Anonymous Old Lady in the Rain

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After my divorce, I moved into an apartment and lost my mind for a year. I hid it well. No one at work had any idea that all I did when not working was hole up in my apartment and troll the internet for anonymous sex. I made lots of mistakes—it took a lot of trial and error to make myself a viable candidate for lonely women looking for love. Or sex, really. After a few months, I started to hit around .300, which isn’t bad considering. At least I could spell.

One night I was about to give up when a lady responded to my line of desperate recklessness. I drove to meet her (drunkenly but carefully) not caring if I were about to be murdered, or robbed, or just stood up. I didn’t want to get arrested though, so I pulled carefully into the parking lot of the gas station she named. It was pouring harder than I’d ever seen. Her car—a big Buick—sat in the furthest corner, out of the reach of the lights from the station. I’d described my shitty little Mazda. She blinked her headlights twice. I climbed out into the rain, and opened the door without looking in.

She’d listed her age (62) and she looked every minute of it. Plump, dressed in soft old lady clothes. Even a brooch. Glasses, pale yellowed hair. She looked like your aunt, or mine. An aunt. She smelled of perfume and cigarettes. I remember Steve Miller on her radio. She told me I was cuter than she’d hoped and rested her hand on my thigh immediately. I stared out the windshield and listened to the rain. Then I let her kiss me—cigarettes, toothpaste, her soft cheeks. I made out with this old lady (I was 34) in the thrumming rain. When I cupped her heavy tit, her bra underneath was like armor. Fuck it, I thought—nothing matters. I decided to push things where I wanted them and see if she’d follow. She most definitely did.

I pushed her back into her seat and said I’d fuck her, but only poker oyna if she did what I said. She tried to kiss me and I pressed her back to her velour seat. I won’t hurt you, but if you want me to fuck you, you will do anything I say. Your choice—agree and we continue. Say no and I Ieave you alone. She looked startled, breathed heavy. I don’t know what she expected—a simple, cuddly roll in the hay. I let the alcohol and my disappeared inhibitions stare her down. She said a tight little “okay” and I smiled.

Drive me to your house. She hesitated, so I thrust my hand between her legs, cupping her soft, wobbly cunt through her loose slacks ad she gasped and started the car. Her house was what you’d expect—lots of photos of kids, a cat. I sensed where her bedroom was and led the way, finally pushing her up against the wall and kissing her roughly. On your knees. She obeyed and found my cock with shaky hands and took my cock into her mouth and did as she imagined I wanted. I let her, watching her big, tousled head bobbing in the silvery dark and taking in her prim old lady bedroom. When she seemed to be getting comfortable servicing my cock, I told her to stand and she did, unsteadily, her old lips gleaming wet.

Take off your clothes. She undressed, shyly and shakily until she unclasped her bra and let her heavy, sagging tits sink and sway. Do not stop. She hesitated, then stripped her broad white underpants to the floor and started to cover her breasts and cunt. Stop that. I snapped it and she froze.

Where’s your vibrator? She began to protest, and I pushed her backward roughly so she fell back onto her bed with a yelp, covering her breasts again. Hands over your head. She did as she was told. I pulled open the top drawer of her nighttable and found a pair of toys and smiled. Now, I’m going to get naked while you show me how you masturbate—here canlı poker oyna in your little lonely bedroom. When she shook her head, I thrust my hand into her defenseless cunt and clamped my other hand over her mouth. I stared into her eyes. She was scared. I pretended not to care and whispered—You wanted a thrill, baby. Dirty thrills in the night. I moved my hand inside her loose, dampening old cunt, then removed my hand over her mouth and forced my tongue between her lips, kissing her roughly. Now do as you’re told.

I undressed slowly and pressed her rabbit-style vibe into her sweaty hand. She squeezed her eyes shut and then began to rub it uncertainly over her plump, hairy pussy. Turn it on. She did, and it buzzed to life. Now use it on yourself—as if you were all alone. Another lonely, sad night all alone here in your lonely bed. Dreaming of a young stranger out there in the dark… waiting to fuck you. Fuck you like you dream about here al alone night after night.

I kept up the words, a purring, droning narration, taunting and teasing and eventually she began obviously to warm to her orders, finally slipping the tip of the vibrator inside herself with a tiny moan. I let her fuck herself for a few long minutes—she kept her eyes shut tight the whole time. Open your legs wider. She complies. Touch your tits. She complies there too, rubbing her slack, sagging tits where they slope on both sides of her fat torso. I wait until she’s clearly lost herself a bit, even with a strange, vaguely threatening man in her safe little bedroom then oder her to turn the vibe off. She whimpers and does. Her rich, slightly ripe cunt emanates how much she’s into what’s being done to her. When I clamp my mouth suddenly over her now slicked cunt and start to burrow into it in search of her clit, she jerks and moans. I go own on her for a internet casino nice, long time, roughly manhandling her lips, her clit. When I suck on it, she comes, fairly screaming in release, her sweaty, slack thighs pressing the sides of my head as she bucks. I keep at her, reaching up and grasping her hands, pinning them to the bed as I work through her orgasm and seize upon her clit and lips again and again, thrusting my face into the expansive flesh.

When she’s subsided into a slumped, whimpering pile of flesh, I rise, kiss her—knowing the feel and taste of her own cunt on her mouth would make her try to pull away—and, seizing both her thick ankles, raise her legs up high and ram my hard cock deep inside her slack old cunt and fuck her with abandon. I yank her ass to the edge of her high bed with a rough touch and bear down, taking her old cunt, thrusting deep into her, the bucking of her ass under my assault seeing her flabby pussy fairly swallowing my cock. I come deep inside her, gripping her ankles painfully, raising them until they’re practically over her head, watching the flab at her midsection double and shudder. I groan as I come inside her body and when I’m done, I slow, rocking into her, spurting it all into her. I hear her gasping for breath and let her go, her legs flopping limp to the bed. We breathe.

I lean down and kiss her gasping mouth again, tasting her, making her taste herself. I linger over her thick tongue. Now, I say, pulling my spent cock and resting it between her abused cunt lips, should I go? She stammers and says, No. Please.

Then you’ll continue to be a good girl and do as you’re told? Oh yes. Good girl. Clean off my cock with your mouth. Make it hard again. And we’ll see what I want to do to you next.


When I left as the sun started to rise, I said nothing except ordering her to dress so she could return me to my car. I ordered her to leave off her underwear, not to neaten up the mess I’d made of her. She obeyed. I got out, then drove away. I waited to see if she’d contact me again. She never did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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