Angela: Housewife at the Afterparty

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My name is Angela (no, it isn’t really, but it will do) and I’m 47 years old, married for a few weeks shy of 24 years to a wonderful man. He is 45, working a lot and making a nice amount of money so I never had to work. I spent my marriage taking care of our beautiful house, raising our son, taking care of my body, making sure hubby is happy, and having plenty of affairs to make up for the fact he almost never made me cum in bed. We live near Aspen, Colorado, and have one son, who is almost 22 and away studying in Los Angeles. I take every opportunity I can to go visit him and have fun at frat parties.

A little more about me – I’m blonde, mostly dyed nowadays, spend a lot of time at the gym to keep in shape and have gotten implants years ago. I’m 5’7 (170cm) tall (more in heels) and my body is toned. I spend plenty of time sunbathing, sometimes in our back yard – it’s a beautiful view from our house high up on the mountain and very private so I can do it without in the nude when I want – or in the tanning bed when there is no sun. It’s fun that even when it is below freezing, you can go naked outside when the sun is shining, as long as there is plenty of sun to reflect. I tan easier in winter than summer, and it’s only mildly chili when the sun is shining.

I finished packing last night for a visit to my son (and his hot young friends), bringing only the most important things – few short and revealing dresses, lingerie, high heels, and some casual clothes just in case. Woke up at 5, prepared breakfast, then went to wake up husband with a blowjob so he knows I love him and will miss him terribly next couple of days. Blowjob was short and sweet (and a little bit salty) and he was happy. We had breakfast, I showered and got dressed for driving – sneakers and yoga pants and sweater – and got into my Mercedes convertible, which was an early anniversary gift from hubby. I really love him. It was barely 6:30 when I pulled out of our driveway with him waving in my rearview mirror.

Next 12 hours of driving were uneventful, and I only stopped a couple of times to use the bathroom and eat. I checked in my hotel room just after 7 in the evening, texted my son I was in town, some hot boys from previous times to let them know I might be available, and arranged for my most favorite boy to come pick me up at the hotel to go to the party.

I grabbed a relaxing shower, prepared my dress and was picking shoes when a knock came on my door. I opened the door, and my son was there. We hugged, and he came in. He laid on the bed while I was trying out the dress and picking which shoes and lingerie to wear with it, while we talked about what was happening the last few weeks in our lives. I’m not shy in front of him, he’s seen me naked plenty of times at home sunbathing, or in lingerie, or getting ready for my extra marital outings.

He was talking to me about this new girl he was meeting, and how his studies were going and about the preparations for next month’s track meet. Did I mention he is there on a sports scholarship? He’s majoring in accounting, just like his dad, only he is much more fit than his dad because he runs track and does high jumps. During high school he was my favorite gym partner, and helped keep me in check until it got into a regular habit. I also ate much more healthy because he wanted me to cook food appropriate for a pro athlete. Who am I to refuse it? I love spoiling him.

Around 10 I was ready, make up done, hair pulled back in a ponytail, and dressed. I was wearing a two tone blue drop waisted dress, tight with plenty of cleavage, and flowing below waist going a little below half my thighs. I opted for no bra, the girls were firm and the dress was tight and supporting them fine. I wore blue silk thong under it, bare legs, with blue white 5″ (12cm) sandal heels holding to my feet with two thin straps. I had a tasteful gold choker necklace, gift from my husband, a couple of gold and silver bracelets, and small earrings. When I did the twirl, my son complimented Casibom me, saying his friends will go nuts over me. That earned him a kiss on the cheek.

As we went to get uber to the party, in the elevator I reminded him to call me by my name and not mom. He said he knew the drill and that I owed him. I told him I know, and that I was working on my close friend Kayla (freshly divorced) so he can get into her panties. I knew he was hot for her since he got into puberty. It was a subtle and tricky thing to pull off, but I was certain I could do it. After all, he already got lucky with few of my friends thanks to my help behind the scenes.

We didn’t talk much while in uber, I don’t like talking about family things in front of complete strangers. By the time we got to the party, it was close to 11 and it was already in full swing – bass rumbling, kegs set up and people drunk. He introduced me to some guys he picked for me knowing what I like, and introduced me as a friend of his mom from back home. I said I was visiting for the weekend, and he talked me into going to a party so I wouldn’t be bored in my hotel.

Party as a party was ok, nothing special. I talked with the guys, danced with a couple of them, had a few drinks and smoked a couple of joints, and flirted with all of them. My boy was always somewhere near, since his girl was not at the party. By 2 in the morning, I was really worked up and ready to go. I knew who I wanted to take to the hotel with me, and I made it sure that guy knew it.

He was a 20 year old Latino boy, about 6’2 (187cm) and lean muscle. My son already informed me that Carlos was not poor between his legs. While talking to Carlos, I found out he was on the volleyball team, he was majoring in engineering, and liked how my dress fit me, but how he really loved what my wedding ring looked like on my finger. I knew right then he was going to be the one.

I informed him we were ready to go to my hotel room. I was feeling booze and weed pretty strong, and I knew by the time we came to the hotel I would be in that sweet spot where I’m mellow but not sleepy. Blessings of well spent youth before meeting my husband. We got into the uber, I sat in the back between my son and Carols, while in front was another friend of theirs who was going to his girl in the same direction and he was kind enough to pick up the fare after the uber dropped us off in front of my hotel. They asked me how I knew Cayden, and I told them I knew him before he was born, we were close family friends. A little white lie.

Boys politely walked behind me until the elevator, in which I finally got to kiss Carlos while my son smirked over his shoulder. It was not a big kiss, just some tongue past lips action to taste him. We got out of the elevator and proceeded to my room. I could hear Carlos and my son high fiving behind me. They probably thought they were discreet. I opened the door and we went in, told them to get comfortable while I used the bathroom to freshen up.

I went into the bathroom, took off all the jewelry and my dress. I debated leaving panties on, but took them off. High heels were more than enough, boys loved them. I checked my makeup, fixed it up a little, used the toilet, made last checks, and went back to the room. My son was laid back on bed, talking to Carlos who was admiring the view. I always took highest available corner room in Ritz Carlton because of that view. I walked up to bed, kissed my son on his lips, stepped up on the bed, and kneeled above his face before Carlos realized I was in the room.

When he turned around, he saw me sitting on my son’s face and I told him to come closer. He leaned down and we kissed properly while my pussy was getting sucked and probed by my son’s tongue, just the way he knew I loved. I helped Carlos get his shirt off, undid his pants and he took them off, standing naked in front of me, half hard already. I leaned forward and took his dick in my mouth. I could taste the salty fresh sweat on it.

I gave Casibom Giriş it a quick suck, then stroked him with my right hand while he kissed me again. My left hand was playing with my son’s hair while he was sucking hard on my clit and making me feel so good. Carlos started playing with my boobs, pinching my nipples, and I went back to playing with his dick. I stroked him while giving kisses and licks all over the upper half of the shaft. I used my tongue to make circles around the head and in the opening a little, then sucked hard on the head while licking it inside my mouth. I moved my hand and slowly moved my lips up and down his dick, taking more of it in my mouth every time, my eyes closed. I loved the taste. There was a hint of soap, but plenty fresh sweat over it.

I could feel my son’s hands on my ass, his tongue going in and out of my pussy, and moving this way and that when he would be inside. I enjoyed Carlos’s hands on my boobs, he complimented how firm they were, and the way he pinched and squeezed them. I was moaning from their efforts, and soon I was sliding his entire dick in my mouth, touching my nose to his tummy, while holding his ass with one hand. I could feel it in my throat. I moved my hand from his ass, and took my son’s ass off of my ass, and he knew what he had to do. Few moments later, I had a condom in my hand. Ripping the wrapper, I pulled the rubber out, pulled my mouth off his dick and started putting the condom on it. When it was on, I pulled him down to kiss me, and used the momentum to turn him and lay him on the bed.

I rose from my son’s face, and kneeled over Carlos, reached down and guided his dick in my pussy. I lowered myself slowly on it, so wet from my juices and son’s saliva. He sweared under his breath. I lowered down and kissed him while slowly riding, exploring the feeling. Definitely longer than my husband, and it seemed barely thicker. It felt good. We kissed for a while, I kept riding him. I felt bed shifting, opened my eyes and looked up. My son was standing next to us, so I raised myself.

I saw on the dick and rode it, and my son stepped over Carlos, in front of me and I took him in my mouth. He liked a little faster and rougher blowjobs, staying longer in my throat. Luckily I have no gag reflex, just need to come up for air from time to time. I kept riding Carlos, keeping time by frequency of my son’s thrusts into my mouth. Every thrust he made, I would go up and down Carlos’s hard dick twice, once when he pulled out. We had a worked out routine by now.

Few minutes of that, and I had my orgasm as he was pushing it in my throat. I almost blacked out from lack of air, and it felt so good. I pulled my mouth off his dick, and got off of Carlos. I lay on my back, and told Carlos to get on top. He spread my legs and got on me, guiding his dick inside me. I wrapped my legs behind his back and whispered to him to set his own tempo now, then kissed him. I sucked his tongue as he was picking up pace, I knew I had some time before I was ready to cum again.

I held him by the hair with my left hand, enjoying his dick going inside me and slapping his skin made against my pussy when he would get all the way in. My right hand was wrapped around my son’s dick, stroking and massaging him slowly. 5-10 minutes later, my second orgasm came and I told Carlos to stop. I pushed him off, had him sit at the edge of bed and kneeled over his lap, guiding him inside me again. I started to fast ride him, telling Cayden to put on a condom.

While kissing Carlos, Cayden stepped behind me, and pushed me a little forward, then I felt him poke around my butt, then I lay Carlos down and my son started pushing his dick in my ass slowly, making that sweet dull pain. I stopped moving until he was inside me, then started moving slowly, stretching my ass as he was pushing deeper inside me. It was a dull pain that felt so good, and I felt so full. I love that feeling.

I could feel their dicks press against each other inside me, Casibom Güncel Giriş through the flesh. It was going to cum again soon. I started moving faster, both of them holding still. I was riding pretty hard, the pain was almost gone and the feeling was so intense that I wished it never stopped and then I came. I came hard, with a ridiculous moan into Carlos’s chest. I was shaking from the orgasm, and just stopped moving. I was between them, in bliss. Took me a minute to come to my senses and catch my breath. Then I pulled off of their dicks, told Carlos to move up on the bed, and went between his legs. I got on all four and pulled the condom off his dick, and told him I want him to cum in my mouth.

I started bobbing my head up and down quickly, as I felt my son push into my ass again. He kept pace with my head bobbing. I’m not fan of anal alone, but he likes it and I don’t hate it, so I let him do it when I had my orgasm or two. He knew I wanted to finish off Carlos, so he held back with his own cumming. Carlos was holding my pony tail in his hand, and I played with his balls while sucking him. In a minute I felt his balls contracting, and moments later I felt the cum in back of my throat. I pushed my mouth all the way down so he was deep in, and then I felt my son’s dick pulse and I knew he was also cumming. It made me feel happy.

After that we just lay on bed, cuddling, two of them on both sides of me, spent. When I felt cooling down, I told Carlos I was getting sleepy and it was time to go home. Cayden said he’ll call him uber. I saw Carlos wanted more fun, but I was really tired already. I told him maybe next time I am in town. He went to the bathroom, got dressed, gave me a kiss before going, and Cayden went down with him. By the time he got back, I was out of shower and taking my makeup off. He grabbed a shower, too, and came out while I was doing my night cream. He stood behind me and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek. He asked if I had fun, and did I enjoy his friend. I said I did, and complimented him on his choice.

I felt him get semi hard against my lower back. He’s almost a head taller than me when I’m barefoot. I stuck my tongue out at him so he could see it in the mirror, and told him to hurry up if he was in mood, I wanted to go to sleep. I kept doing my cream on my face, and my arms and hands, while he kissed my neck and shoulders, playing with my breasts and reaching down between my legs. I could feel him get harder, finally pressing fully hard against my back. He waited until I was done with my cream, turned me around and pushed me up onto the bathroom counter, standing between my legs.

He held out his palm in front of me, and I spit in it, keeping eye contact with him. He spread it over the tip of his dick, then guided it to my pussy and pushed deep inside me. It was an amazing feeling, even so tired. He kissed me on the cheek, then on the lips, then he pulled out his dick and pushed back in, and kissed me on lips again, with little tongue the lips.

Next pull out and push in, he opened my lips a little and his tongue pushed into my mouth. He started fucking me roughly, and he was longer and thicker than Carlos. I loved it when he was rough like that, sometimes. Now was one of those times. He held my ass as I put one leg around his hip, the other was dangling off the counter, as he was thrusting inside me roughly. He kept playing with my tongue, sucking and biting it lightly. He was waiting for me to come close to climax. I was not far from it. It doesn’t take him long when just two of us are fucking to make me cum. Took 3-4 minutes this time. He felt my breath catching when I was on edge, and he kept the pace, sucking on my tongue. I was feeling his dick pulling almost all the way out, pushing all the way in, over and over and my breath was catching more and more and then I couldn’t breathe. I was cumming and then I felt him stiffen and the warm feeling of his cum inside me. We didn’t move for a moment or two, he kissed me on the cheek, pulled out of me, stepped into shower to wash off, and went to bed. I used the toilet, washed off his cum, and wiped it from the floor, then joined him.

I was asleep as soon as I got under the cover, and felt him pressing into my back, hugging me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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