Anna Ch. 05

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I slowly untie anna from the table, releasing her body from the bondage I had put it in. When she is totally untied I pick her up and carry her to a chair. I sit down with her in my lap, her head on my shoulder and hold her for a bit, my hands caressing her. My cock is very hard from all the stimulating activities and I am ready to cum.

I whisper in her ear, “anna, time to suck my cock. I want you to get on your knees and make love to my hard cock. Lick it, kiss it, rub it on your face and breasts. Suck my balls, lick the spot under them, use your hands to caress my cock, balls legs, ass. Show me how grateful you are to me. Show me that you are a good little slave.”

She looks into my eyes and slides off my lap to kneel in front of me. I lean back in the big chair and watch as she shifts her gaze to my cock. She takes it in her hand and gently kisses the head and shaft using just her lips at first. Her other hand cups my balls and gently plays with them. Then she looks into my eyes once more as she slides my cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the head. Her warm mouth and tongue feel delicious and I warn her to not make me cum too soon. I want to enjoy the sight Maltepe Escort of my slave making love to my cock for the first time. She pops the head out of her mouth and rubs it over her lips and cheeks, then sits up higher and rubs it over her breasts, teasing her nipples with my cock. It is such a sexy sight, her naked on her knees in front of me with my cock running over her smooth skin leaving drops of pre-cum on her breasts that shine in the light. A few more caresses then she bends down once more and begins working on my balls, licking them, sucking on them, lifting them so she can tongue that spot underneath that is so sensitive. She even surprises me with a tentative lick near my ass. I am not sure if she is curious about tonguing my ass but decide to just sit back and enjoy myself as my slave explores me with her mouth and hands.

The licking and stroking go on for a bit but I am inpatient and my balls ache with the need to cum.

“anna, suck on the head and pump the shaft with your hands, it is time for me to empty by cum onto your body. I know you do not enjoy swallowing cum so I will not make you swallow all of mine. When I cum I want you to point Kartal Escort my cock at your breasts and let me shoot all over them. Keep pumping my cock while I shoot. When I am done cumming I will have you taste some of the cum. You will taste me because I enjoy making you do it. Now get to work slave and give me pleasure.” With that I sit back again and watch as anna goes to work.

She is really into it and I can tell she is eager to give me pleasure. It is exciting to watch her suck my cock into her mouth and pump the shaft with her hand.

I feel her warm tongue flicking across the underside of the head and let out a groan as she pleasures me. “Mmmmmmm anna, you are doing a great job. I am very close to cumming. Keep working on my cock. I love how your mouth feels on me. Squeeze the shaft harder, keep licking and sucking.”

Anna moves faster and I can feel my orgasm building, in a moment it will be upon me. My cock starts to spasm and anna takes it from her mouth and cradles it in her breasts as she pumps the shaft. With a loud groan I shoot hot jets of cum over her breasts. White ropes of cum that drip down her lovely skin. She looks very sexy with Kurtköy Escort my cum shooting onto her. Shot after shot erupts from my cock till finally I am spent and her breasts are shiny with my sperm.

“Ahh anna that was wonderful, sit up here on my lap for a moment.” She climbs into my lap and snuggles against me.

I can smell my cum on her chest. I reach out and scoop some up with my finger. Looking into her eyes I bring my cum covered finger to her mouth.

“Taste me anna. Clean off my finger with your tongue.”

Anna uses her tongue to clean the cum from my finger. As she licks off the last drops I pull her lips to mine and push my tongue into her mouth to share the last taste. As we kiss, she sinks into me relaxing her body against mine. My cum drips between us as we enjoy the closeness. We sit for a while in silence and warmth. For a moment all is still and quiet, just our breathing filling the space.

“Now it is time to clean up anna” I whisper into her ear. “Lets go take a shower together. I want to wash you off and I want you to wash me as well. I think I will have you lick my body off before we start in again.”

I stand, and gently push her to her knees. “Crawl into the bathroom my slave. I want to watch.”

She obeys and crawls away form me towards the bathroom. As I watch her sexy ass move away I begin to think of all the things I want to do to her. With a smile I follow her into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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