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Disclaimer: This story is written in an ideal sort of world where STD’s don’t exist. We live in the real world, so if you have sex, use protection.


It was a Saturday night and I’d been fortunate enough to score tickets to the only local concert date of The Rolling Stones. I like their music somewhat and I was looking forward to the first live concert I’d been to in months. As usual, the stadium was packed, and that was when you got inside. Campus parking was never good, and when there was a big event on, forget about it. I ended up parking almost half a mile away in a hospital parking ramp and by the time I reached the stadium and finished standing in line to get in, I was more than ready to have that first beer.

I forced my way through the crowds, trying not to spill too much beer. I topped the ramp coming into the “seating” area and groaned at all the people thronging the place. It was general admission and it looked like I wasn’t going to be anywhere near the stage. I thought that I probably should have expected it and arrived much sooner, like maybe the night before.

I joined a stream of people making their way marginally closer to the stage. I could tell it would be impossible to get back out and have another beer, but maybe that was for the better. I would also have had difficulty getting out to go to the bathrooms so it was better to limit my intake.

Somehow I found an area that wasn’t quite as packed as the others and settled in to wait for the show. Settling in wasn’t so much sitting down or anything, it was just getting as comfortable as possible standing up. I sipped my beer, but it was gone far too soon, and I dropped the cup underfoot with all the others just as another group began to work into my the immediate area. They were a kind of semi-biker group, with lots of leather but not all the facial hair.

There was one member of the group that I noticed immediately because she settled in directly in front of me. At first I was annoyed because she was slightly taller than me and nearly blocked my view of the stage. Then I started to check her out and I altered my opinion.

As I said, she was maybe an inch taller than my 5’10”, and a lot of that was leg. Of course I couldn’t see much with her directly in front of me, inches away. But she had a short leather bursa evi olan escort skirt on, and there was plenty of bare leg coming out of it. The back of her leather jacket was unadorned so I figured she probably wasn’t with a biker gang. Long sable hair cascaded over her collar to the middle of her back and I was so close I could smell the freshness of her perfume, with a slight hint of beer over it. I’d glimpsed her face as she’d worked into position; dark eyes, her nose a little large but it worked for her. And full lips with a dark red, almost maroon lipstick. The one ear I’d seen under her hair was pierced in at least five places. I made sure there weren’t any possible companions watching and checked out her ass. It was gorgeous, rounded and firm under the leather, two delectable globes.

So I was beginning to feel that it wasn’t bad to be stuck behind this amazon goddess. I felt kind of shabby next to her leather ensemble, in my sweatshirt and sweatpants and scuffed tennis shoes. I’m sure I looked every inch the sloppy college bachelor. In addition, after my appraisal of the woman’s “assets” the front of my sweatpants was tented slightly. I wasn’t hard, but my penis had definitely roused himself and was thicker than normal.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by the beginning of the concert. The crowd began to go nuts as soon as the lights dropped, and as the lasers kicked in and the first music began to swell, there was a general push towards the stage. I found myself pressed firmly against the ass I’d just been admiring, and the people behind were still pushing. The woman didn’t seem to have a problem with it and even though we were packed tightly before the song was halfway through, she began to bounce and sway with the music.

The firm cheeks of her ass slid up and down against my cock and I was erect in no time. I thought at first that she hadn’t noticed my shaft pressing against her. Then she craned her neck and looked me straight in the eye. There was a small sort of half-smile on her full lips and she looked into me for a moment before turning around again, still dancing.

As the concert progressed she really began to work her butt against me and the leather gradually worked up until the hem was at her waist in back. We were packed in so tightly I couldn’t altıparmak escort even look down and enjoy the sight of her exposed ass, but I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing underwear. Then I jumped slightly as I felt a hand on my sweatpants.

I’d been looking down trying to catch a glimpse, and I looked up to find her looking at me again. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I believe it was her hand that pulled down the front of my pants and deftly flipped my cock out through the fly of my boxers. She went up on her toes during one part of the dance and the hand pulled my erection down. I felt her smooth thighs close on either side of my aching shaft, then something hot and wet nuzzled the tip of my cock. She came down off her toes and a couple inches of my cock pushed up into the clasp of her pussy. My groan couldn’t be heard over the music and I watched her eyes close as she quickly licked her lips. Then she turned back to the front and bent down slightly. I pressed hard into the people behind me, but the movement tilted her pussy back and another inch or two of my penis entered her.

The rhythmic swaying of the crowd pushed us back and forth and my cock slid in and out in a natural fucking motion. It was so erotic to be fucking her in the middle of that crowd, and my arms were almost pinned to my sides by the press. The pleasure was building, expanding out from the tightly held head of my cock and I wanted to tell her that I was going to cumm, but she wouldn’t have been able to hear me. Instead I thrust hard into her and bit my lip as my cock started to pulse and twitch and spurt a huge load of jism into her. I don’t know if she felt my cock pulsing or the squirt of warm fluid inside her, but she held still against me as much as she could until my orgasm began to subside. Then she started to move again, fucking herself on my spent cock.

I managed to stay somewhat hard and as Keith Richards launched into a wild guitar solo, she held herself tightly against me again and I felt her cunt flutter around my super-sensitive cock; once, twice, three, four, five times. Her legs quivered and we might have fallen down but we were held too tightly in the crowd.

Somehow she got a hand between her legs and I felt her touching me where I entered her, smearing our juices. Then she tilted her hips up again and I slipped out of her, undoubtedly smearing her thighs with our mingled cumm. As I felt her working the skirt down again, she twisted to look at me and gave me a full smile, then kissed at me. She turned back to the concert and began to dance again, as if she hadn’t just been fucked.

During the remainder of the concert I managed to work my cock back into my pants. As the last encore died out and the stage went dark I prepared to ask my lover what her name was and ask if she wanted to come back to my place. Instead the crowd began to swirl towards the exits in a frantic and insane bid to leave quickly. I was pressed between two men and carried away from my leather goddess and quickly lost sight of her. I struggled through the crowd, earning myself some curses, glares and a kick in the shin. She was nowhere to be found.

I trudged the half-mile back to my car, my heart heavy at missing my chance to know this incredibly sexual woman. I had to look on the bright side, though. I had had an amazing fuck in a fully public place with a very erotic woman. That didn’t happen every day, much as I might wish it did. I picked up my feet and smiled, knowing I’d have a great memory to masturbate with on lonely nights.

I left the stairs at the right level and began walking to my car and way down almost at the end of the row I saw a woman with dark flowing hair unlocking her car door.

“Hey! Hello!” I called and my goddess turned and looked at me. She smiled as our eyes met, and watched indulgently as I dashed down the row to her car. “Wow, I’m glad I found you, that was incredible!” I enthused like a high school virgin.

She smiled brilliantly again, “I enjoyed it too. I’m glad we were able to do it.”

“We could do more. I mean, if you’d like to. . . I mean. . . would you like to get a cup of coffee?”

Her smile widened at my fumbling. “Yes, I would. Where did you have in mind?”

I swallowed hard. This was great! “Um, how about back at my place?”


Now I was grinning like an idiot, “great! Uh, my name is Jake,” I said, holding out my hand.

She shook, then stepped into me and put her arms over my shoulders. I hugged her waist and we kissed deeply, our tongues playing as they hadn’t been able to during the concert. Her lips and tongue were so warm, almost hot and she tasted of beer and something elusively spicy. As we finished we both caught our breath, then she spoke.

“Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name. . . “

— Ende —

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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