And In My Lady’s Chamber

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“I don’t understand all the fuss about vaginas,” Lily said as she reclined barebottom on her bed.

“That’s because you have one,” I chuckled.

“All the girls at college whisper about the fun they bring.” She looked down between her thighs, which were spread wide. “I don’t get it. But the maids tell me you can show me, James. Please do!”

Out in the parlor, Sarah put the needle on the record. We had three minutes.

I climbed upon her bed, equal parts dazzled and terrified at the view in the light of her bedside lamp. If caught, at least I could honestly say I was following orders, though I doubted that would impress her father.

Lily’s face was open and encouraging, and her vulva was beautiful. “No one needs to know, James.” She also helped herself to a feel of the bulge in my uniform pants. “Are you sure you don’t want to let that out?”

“I’d love nothing more, but we can’t risk it.”

“Well, go on, then!”

There was no time to waste. I ran my fingers lightly through her dark bush. “Oohoo! That tandoğan escort tickles!”

“This will, too.” I parted her vulva with my left hand and teased her outer lips with my right.

“Oh, it does! But it feels wonderful!” She wiggled her legs and grabbed at the linens with her fists.

“This will feel even better,” I promised, and I slipped my middle finger inside her. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth made a wide O and the only sounds that came out were drowned out by the music out in the parlor.

With my first gentle come-hither stroke, she broke the silence with a moan just as guttural as anything I’d ever heard from the scullery maids. As I repeated the motion and she repeated her response, I realized there’s no class divide when it comes to pleasure. At least I could take that knowledge to prison with me if her father found out!

Keeping my fingers busy, I leaned my head down. “You’re never going to…” she gasped.

I was indeed going to, and I did. A teasing nibble on the tunalı escort very edge of her left thigh and a light puff of air on the cleft of her vulva had her laughing again along with the moaning, but it was my first hard lick, as far inside as my tongue could reach with my fingers still working, that truly made her sing to rival the record outside. “Oh, James!” Then immediately, “Sorry!” in a more hushed tone, but she continued to moan louder than ever.

When the music didn’t stop — our signal that there was danger of being discovered — I kissed her labia a few times more on both sides and drank in her appreciation. “So good! Don’t ever stop!”

I certainly didn’t want to stop. But the record was nearing its end. I slipped in a second finger and licked and nibbled my way upward. She was wriggling about in pleasure, but she clearly didn’t know what to expect when I flicked my tongue across her clitoris.

She howled and wiggled harder at the first lick. The second brought a muffled shriek as turangüneş escort she must have jammed a pillow over her mouth. She thrust her hips up clear off the bed to grind into my face. I sucked hard and flicked my tongue all about, and even her muted screams were unmistakable.

She went slack. “Thank you!” she said, tossing the pillow aside.

“Now do you understand how lucky you women are?”

“And how!” She sat up and pulled her skirt down, and let me finish wiping my fingers on my handkerchief. “James. Thank you!” She threw her arms around me.

I hugged back, but the record was finished.

Lily got up, looking none the wiser, and opened the bedroom door. “Thank you, Sarah,” she said to her sister, who was taking the record off the Victrola.

“You both owe me,” Sarah, a year older but just as sheltered, said with a smile.

“Indeed!” Lily said. “Good night!” She shut the door.

“She sounded utterly delighted,” Sarah said to me. “You know your way around a woman’s body, don’t you?”

“Thank you, my lady,” I said.

“James.” Sarah stepped between me and the doorway.

“It’ll be suspicious if I’m not downstairs soon,” I warned.

Sarah nodded and grinned at me, and patted her pussy through the folds of her skirt. “My turn next week, or Father may well hear of this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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