Annual Physical with Female Doctor

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I have known my female Doctor for almost 20 years and yet she had never administered my annual physical. So I was in my mid fifties in relatively good shape but at that point where you never want to let a problem go too long so I decided I needed a physical. I called and made an appointment and was told it would be the following Thursday at 11 am. I was told not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before.

Thursday came and I showed up at the appointment and was fairly calm although I always get anxiety going to the doctor’s office. The nurse called me back and did her perfunctory height and weight measurements. She says 6ft 0 inches and 225 lbs as she entered it in the computer. She turns and asks why I am there and I responded to get my annual physical. As she gets up to leave she says “well you are in for a treat” the doctor will be in shortly.

Allie walks through the door and sees me and gives me a big hug. Not exactly professional Şerifali Escort but who would complain when she is 5ft 8 inches with blond hair green eyes and the slim lithe body of a distance runner. As she breaks the hug she says this is Leah my Physician’s Assistant who just graduated from UGA and she will be administering your physical today. While Allie is a very attractive 40 something woman, Leah is a total knockout. Leah is about 5ft 4 inches blond hair blue eyes and a killer body tanned from hours in the sun.

At this time, I am sitting on the examining table and I noticed that the nurse was also in the room. I didn’t really mind because she is nice and not bad to look at, although you would never notice her with Allie and Leah in the room. Leah lifts my shirt and takes her stethoscope and listens to my heart and lungs with a very soft touch I might add. Then came the moment of truth…. Leah said we need to check you for İstanbul Escort a hernia so take off your pants and put them on the chair. I played a lot of sports and don’t look bad in my underwear so when I walked back to the exam table I sensed they were noticing my muscular legs and butt.

Ok, Leah said now I need you to take off your underwear because I have to do a prostate exam next. I don’t know how I didn’t notice but there was a second nurse in the room as well. As if it were in slow motion, I grabbed my underwear by the bands on the side and ripped them down. I knew all eyes were on my crotch and when it was free of my underwear there in all its glory was my snail on a bean bag chair. I was so embarrassed my dick had shrunk to just a head sticking out, no shaft, and perched on my huge balls. In unison all 4 of them chuckled causing my already humiliated dick to further retreat. At this point you could have tied a popsicle stick Ümraniye Escort to my dick and it wouldn’t be hard. She then takes my tiny dick between her thumb and forefinger and pausing for effect gives it a slight tug a couple times. She then rolls my balls in her fingers and says no big worry and more chuckles. Trying to regain my composure I said pun intended and she looked at me and smiled.

To add insult to injury, she had me leave my underwear off and turn around then bend over the exam table. I felt something cold on my butt hole then I felt her finger slip into my ass. My dick was still trying to hide so the only view the ladies got was my big balls dangling between my legs and nary a dick in sight.

The humiliation ended and as I was checking out, I swear the cashier was chuckling too. As my appointment was at 11am and they go to lunch at 12, I was the final appointment before they closed the doors for lunch. Gee, I wonder what the lunch topic was.

I got to my car and the first thing I did was pull my cock out. I stroked my dick all the way home and made a mess all over my shirt. The moment I walked in the door and realized I was alone, I got naked and jerked off a second time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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