And We Didn’t Get Caught!

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I had been working at my job for 5 days and had checked out all the hotties. There was one in particular. He was about 21, skinny, but he had muscles, nice firm abs and a nice shaped ass, soft black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a typical Mexican color to his skin. I started flirting with him a lot, playfully hitting him on his ass, touching him and showing him my tongue ring, which he happened to like.

When the manager went outside he put his arm around me, and kisses me. He had beautiful full lips. I kissed him back and put my hand on his ass then we broke the kiss so we wouldn’t get caught. After a lot more flirting it was time for break. We got our food and Luis had grabbed me. I turned the B-B-Q sauce in my hand and squirted it on his back. We then went to one of the tables and he sat next to me. I put my hand on his leg, and he put my hand on his cock head through his jeans. I rubbed it for a while until he took my hand off it. I guessed that it was because he was about to cum.

“Lets go into the bathroom,” he said. I followed him into the bathroom where he went into the stall. I knelt in front of him as he undid his jeans and pulled Antep Bayan Escort out his cock. I opened my mouth and slid his cock inside sucking on it. Working 3rd shift had benefits, being able to suck a co-worker’s cock was one no fear of being walked in on while doing it was another. I sucked his hot cock for a while and he pulled my head close to him. Soon his dick pulsed and I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. I swallowed his cum then pulled him to his knees. I lie on the tiled floor and put his head to my pussy. I felt his hot wet tongue licking the juices from my pussy.

His tongue moved rapidly along my pussy, then snaked it way into my hole. OH it felt good. I raised my hips and fucked his face. Then I came all over his face and the floor. He then moved over me and kissed me deeply and started rubbing my slit with his hand. It was surprisingly wet and then I saw I wasn’t the only one who came. He had been stroking his dick and squirted his load on the floor. I started moaning as his hand worked my pussy slow at first then faster and faster.

I started moaning again and he stopped fingering me then held his dick to my hole and slammed it in. In and out, faster and harder, I started getting my orgasm back and cumming on his dick. He put his finger to my clit and started rubbing it hard. I couldn’t stand it any longer and just kept cumming on his cock screaming in pleasure. Wave after wave of orgasm over took my body. Then I felt him shoot his cream inside of me. He then pulled it out and licked oh so super sensitive pussy!

He then started sucking the cum from my cunt and I started cumming again, leaking our cum from my body. He caught every drop in his mouth, then got up and kissed me, spilling some of our cum into my mouth, which I swallowed. He played his tongue in my mouth and pinched my nipples with his fingers sending hot electric shocks through my body. I then started pinching his nipples and he grabbed his cock in his hand, sat back and jerked himself off while looking at me. This turned me on and started fingering myself and watching him pound himself precum leaking from his dick. I started licking his precum from his dick head and he gasped in pleasure.

I laid my head between his legs, the back of it on the floor. He then got on all fours and I latched onto his cock with my mouth as he buried his face into my pussy slit. We fucked each other’s faces, and I took my middle finger, wiped up some of the slobber from sucking his dick with it and put it to his asshole. He pushed back onto it and I pulled it away, teasing him, tickling his ass slit. He kept trying to get my finger in his ass and I let him get more and more in each time, but only a tiny bit. Finally, I slammed my finger deep into his ass and he moaned loudly.

I worked his ass as I sucked his dick and added a 2nd, and 3rd finger. By this time he was out of control fucking my fingers and mouth, devouring my pussy, and leaking precum like he was peeing a little trickle. He yelled really loud one time and his cum shot into my throat and I swallowed it, again and again. He must have been holding off cumming as there was quite a bit that came out. H was still eating my pussy and I exploded all over his face, and he kept drinking my juice and licking my cunt as I kept cumming, finally cumming hard enough that I pissed all over his face which he drank like water.

We then got up, got re-dressed, and clocked back in. “I’m going to your house.” I whispered into his ear in passing. 6 am came; Luis and I clocked out, and went to his house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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