An Unexpected Love Ch. 02

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Second part, as per the first this is my first story this is just me writing because I felt like no one else had a story quite like this and with the twists I have imagined. However, I am not as good on spelling and grammar as most writers on Literotica and I am trying my best. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK IT’S LIKE LOVE, AND I LOVE LOVE. Also, Make sure you send me any ideas on to where you think Neil and Kate are heading, I READ ALL EMAILS AND FEEDBACK.

Neil walked out of the office with a sense of pride. He took over a firm with little to no resistance, swiftly removing Ross & Gary out of the equation would mean creating more room for Kate to move around in. Neil’s first order of business was simple, he wanted Kate to rest so she would not be tired for school in the morning. He sent an email to the whole team which told them they would be given the rest of the day off with full pay. Kate got up and left, without noticing Neil in her boss’s office.

On her way home Kate could not stop thinking about what had just taken place, Neil had taken her in the bathroom at work and she felt as if it was escalating beyond her control, something she found scary. Her mind was also racing with regret about what she had done with Neil, she felt guilty. Kate vowed she would speak to Neil about this relationship and where it was going, she did not want to fall for someone who had no intention of falling for her. Kate arrived at the apartment, unlocked the door and went into the bath tub almost immediately, relaxing and reliving many of the events of last night.

Neil stayed with his lawyer a bit longer at the office and hammered out some finer details about stock and employment renewal, all of the stock would be Neil’s and he felt that no one deserved to lose their job. Patrick dropped Neil home and told him the paper work for the apartment complex would be on his desk soon, Neil thanked him and Patrick left.

Neil had big plans for his latest purchase, he wanted the company to succeed. He called Jerry, his father’s brother, whom had a master’s degree in commerce.

“Hello, Jerry speaking”

“Jerry? It’s Neil. I wondered if I could come visit you tonight or tomorrow, I want to talk about something important with you”

Jerry had no problems with Neil, in fact Jerry loved Neil like a son considering Jerry could not have any of his own as his wife was infertile.

“Of course, Can you come tonight?”

“Yes, I’ll leave now, see you in a few hours!”

Neil was speeding. He wanted to get to Jerry as soon as possible in order to hand over the documents and sign Jerry on as a partner. Upon arriving without even hearing the details Jerry agreed and Neil gave him 49% of the company, Jerry would also become the new CEO and would lead the company in to its bright future that Neil had planned

Jerry had insisted that he stay for dinner, looking at his watch it was 8 pm, he wanted to be ready for school so he could once again be near Kate. He agreed as a sign of respect for Jerry and his wife, who had both helped him through the death of his parents.

The ride home for Neil was sad, he remembered his parents on his ride home and unknown to Kate, Neil has been abusing alcohol since the day his parents died. Neil had become a compulsive drinker and Neil went to great lengths to conceal this from most everyone.

Neil sobbed quietly as he pulled over, reached under the passenger seat and pulled a bottle of vodka. It didn’t take Neil long to down the whole bottle, with a lapse of judgement he began driving home, his visit to Jerry lasted a little longer than he expected and Neil started to speed in attempt to get home quicker.

Kate had expected Neil to stop by and say hello. Kate had dressed up nicely to greet him, he didn’t show and Kate went to bed at around 11.15 pm

Kate’s morning flew by as she was nervous and anxious to see Neil again, she wanted to kiss him and tell him how much she enjoyed his company and would like another date with him.

Kate was surprised when Neil did not attend English class, she even began to worry to herself

“Oh no, something’s happened”

“Oh, snap out of it he’s a big boy” Kate reassured herself in her mind.

Kate was expecting Neil to be at their afterschool council session and would demand an explanation for his absence. She waited until she had to leave or she would miss her bus again, she was hoping Neil would offer her a ride.

Kate began to imagine the worst case scenarios.

“He’s been mugged and is bleeding to death, oh my god!”

She silently sobbed on the bus so people wouldn’t notice. When she arrived home Amanda instantly noticed and asked her what happened, Kate explained about Neil not showing up. Amanda didn’t like her friend being hurt, they both rushed over to Neil’s apartment and knocked furiously on the door.

No reply.

Amanda hugged her friend and they both went back to her apartment and opened a bottle of red wine, the bottle was empty in minutes casino oyna and a new one was opened and replaced it in an instant. The night ended with Amanda and Kate passing out.

Kate awoke groggy and with a splitting headache. Kate wanted to skip work today, but she needed the money, she jumped in the shower and took an aspirin. There was a staff meeting and Kate had to attend as it was mandatory.

The principal began.

“We start on a sad note today, it turns out one of our students has had an accident on the roads.”

“OH MY GOD! NEIL!” Kate screamed in her head.

“The police identified….”

“PLEASE DON’T SAY BODY! OH DEAR GOD PLEASE!” Kate was at the edge of her seat and about to faint.

“The person involved as Neil Goldsteen. He suffered some injuries to his arms and is currently at Pineview hospital.”

Kate didn’t feel easy, Neil was in hospital and she had thought he was done with her.

The principal continued “Alcohol was involved, the Police have told me, however the media have not caught wind of it and we are all grateful for this. However we will have an assembly about drink driving.”

Kate was fuming, she became enraged. “How dare he drive intoxicated!”

“That is all for now, I’m sure we can all understand how lucky we are to not lose a student to the roads. I’m sure Neil will be back with us soon, however he will be disciplined by the police and most likely receive a suspension or be expelled but that decision rests with the board.”

Kate left and talked to the principal.

“Mike, I don’t feel well. I have to leave. Mrs Fullenburg can cover for me.”

Kate caught the bus to the hospital. She stormed into the room, tears gushing like waterfalls down her cheeks. Kate had prepared a long speech in her mind that would involve telling him off and how angry she was at him for doing what he had done. She couldn’t, instead Neil moved over in his bed and Kate lay down next to him and cried while she hugged him. She knew deep down, she loved him but would not tell him.

Neil downed the last of his vodka and began to feel better, he looked at his watch and saw he needed to be home and fast. He pushed his car to the limit, he was in his father’s BMW and he was speeding. Neil hadn’t seen the corner and was travelling to fast for it, he slid and began to roll, he would later be told the roll change which he installed 3 weeks ago had saved his life. Neil couldn’t remember much other than passing out and waking up to bright lights and the sound of machines cutting into the car. He passed out again and woke again the next day in a hospital.

Neil was told that he had lost a lot of blood and received deep gashes in both his arms which would scar permanently, the doctor told him he received these cuts from the dash board breaking and cutting him during the final moments of his crash. Neil looked down at his arms, his heart beat elevated and he soon passed out again. When Neil awoke there was a police officer near him.

“Son, you are lucky to be alive.”

“I spoke to your lawyer, he managed to claw you a deal and you won’t be receiving a criminal record.”

“You won’t be suspended from driving, because you will not be able to get to and from school, however you will be restricted as to what times you may drive, this will remain active for the next 2 years. You are not allowed to consume any alcohol prior to driving, if you do not test a 0 in your next breathalyser your license will be taken from you for 2 years. You must also donate to the local charity that called in the incident.”

Neil nodded. It’s all he could do.

“You understand son? Good, your lawyer will be here sometime tomorrow to explain it all to you in more detail, you also have to go speak with your principal as soon as you are back at school”.

Neil nodded again and passed out again, he felt weak, his body had lost a lot of blood.

Neil awoke to crying. Kate was staring at him, she looked angry but sad. It looked like she was going to scream at him, instead Neil gathered all his strength and moved over and patted the seat next to him. Kate ran to him and lay down next to him, she hugged him as he lay down. Kate began to cry helplessly into his shoulder.

Neil noticed the pain he caused her and lightly began to stroke her hair as he hugged her back. It seemed to calm her, Neil was about to say something when Kate cut him off.

“You have some serious explaining to do. I mean it, you had me worried sick. I also noticed I don’t have your number so I can’t call or text you, so you’re going to give that to me.” Kate said.

“Kate I’m sorry. I was trying to leave the hospital unnoticed but they had placed guards at the exits. I was going to see you, but they wouldn’t let me leave.”

Kate couldn’t yell at him when he was like this. She waited until Neil drifted off, she spoke to the doctor and he filled her in as to his injuries, he stressed that he lost a lot of blood and the scars will take to get used too. Kate was horrified.

Kate canlı casino went back to Neil’s room to say goodbye, she had to go home for the night. Neil was sleeping. Kate kissed Neil and left the hospital. Catching a bus home, she opened the door, went to her room and fell asleep.

Neil was released early the next day, at around 10am. Patrick came to pick Neil up and had the paperwork with him, Neil signed and was taken home. The doctors instructed Neil to take the bandages off when he felt comfortable and that the stitches would be visible for a few days.

Neil went and talked to his principal later on, he wore a sweater over his arms to hide the scars he had sustained. The scars were deep, jagged and still tender. Neil didn’t like the scars at all. The principal was not happy with Neil’s actions.

“Neil, you broke the law. I’m disappointed in you as I’m sure your parents would also be if they saw what you had done.”

“Mr Capburn, it is something I deeply regret and I will carry the scars of the incident with me throughout my life, I can assure you I will never forget this mistake. I hope the school was not embarrassed by this. I’m just glad no one else was involved.” Neil replied.

“The media have not caught any of the story. Your lawyer came down and pleaded with the board to have mercy on you. They agreed, reluctantly. You will not be given any more chances, one more mishap and you’re out. I hope you understand how serious the situation is.”

“I do.”

“Good, get to class. It’s 2nd period”.

On the way to his math class Neil was bumped, hard, into a wall. He didn’t think much of it and shuffled off to math class.

Neil walked into his math class. The other pupils didn’t notice anything as they had not known of his crash. Neil’s sweater hid most of the damage, only light bruising could be seen if someone where to look closely.

Neil’s day passed quite quickly, he had wanted to see Kate to explain to her what had happened. He felt nervous as he made his way toward Kate’s class. Neil felt ashamed. Kate paid no attention to him, she never glanced at him during the lesson. Neil felt uncomfortable, the sweater he was wearing was beginning to affect him negatively, Neil began sweating and saw no way around taking his shirt off. Neil desperately wanted to take it off but saw himself as a freak with the scars running up and down his arms.

Neil was on the verge of collapse. He was feeling faint again felt like sweat was pouring out of his arms. Kate noticed he was acting strange, she wanted to do something but she also wanted to punish him for his total lack of respect of the law.

Neil didn’t care anymore, he lifted his shirt and found some of his stitches had broken, he was bleeding. A silent scream sounded as everyone looked up at Neil.


The loud piercing scream which sounded like nothing to Neil came from a girl who saw the blood all over Neil’s arm, some blood had pooled into the craters left by the scars which had been sewn. The scream caused Kate to turn and catch the sight on Neil dropping to the floor.

Neil dreamt of his grandfather during his blackout. The man who taught him everything he knew about women. Neil’s grandfather usually boasted that he ‘tapped’ half the nursing home staff and all the senior ladies staying.

Kate and some of the students were given days off school due to the traumatic event. Neil was not blamed he was also asked to not come back to school until everything was healed this meant staying away from school for a few days longer also.

For a second time, Kate caught the bus and headed to the hospital. She caught Neil awake and moving around the room.

“Neil, aren’t you staying the night here?” Kate said, uneasily as she knew Neil was angry at her.

Neil didn’t say much “No, I’m going home, I can’t stand this fucking place”

Neil was about to walk out when Kate closed the door and pushed him back. Neil stood in front of her, looking down, towering over her. She felt safe even though his stare was menacing. Kate hugged Neil, she put her arms his torso and began to rock gently and Neil looked down and picked her up. With Kate’s feet off the ground Neil held her for as long as he could, he pushed against the door and kissed her deeply. Kate responded and moaned quietly, happy that Neil was alive.

“I’m sorry” said Neil, holding her against the wall with his forehead on hers, looking into her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re alive.” Kate said as she kissed him again.

A knock on the door frightened both of them. Neil let down Kate and opened the door.

“Mr Goldsteen the doctor told me you were checking out. I hope we don’t see you back here any time soon. Do try and keep your stitches safe this time hmm?”

“Will do” with a slight smile. Neil liked this nurse since he was first brought in.

Neil startled Kate when he grabbed her by the hand and walked with her to the elevator and never once allowing her hand to slip from kaçak casino his, Kate blushed and felt like a teenager in love. In the elevator Neil kissed Kate until the doors opened and they both journeyed to the parking lot.

“I had my car delivered here so I can drive you home, so you don’t have to take the cramped bus.”

“Thank you.” Kate replied

They reached Kate’s apartment shortly. “Neil. Do… Do you want to come up?” nervous and hopeful.

“What about your room mate?” replied Neil.

“She has the night shift and the morning shift” Kate smiled as she saw Neil light up.

Neil parked his car on the side of the road and went up to Kate’s apartment for the second time. Kate waited at the door and kissed him as soon as he got in. They didn’t wait. Neil worked on Kate’s skirt while she worked on his jeans, the process followed with Neil lifting Kate’s blouse to reveal her bare chest. Neil kissed her passionately and began to work to the hollow of her neck which made Kate moan with pleasure. He worked down to her breasts, lightly taking the nipple in to his mouth and sucked on it which sent shivers down to her sex. Kate was wet and she needed Neil.

Neil picked Kate up and took her to the bed in her room. He kissed her navel and slowly moved down to her sex. Neil planted a kiss on her lips, and slowly slipped his tongue in to spread them ever so slightly, this caused a moan from Kate who was now playing with her nipples, pulling and teasing them. Using his fingers he spread her sex open and began to tease her clit with his fingers and slowly lifting the hood to reveal its treasure, Neil licked it slowly to get it wet and slowly took it between his lips which pushed Kate over the edge and she clamped down with her thighs around Neil. Neil was pushed into Kate’s sex and held there as a wave of pleasure washed over her, what felt like minutes for Neil was only seconds for Kate.

Kate tried to get up and give Neil the same care he had given her. “Stop” Neil said with a stern tone. Kate stopped and he pushed her back. Kate was dripping and the orgasm she had was not enough to satisfy her, she needed more, she needed Neil. Neil slid his cock over her now sopping wet slit and he relished the feeling of her velvet soft sex.

“Please Neil. Please. Please, be gentle.” moaned Kate.

With his right hand Neil caressed her left cheek and moved closer to her face and kissed her as he moved forward slowly into her sex. Her lips parted and his tongue slid in. Her sex opened as Neil pushed slowly into her this caused an involuntary moan to escape Kate and into Neil’s mouth. Slowly, not stopping Neil pushed his full length into her and flexed his cock inside of her while still holding her close, causing her to clench Neil tightly around his neck and with her sex. Neil began to move in and out of her, much like the first time only this time he didn’t want her to pass out so he paid attention to her and he slowly and lovingly rode Kate to her second orgasm, Kate and Neil both knew that was her limit for now and Neil began to pulse inside her as he came inside her, softly kissing her as his tongue explored her mouth while she held on tight as the feeling of his cum inside her made her feel full. Neil kissed Kate again and lay down next to her, holding her. Kate turned to face Neil and she began to caress him.

“Tell me?” she asked as she ran her fingers carefully over the scars that where fresh. Neil couldn’t feel much or any pain as he was still on painkillers.

“They are disgusting, hideous, you’ll never want me if I told you why” Neil replied.

Kissing his forehead Kate knew he was in deep regret about his decision but somehow knew this wasn’t the first time.

“This wasn’t your first time was it?” carefully selecting her tone as to tell him she cared for him.

“First time I was caught and crashed.” Neil replied while looking at her fingers running over his right arm.

“Will you tell me?” asked Kate again.

Neil didn’t reply and he kissed Kate. When Neil didn’t start talking Kate began to tear up again.

“Don’t you trust me!?” sobbed Kate.

“Of course I trust you” replied Neil calmly

“Then tell me!?” Kate said, tears pooling in her eyes.

“I can’t!” Neil yelled at her, for the first time. Neil’s rage opened.


Neil got up to leave, in a flash his clothes were on, Kate was crying furiously. She didn’t mean to get Neil angry that was never her plan, she just wanted to help. Neil walked to the door, Kate ran up and slammed the door shut.

“Where do you think you’re going!?” shouted Kate

“Away!” replied Neil

He opened the door only to have Kate slam it again. Tears ran down her face she was a mess and sobbing, she went between him and the door.

“NO! YOU’RE STAYING HERE” she screamed.

Neil raised his fist and Kate thought he was going to hit him. Instead he slammed it into the dry wall, startling Kate. Neil’s rage cooled down as he released what he had done. Neil looked at Kate, she had the look of when her ex-husband was about to hit her. Neil moved in to show her he wouldn’t, Kate flinched and whimpered.

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