Anne, Mike and Me Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction, although based on some real experiences that I have had. All of the real and fictional people were over the age of 18 at the time.


I usually describe myself as straight, with bi tendencies. When I was starting out on my sexual adventures, two of the most important people I learned with were a brother and sister named Anne and Mike. I was about twenty at the time, and lived on my own in a small rented flat. I had broken up with my first serious girlfriend and Anne and Mike were both great friends who still lived with their parents nearby.

Anne would have been about my age. She was a stunning girl with long blonde hair and a perfect figure. She always wore skin tight jeans and I freely admit that I fancied her like mad. She, however, had had a bad experience with a boyfriend who hadn’t treated her well. She was currently not interested in getting involved with anyone else.

Mike was Anne’s ‘kid brother’. In fact he was only about a year younger, but used to have trouble getting served in bars because of his boyish good looks. He was skinny with curly brown hair, and a sort of innocent look about him. He was inclined to be a bit naive and admitted to still being a virgin.

After my breakup, Anne and Mike both became more regular visitors, both separately and together. I enjoyed their company and we all got on like a house on fire. Anne was my agony aunt and I soon felt I could tell her anything – and she shared some intimate secrets with me too. Mike was less serious – and his answer to cheering me up frequently involved going to a local bar and drinking large quantities of beer. He was like a big kid and always great fun to be with.

None of us was getting any sex – and that is probably why it was a favourite topic of our conversations. I think Anne sensed that I fancied Ankara escort her something chronic, and liked to tease me. She liked to recount past sexual experiences that she had had. I used to probe her for details and than wank myself off after she had gone thinking about it. One evening, she came round my flat and we got to talking about masturbating. She freely admitted that she liked to play with herself and the thought of her touching herself drove me insane. I admitted that she was making me hard.

‘I can tell’ she said, ‘I bet you’ll have a nice wank when I’ve gone!’

I laughed it off, but sure enough, I milked myself dry when she had gone thinking about her rubbing herself off. Next evening, she brought it up again.

‘So, how was your wank last night?’

‘Very nice,’ I replied sheepishly.

‘That’s OK,’ she said. ‘To tell you the truth, I had to take care of myself too!’

‘Wish I could have watched.’

‘I bet you do, you dirty bastard!’, but she was smiling as she said it, ‘maybe you should let me watch you!’

‘I asked for that’

‘Yes you did, now behave yourself!’

‘Have you ever seen a man wank?’

‘Only Mike’

‘Your brother?’

‘Yes – that sounds awful doesn’t it – but we’ve always been really open about stuff and we were watching one of Mum and Dads pornos while they were out one night. I went for a pee and when I got back he was wanking himself off. He tried to cover it up but I saw everything. Don’t tell him I told you!’

Of course, I got to thinking whether or not I could wank in front of someone else – how that would feel. I also found myself thinking about Mike wanking too. Nowadays I acknowledge my bi tendencies, but back then, these were strange new feelings.

Later that week, Mike and I were getting pissed in a bar, and the conversation Ankara escort bayan got on to wanking. I really found I was developing a fascination with the mental image of Mike wanking – and wondering what his cock and balls were like, how much he came and so on.

When the bar closed, we had missed the last bus and were in for a long walk home. We also bought some take out beer to drink on the way home. We stopped near the railway to drink the rest of the beer. Mike said he needed a piss and stumbled over to a nearby tree, nearly falling over. He was more pissed than he thought – and leaned on the tree with his right hand vainly fumbling at his zipper with the left. Meanwhile, I decided that I could use a little bladder relief too, and walked up next to him and unzipped and pulled my prick out and pointed it at the tree. But I was too busy watching Mike’s vain struggle with his trousers.

‘Need some help?’ I volunteered nervously.

He replied in the affirmative and I suddenly realised I was about to get very close to his member, which I had been daydreaming about!

Hands shaking, I undid the zip and top button of his jeans. The bulge in his briefs looked huge. With his one free hand he was able to get his dick over the top of the briefs. I gasped involuntarily at the thickness of his manly cock. Because he was so boyish I imagined something smaller and less hairy! We were only just in time as a thick stream of steaming beer piss instantly streamed from his cock, splattering noisily on the tree. He sighed with relief. As the stream slowed down, he said:

‘Thought you needed a piss?’

I realised what he had noticed – that I had just been standing there with my dick out staring at his dick! My dick, although not hard, had swollen somewhat from it’s resting size. I managed to relax enough Escort Ankara to start peeing and apologised:

‘Sorry, all this talk about wanking tonight has got me a bit horny, I think!’

‘Me too,’ he replied, making no attempt to put his prick away. In fact, he was definitely massaging it and it was growing. My piss stream stopped and I massaged the last drops of piss out slowly and soon we were both nursing throbbing hard ons. He came first, grunting a big gobs of spunk came out of his lovely thick cock, then I came too. It was impossible to tell whose spunk was who’s as it dribbled down the tree. I put my arm around him and we looked at each other and laughed!

A few days later, Anne came around and she was in teasing mode. She gave me the news that she had had a lesbian experience with her best friend. Now, I once met this friend and she was a green eyed, raven haired beauty. The mental picture of her and Anne playing together was more erotic than anything I had ever heard of. By the time she had got to the part where they were down to their panties, I was nursing the mother of all erections. It was straining at my tight trousers in a completely obvious way. This was clearly what she wanted, and she continued teasing me with how they then rubbed their mounds together and how their breast were touching. I undid the top button and zip on my jeans and my cock strained at my briefs.

‘Do you want me to talk about something else?’

No I didn’t, but I could feel the wetness of precum and was dying for release.

‘You can wank if you want to’

I didn’t need to be asked twice. She had teased me to the point where I didn’t care that she would see and I pulled my jeans and briefs down and gratefully pumped at my cock in full view of her. I came quickly, splattering my tee shirt with my cum.

‘Very nice’ she said.

‘Do I get to watch you then?’

‘Maybe one day – if you’re a very good boy.’

‘That’s not fair.’

‘Maybe next time.’

And with that, she said goodnight and left me in my cum splattered state.

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