An Unexpected Pleasure

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I had met Celia about a year ago, when my uncle and her had gotten married. She is a very lovely person, very sweet and motherly. I had gotten to know her during the few times that I had seen her at holiday’s and other family get togethers. During my christmas break from school while I was staying with my parents, she had invited me to stay with her during spring break so that I could keep her company while my uncle was at a tradeshow for work. I eventually decided to take her up on her offer because I didn’t really have any plans for the break.

They have a nice house, and one of the first things that I wanted to do was to lay out by their pool and relax and tan a bit. The first day I was there, the weather was beautiful, so I changed into my bikini and made myself comfortable in a lounge chair. Celia came out soon after to join me. She was wearing a light blue, high-cut, one piece suit. It is easy to say that she looked incredible for her age. Being 42, she had really maintained her very slender, shapely figure. Her breasts still firm, and her behind is that of a woman half her age.

She sat down on the chair next to me and pointed out that because of their large yard and privacy fence, I could feel free to take my top off to avoid tan lines. I really didn’t think twice, and removed my top. As I lay back on my chair, She took out some tanning lotion and worked it into her hands.

“You know you really shouldn’t spend too much time out here without lotion on.” She said to me.

“I know. I’ll pick some up when I go out later.” I responded as I felt the coolness of the lotion as she began rubbing it on my lower legs.

“It might be too late by then.”

I thought it was nice of her to be thinking of me. Like I said, she is very motherly and I am very comfortable around her. Kadıköy Escort Actually, it felt nice, like a massage, as her hands moved up and she worked the lotion onto my thighs.

“I’d hate to see you looking like a lobster and in pain after your first day here.”

She took the bottle and put more lotion on her hands. I felt it’s coolness on my stomach, as my new aunt rubbed it in.

“Oh that’s cold.” I giggled.

As Celia’s hands moved up my a bit, I felt her finger’s gently brush the underside of my breasts, but for some reason I didn’t really think too much of it. That is until I felt her hands cup them. I opened my eye’s, kind of surprised.

“I’m sorry hon, does that bother you?” She asked, sounding concerned that she did something she wasn’t supposed to.

I thought about it for a second and thought that maybe she was just worried about my getting burned.

“No, it’s ok.” I said like it was no big deal.

Her hands were like a skilled massuesse. Kneading my breasts, covering them completely, above and between. I was really starting to enjoy this. It wasn’t until her finger’s started to concentrate on them, that I realized that my nipples were hard. I opened my eye’s kind of embarrassed, but Celia just gave me this reassuring smile.

“Why don’t you roll over.” She said sweetly.

“Ok.” Was my only response as I did what she said.

She massaged my shoulders. The cool lotion felt nice on my warm skin. She skillfully worked the muscles in the middle of my back and on the sides. As her hands reached the waistband of my bikini bottoms, she stopped.

“Wait right here sweety, I have to get some more lotion.” She told me as she got up.

I was content to just lay there. I could’ve fallen asleep. A minute Kadıköy Escort Bayan later she came back out of the house. I heard her sit down on her chair right before feeling her hands on my ankles. She really seemed to know what she was doing, working her way up to the back of my thighs. Because she made sure to put lotion on my breasts, I was not really surprised to feel her hands on my behind. I was getting all of the luxeries of a professional massuesse. I was getting so relaxed, that it to me a minute to realize that her hands had fallen from my butt, and her fingers were actually rubbing the croth of my swimsuit.

It is hard to explain, but for some reason I was so comfortable with her touch at this point, that as the heat built up between my legs all I could do is sigh.

“Do you mind if I slide these down?” Celia asked in her sweet voice as I felt her fingers inside the waistband of my suit.

“Mm-mmm.” Is all I uttered. I never really thought about it.

She was very gentle as she slid them off of me. The next thing I felt was her finger, as she gently slid it down the crevice of my naked behind. Suddenly, I felt her finger reach the warmth that she had created between my legs.

“Ahhh.” I said softly. Just lying there with my head on my arms, my eye’s still closed.

“Does that feel nice?” My aunt asked.

I couldn’t believe that I was helpless to her touch, letting her caress every inch of my body.

“You wanna roll back over?” Her soft voice said.

Without answering, or hesitating, I rolled onto my back. Opening my eye’s, I could see that Celia had, at some point, taken her own swim suit off. My body felt too good to protest, and she is a very attractive woman. She placed her hand on the spot just above Escort Kadıköy the mound between my legs.

“So smooth, such a lovely young body.” She commented.

She leaned down. I could feel her ample breasts against my leg. She kissed the smooth skin where her hand had been. My body shuttered at the feel of her warm mouth. Celia ran her finger over my sensitive lips. I could feel them growing moist as she touched my clit gently.

“Oh Celia!” I exclaimed.

She put her smooth hands on my thighs and guided them apart.

“I’m so glad you like this sweety.”

She put her head between my legs, taking my now swollen clit in her teeth and nibbled it. My hips went up instantly and I could feel the wetness moving down to my butt.

“Ahhh…oh god yes!” I cried out, squeezing my nipples as Celia began to suck on my sensitive clit.

I felt the sensation from my head down to my toes as this sweet woman slid her tongue inside me. My legs were now over the sides of the chair, as Celia massaged me from the inside. Never lifting her head as she moved her body between them. As I rubbed my breasts, I could feel the heat build up inside me. I opened my eye’s and looked down to see her looking up at me as her tongue pressed further in me. As I looked into her eye’s, I knew My body couldn’t take much more. I gazed at into her them as I felt a rush come over my body. I pressed my lips hard against her face as my body tensed up.

“Oh god!” I cried out as I felt my juices release, closing my eye’s again.

As I shook and shuttered in ecstacy, Celia kept licking my wet pussy. She caressed it with her tongue until my body relaxed down on the chair. I opened my eye’s to see her stand up and sit down next to me before taking a towel and cleaning me up.

We just smiled at each other and didn’t say anything for what must have been a solid five minutes before she suggested I might want to take a shower. I just agreed with her and went into the house, thinking about the event that just took place. As I showered, I realized that this was beginning of a very nice week of vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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