Ann: A Love Story Ch. 62

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For the first time in days, we weren’t driving down an interstate. Ann and I were finally ‘back home again in Indiana’, not that we were thinking about the song by the same name. But we were just happy to be that much closer to home, and our last night alone together. It was Saturday, and we’d be spending the night in a town close to the one I lived in. Actually, it was now going to be the town WE were going to live in, now that Ann was moving back home. But home for her would be her parent’s house. And home for me, would be with my folks.

While we were looking forward to not having to drive 10 to 12 hours every day, the thought of sleeping in separate beds, in separate houses, wasn’t appealing at all. In fact, it pretty much sucked. So, thanks to Tina, Ann and I were going to spend one last night in each other’s arms before we let that happen.

We’d gotten off I-80 while we were still in Illinois, heading south along the state border for about a half hour or so. From there, we took a road heading east to cross over into our home state. It was going to take us just a little longer to get to our final destination by going that way, but it allowed us some uninterrupted time along a much less traveled road than what we would have encountered if we’d stayed on the Interstate. With the amount of traffic on I-80 between Indiana and Illinois, it would have been too dangerous to do anything there.

The ‘anything’ we wanted to do was to take more pictures of Ann, standing next to the welcome signs from both of the states. I decided to take us to a more secluded road along the state line, and Ann had once again posed naked, showing her beauty and grace, as well as her incredible sexuality. She had a way of staring into the camera that showed not only her excitement, but also her vulnerability. Ann looked so hot and alluring as she played around for me while I took the pictures, yet at the same time she seemed so innocent. Ann was a paradox, showing so many different sides of her sexuality that it sometimes seemed too hard to believe.

But that erotic scene was well into our rear view mirror now. We were traveling down US-30, and we were less than two hours from where we’d be staying the night. Of course, Ann didn’t know that. She thought we were going all the way home, and I never told her differently. It was going to be my final surprise of the trip, and I had a feeling it would be a really good one. And I had that feeling because Tina had alluded to it in a note she’d had typed on the hotel bill from our stay in Omaha.

And yet, while I was looking forward to whatever lied ahead for our overnight stay, and I had been excited by what we’d done during our little respite to take pictures, it was what happened before we’d stopped that had me smiling. Ann had actually told me about what had gotten her so turned on while I’d slept though Iowa. And I couldn’t get that conversation out of my head.


“You and Connie were naked in the cornfields?” I said, pretty much repeating what Ann had just said.

Connie was a friend of mine. Well, she was a friend of ours, since Ann and I had both gone to High School with her. Ann was attempting to recount something that had happened between them during that time…and whatever that was had come to Ann’s mind as she drove us through the flat, crop-covered farmlands of Iowa.

I had been exhausted from the day before, having driven the entire trip, which was followed by my exerting a lot of additional energy during our evening fun. Ann had said she wanted to make that up to me by volunteering to drive to start the day, and I took advantage of that by napping. That left Ann to battle the monotony of the long, boring highway alone, and she did so by daydreaming.

Whatever thoughts Ann’s mind wandered to, they turned her on to the point that she reached behind my seat and pulled out one of her many fat dildos. When I woke up, I noticed she was using it…and she’d been using if for quite a while. Three hours and three orgasms worth, according to what she’d told me; the wet cloth of the seat underneath her bare ass offering proof to back up that statement.

We ended up fucking in a cornfield, and as we did, Ann let it slip that she had always wanted to do that. Later on, when I questioned what she really meant by that, Ann started to tell me about something she and Connie had done. But before she had the chance, we’d gotten lost on a tangent. Ann found out that Connie and I had gone out a couple of times, and I’d told her that Connie was gay, which was a revelation to Ann. It didn’t bother Ann that Connie was a lesbian, but it did make her wonder about how that changed her view on what had happened between them all those years ago.

Ann smiled as I went redundant with her sentence. “Yes, Neil…we were naked in the cornfields.”

‘What…you just stripped off your clothes and went running down the rows?”

“No…let me try to explain, okay?”

“I’m sorry…go ahead.”

“Like I said, we were friends. We were both on the dance team, and we played volleyball together…and Antep Escort Bayan we got close our junior year. And as you well know, that’s when you moved to town…Connie and I used to talk about you a lot.”

“You did?”

“Well, I told you I kind of had that crush on you. And that started almost the day you arrived, and she’s the only one I confided in.”

“Okay…so what happened in the cornfield?”

“Well…that summer, I used to go out to Connie’s house all the time. It was like my one escape away from town. She lived out in the country, five miles out, and her brothers had already moved away. Her Dad worked on the farm…so he was always busy and he was never around. And her Mom’s a nurse, so she was always working really odd hours all the time at County Hospital. So on the days I wasn’t watching Matt and Maria, I’d go out to Connie’s, because I didn’t want to be home alone, or argue with my Mom is SHE was home.”

“So, you two were alone.”

“Yeah…I’d go out there just to hang out. We’d watch Soap Operas, and ‘The Price is Right’, and we’d talk about our friends. And I’d talk about how cute you were, and how you made me wet. And again, that was BEFORE I danced for you when you kept stats for the basketball team. It was the summer between our junior and senior years…you’d only been in town about 6 months, but I talked about you every day.”

“Wow, Ann…I really don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. I’m just telling you so you understand what was going on in my mind back then…and today.”

“Okay…so, now I’m REALLY intrigued.”

“Good! So, anyway…Connie had a pool, above ground.”

“I remember,” I nodded.

“Right…but my Mom…well, I wasn’t allowed to have a two piece bathing suit. So I had this ugly one piece thing. Connie had a couple of two piece suits, and she would have let me borrow one, but we’re not the same size. So we ended up going to Fort Wayne one day, and I bought a really skimpy one. But then I wouldn’t wear it.”

“Why not?”

“The town. I knew there were no secrets in that town. So, in my head, I was convinced that somehow, it was going to get back to my Mom that I was wearing a bikini. Like Connie’s parents would see me and rat me out.”

“That’s nuts, Ann. Why would they do that?”

“I know that now. But I was a sexually repressed seventeen year old, Neil. And I was paranoid. Buying that suit was like…the naughtiest thing I’d ever done to that point. I felt guilty just owning the damn thing. But I wanted to wear it so bad. I wanted to tan.”


“I’d always wanted a real tan…I never had one before. I had farmer’s tans…just my arms and my legs because of the bathing suits I’d have to wear. That’s when I really got into tanning. Connie and I would oil up, and lie out in the sun, and bake. I became obsessed about it.”

“But what about your Mom? If she didn’t want you to wear a bikini, how did you explain the tan? It’s not like you could hide that forever.”

“That’s what you think,” Ann said with a wink. “I got really good at hiding myself around the house.”

I knew Ann loved tanning…she’d told me that, including how horny she gets laying out in the rays of the sun. And it was evident in how hot she looked. But while she certainly took precautions ten years later, it was different way back in the late 70’s. Tanning wasn’t considered dangerous…and perhaps it wasn’t as bad back then. The ozone wasn’t the big open window it is now. Girls wouldn’t put sun block on…they’d actually slather baby oil all over their bodies. And just the thought of Ann, her golden skin shining from the slick oil all over her sexy body, had my cock so hard it was throbbing.

“So you were lying out by the pool…”

“No. That’s just it. I had this new bathing suit, and I was too petrified to wear it. And Connie got mad…well, at first she was mad. But then she started to understand what I was going through when she came over to the house a couple of times and met my Mom.”

“Oh…wow. How did that go?”

“Just like you would expect. Mom gave her the third degree. But Connie handled it. But remember, that was Mom back then. I’d like to think we’ve gotten past all of that…at least, I’m praying we are, since I’m moving back there for a while,” Ann laughed.

I put my hand on Ann’s thigh, and said, “You are, Ann. Everything’s going to be fine.”

Ann winked and said, “I know it is baby…you really helped our relationship, more than you’ll ever know. But I want to stay on target here…you’re going to get me distracted, and I want to tell you about the first time I ever masturbated thinking about you.”

“WHAT?” I smiled, my hand snapping back like Ann’s skin was on fire.

Ann’s contagious laugh filled the car as she looked at my reaction. “That’s what I was thinking about today, Neil. The first time you ever gave me an orgasm…at least, in my head.”

“Okay…so you’re not by the pool…so where were you?”

“Well, like I said, Connie finally understood my paranoia, but she wasn’t going to let me off the hook. She wanted me to be brave enough to wear the bikini and tan with her. SOOOO…one day I go out to her house and I go around back, and she’s not there. And she’s not in the house either…there’s nobody around. I mean, they never locked the door unless they left, and her car was there…but I couldn’t find her. And she knew I was coming out.”

“So where was she?”

“I’m sitting on the deck next to the pool, just waiting to see what’s going on. And you know…they have this big yard in front, right? But the back, it’s like there’s room for the pool, and then there’s maybe 30 feet of grass, and then it’s the cornfield. It’s like a privacy fence in the summer when the corn is full height, like it was that day. This was in early August, and I’d gone two months without wearing the bikini…we were running out of summer.”

“You’re starting to ramble, Ann,” I said with a smile.

“No I’m not…this is actually all important so you know what’s going on. Anyway, about five minutes after I got there, Connie comes walking out of the cornfield. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. She just walked over to me like it was completely normal to walk out of a cornfield like that. So, she goes into the house and grabs her bag, and she tells me to follow her.”

“Didn’t you ask any questions?”

“No…I was so stupefied, I just grabbed my bag and followed her. We walk down this cornrow for like for what seemed like forever, and we end up in a place a little like the one I made today. But…Connie had been working on it a lot longer. It was bigger, and she’d actually cut down the stalks and laid them down so it was more even, and she’d gotten rid of the corn…it was just the stalks. AND…she put two reclining lawn chairs out there.”


“Yeah…I guess they had some old ones in the barn, and Connie put them out in the field. That’s what she’d been doing when I was waiting on her…she’d just finished taking the second chair out there. So, she takes me out there, into this big open space in the middle of this cornfield, and she starts taking her clothes off. I’d seen her naked before…in gym class, so it didn’t bother me, because she’s got her suit. But when she’s topless, she stops and stares at me, and asks me what I’m waiting for. And then she reaches into her bag and throws me my bikini.”

“SHE had your bikini?”

“Yeah…I was too scared my Mom would find it at the house, so Connie kept it for me. And so, we both put our bikini’s on, and we oiled up, and we laid out for a couple of hours. And that was the day I got really hooked on sunbathing…feeling it on my stomach and my back…and feeling it close to my pussy. It was a really skimpy bikini. I got so horny, but I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even know WHAT to do.”

“You didn’t?”

“No…I hadn’t masturbated yet…ever. Anyway, Connie and I would go out there a couple of days a week. Well, at least three. Sometimes I’d go out in the afternoon…if Karen got off early from the store and I didn’t have to watch the kids all day. That happened once a week if the weather was good…she’d get off early on Wednesday’s. Anyway, Connie and I would talk about all kinds of things, but I brought you up a lot. Now that I think about it, Connie just listened…she never brought up boys, and now I know why.”

“Huh…and you never noticed before?”

“No…she’d TALK about boys, but she never brought them up. I always did. But that didn’t seem strange, because most of the boys in our class in school had girlfriends. Connie and I were like the only two in the group we hung out with at school that didn’t have a boyfriend. I think that’s why we became friends.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have a boyfriend because of your Mom. Connie’s was a different reason entirely,” I laughed.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know that.”

“So…tell me about that first time then,” I said excitedly.

“Well, first I need to tell you about our talks. Connie said something one day early on that the last time we’d laid out, after I left she went into the house and frigged herself. Actually, first she asked me if I ever got horny like she did when we laid out. I shrugged my shoulders, and said I guessed so, because I really didn’t know what it was that I was feeling. So we talked about it, and that’s when I knew what I was feeling for you was more than just a little crush…I was actually turned on.”

“Okay…so then Connie showed you how to masturbate?” I said, jumping ahead of myself.

“Nooooo…we just talked about it. She kind of told me how…she told me what felt good to her. And I went home that night and did it for the first time. And it was amazing, even though I really didn’t know what I was doing.”

“So when did you do it with me in mind?” I grinned.

“Well, like I said, we were laying out a lot. And so I’d go out the Russell’s, and if I didn’t find Connie in the house, I’d just head out into the field and I’d find her already out there in the field. There were days she didn’t want to wait on me. But, there was this one day that I was running late. I’d told her I’d be there at noon, and it was like one o’clock before I got there.”

“Why were you late?” I asked, thinking better of it as soon as I had. It really wasn’t any of my business. And it was over ten years before. Ann may not even remember the reason why…just that she was late.

But Ann grinned at me, and said, “You.”

“I was the reason you were late?”

“Uh huh,” Ann said, her smile becoming even brighter.

“This just got really interesting,” I laughed.

“I had to drop off something for my Mom at one of your neighbors. So I drove past your house, and when I was driving back by after I was done, I saw you out it the back yard…you were mowing.”

“Mowing…during the week?”

“No…this was a Saturday. And you were wearing those skimpy little cut off shorts you used to wear, and your shoes. That was it…hell, you were barely covered. I hit the brakes, and I ended up backing up and pulling into the little cul-de-sac that’s next to your house, and I watched you mow for like a half hour.”


“Yeah…really. And when you finished the back yard, you started cleaning up the mower, and that’s when I went out to Connie’s. Up to that point, I thought I knew what horny was. But I was so turned on by the time I got her house my pussy was dripping. I actually thought about going home and fingering myself, but I didn’t want her to be mad at me. So, I drove out and went straight to the field. I figured that I was so late, she’d be there.”

“But she wasn’t…was she?”

“No…and I never went to look for her. I just started to put my bikini on, and when I took off my panties, they were so soaked, just like I was. So I’m standing there in my shoes, and I reached down to feel how wet I was, and as soon as my finger touched my pussy…God Neil. I didn’t care anymore. I just laid back on the lounge chair on my towel, and I spread my legs as wide as I could, and I starting fucking my pussy with both hands.”

“And you came,” I smiled, “thinking about me.”

“No…Connie came first, and THEN I came,” she laughed.

“What? What do you mean?”

“She showed up, and caught me. But I was so close that I couldn’t stop. I just looked at her, and then I closed my eyes and I came thinking about that tight ass of yours in those obscene little shorts. Come to think of it, that was the first time I got that feeling inside I get now when you make me do things in public…it was so hot it to have someone watch me.”

“So…what happened after you came?”

“Connie started laughing, and asked me what the hell made me do it, and I told her I’d watched you. She laughed, but I started crying.”


“The emotions of it all. I felt guilty for masturbating out in the open like that, and then I felt guilty about getting caught. I felt like I’d done something dirty. And I guess it scared me a little, because the feeling I had when I came was so much more powerful than any other time I’d masturbated. It was really intense. Of course, I’d only been getting myself off for a couple of weeks, but it WAS powerful.”

“So what did Connie do?”

“She came,” Ann giggled.

“She did? How?”

“The same way I did. She sat down and talked to me first, and I told her that I was feeling guilty. And she said I didn’t have any reason to feel that way. She said that no matter what my Mother had been telling me, what I’d done was not only normal, it was healthy too. She started spewing off all these things that masturbating does to help your body, like how it releases certain chemicals that…”

“Wait…how did she know all of that? Or was she just making up a bunch of bullshit to make you feel better?”

“No, she wasn’t making anything up…her mother’s a nurse, remember? And they had a better relationship than what I had with my mother at the time. I guess Mrs. Russell was pretty up front with Connie about sex. Anyway, Connie said that there was nothing to feel guilty about…but she knew of a way to make me feel less guilty.”

“So she finger fucked herself?”

“Yep…she stripped off her clothes, sat down in her lounge, and did the same thing I did. She was slower about it…and she stared at me the whole time. And now I think I know why…I think she was trying to make me comfortable with the whole thing. And it worked. I actually felt excited about watching her, and it made me feel better about what I’d done. But now I kind of wonder if she was looking at me because it turned her on…after all, I WAS naked.”

“And if it did…does that make a difference?”

“Yeah, actually. It kind of makes the whole memory even hotter,” Ann snickered.

“Did you ever do it again after that?”

“No…we spent the rest of that day naked, lying around and talking. But after that, we always had our bathing suits on. It was a one-time thing. But that was such an incredible day for me. I kind of knew at that point that I needed to get out of town, and that’s when I started making plans to move when I graduated. But every day after that, when I was in that field, I thought of you…actually I thought of us, fucking.”

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