Anna Ch. 04

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In the evening, Anna drove Malcolm to the outdoor theater on the hills surrounding the city. They had an agreement that he would be the one driving back. Sally made her own way to the venue and was sporting the same clothes as Anna. It was freaky. They both wore purple halter tops and cut off jeans. It was a strange combination but a hugely satisfying one to witness. What was even better was to have them sit either side of him.

Anna had been acting frisky the moment she got home. She kept tracing her finger along his crotch saying she was going to be good, that she wouldn’t be a bad girl but might just touch his crotch area if she thought no one was looking.

“I hope you won’t mind hon.” She kept saying on the way to the evening theater. It was one big screen propped up at the top of the hill and seats were laid out in endless rows.

“Just be careful.” He warned his lustfully impatient mother.

Sally seemed to be really excited about the movie and as the trailers began, the light around the audience dimmed considerably. They had bought some large popcorn bag and were seated at the top right corner, with Anna at the end. The bag of popcorn was on Malcolm’s right lap, next to Sally, as she was its main consumer. As she munched away Malcolm felt something press the denim on his crotch. He dipped his eyes low to see a finger with a wedding ring on it. His mother did a little attempt at explaining the scenario by nodding her head as if to say “the coast is clear can I touch you’re crotch?”.

He wanted to laugh but returned to the screen, ignoring Anna and assuming she would give up.

The movie started and the audio level rose to a degree where even Sally’s incessant corn grinding was drowned out. He looked over at her and her eyes were lost to the screen – she was a big movie fan, but it was the atmosphere that impressed her most. He leaned over, spilling a few bits of popcorn, and kissed her near her busy lips. There was no reaction. He kissed her again and her brows showed signs of contortion so he retreated. Food was another passion of Sally’s, or at least junk food. She could eat a bucket of chicken in one sitting and not gain any weight.

As he considered his next course of action, he saw Anna fingering his crotch again. First one finger then a crowd tracing the top of his zipper down to the end and then her hand was hovering like a spider dangling in the air. He had to admit, he was a bit concerned about playing any more spider games in public, but she refused to give in. Slowly she settled down, her fingers evenly spread around her sons crotch.

A gently evening breeze gave him goosebumps but her touch seemed to cool him down. She had her eyes glued to him as she applied gentle pressure with the tips of her fingers. A bump began to form as a result and she pressed the palm of her hand against it. Her light pressing became downward strokes, and her hand always remained spread as she slid down between his legs. He could see she was wearing extensions on her nails like some girl in a porno.

He was also now aware of the scent she was wearing especially for him. It was not too strong but the cool air helped extinguish some of its power. Her head ended at his shoulder so he couldn’t bend over to sniff her neck but guessed it was a kind of banana scent. The similarities between her and Sally were mounting.

“Do you like that?” she mouthed to him.

Her tiny hands were doing more than making him happy but he had to keep one eye on Sally at all times just in case she cocked her over the bag to get a look.

“I like that a lot.” Malcolm accidentally blurted.

Sally patted Malcolm on the head thinking he was commenting on the movie. She knew he did that a lot which was why she often sat on another aisle. Sally’s hand remained on his head for a bit; just scratching and sometimes twirling it. At the same time Anna increased her strokes until he started to breathe heavily. The bulge was big – too big to keep inside. At that point Sally grabbed the bag of popcorn from Malcolm’s lap.

“Watcha doing?” She asked grabbing a big handful.

Anna’s arm slipped down his thigh towards his knee and her hand was hidden between a less conspicuous crack. Sally did have a look but did not seem curious.

“You going to eat that all by yourself tubby?” Malcolm mocked.

“I’m too hungry.” She between mouthfuls, handing it reluctantly back.

There was a loud explosion and they all istanbul escort lurched back in surprise. A meteor from space had crash landed in a volcano in the movie. Sally was transfixed again. Anna’s spider crawled back up to her sons crotch and resumed normal action. She stroked for a while and then somehow unzipped him without him feeling it.

Anna took out his dick and stroked it while he had the popcorn to his right, blocking Sally’s view to his crotch. If she moved the popcorn box again she had a chance of catching Anna out. At the very least she would see his cock pocking out like a thick bodied snake. Anna was happy to take the risk. Sally continued to grab handfuls of popcorn and munched away oblivious.

His mum stroked and elongated his cock but it was still floppy. He resisted as best as he could to keep it in that state but it was hard. She continued to speak openly to him hoping Sally could hear; subliminal dialogue that was suggestive.

“So big.” She told Malcolm

Anna fed him some popcorn.

“Is that good honey?” She asked.

A member of staff walking by switched on her torch and waved it around. She peered over and passed it over his lap – then backed up and pointed her beam at the same spot where she gasped under her breath. It was a large dick being given a hand job.

Sally grabbed another handful of popcorn, unaware his mum was giving him a good time. The girl kept her light on his dick before switching it off and deciding to stay where she was; a voyeur perhaps.

She watched as Anna put her head down and licked the tip of Malcolm’s cock a few times. Ungh!

Sally turned to face Malcolm.

“Whats up hon?” She said squeezing his knee. Malcolm held his mothers head down and did not let it move. Anna could choke but he did not want to be caught.

Gack!!!Gack!!! Dumb sounds coming from Anna’s constricting throat.

“Ahh! nothing!”

“Man, is your mum tying your shoelaces or something?” She said looking over the bag and seeing her head over Malcolm.

“Ungh! Yeah, laces.” He replied squirming.

“She is sooo adorable.” Sally said stroking Anna’s hair before returning to the movie. He could not believe it. She had not noticed his mother sucking his dick. But then her head was in the way. Malcolm relaxed and leaned back. Anna was taking the full length of his cock into her throat. Thankfully, the action scenes in the movie were kicking off so it didn’t matter how much she went ‘GLUG! GLUG! no one could hear it.

Her head was bobbing up and down rapidly now. How could such a little woman take in an anaconda?

He opened his legs and put his hand on Anna’s head; he pushed her head down.


The member of staff behind them took out her mobile and was filming it all. Her hands were trembling so she to use two hands.

He could hear her sucking sounds and was wary that a quiet scene was running in the movie, so he pulled her head up by the hair and watched her mouth pull out of his well salivated dick. Anna returned to her position and Malcolm stuffed his meat pole back into storage again.


After the movie, Malcolm needed to take a leak and Anna followed behind him, right against his ass. There was a bar on the hill so that would do. They did not turn around to look for Sally but could hear calls piercing the howling wind. Malcolm went straight into the gents and Anna went into the ladies with Sally.

About 5 seconds later Anna came out and went into the gents. It looked dinghy but it didn’t matter. She pulled up her cut offs and began checking each each cubicle. When she reached the middle one, it opened and a hand grabbed her and pulled her in.

“Malc..?” She huffed.

The gents door opened and Sally peered in.

“Malcolm?” She called.

Anna had disappeared so she hoped to get a quick snog session in. She had walked into mens loo’s before and watched men urinate but that was usually when she was drunk. One time she even tried doing side by side a fellow dude, and she caught him checking out the tackle on the dude standing next to him. She had heard that was not an insinuation of homosexuality but just a natural curiosity. Still, pussy was to his left …

She ventured in and the door yawned shut behind her. Floor was a bit sticky. she heard one of the cubicle doors rattle.


“Yes.” Two voices replied.

Sally didn’t realize Anna was with Malcolm esenyurt escort locked inside a cubicle. She imagined Malcolm had a sort of emergency and must have called his mother for help. But what kind of emergency?

‘”Is there anything I can do to help?” Sally asked

“No.” They both replied.

The door shuddered as if someone had backed into it and a heel fell to the floor appearing somewhat outside.

“Anna your shoe fell off? Are you ok?”

“Yes.” She moaned

Another fell off.

Sally dipped her head low under the gap and only saw Malcolm’s feet ad his trousers down. Then a pair of pink cotton panties landed on the floor. It was a delicate looking flake, too small for her to wear. If she tried it would stop halfway up her ass.

“Hey Anna.” Sally whispered trying to get only her attention

“You’re, er … panties are on the floor.”

Very quickly, a hand dangled down and picked them again.


The door thudded again and again. Sally thought it was weird but figured Malcolm had an embarrassing problem and he was comfortable with his mother looking at. She laughed thinking it was a bad time to lose her knickers.

“Is that better baby?” Anna asked.

“Oh yes.” He replied, and then another bang against the door.

Sally put her ear to the door. It was just Anna rubbing ointment on a pimple or something she figured but it sounded so erotic.

“Man, you guys are really incestuous.” Sally said rapping on the door. She had never known a mother so glued to her son like Anna was. she figured it was quite cool, like her strange obsession with little people.

She looked low again and there was Anna’s panties. She must have had loose hips. Sally reached in and pulled them out. They smelled so sexy, and carried a banana scent. She had the same perfume and she used it only when going out to clubs or when she was horny. That’s what it was advertised as – a product that got you laid.

She put Anna’s tiny panty in her bag. Maybe she would try them on when alone. As the banging continued along with the unusual moans Sally shook her head as if to dismiss an obvious possibility and left the room.

“Is she gone?”

“Yep. Fuck her.” Malcolm said.

Inside the cubicle, Anna was off the floor and against the door. Malcolm plunged his cock inside her hot tight cunt. She looked at him and tried to reach his chin with her teeth but he kept slamming her against the door. she was so small and felt more like a little girl – his girl.

“Oh Daddy.” she grunted.

Her mouth opened wide and her incredibly long tongue laid itself out in a stepped shape and she showed it off to try and tempt him, but he kept face at bay. She touched her nose with her tongue and even licked her nose. He still couldn’t get over how such a small woman could have such a long tongue.

“You fuck so good, daddy!”

Her legs opened out in a stiff M. She was so light that he was banging up against the door harder than expected. He was hurting her but she was so into his cock she didn’t care. She thrashed around wildly as he thumped her with cunt over and over. The hinge loosened with each bang and the vibrations carried the screws out of their holes.


They both jerked forwards as the door broke out completely and sent them both tumbling down. When they crashed, relatively unharmed, Malcolm slotted his dick into his mothers pussy and resumed fucking her.

“Oh Malcolm!”

“Oh fuck!!”

She lay under him gigling like a dirty bitch

“You’re little girl has been so naughty.” She purred cupping his balls.

Even after sex she wanted sex! Malcolm was spent but was starting to already become aroused by her again. It was the way his horny mum was behaving; she was like a greedy child, taking wanting to eat other people’s share of sweets before claiming hers. She kept asking him if she had been a bad daughter and kissing him and painting his neck with that slick brush of a tongue; brushing up and down. She wasn’t going to stop till he was fully lacquered.

But then Malcolm puffed out his chest and stared down at her in a signal they had developed out of nowhere; just like teaching a dog to sit or stand up, Anna stopped licking and removed her hands to her side.

“Creampie.” She requested in a low husky voice.

“Later.” He promised.

As he rose off of etiler escort her, her legs recoiled together and her hands reached down between her wet throbbing cunt. She closed her eyes for a moment and squirmed; he had taken her to within orgasm. She was disappointed but he had promised later.

She lay there finger fucking her pussy until she came. Her body convulsed and her tits quivered.

She sat on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She lifted it up and licked and sucked on his salty balls. He looked down at her and felt so proud of her and so horny. Her mouth was small but once it pushed its way over his helmet it took the entire snake inside.

He checked his phone when he saw it ringing. It was Sally. He rejected the call and sent a text message saying he would be out in a while. She replied saying she was getting herself some beer and some nuts.

Malcolm prepared the cam and pointed it over his mother. He took snaps of her back and ass and she jutted it out for him and wiggled it playfully.

“It’s all yours.” She told him

“Stay still.” He demanded and she froze mid suck.

He held her head with both hands and pushed his cock in all the way into her throat. He bucked his hips and began throat fucking Anna. Layers of saliva dribbled down her chin and onto the floor. Her hands looked so cute resting on his thighs he remembered.

“Ungh!” He grunted.

She wanted cream pie but he wanted her to swallow his cum. He pulled her out and she stood up and they kissed passionately.

“Mmmm you taste like incest.” She purred.

“Lets try this.” He suggested holding her ankles. She dropped her hands to the floor and he lifted her up so that she could clamber into place with her head on his dick, an upright 69. The only problem was she was to short so while she was enjoying dick he was left holding her legs up. He pulled her up and her mouth jerked away from his cock. He began eating her wet pussy and she kept on licking him with her tongue like a mother ape removing lice.

“Mmmm I’m gonna lick you’re sexy six pack all night long.” She moaned.

Her hand reached out and wrapped around his cock and stroked the full length with both hands. She was mesmerized by the way his foreskin unwrapped and then became a hood. It was her son’s meat and two veg and he was letting her suck it, he was such a cool son she thought.

Sadly, she fell in love easily and she was feeling deeply in love with Malcolm. She knew he would break her heart. She stroked his cock with one finger connected to thumb and her other fingers sprayed out.

“That’s it Thumbelina!” He moaned. “stroke your daddy’s cock!”

“I’m stroking it Daddy!”

“Stroke it harder!”

“Ok daddy!”

Malcolm sucked on his mother’s little tight cunt and lapped up her juices as and when they flowed. Her body convulsed and her arms lost strength for a moment, swaying against his legs and she orgasmed.

“Ohhh daddy…” She moaned and giggled.

“That was so good.”

Her hands returned to his softening dick and he lowered her down so she could suck it back up to full erection. He wrapped his arms around her back and took pleasure in the way her hot, sweaty body slid and stuck against his. Her legs freely dangled and swayed and her knees folded playfully, sometimes her feet hit his face and he kissed them. Sometimes she did it intentionally.

When he felt his balls preparing to burst he pulled her out and laid her down gently. She jumped up to her knees and cocked her face out. When he put his hand under her chin, her mouth opened.

“Open it wide for daddy!” He moaned.


She unrolled her tongue like it was red carpet and he positioned his cock near it.

“Arghhh!” He grunted as he squirted his loads into his mother’s amazing mouth.

“Oh baby!” He moaned shaking any remaining goo on her.

She put her mouth on his helmet tip and slid her mouth over it. When he recoiled, his dick was covered in his cum. She smiled and laminated his helmet over and over and then pulled out and swallowed it all down.

“Mmmm.” She grinned with a dirty expression and then watched as he flinched and suffered as she kissed and sucked on his sensitive helmet.

“Oh Fuck mum, that is amazing!”

She licked him off and gave his pipe one more clean thorough deep throat and then stood up and interlocked her hands with his.

“Do you think Sally is ok” Anna asked kissing her sons pecs.

He ran is hands through her short hair and wondered if she would have to head back to her woodland people, because she looked like a nymph without wings; or Thumbelina as he blurted out earlier.

“Let’s just worry about getting home.”

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