Anita Ch. 03

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Once more I have to thank S. for her assistance in editing and providing valuable ideas. This a work of fiction cobbled together from my imagination. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Reading the first two parts will help you understand the characters and the position they find themselves in.


Michael was bored and irritable.

The seventy-eight year old widower was lonely. He had given up on the detective novel he was reading on his Kindle. The third book he’d consumed in four days. He’d seen all the movies that interested him on Netflix. Even the BBC classical radio he tuned to on his VPN made no impact on him. The sounds faded into the background like his painted walls.

His visit that morning to the local upscale supermarket had been momentarily interesting. He’s managed to fall into conversation with three different yummy-mummies without any of them inviting him to sit down for a coffee. His mind may have lusted after them but his body knew it was unlikely to be up to the task if any of them had encouraged him, notwithstanding his memories of the recent encounter with his Anita. In his heart of hearts he knew these young mothers only saw a lonely old man who they felt they should humor him for a few moments.

He had not heard from Annie, as Anita now wished to be called, for almost two weeks. She usually called him on a weekly basis. His overall irritation extended to her. Michael called her.

“So how’s it going?” He was met with silence. “Michael here.”

“Fine.” Annie drew out the word, before a note of anxiety entered her voice. “Michael, is everything OK? Do you need help?”

“No, no. Just calling to see how you’re doing.”

“I’m good. Been busy though. Am busy just now.” Annie thought to herself that she better give Michael a few minutes of her time.

“Whatcha been up to?”

“You’ll never guess.” She paused for Michael to respond but he remained silent. “No? Well… I’ve been designing a website.”

This caught Michael’s attention. “You what?”

“Yep. And it works. Looks good if I say it myself. Take a look at it later and give me your comments.” Annie gave him the web address.

“This is the Annie who once asked me how to boot up her computer?”

“Com’on I was never quite that bad.”

“OK. I exaggerate a bit. I never took you for IT material.”

“I read up and have used one of those template website builders. No coding or anything like that. Actually its quite easy from the templates.”

“How did you get yourself into this? And, hey, why do you want a website?” Speaking to Annie always cheered him up. As usual he started to flirt. “Offering your services on line now are you?”

“You’re so bad. That’s an idea. Annie’s Brings Comfort. ABC. No. I have someone who I now count as a friend. Katrina, everyone calls her Kitty, was a colleague of mine at the school. She taught chemistry. I did not know her particularly well when we were teaching. She was similar to me. She went all-in for the students, just like me – no time for teacher’s room friendships. All business.”

“Is she retired too?”

“Yes, she retired the same time as me. She was at my retirement party. I missed hers because I was away in Paris. You should meet her. We could be taken as twin sisters. Same age. Same coloring. Same build. Good figure just like mine” Annie couldn’t resist her own tease, with a smile in her voice. “Only it’s not fair her tits are bigger than mine. On second thoughts maybe I should keep her away from you.”

“You’ve seen them already?”

“No. Silly. Just the way she fills her sweaters. Anyway… Katarina is a fabulous cook. When she retired she set up a small time high-end catering business -Exquisite Catering. Just does domestic dinner parties for no more than a dozen people. She does the cooking all herself. She’s now been doing it long enough that she finds she can cope with the demand easily and would like to expand her business. Not sure she makes any serious money. Maybe a bit of pocket money.”

“So how did your gig come about?”

“She approached me rationalizing to herself that as an art teacher I should know something about design. I did a few business flyers and a couple of menu designs for her. She liked those and they brought in some business. But she discovered that people now look on line for menu options and are prepared to book through a website. Hence I got the commission.”


“In great food. She always slightly over-caters so there are always left overs. I’m putting on weight. More to cuddle.”

“Sounds good.’

‘I’ll bring some food over. I know she has a big party coming up on Thursday. There’s sure to be a lot left over – I’ll bring a sampling.”

“Mouth’s watering already. It’ll beat my gruel diet.”

“Poor baby. Really feel sorry for you.” Annie’s voice took on a mocking tone. “Changing the subjects completely did you publish the last story?”

“Sure did. Raises the question as to how the Bridge celebration went. Have fun?”

Annie dragged out a bursa eskort long, “Oh, yes-sir-ee. I’ll tell you about when I come over on Friday. Hey that’s a week from today. Michael I really have to go now. Sorry. I have to sort out a bug in the payment bit of the website. Found it in my beta testing. Impressed with my technical jargon? Sorry to bail on you darling. Gotta go.” Her voice was rushed.

“Understand. Bye, sweetie.”

Annie rang off knowing full well that Michael would be disappointed he did not have much time with her.


Two things brightened Michael’s weekend and week. The first was the anticipation of seeing Annie and the second was quite unexpected.

About once a month he visited a former work colleague, Jim, who was in his mid eighties crippled with arthritis but still with a sharp mind and a good sense of humor. They both painted in oils, although Michael had nearly totally given up doing any painting. Somehow in spite of his infirmities Jim continued to paint rather folksy portraits.

Michael and Jim were into their second cup of coffee, complaining to each other about the state of the world and particularly the kids with their heads in their smart phones, when Jim’s twenty three year old granddaughter, Julie let herself into the apartment. She had a key. She arrived for her portrait session. Jim had forgotten about it. He painfully rose to his feet. She launched herself at Jim and gave him a long and close hug. “You smell good you old bear you.” Michael thought she looked good. “And who are you?”

“Michael. Pleased to meet you.” Michael held out his hand. But he too received a big tight hug. He was acutely aware of her medium sized breasts and pubic mound pushing into him.

“Oh yea. I know about you.” How much Michael wondered.

Julie had just graduated in psychology and was waiting to hear if she had funds to do research for her doctorate. She was a vivacious young woman. Immediately she launched into her grandfather.

“What sort of Gramps are you that you forget your lovely, favourite granddaughter’s portrait? I ask you. There you are sitting around with another old fart telling dirty jokes and recollecting the days when you used to lust after young women.”

Jim broke in, “Hold on there Girly. Not so much of the when. What make you think we still don’t lust after young women?”

“In your dreams, old man.”

Michael noticed how her green eyes sparkled and contrasted beautifully with her almost ginger hair and her skin saturated with freckles. Jim let out a great belly laugh.

“Darlin’ with you it would be incest. But I’m so old any incest sanction has run out so how about it?”

“Just as I said. Dirty old men.” She looked at Michael. “You too I bet. Only that wouldn’t be incest, just cradle snatching.” Michael blushed slightly. “See. I’m right. D. O. M. It’s a syndrome written up in all the books on aging.” It took a moment for Michael to figure out what she was talking about – Dirty Old Men.

“Aren’t you the know it all?” Jim spat out with a broad grin on his face.

“You’ve just given me an idea. I might test out a line of research I might take up for my doctorate. Back in a minute.”

Michael could not help himself remarking on Julie. “Good looking Granddaughter. Must get her looks from her mother’s side of the family.”

“You’re as bad as her. I used to be ginger at her age. Known as Gin-Jim. So there. She’s a cracker though. Wish I were sixty years younger. Love her to pieces. She’s the only one who drops in to see me.” Jim’s eyes had teared up.

Julie returned with two large sketchbooks and a handful of soft pencils she retrieved from her Gramp’s second bedroom that doubled as a studio. She knew her way around.

Michael spoke up, “So what’s the research proposition?”

“Dirty Old Men are all talk and no action.”


“Oh, you’re going deaf as well. That’s quite natural. Now listen up test subjects. You are both going to do …”Julie stopped for a moment and silently counted on her fingers, “…six sketches of me. That’s all I am saying, except they’ll be gestural sketches that take no longer than four minutes each. Get ready.” Julie handed the sketchpads and pencils to us, “Make yourselves comfortable guys. He clock starts now.” Julie stuck a pose sitting on the low stool.

They both sketched quickly. Michael’s sketch was better than Jim’s who was hampered by his arthritic hands.

“Let me see.” Julie looked at their efforts bent down and removed her socks. “You do not have to do the whole body. Just look at my beautiful feet, for example. Julie did have long elegant feet.

Michael and Jim went at it again. Michael did her face that turned out really well, and Jim mangled her feet.

“Good.” She nodded her approval of Michael’s portrait.

Julie removed her hunter green tee shirt. It was done so quickly it took a moment or two for the men to register what Julie had just done. She wore a lightweight bra. The darkness of her areolae as well as Julie’s mild nipple bursa bayan escort arousal showed through the material.

Jim said, “Are you sure about this Julie?” he looked a bit worried.

“Absolutely, Gramps. Absolutely”

Michael drew the torso, noting the freckles were not restricted to her face, but were an all-over characteristic. Jim did an abstraction of the whole body.

“Time’s up.” This time she did not look at their output, and moved to strip her tight designer jeans from her legs. The red thong did not match her white bra, but Julie seemed oblivious to this discrepancy. Julie had her legs quite wide apart. Michael did the whole body. Jim did not put pencil to paper.

Julie broke the open legged pose after four minutes. “You OK Gramps. Man up in the interest of science. I have a question for both of you.” The men nodded. “Any sign of an erection yet? Mike?”

Michael hated being called Mike. “A little tumescence. Nothing you could feel yet though.”

Before Julie could turn to ask Jim the same question Jim growled, “Don’t you dare.” Julie grinned, reached behind her and removed her bra. It was immediately clear to both Michael and Jim that Julie did not need the bra. Her breasts stood out without sag only now the nipples had hardened and became puffed up. They were magnificent and freckled.

Michael drew the nipple alone. Jim did another abstraction. Julie wasted no time removing her thong, turning and presenting beautifully formed round cheeks as she bent over to reveal her carefully trimmed labia peeking out between her legs. “Draw that. Both of you. Take as long as you like.” It was an order. They drew.

When they said they were finished she walked over in her naked state to look over their shoulders at their sketches. Her breasts rested on each of their shoulders in turn and her hand snaked around them to feel their cocks.

“Dammit I was wrong. There’s still some action down there.” Both had good erections. “If you want to pull off I’m fine with that. Actually I’d like to see it.” Julie sat down on the stool facing them and open her legs to reveal her neatly trimmed and glistening vagina. “Excuse me gentlemen but its not just you who is aroused. I have to get myself off.” As she started to pinch her nipples and stroke her pussy Michael could stand it no longer and pulled his cock out and began to lazily pull at it. Jim just rubbed himself though his trousers.

Jim grunted, “If either of you squirt on my Chinese silk rug I’ll have your balls chopped off, or tits in your case Julie”

Julie reached over on a side table and pulled a bunch of tissues from the box and handed some to Michael. Surprisingly Michael came first to a “Well done.’ from Julie. Julie came soon after and whelped several times to Jim’s “Quiet. The neighbors.” It was never clear if Jim produced anything. The Chinese rug escaped being soiled.

Julie turned to Michael holding up his sketches “Can I keep these?”

“Sure, hon. They’re yours.”

“Thank you. That’s all the documentation this dissertation is going to get.”

Michael felt he was intruding, made his excuses and left Jim and Julie to work out what had just happened.


Annie texted Michael to give details as to when she would arrive the following Friday.

On Friday Michael overslept. He shaved and showered in his en suite bathroom. He moved into the bedroom naked, drying his thinning hair. Subliminally he caught a movement in his peripheral vision. His heart jumped and the adrenaline pumped into his veins.

Somewhere between a scream and a shout he exploded with, “What the fuck?”

“Morning Michael.” Annie sat barefoot on his unmade bed with her back against the headboard and her arms around her pulled up knees. She was dressed in a plain white tank top and a floral skirt. Annie liked floral-pieces even though they were far from high fashion.

After a moment Michael regained some of his composure. “Shit, Annie you almost killed me.” His heart was still pounding. “Don’t do that to an old man. Never do that again!” His voice was still louder than normal.

“Been a while since I saw you naked.” Annie grinned. “See the junk is still there. That’s good.”

Michael remembered he had given Annie a key to get in. He reflexively put his hands over his cock and balls. “You’re early.”

“No I’m not. You’re late. You showered for nearly twenty minutes. Must be dirty. Or were you pulling yourself off thinking about me? Move your hands. Shy all of a sudden?” Michael’s arms relaxed down to his sides. “Ah. Low hanging fruit. Banana and two plums.” Annie laughed at her own description. Annie quickly switched subjects. “I’ve laid out lunch in the kitchen. Do you like your quiche hot or cold? It’s with a salad.”

“Cold’s fine.”

“Hurry up big boy I’m hungry. If I stay here I may just jump to dessert – your fruit salad. You’ll get some benefits you weren’t looking for and don’t want. Get dressed. See you downstairs.” Annie bounced off the bed and was gone.

The bursa ucuz escort layout of food on the table impressed. Annie had covered the table with a checkered cloth, found his good tableware with wine glasses and added some linen napkins.


“Only the best for Milord.”

Michael nodded. “Now you’re showing proper respect.”

“You like French. So do I. Pâté de foie gras to start. Followed by a quiche with truffles and a green salad enlivened by Cate’s special dressing. Crème brûlées to finish. All accompanied by a nice light Beaujolais. How will that suit your lordship?”

“You kidding me? Let’s eat!”

Annie explained, “The customer only wanted a light dinner. There were eight of them and they were playing bridge. It was a side meal to the evening. I got to be waitress, or should I call it wait staff these days? Kitty’s son Ian has a new girlfriend and is not as available as he once was. I did ok. They gave me a huge fucking tip – a hundred note. Hope its not forged.”

“Do you dress up for the gig?”

“Yes actually. You’ll giggle. Kitty decided to try something new to see if she could improve return business. She had French maid uniforms made for us as a trial idea.”

“French maid. Like to see you in that. Push up bra?”

“Always a dirty ol’ man. Right? No bra but a bit of support in the dress. Bet that stirs your hormones? May also account for the big tip.”

“Oh, yea.”

The flirty chitchat continued until they finished the gourmet meal then Annie rose and made two coffees. “Shall we go into the living room? I’ll tell you about ‘call me Pat’.”

“If I remember correctly you agreed to meet up with Pat and, what was his name, her hubby… er, Bill?”

“Yes Bill. Well no, William. Anyway it happened. You’ll enjoy this. Be sure to write it up and let me see the draft.” Michael felt primed for more revelations as to Annie’s sex life.

“I am but your humble servant.”

“Right. I show up at Pat’s doorstep on time. Ring the bell. The door opens. It was not Pat as I expected.” Annie paused to drink some coffee. “I should perhaps tell you that I had formed an image of Bill as some sort of Adonis after hearing about Pat and their threesome exploits. So you can imagine my surprise, and I have to admit consternation, when the door was opened by Bill.”


“He started off with ‘Miss Wanteze?’. All formal. I of course replied call me Annie. He smiled ‘OK. Annie. He half bowed, ‘Will-i-am’. Not Bill, William pronouncing the ‘I’ as a full ‘ee’ sound with emphasis. Will-ee-am.”

“Sounds pretentious.”

“Maybe. But that is just the beginning. W – I’ll refer to him as W if you don’t mind – is no taller than five-three. He must weigh two-twenty pounds on a frame that seems almost as wide as he is tall. His full beard of curly hair rests on a barrel chest that is supported on what looks like a mild beer belly. Full head of hair with a touch of grey. Dark brown eyes with long eyelashes. He wore sharp deep-blue dress pants covering what looked to be short legs. W was dressed in a well-ironed crisp white, short-sleeved shirt. His extremely hairy arms filled the sleeves with massive biceps and his lower arms would do Popeye proud. He was a short, mountain of a man”


“Surprisingly not. More teddy bear. Soft eyes.”

“Women like to cuddle up to teddy bears, don’t they?”

“Lets not get ahead of ourselves. I could smell him as I passed by as he held the door open for me. A bodily smell and not a scented deodorant or perfume. I felt myself shudder and my nips harden up. I remember thinking that I had just had a pheromone shower.”

“Give me a picture. What you wearing?”

“Oh yes. It was a warm evening. I was wearing a somewhat retro floral summer dress; buttons up the front, skirt hem just above my knees and a sharp vee-neck with one button undone. The waist was clinched with a wide shiny yellow leather decorative belt – a bit sixties, I think. Found it in my favorite thrift shop.”

“Like to see that one day. What else? Under?”

“What makes you think there was anything else?”

“You’re teasing me. Tell me.”

“I have. Although I did have a set of panties in my purse, along with the condoms.”

“Just the dress. Nice.”

“And the purse.”

“Of course. The purse. Then what happened?”

“He offered me sherry to start. Then explained that Patrish-ee-ah was delayed and she said to start dinner without her.”

“Sherry? Bill sounds pretty retro himself. Were you expected to start the celebration without her too?”

“Possibly. We started chatting. He asked if I was a vegetarian. Then said he would start the burgers on the BBQ outside. I followed him onto the patio.”

“Burgers? Another gourmet meal. Maybe you should introduce them to Kitty.”

Annie ignored Michael’s snide comment. “We have teaching in common but he is a math Prof at the university in town. I should lay it on you here that he seemed to have a very slight speech impediment, but the rocking aspect of his voice was that he has an almost base tone that reverberates in my chest and tummy. And the cherry on the top -if you’ll excuse the phrase – is his smooth melliferous delivery that is exceptionally sexy. Pure dark honey. His voice got to me. I think he could hypnotize me in minutes he wanted to.”

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