted her into my arms and held her high. I laughed aloud and now Sandra did as well. We were having a baby.

The next months were exciting. Sandra had prenatal appointments. There was some concern as she was older. But she was healthy, and it seemed the growing child within her was healthy as well. Her breasts grew impossibly large over the months that followed as did her stomach. The hormonal changes made Sandra horny all the time. Sandra’s naked pregnant body, the most glorious thing I had ever seen. She glowed happily.

Those months were spent teaching me all I need to know about running the Café. I wanted to learn. Sandra would be busy in the fall caring for our child. We had no idea what we were having. Nine months from December 25th, Mikala was born. Our daughter. Sandra had become pregnant our first night together. It was a Christmas I will always remember. Merry Christmas.

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