Anger Released

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Edited by Angel Love

We met online in a game room. We were not even thinking anything could come of the little flirting comments. It was a bingo site; how ridiculous a story that would be to tell. Then we moved into private chats. Late night goodbyes and hints of wanting to meet. I knew you had a partner but weren’t at all happy with how things were between you and the fact you lived interstate didn’t make things any easier.

Our chats got longer and more personal until finally you declared your love for me. I reciprocated, but told you there would be nothing until you were free. A week later you left your home of 14 years and moved in with a mutual friend of ours. So many of our online acquaintances were surprised by the move and we decided to keep it quiet for now. Our online chats changed to phone calls, text messages and promises of meeting soon.

Two weeks later I was at the airport waiting. Today would be our first meeting in person and I was nervous and excited and totally horny. Our eyes met and we knew exactly what we would be doing as soon as we got home. Of course there had to be the obligatory introductions to my kids. I quietly asked my teenage sons to give us some space. They gave me the thumbs up and went out with their friends.

Once the door was closed I thought we would be moving into the bedroom but you took me by the hand and led me to the lounge. We sat and talked and snuggled for a while with the occasional long kissing session. The moment your hand lowered to my breast and your fingers started playing with my already hard nipples I thought enough of this, I stood and led you into the bedroom.

Both a little nervous. poker oyna We undressed ourselves and moved onto the bed. Our love making was what could only be described as ordinarily romantic. I had to admit to being a little disappointed. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. You with a contented smile on your face. Me with the hopes of more.

Our first weekend together was good but was coming to an end all too fast and I still hadn’t felt total satisfaction. We went out to my cousins for a few drinks and dinner and it was on the way home I felt the mood change. You seemed to go quiet and I could tell there was a sort of anger about you.

We were sitting on the lounge, not exactly arguing, but not happy either. I could see the intensity in your eyes, you were angry, and although I didn’t like to see you in this mood, I tried to think of how I could help you to lose that anger. I knew what I wanted to do and it excited me.

I placed my hand on your cock, rubbing you through your shorts; you were just starting to harden when you grabbed my wrist and held my hand away. I looked into your eyes, you knew you would lose control and I was more than ready to accept it.

We got up and silently went into the bedroom. There we undressed, still in silence, I stood watching you. You approached me and pushed me roughly onto the bed, I fell hard but instead of being hurt I was more excited. I stared into your eyes and said in a flat tone…….fuck me.

There was no foreplay, gentle or otherwise. You crashed down onto me and I spread my legs for your bulging cock. You slammed into my wet pussy as I raised myself to you, meeting your thrusts. Over and over canlı poker oyna again you forced your cock into me. You seemed to swell and grow with each thrust. My head spun, my arousal growing higher and higher. I needed you to fuck me harder and harder. I’d never felt this sort of wanting before, no gentleness, just savagery. I could feel you wanting to be in me deeply, as fully as though you were trying to become part of me. Again I lifted myself to you as your balls crashed against my pussy. Your groan was more animalistic than anything else.

Your stare was so intense I could feel your anger coming out. You pulled your cock from me and rammed it in and out again and again, my excitement reaching so high, I had never felt this before. We were suddenly so sensitive to each other, my pussy surrounding your cock, muscles tightening around your shaft feeling every part of you as you thrust again and again. Our breathing rapid and short. I was reaching orgasm and knew it was going to be incredible.

Suddenly an intense wave hit me, my juices gushed over your cock. The look in your eyes told me you were about to cum, and as the second wave hit me you thrust deep inside me and I exploded again.

Together we both let out a low guttural groan as you exploded. I felt your cum fill me, shooting deep inside me. You didn’t stop pumping as you came. Again, a third time I couldn’t think, my head was spinning. Our breathing short and rapid. Both of us gasping for air. As we continued to cum together.

I thought I would see release in your eyes but there was still more. You ordered me to turn over and kneel. Aroused still I complied. A hint of tenderness internet casino showed through as you rubbed my arse. I felt your cock against me coming to life again. You reached for something; I couldn’t see what it was. My eyes were closed as I savoured the feel of your cock rubbing from my now dripping cunt to my arsehole. I felt the cool gel being applied liberally and knew what was about to happen.

I felt you positioning yourself ready for more assaults on me. Slowly you slid inside me and I heard you gasp and moan at the tightness of my arse surrounding you. You paused to enjoy the feeling and then you started pumping.

At first you pulled me back gently onto you entering me further. A pain coursed through me as you buried your cock deeper. You started tickling and pinching my clit. My arousal was instantaneous and I responded easily. It was then you seemed to lose control. No longer gentle you started pounding me. The sound of your balls slapping against my arse only seemed to heighten your desires.

The sounds of you moaning led me higher. You slapped me and I pushed against you, grinding myself on your hard cock encouraging you. The slaps became harder and so did your cock. You pulled me onto you thrusting deeply. I felt your cock throb as you near cumming. With a final thrust you explode deep inside me.

You collapsed onto me, not only our juices mingling but also the sweat from our bodies. This sensation of both of us joining in all ways overwhelmed me and it’s then I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks. We lay there together, both completely spent, your anger now gone, replaced with a wanting of just being close. Both of us knowing that each time we were together either making love or fucking, the intensity grew, the satisfaction was constant.

We drifted into a deep sleep, staying as we were, you still deep inside me both physically and emotionally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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