Angel Dreams: Dream 3

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[How do you do this my Love? How do you make me feel so much from so far away, when men close to me only cause me pain? My thoughts are filled with you and the time we just spent together.

You called me to wish me a good night and found me in the tub. Just hearing your voice, as I lay naked in the warm water, immediately turned me on. You chuckled when I told you this and agreed that the picture in your mind had awakened your desire for me this night.

With the sound of your strong, sensual voice in my ear, I followed your instructions completely and willingly. My hand becomes an extension of yours as I stroked my desire while lying back in the tub.

The images in my mind, vivid as you described the way you would fill me with your hard cock. The water had no time to cool as you made love to me over the phone. When you gave me the order to cum for you, my body immediately exploded and as I came, the sound of your mutual satisfaction was sweet music in my ears.

As I lay in bed tonight, thinking of you and our time together, my eyes close so that I can meet you my Love. Meet you in our wonderful world of dreams…]

My mind wandered as I got dressed and packed my things. I couldn’t believe that we were together and after punishing me, as I so deserved, we were now going to our new house. I look over at you; your strong frame fills the chair as you watched me dress, your eyes hard to read. Will your eyes on me always make me feel this way? I think so. Such a wonderful feeling to know that I am so loved and cherished.

Driving to the house, you following me in your truck, my heart races wildly. Will you like the house I have chosen, the neighborhood, the changes I had made? My hands are damp as they grip the wheel of the SUV that you had complimented and praised me for buying. I pray you feel the same about the house.

I get out of the vehicle as you pull into the driveway. The wringing of my hands and the look on my face as I stand and wait on you gives my fear away. You put your arm around me and whisper, “don’t worry angel, I’m sure I will love it.” When I open the door, you swing me into your arms and carry me into the house.

I watch you anxiously as I show you around. I show you everything, saving our playroom in the cellar for last. You compliment me on everything and everything I had modified and you loved the outside as well. I take you into the cellar, demonstrating our stairs as I do. You look in awe at the room I had prepared for us, examining all the items I had bought. When I tell you that it is my favorite room and that I couldn’t wait for us to be together in here, you smile wickedly at me.

“Angel,” you begin, “do you remember in the hotel room how I told you that there would be more punishment to follow for your deceptions?” “Yes, my Love, I remember,” I reply as my head drops down in shame. “Part of your punishment will be that it will be two months before we use this room,” you tell me as I nod in acceptance. “I understand my Love,” I reply. You smile at me and take me in your arms, “it will be worth the wait, little one,” you whisper in my ear.

You take a vacation from work and the next few weeks were filled with shopping, you moving in, furnishing our new home, and lots of passionate times. I plead with you to take over the management of my money, to please add your name to the account and let it become our money. You are reluctant to do this, but know how I hate responsibilities like these.

We could not keep our hands off each other and every room and almost every piece of furniture was used for our pleasure. Except for our playroom. I love you so, my Love and your caring never fails to warm my soul. I met your children and loved them, but haven’t met your family. I beg you to let me have some time before meeting them so that I can prepare myself. Unusually shy, I am so afraid of displeasing you in front of your family.

When you return to work and our daily routine begins to develop, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found a man such as you. I float through the air every day as I do my chores and wait for you to return home each evening. My nights are spent on a cloud as well, as you hold me in your arms each night after making me yours time and time again.

Having told you long ago about my irregular periods and inability to have children, this had not came up since I moved to be with you. Always when we chatted online, you had told me that this did not bother you and that you would expect for me to remain available to you at all times. You knew that I had a problem with this and said we would address it when the time came.

It made me upset and angry when I started a month or so Kartal Fetiş Escort after getting together with you. I quietly told you that night when you took me in your arms. For the next two nights I begged you to let me satisfy you in different ways. You indulge me and I satisfied you with my mouth the first night and you take me in the ass the next.

The third night I asked you how I could please my Love this night? My body began to fill with dread when you told me that you would have me that night, completely. I shook my head and told you to please understand that I just couldn’t. When you asked me if I was in pain I nodded my head, hoping this would deter you from your intentions. You got up from the bed and turned on the light. I pressed my face in the pillow when you came back and sat next to me on the bed.

“Look at me angel,” you ordered and I turned me head toward you, but lowered my eyes. You allow this for now and then ask me where I hurt. I shrugged my shoulders. “Angel look at me now!” you order. I can’t control my shaking as I look up at you. “Are you in any physical pain?” you ask. I cannot lie to you and I tell you no. “Then you have three choices angel, you will trust me and not deny me what is mine, you will tell me why it is that you refuse me or I will leave now,” you tell me.

Tears roll down the side of my face as I look at you, begging you not to leave me. When you ask me to tell you why, I shake me head no, closing my eyes tightly. But when you take me in your arms, I begin to struggle against you.

I can tell you are trying to control your anger when you speak to me again. “Angel, do you not know that I can take what is mine by force?” You ask. Pressing my face into the pillow, I nod my head yes. “But I refuse to take what has been given to me freely by force,” you say through tightly clenched teeth, “I will give you some time to decide, but when I come back, I expect an answer one way or another.” My heart aches for you as you get up and storm from the room.

I roll over burying my face into the pillow as I weep uncontrollably. How can I do this knowing what I do? I never wanted to deny you of anything, but how can I do this and how can I look into your eyes and tell you why?

My mind drifts back in time. I think of the cruel boyfriend I had in college. His memory alone is enough to sicken me, to make me wonder how and why I ever stayed with him. Anthony told me he loved me and that was enough, but his actions never showed any kind of love. My body tightens into a small ball as I think of that day, the day I was taught a lesson I would never forget.

Anthony had came home high as usual and began drinking. When he yanked me up from the couch, I didn’t resist. He took me out on the deck and told me to undress as we began our nightly ritual. I was pressed into a lounge chair, positioned in the corner of the deck, while he tied my wrists together and then tied them to the deck post. Then he grabbed one ankle stretching my leg to the side securing it with rope to a deck rail, repeating the same thing to the other ankle. He didn’t tie my legs up in the air, preferring to make me painfully do the splits as I lay there.

When he came back out holding his leather strap, I closed my eyes trying to prepare my body for his cruel treatment. With an evil smile he began beating me with the strap. I knew that he did this to make me scream loud enough for the neighbors to hear and I don’t know why I didn’t just go ahead and scream to get it over with. It just embarrassed me so much for others to know what he did to me. After taking all I could, licks to every tender part of my body, I couldn’t hold back the screams any longer.

Smiling with satisfaction, Anthony removed his clothes and positioned himself between my legs. I groaned when he thrust himself into me, using his cock as a weapon. I gritted my teeth as he pounded into my sore body, making me move against the rough ropes that held me. My eyes tightly closed as I tried to find a way to get some satisfaction out of this abuse. When he stopped, I didn’t think much about it, but when I looked up into his furious eyes, I began to shake with fear.

“What is wrong, Anthony?” I asked shakily. “You fucking whore, you damn fucking slut!!” he screamed. “You are on the rag!!” he accused, “what have I warned you about not telling me?” I began to cry, trying to explain to him that I hadn’t been; that I didn’t ever know when it was going to happen.

My body shook as I remembered back to when he told me that he would kill me if I didn’t tell him before we had sex. He had told me, no uncertain terms, how sex during this time was sickening and he wouldn’t Kartal Gecelik Escort do it. I wondered now if he would kill me and how.

I cried, trying to get him to listen, but he no longer heard anything I said. I watched in terror as he stood looking at me coldly and then went to retrieve something. From where I was laying I couldn’t see what he was doing and when cold water hit me in the face, I screamed. Anthony had the water hose, shoving it in my face, his hand around my neck.

I couldn’t breathe, water was filling my mouth and nose as I tried to turn against his hand. Wondering if I was going to drown or if he would strangle me, I gave in to the fact that I was going to die and quit fighting.

When he removed his hand and the hose, I gasped for breath, trying to get oxygen to my lungs. I wasn’t prepared when he shoved the water hose violently up inside me, the cold water hurting my body and making me cramp. He continued to cuss and call me vulgar names as he forced the hose deeper inside me and held it. He backed up, leaving it where it was, coming over to my face.

Fortunately he had managed to drench himself with the hose because then he forced his huge cock into my mouth. As the water continued numbing my lower body, he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth until he came down my raw throat, making me gag.

I didn’t know how long this went on, but I couldn’t imagine what was next when he took the hose out of me. He didn’t leave me guessing long as he took the hose and began beating my weak body with it. My screams bringing him back to the reality that someone would soon call the law if he continued. Then he walked inside. I waited to see what he would do next, but he didn’t come back out.

It was getting dark outside and my body began to shake from the night air. My body was soaked, tied with wet ropes, I was losing feeling and my muscles were cramping painfully. My mind tried to come up with ways to free myself and I thought about screaming for help. How could I do that? How could I let someone find me in this position? I would die from the embarrassment.

Anthony had passed out when he went inside and I spent the night tied outside on the deck. Had I not escaped deep within myself, I would have lost my mind. I survived and when he came out the next morning, he didn’t say a word as he untied me and walked back inside.

We stayed together for a short time after that, but he never touched me the same again. He never went down on me or touched me much between my legs. Eventually he left me for my best friend, but I learnt his lesson well. Never again would I let someone have sex with me that time of the month.

I couldn’t figure out what to do as I lay in our bed weeping. I did not want to lose you, from denying you or from letting you do as you wanted. Why my Love, why can’t I just satisfy you another way?

My face still buried in the pillow, I hear you come back into the bedroom. I feel your hands in my hair as you rub my head. You roll me over to face you and ask if I have made a decision? Do you wish me to leave? I tell you no. Do you want to talk? I shake my head no. When you smile at me and slide into bed, I still cannot control my tears or my trembling. You pretend not to notice as you tell me to go prepare myself. I get up and go to the bathroom. I remove my protection and wash over and over. Standing looking into the mirror, wondering how I am going to do this, I hear you call for me to come to you.

I get into the bed and pray you will tie me and blindfold me. You do not. When you position your body between my legs, I start to beg you again. Please my Love, please do not do this. I am now weeping uncontrollably and my body is shaking so bad I can’t keep still. “You will either tell me why or you will submit,” you say.

Frantically I begin telling you what had happened with Anthony. You moved from your position to hold me in your arms as I tell you the details of my humiliation with my head buried in your chest. My body weak, I lie there limply as you continue to hold me when I have finished telling you everything that had happened. I try to avoid your eyes when you lift my chin, but you tell me again to look at you. I am frightened by the look of absolute anger and disgust in your eyes.

“Do you trust me angel?” you ask. I nod my head yes. “It hurts me deeply to know that you are comparing me to this sick bastard you were abused by,” I hear you say. I did not think of how my actions might look. Never had I ever compared the two of you, I knew without a doubt that you weren’t the same kind of man.

My heart aches knowing how I have hurt you unknowingly. “I am so sorry my Love, Kartal Genç Escort I did not think of how this would make you feel,” I quietly apologize. Then I tell you that I did see how disgusted you looked and pleaded with you not to continue. My heart soars when you explain that your disgust is towards my tormentor, not at me.

I tell you I understand when you tell me that I have to trust you to make the right decisions for us. I lay back in your arms quiet and content when you lift me up and carry me to the shower.

You turn on the water and begin to undress. “Angel this will make it easier for you this time, but next time you will submit and do as I say, how I say and when I say.” “Do you understand me?” you ask. “Yes my Love,” I answer.

You step into the shower and extend your hand to me. I take your hand and you pull me tightly to your body as your mouth closes on mine. You take the soap and lather your hands, inviting me to do the same. I love the feel of my hands on your soapy body and I don’t even think as you begin to wash me also, your hands loosening my tense muscles.

The pressure of your hands on my shoulders presses me down to my knees and I take your hard cock lovingly into my mouth. I love the scent of you and the way the water beads on your skin. The warmth of my mouth brings your hands down to wrap around my wet hair, guiding me back and forth on your shaft.

Enough, you tell me as I stand back up, moaning when your mouth closes over one of my breasts. The other hand comes up to my throbbing clit, rubbing me slowly until I am ready to take you inside me. Your strong hands on my body, you turn me around so that my back is to your chest. I lift my leg up to rest on the side of the tub as you instruct me to do.

When you bring your hand between my legs to massage my clit again, my body becomes tense, but you whisper for me to relax. The stroke of your hand eases my body and helps me not to think about the past. I hold by breath as you position your cock at the entrance of my throbbing cunt.

Forcefully you push inside me, taking my breath. My body is being pressed against the cold wall of the shower instantly hardening my nipples. I love the feel of you on my body as your arms slide around me. Your strong hands find my breasts and began to squeeze them making me moan louder. I feel your fingers rolling and pinching my nipples hard, making me press harder against your hips.

You begin to move faster and faster inside me and my fingers claw the tiles trying to find a way to hold on. You move your hands down my slick waist to grab my hips and pull me harder against you. When you ask me if I’m ready to cum and to accept your hot load, I beg loudly for our release. “Cum for me angel,” you whisper, “cum for me while I fill your tight pussy with my seed.” My body explodes on your cock, squeezing all around you and I feel your cock swell and the warm liquid of your love exploding on my inner walls.

You pull me tight against your hips as each of us rides the waves of our orgasms. After our bodies quit pulsating you turn me around in your arms. I am scared to look at you, opting to lay my head against your chest instead. What if I look in your eyes and see the disgust and revulsion that I saw years ago? I could not stand the thought of seeing you look at me that way. You lift my chin up to look at you and instead of contempt, all I see is love and pride. I return your smile and eagerly raise my face to yours as your mouth closes over mine, your tongue slipping inside.

I feel you lift one of my legs again and am surprised when your still hard cock enters into my swollen pussy again. You pull the other leg up and order me to wrap my legs around you. Being pressed between the wall and my Love as your cock pumps into me fills me with great pleasure. You tell me to cum when I am ready and it doesn’t take long before my muscles are contracting around your shaft again.

“Angel,” you begin, “never before have you looked more beautiful to me and felt so hot inside.” “You have no idea how beautiful you are in your submission and in your trust of me.” “It is your nature to be this way and you glow wonderfully when you accept my decisions.” “I am very proud of you my little angel and I think your punishment is now over, you please me very much.”

My body feels light as I smile up at you and your words. I feel warm all over as you continue to hold me in your arms, your cock still buried inside me. I pray that I will have the strength and the trust to never question my Love again.

[As I awaken from my dream, I become aware that my fingers are thrusting in and out of my hot cunt. I quickly orgasm thinking of our love making in the shower. How much longer my Love before we can be together and turn our dreams into reality? As I fall asleep again, I think of how much we have learned about each other. How much I love you and how loved I feel. Good night my Love, sweet dreams…]

To Be Continued…

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