Anna In Flight

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I’m Anna, a small-town-librarian, who loves to fly, but I wasn’t always so brave about it. In fact, not too long ago, I began all of my flights with a death-grip on the armrests, praying my head off. This irrational fear led to a bit of fun with George, and several months later…a LOT of fun with Sean.

It all started, one quiet afternoon at the library, which is when I usually do a little personal research on the Internet. I happened to come across an article on therapy for nervous fliers, so I decided to give it the old college try. The basic idea was to meditate on something (besides eminent death) during take off. MY something, was a tropical Island swim. It felt safe, and was busy enough to occupy all five senses, which the article said was important.

On my next flight, I actually tried this while sitting next to George, the Pharmaceutical salesman. I’d say he was in his mid forties, neatly dressed in a casual suit. With blue eyes, blond curls, and a soft mustache, he was borderline cute with a hint of mischief.

George noticed my eyes squeezed shut and the bottom lip I bit into during take-off. Those first few minutes were always the worst. When I felt him drop a little blue bag in my lap, I realized he thought I was going to puke. At that point, I felt I had to explain just a bit about the swim fantasy.

George looked relieved, but he teased me about “fantasizing”, saying he could do better …perhaps I’d like a swimming partner like Brad Pitt . Naturally, George offered to swim with me too…which for some odd reason was even more of a turn on. I opened one eye to peek at him. George wiggled his eyebrows. I couldn’t help the giggle which bubbled out as I gave him a playful smack with my ticket envelope.

Up until that moment, my heart was pounding so hard that I thought I was going to need that blue bag after all. I took his naughty bait and felt much better…doing George on the beach in front of several half naked celebrities. Thanks George!

George gave my thigh a pat and went back to “reading” his copy of Maximus Booblios. The rest of that flight was uneventful, but for months afterward, George was my favorite fantasy to accompany my little vibrator sessions.

Now before you jump to any conclusions, let me remind you that for 50 hours a week, I succeed as a plausible librarian. Factual and organized Anna. Some would even say I’m “bookish” and apparently a bit shy. Privately, I’m a very naughty wench with a dirty mind. I have a nightstand filled with delightful toys…and an extensive collection of written and visual erotica. Funny how my librarian side can say, “I’m an erotica collector.”…but what I really am is a lady who loves the beauty of sex in all of its forms.

The combination of those things had been a great turn-on for me, but it got even better. Doing George led to further fun, but I had seriously underestimated where it all would lead.

One December afternoon, I headed through a huge Detroit-Metro terminal on the way to my assigned gate. I’d dressed that morning as if meeting a secret lover; sexy black lace undergarments beneath a blue silk pant suit.

My long red curls were loosely pinned up, but I’d left a few tendrils escaping, as if a single tug would release the rest. I painted on dark red lipstick to match my nails, and spritzed on a darker scent than I’d usually wear for daytime. I hoped I was striking a balance between classy lady, and sexy vixen.

Luckily I had allowed myself an extra hour to find that gate, and I arrived with time to spare. With a three hour long flight to Phoenix ahead, I scanned the crowd for the kind of man who revs my engines; one who would work for a fantasy distraction. I guess I should have felt a bit guilty for scanning strangers that way…but I figured no one would be the wiser.

It wasn’t until I was actually boarding, that I spotted him…or more accurately, I smelled him. My first alert was a whiff of fresh air and Stetson.

I traced the scent to an older man who took the seat directly across the aisle from where I’d be sitting. I could hardly believe my luck. I may as well confess now, that I have a thing for guys nearly twice my age. Maybe it’s because they make me feel safe, but it’s a strong theme in all of my fantasies, and yes…my realities as well.

Watching him as he sat down, I noted soft brown eyes, laugh lines and mostly gray hair. He must have been a bit over 50, which was just about perfect. He seemed to be of average height, with a stocky build, but in pretty fair shape for his age. His dark suit coat was worn open and casual. It was impossible to ignore the deliciously coarse gray fuzz, which was visible at the neckline of his matching shirt. All the better for me…I happen to like fuzzy bears.

I was just getting settled into my seat, when this man of my dreams, jumped up to help someone stow an awkward bag, directly over my head. For one full minute his crotch was about six inches from my face. I don’t know what got into me that day. Normally I’d lean away to grant Ankara escort some space, but just this once… it occurred to me that if I leaned ever so slightly toward him, I could have kissed his fly.

Before I could stop myself I was shifting in my seat, just to get an inch or two closer. Nothing more. It would be enough to know I’d secretly gotten that close. Too bad I didn’t foresee that my hair, would then get caught on his coat button. Luckily embarrassment isn’t terminal and I neatly survived the few seconds it took for him to disentangle us. The poor man kept apologizing as if it were HIS fault entirely. I cheerfully assured him it was NOT a big deal, but I was blushing terribly because of what was going through my mind at the time.

As I tightened my seat-belt and leaned back to close my eyes, there was a quick flash of guilt for what I was about to do to him. Then came whispers from my darker half…saying he’d probably love it…if only he knew. I sure wasn’t going to tell him. In a matter of minutes, the plane was taxiing out and I was using him mercilessly in fantasy.

It began with his easy smile, his mouth hovering over mine. My fingers playing in his close cut gray curls. I let the first imaginary kiss travel the scale from gentle to ravishing. It helped that I could still detect the faint musky scent of his cologne. From there the fantasy evolved on it’s own and I was lost in visions of HIM. Under me…over me…behind me, strong and randy.

It was such a busy little distraction that for the first time, I barely noticed the planes ascent. If my hands gripped the armrests on that flight, it was only to keep them from a very improper public display, which might have gotten me arrested.

By the time the plane reached cruising altitude, I thought I was going to need a trip to the in-flight rest room. A few private moments to find some means of release would have been great, but the restrooms were “occupied” for most of the trip. My fingers itched for the tiny lipstick vibrator in my purse. I settled instead, for bit of squirming until the excitement faded. OK, so my panties were damp and my clit was throbbing, but I managed to survive it. I hoped he was thinking nice thoughts of me too. His occasional smiles across the aisle were encouraging.

When we finally landed in sunny Phoenix, I found myself standing to await the usual slow exodus. That’s when my smiling hero stood up behind me and made his first move.

“Hi…I’m Sean.” He grinned and offered a handshake.

Good manners dictated that I turn to meet the gesture. He carried it off quite well, wrapping my hand between both of his, for a few seconds longer than I expected. I was still embarrassed about the tangle I’d caused earlier, so I smiled and sputtered nervously.

“I’m Anna…and buttons aren’t usually a problem.”

Sean reflected a moment, then smiled and said “Really…that’s good to know.”

I had to laugh for so many reasons. The innuendo, the embarrassment of having used this nice guy as a naughty distraction, the irony of him rescuing me from my own hair as well as the fact that this adorable older guy seemed to be flirting with me.

I was one uncomfortable lady for about six seconds, and eternally grateful when Sean gallantly steered the conversation into comfy traveler’s talk. Finally he commented.

“You know, you have beautiful hair…mind if I touch it …again?”

Of course I consented…it was an innocent enough request. I smiled nervously as he deftly pulled three pins from my hair and let it cascade down my back. Then suddenly, Sean captured it. He reverently took a firm fistful of red-riot and brought it to his face. He inhaled slow but fully with his eyes shut, and then let it slide over the palms of his hands.

“Beautiful.” Sean whispered, ” Like liquid fire… you should always wear it down.”

Though the tone was a whispered command, he had tugged my hair playfully as he said it. His eyes were intensely sexy… searching…connecting in ways I can’t begin to explain. I felt like he’d just made love to my hair.

From this short but intensely sensual experience came a crazy thought. I could definitely DO this man and never be sorry. It didn’t matter that he was old enough to be my Dad. I didn’t even care if he was married or had Grandkids somewhere. I think at the time it had been about a year since I’d had sex (with a man), and everything about Sean made me feel ripe and ready to give it a go.

As we exited the plane, we were forced to stand closer than strangers might, and jostled around by passengers collecting their stuff. I swear I felt his masculine appreciation brush against me once or twice. I don’t usually imagine such things. Judging from the feel of it, he liked me a lot.

I had gleaned from conversation that running into him later was a distinct possibility…in fact I planned on it. The conversation had been cut short by the need to exit the plane, and I’d not had a chance to tell him we were staying at the same hotel. Oh how I Ankara escort bayan love secrets.

A scant hour later, settled in my room, I showered and changed into my little black halter-dress for dinner, just in case I ran into my mystery man. Below my balcony was the hotel’s Spanish styled courtyard-café, so I stepped out to take a look. As fate would have it, he was just below me, sipping a drink and perusing the dinner menu.

Sean spotted me almost immediately, and with pleasant surprise his drink-hand paused in mid-air. I sweetly pretended not to notice as he looked me over. Given his vantage point he could probably see more than I intended, but his inspection was a welcome one. Impulsively leaning on the railing, I tilted forward, offering him a generous view of my very best assets.

Being a mid-west gal of Irish decent, I never tan but most guys don’t seem to mind. I was pretty sure that my pale breasts were quite nicely pushed up and nearly spilling out of my dress. His delighted smile was assurance enough.

“So…is there anything good to eat down there?”

His gaze rose to my face as he laughed.

“The possibilities are endless.”

Oh the pictures that conjured! I feigned a moment’s hesitation, disappearing back into my room. I slipped on a pair of strappy black heels and head down to join him.

Dinner was a short affair of a single cocktail followed by fantastic Mexican Cuisine. Lots of finger-food with chocolate coated fruit for desert. Sean was sweetly attentive, a lot of fun…clever and flirty too, which I liked. Finally he swept the small bowl of Tuxedo strawberries off our table and said, “Why don’t we do this on my balcony…there’s bound to be a beautiful sunset tonight.”

I will admit, that as I followed him up those steps, I kept wondering what he meant by “do this on the balcony”. Were we just “doing” dessert? I half expected him to pounce on me as soon as we got to his room. Lord knows I’d teased him plenty during dinner.

Instead he was a gentleman, only kissing my cheek as we entered his room and turned on the lights. He opened the drapes and gestured toward the sliding glass door. Sean caught my nervous glance at the bed as I skirted past it to the balcony. I blushed when he turned a slow smile on me.

Sean was right about the view. We watched the slow descent of the beautiful desert sun as we stood at the railing. His solid chest was a warm wall at my back. Spanish guitar music drifted up from the hotel lobby, as the torches were lit for ambiance in the courtyard. He plucked a plump strawberry from our bowl with slightly exaggerated flourish, and held it just beyond my lips as an offered tease.

I tipped my face toward him…just enough so that he could watch me. I strained for it…licking it first…then taking a gentle bite. I moaned as the berry burst in my mouth. I hadn’t planned on it, but the combination of chocolate and strawberry from his fingers was just too yummy.

Sean shifted behind me as his cock reacted instantly. I felt it surge against my butt, reminding me of the admirable hard-on, he’d sported a few hours ago. He quickly popped the second half of the berry into his mouth and ate it with a guilty smile.

As the sun set fully, we swayed to the music, his arms still wrapped around me from behind, keeping me warm. It felt safe, but romantic too. I was just beginning to think that perhaps being an older gentleman, this was all he was prepared to do. Lucky for me, his hands soon began a torturous dance.

First he tickled my exposed shoulders softly. Then I was sure I felt a soft kiss at the back of my neck. Goosebumps hardened my nipples. He nuzzled my hair with his cheek as I snuggled into him. Slowly he progressed to stroking my ribs, just under my breasts. Finally he grew more brave, his thumbs stole higher, strumming my already pebbled nipples through the thin fabric of my dress. Never had my body been so responsive. The reaction was instant as my nipple erections shot up another notch. I took a deep steadying breath.

My panties were soaked already…and I wanted so much more. I ached to feel his power…what he’d be like without polite restraint. It was all I could do to keep from moaning. Instead, I squeezed my thighs together in frustration, realizing a moment too late that he’d feel it where his groin was pressed against my hips.

Turning in his arms, I followed his lead. Effectively, I was trapped by both the railing behind me, and Sean’s warm chest in front. My lips brushed softly against his. He seemed frozen, watching me, struggling with such nobility. The berry sweet scent on his breath made me want more. I nipped his bottom lip.

” If you keep this up I might forget that I’m a gentleman.” he whispered hoarsely.

My only reply was a wicked smile as my eyes drifted shut. I licked at the seam of his lips, slow and hot. His full lips were soft, perfect for nibbling. It was then that I felt the instant change in him…as if I’d unleashed some wonderful beast.

Sean actually Escort Ankara growled as he took me in a possessive kiss, which booked no argument. His hands were everywhere, his arms…suddenly bands of steal around me as his tongue probed my mouth. My hands grasped his shirtfront for balance. Sean’s kiss was incredible. He was hot, sweet, masculine, and very dominant. His approach was a bit kinky, just the way I like it.

He nibbled the soft skin of my neck, then along my shoulders. Gently at first, then rougher. He nibble-kissed a path to the soft rounded tops of my breasts, his hands spanning my waist. Delightful shivers went all the way to my pussy. He moved back up to french me passionately.

I leaned into his kisses, my aching breasts squashed against his chest. Tongues dueling. He pulled my hips closer with a single large hand, and his erection pressed against my soft tummy. I almost didn’t notice his free hand reaching the neat little bow at the back of my neck.

I had a moment of panic when I realized his intention. Once untied, the front of my dress would drop, exposing my breasts. I knew where we were headed, but after all… it was just barely dark and we were in full view on the balcony.

Sean wouldn’t budge, he kissed me again hard and deep as he pushed my hands away. I answered his dominance with my best imitation of submission. The only way I could let him do this, was to pretend I had no choice. It was a game I was familiar with. I gripped the bars of the railing behind me…pretending I was bound to it. I imagined myself as his captive, to do with as he wished.

Either Sean was a quick learner or he was familiar with this game too. His expression became harder as he grinned in wicked triumph. Quickly he untied the bow, dropping the top of my dress, fully exposing me to the cool night air, pink nipples erect. He eyed my breasts possessively as he kneaded them, exploring my nipples gently. I arched my back and turned my head away, trembling all over. Sean grasped my chin and turned me to him for a hard kiss.

“No Anna…I want you watch me…see everything I do.”

Amazed, I watched his hands as he pushed my breasts together…and his teeth grazed my tender nipples…first one, then the other, ever so gently. He laved them with his tongue, inflaming me well before drawing each peak into his hot mouth, barely sucking.

“Harder!” I begged in a broken whisper.

Sean half smiled as he complied. The sight of his face tugging on my nipples, was so sweet that I cried out and nearly came from that alone, but Sean was just getting started.

He freed one hand to reach under my dress. Torturous and slow…he worked his hand up my thigh and teased at the edge of my panties. He sucked his way to my neck, nibbled back to my lips. With his tongue stroking mine his fingers stole further, sliding once along my aching crease.

I don’t know why I bothered with a mild protest. Sean knew what I wanted and pushed his thick finger deeper into my pussy, where he found just how wet I really was. Instinctively, my hips thrust with his movements. I let go of the railing behind me to slide cool hands under his shirt and stroke his back. I wanted him inside of me so bad it hurt.

With Sean’s free arm wrapped around me, I melted into his warm embrace. He moved just slightly off center, his hard cock pressing on my thigh. It rubbed against me as he pumped slowly with each finger stroke. I loved the feeling of my softness, pinned against his strength.

His knowing fingers found my weakness, that spot barely inside of me…stroking my moisture to the outer lips, then back in deeper. Sean was really good at this, teasing and building my passion. I sipped his hot kisses; adored his every touch.

Kissing me still, his thumb finally flashed over the swollen nub of my clit. I gasped and nearly bit his tongue. His deep chuckle answered the gasp. Wicked man.

Sean guided me as in a dance, quickly turning around and backing me into the wall opposite the railing. He trapped me gently against the cool brick….his body positioned as before, but now he had both hands free. I was kind of relieved that he wasn’t going to fuck me at the railing, in plain sight of anyone on the patio below. Still, it was amazing that being tentatively trapped as I was, I felt free of guilt for all we were doing.

The wall made it impossible for me to back away (not that I really wanted to). He stepped back just enough so that I could reach between us. He was incredibly hard. I wasted no time in freeing him so that I could stoke his silky length, and tease him with soft touches. I reached under to cup his heavy balls, barely able to contain both in my small hand. This guy was beautifully hung. Who’d have guessed?

His kisses were slow and teasing, nibbles and tiny licks…letting my moans guide him on. We continued exploring with tongues and hands. His hand covered mine over his cock. He squeezed harder and showed me exactly how he liked to be touched. His twitching cock continued growing…to the point where I was a bit intimidated by the size. He wasn’t overly long, but so thick that I could barely close my hand around the shaft. I felt a definite rise in my wet-panty-meter but a tiny spark of fear as well.

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