And Then He Kissed Me

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“Have you got any kids?” Lizzy asked as she handed me a cup of coffee on my first day at Haddaway and Tschitte Insurance Company.

“Two girls,” I smiled nervously, “the youngest has just started school.”

Lizzy and I talked when she took me on a tour of the offices; introducing me to as many people as possible; I chattered about my husband and daughters and explained that I had finally returned to full-time work for the first time in 7 years Over the next few days we became quite friendly as we worked together gradually building up my confidence and workload; we usually had lunch with a bunch of her friends who were all younger than me (I’m 32) and appeared to have exciting social lives; even the married ones.

I joined in the conversation as they seemed interested in my daughters but I still felt old and dowdy in my drab clothes and boring haircut.

During the next few weeks I made an effort to update my wardrobe and even had a new hairstyle – a short blonde bob. The majority of women in the office wore dresses or skirts so I followed suit; nothing too short or revealing but as my confidence grew I began to feel good about myself and would join Lizzy and a group of her friends for a couple of drinks after work on a Friday night.

After a couple of months Lizzy told me that there would be some changes and I was going to become a part-time PA for an Area Manager who had just joined the company.

On the Monday of my new job I wore a nice A-line dress and a new pair of black shoes to meet my new colleague.

I tried to hide my shock when I opened his office door when I saw that he was coloured. For some reason I hadn’t realised that everyone in the company apart from one girl called Rhea, who was Indian, were white.

“Hi,” Sean smiled as he waved me into his office, “you must be Amanda.”

“Yes,” I gulped nervously, “I’ve been working with Lizzy for a few months and she recommended me for this role…I don’t know why.”

“Don’t worry; it’s all new to me too,” Sean smiled as he took a file from me and motioned that I should sit down.

As he flicked through the file he explained that he would only be in the office a couple of days a week so I would be responsible for his diary and logging all of his calls plus liaising with the Sales Team and customers.

We spent the next couple of hours talking about what he expected of me and how ambitious he was. As we chatted I did notice him stare at my cleavage a couple of times which made me feel a little uncomfortable but flattered nonetheless. As a 32 year old married mother of two any form of male attention was welcome these days!

At lunchtime Lizzy came to find me and wanted to know all about my new boss. The girls were all interested and some even made lewd sexual comments about black men.

“You lucky cow!” Maggie laughed, “I get old man Thompson leering at me everyday and you get that gorgeous hunk to shag you across his desk every morning!”

I instantly blushed, “You can’t say things like that….I’m a happily married woman!”

“So am I,” she retorted, “but I wouldn’t mind a taste of whatever he has between his legs!” She then coarsely mimicked giving a blow-job.

The others giggled but I hid my face in my hands.

We worked quite closely for the next few days; gradually learning each others ways and habits; but he had an aura about him that meant I couldn’t help being nervous when I was around him. Most of the other Managers and Directors were bland and boring but Sean was different. Not just because he was black but he radiated confidence and always dressed very well in expensive suits and brightly coloured shirts and ties. His shoes were always highly polished and he often wore tan or brown brogues with dark suits which was unheard of in our company and always made him stand out in a crowd.

After a couple of weeks; Sean and I were moving some boxes and files in his office when I stumbled and he caught me; one of his hands accidentally touching my breast.

“Ooohhh!” I gasped as I steadied myself.

“Sorry about that,” he grinned, “I just grabbed the first thing I could.”

I playfully scowled at him but couldn’t help smiling as I straightened my dress.

Sean chuckled, “Well…if that’s the effect falling over has on you; I’ll trip you up every day.”

Puzzled I looked down to where his eyes were fixed; only to see my nipples poking through my dress.

“Shit!” I said with an intake of breath, “That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

There was a sudden silence as we stood staring at each other for what seemed a lifetime.

“I’m sorry.” Sean grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s okay…don’t worry about it.” I stammered as I continued moving boxes; acutely aware that he was still watching my every movement; meaning my nipples wouldn’t go down making me even more self-conscious.

At the end of the day Sean apologised again for ‘you know what’.

“Forget about it.” I smiled. “I don’t think I can.” He giggled and winked at me; making me blush.

The zenci porno next few weeks fell into a pattern; Sean would work in the office on Monday morning then visit the Agents or customers for a couple of days, coming back to HQ on Thursday afternoon or Friday.

When he worked at HQ he would stay in a nice hotel on the edge of town; not far from where I lived and would occasionally give me a lift to or from the office. My husband of 9 years, Nigel, didn’t seem to mind that a tall good looking black man in a shiny new BMW would occasionally call to pick me up at 8.30 or drop me off at 6pm.

Sean constantly complimented me and praised my work and the way I dressed so our relationship soon became very friendly and we even began mildly flirting. I guessed that he found me attractive and I loved the attention he gave me; even though we were both married. It was all harmless fun.

He told me that he had just turned 40 and had a 12 year old son. After a few weeks: we were working together and as usual Sean was making no attempt to hide the fact that he kept staring down the front of my dress at my cleavage; which always surprised me as my boobs aren’t particularly big – 32b.

“Stop that!” I finally chided him. “What have I done wrong now?” he laughed.

“You know what you were doing.” I playfully hissed as I narrowed my eyes and sat up straight to obscure his view.

“I’m sorry.” Sean grinned.

“You’re always bloody sorry…when I catch you perving!” I pretended to be angry with him but was actually revelling in the attention and he knew it.

“You forget how many lonely nights I spend in hotels,” he laughed, “and then you come to work dressed… all…sexy…don’t you”

I teased him by pulling a face and shrugging my shoulders.

“I can’t help myself when you’re around … so it’s no wonder I get ‘tense’…ha, ha, ha!” Sean looked truly smug as he leant back in his swivel chair puffing out his broad chest.

“Well you’ll just have to find another way of relieving your…tension,” I tried to look serious, but couldn’t, “or at least wait until you get home and see your wife.”

“There’s not a lot of chance of that these days,” he sighed, “that novelty wore off for Patsy ages ago!”

For some reason I raised my eyebrows and smiled at him sympathetically.

I knew exactly how he felt; these days my husband seemed more concerned about waking our daughters than actually seeing to my needs; so a long time ago I had resorted to furtive masturbation sessions on Saturday or Sunday mornings when Nigel gave the girls their breakfast then took them to the park or dancing classes. In the last month or so I’d really been looking forward to these sessions more than usual; even planning them for days in advance – ‘which sex-toy I would use; what I would fantasise about’ and I had begun ‘borrowing’ my husband’s ‘hidden stash’ of dirty magazines; reading the stories and drooling over the photos of couples and threesomes fucking and sucking.

Moments later Sean and I were standing in front of each other gazing into each others’ eyes. Then he kissed me; he kissed me in a way that I’d never been kissed before; he kissed me in a way that I knew I wanted more.

At first our lips touched gently; like two feathers in the wind; then realising that I wasn’t resisting Sean became more forceful virtually eating my lips; pushing his sweet tongue deep into my mouth; somehow he even sucked my tongue which made me shiver with excitement. I responded by grabbing his head and pushing my body against his; rubbing myself against his groin.

Thankfully his phone rang just as he began caressing my breasts as his tongue nearly disappeared down the back of my throat.

“Oh God!” I gasped as Sean answered the phone. Flustered I made waving motions with my hands and whispered that I had to get back to my desk. Sean tried to stop me but I rushed out and scurried to the ladies room. I hid in a cubicle with tears running down my cheeks for nearly ten minutes; gathering my thoughts. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done – I’d kissed another man…a black man… and had bloody well enjoyed it.

I sat at my desk answering e-mails until 5 o’clock; believing that every pair of eyes in the office was looking at me knowing that I was a scarlet woman.

Sean was in meetings then away from the office for most of the next few days so I put ‘the kiss’ behind me and tried to forget about it until the middle of the Thursday afternoon. I bent over his desk to pick up an empty coffee cup when I suddenly felt his hand creep up my leg, under my skirt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I hissed and quickly moved away from him.

“What’s wrong?” He grinned, “I was just checking to see if you were wearing stockings.”

“Well I’m not!” I chuckled as I squirmed away from his advances.

“That’s a surprise,” he grinned, “I felt sure that you were the type to wear stockings.”

“What type’s that then?” I scowled.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Sean playfully zorla seks porno apologised; waving his arms in the air as if he was surrendering. “Sexy woman…sexy legs…I presumed…SORRY!”

I took the cups away and ‘tutted’ at him as I left the office.

At the end of the day Sean whispered, “Sorry about the stockings thing,” and gave me a good-natured tap on the bum as I left the office.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him all night; I felt like a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher! Feeling a little guilty and very horny I snuggled up next to my husband when we were in bed and began tickling his Willy.

“I’m sorry darling but I’ve got to get up early in the morning.” He drowsily told me as he pushed my hand away.

“You lazy bastard!” I cursed under my breath, “I was going to do all of the bloody work! You just had to lie there and think of England!”

When Nigel’s alarm rang at 6.15 I was still hot and horny after having a very sexy dream about an unnamed 40 year old black man! As soon as I heard the shower my fingers slid between my legs and began rubbing my pussy and clit. I knew it would have to be a quick one so quickly jammed two fingers into my hole and frantically frigged myself to a very satisfying orgasm. I smiled as I sniffed my sticky fingers…that would have to do until Saturday when I could finish myself off…properly.

As it was Friday Sean was busy with meetings all morning so we hardly saw each other which was probably a good thing. After lunch he called me up to his office to discuss some reports.

When we’d finished he smiled as I stood up to leave. “Well?” He asked. “Are they?”

Puzzled I replied, “Are they what?”

“Stockings of course?” he grinned.

“Sorry to disappoint you but they’re tights.” I giggled as I wiggled my bum and closed the door.

After work I went for a drink with Lizzy and three girls from Accounts. Lizzy and Kate were going out to a club afterwards and asked me to go with them but obviously I couldn’t at such short notice and I knew that they were likely to be on the look out for stray men even though they were both living with their partners.

“She’s keeping it for Sean!” Lizzy laughed, “She wouldn’t want to shag an inferior man!” “I don’t know what you mean!” I giggled as I slurped my large glass of wine. Lizzy had been teasing me for weeks about my relationship with Sean. She had noticed that we were getting closer than was normal within the company.

Kate began joking about me and Sean then the rest of the girls began talking about sex. As usual I couldn’t believe my ears; some the things that they got up to shocked me. Obviously I was aware of ‘casual sex’ but these girls were only a couple of years younger than me but sometimes they made me feel like a Grandma!

My pussy was tingling so much I was squirming all of the way home in my taxi. I knew I couldn’t wait for Saturday morning…I was going to have to ‘jump’ my husband as soon as possible.

As soon as I arrived home Nigel whined and whinged about having to feed and bathe our daughters and….well you don’t need to know what he went on about; but it was boring.

Some of my horniness had worn off by the time we went to bed but I still wanted to shag him.

By the time I climbed freshly showered into bed Nigel was already half asleep.

I sensually tickled his Willy and felt it twitch.

“MMMmmm,” I purred as quietly as possible, “does that feel nice?”

“Yes,” he yawned and half-opened his eyes.

“I bet this feels better.” I whispered as I pulled the quilt back and slithered down his body until my face was level with his stiffening dick.

“Oh God….Amanda!” My husband gulped as I fed his cock into my mouth and ran my tongue across the velvety tip. “What’s got into you these days?”

“You didn’t used to ask,” I smiled as I turned my head to face him and rapidly rubbed his shaft.

“Sorry.” He apologised and sunk his head back into the pillow with a relaxed smile on his face.

I went back to my foreplay; sucking and licking his six inches of glorious manhood. Before and just after we’d been married Nigel had loved me giving him blow-jobs the longer and sloppier the better; always as a pre-cursor to a good fucking for both of us but in recent years…I guess we’d just become complacent. But tonight was going to be different I wanted to make him happy…very, very happy.

Nigel was groaning and virtually gasping as my head bobbed up and down on his thick shaft. My boobs and pussy were tingling at the thought of the mauling that they were going to get in a couple of minutes….then….

“Oooooohhhhh…..uughh!” Nigel grunted as he filled my mouth with hot sticky cum, “I’m…ooohhh….sorry sweetheart…that was…so… good…I couldn’t…help myself…sorry.”

I wasn’t a lover of swallowing but there had been times when I’d actually craved it…if I’d been in a particularly dirty mood. But this wasn’t one of them. I’d wanted to ride his cock while he clawed and bit my tits until we came in unison.

Now I was lying unfulfilled with a mouthful of spunk as he rolled onto his side, farted and said, “Thanks for that; goodnight.”

I ran to the bathroom and spat his seed into the toilet then rinsed the excess out and cleaned my teeth to get rid of the taste.

As I was about to leave the bathroom I caught sight of my reflection in the full length mirror in the half-light. I still looked good for a woman my age. My tits aren’t bad – quite perky for a woman my age and I have a fairly flat stomach; my legs are quite slim and when I turned to the side my arse looked pretty damn sexy.

“I’ll teach you!” I angrily thought as I grabbed a shampoo bottle and pressed my back against the towel rail and opened my legs. It wasn’t easy but after a couple of tentative pushes the neck of the bottle slid inside my quim.

“Ooohhh,” I sighed as all 3 or 4 inches forced my hardly used pussy walls apart. In seconds my wrists were a blur as one hand rammed the shampoo bottle into my twat as my other hand frigged my clit as I stared at the reflection in the mirror.

“Ugh…ugh…ugh!” I quickly groaned as my orgasm exploded inside me like a firework display leaving me panting and tingling all over.

The following morning I’d already had two fantastic orgasms while using my biggest dildo by the time Nigel brought me a cup of tea and some toast.

“Sorry about last night,” he half-heartedly apologised. “It’s been such a long time since you…you know?”

I nodded and smiled as my fingers secretly spread my pussy lips and tickled my clit under the quilt. “Maybe you’ll last longer tonight.” I lied to make him feel better as I slid a finger into my wet snatch.

Much to no-ones surprise we didn’t get around to making love on either Saturday or Sunday night.

“Are you busy?” I asked Sean as I kicked the office door closed behind me when I took him his morning coffee.

“It’s Monday…but I’ll make time for you if it’s important.” He said with a puzzled expression on his face.

I placed our coffee on his desk, making sure that he got a good look down the front of my dress.

Grinning I stepped back against the wall and looked at the closed door then back at my handsome boss.

“Is this what you were looking for last week?” I nervously asked as I took hold of the hem of my dress and slowly lifted it up to my waist. I did a little shimmy with my hips and giggled as he stared at my stocking clad legs and pink lacy French knickers. Sean’s face lit up and his eyes sparkled as he spun from side to side in his swivel chair; at the view in front of him.

“Come here.” He demanded and motioned me towards him. Still with the front of my dress in the air I did as I was told until I was standing right next to him. This was as far as I’d planned in my head; I had no idea what would happen next.

He gently held his arms out and stroked my black Levee Dreamline hold-up stockings until he reached the red lace top.

“Jesus…Amanda,” Sean gasped as his fingers ran along the lace, “it was a joke…I never thought….”

“So you like stockings do you?” I laughed nervously as one hand stroked my legs and the other hovered in front of my knickers.

“Fantastic!” He sighed as he tickled my pubic area through the lace, causing me to shiver.

With a grin on his face he slowly eased the loose leg of my knickers to one side so he could see my pubes.

“I see that you’re a natural blonde!” He grinned and raised his eyebrows.

“Is that a problem?” I asked as his fingers teased my curly hairs.

He shook his head and slowly slid his finger between my legs until it was see-sawing in my damp crevice.

My heart was pounding as his finger tip gently eased past my labia and began penetrating my hole.

When his finger was fully inside me his other hand cupped my arse cheek and he pulled me forward until I was nearly straddling him.

In seconds I was kissing him as he finger fucked me and I fucked his finger. Sean soon added a second finger and viciously twisted them both; probing parts of my sexy hole that had never ever been touched before.

I was writhing in ecstasy on top of him; probing his mouth with my tongue as he furiously rubbed my clit with the palm of his hand as his fingers curled inside my body.

What he was doing was fantastic but I needed to cum, so tried to press my clit and pussy against his hand to help bring myself off. It worked! It was the most glorious feeling in the world as I lay across my black boss’ lap as he fingered me to a delightful orgasm as we snogged like furtive teenagers. Sean’s phone rang, breaking our spell, but he immediately began fiddling with his belt and zip as I jumped off him and stood up straight…my mind a complete blank.

Sean looked horrified as he picked the receiver up and tentatively said ‘hello’. As soon as he recognised the voice on the other end he pretended to mop his brow and feigned a huge sigh. I grinned and winked at him as I picked my coffee cup up and went back to the main office with a spring in my step.

We hardly saw each other for the rest of the day but corresponded by loads of sexy e-mails (being careful to immediately delete them after reading).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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