Another Conference Affair

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I was gathering my gear and preparing to move to another session at an international conference of ecologists, when Dana D., an intriguingly attractive older professor on the gender and ecology panel that I had just sat through, walked straight over to me, stuck out her hand, and introduced herself.

She was a rock star in the field. I felt flattered and curious. Why was she approaching me? I’m nobody in the field, an unknown postdoc, still toiling away in obscurity.

“That was a really interesting paper,” I said. “I’m pursuing similar research. I’d love to get your advice sometime.”

“Really?” she said, with an ironic smile. “It looked like you spent the whole hour undressing me with your eyes.”

“I, uh, um,” I stammered, unable to come up with a quick comeback lie. I had in fact been undressing her in my mind. The other speakers were terminally boring. And I couldn’t help but wonder what was under her tight black miniskirt and what was straining her white silk blouse and black vest.

“Meet me in my room in fifteen minutes and you can spend the next hour undressing me with your hands,” she said quietly but deliberately, handing me her card, and shaking my hand.

“It was very nice to meet you,” she said in a louder more formal voice. She turned and walked away and was quickly surrounded by other conference goers.

I saw that her card had a four-digit number in bold pen on the back. I put it in the pocket of my blazer as my heart pounded and a strange high frequency buzz filled my ears. What had I just gotten myself into? D. is a famous senior scientist in my field. She holds an endowed chair at a prestigious private university on the East Coast. I’m a lowly postdoc at a public university out west. I took a deep breath and counted to ten, and then did it again. I leaned against the wall and watched her work the room on her way out. I looked at my watch.

Should I actually do it? What if I didn’t? Would she be mad? Take it out on me in some way? I watched her talking with a group of grad students. Probably not. She might even forget all about me in a day or two. But I’d die of curiosity if I didn’t do this.

I saw her leave the room. I waited for a moment and then followed. I didn’t see her in the corridor. I checked my watch. Twelve minutes had gone by. I saw some friends between me and the elevators, so I got out my phone and pretended to be on a call as I passed by them with a nod and stepped into an elevator going up. I punched the button for the thirty-fourth floor. I was alone in the elevator. I took a deep breath. I hadn’t felt this nervous since my first date in high school. I checked myself in the mirror. I wondered what she saw in me. More likely she just picked up on my interest in her. I’d never had a conference affair before, though everybody talks about them so nonchalantly. I wondered how many she had.

Right on time, I knocked on the door of room 3415. She opened it and gestured into the sitting room of the suite. “Come in,” she said brightly. There was a sweeping view of the city and the river to the west, clouds floated by in the golden light of late afternoon. I felt like I was floating among them as I walked into the room.

She gestured to a chair. “Take off your jacket and have a seat,” she said.

“Um,” I started awkwardly.

“Don’t say a word,” she said. “I’ve had enough canlı bahis talking for the day.”

I draped my jacket over the back of the chair and sat down.

She walked over to the desk and opened a small pouch, the kind they give passengers in business class, and pulled out the sleep mask. She came back over to me and slipped it over my head, covering my eyes.

“Use your hands now,” she said.

She took my hands and put them on her breasts as she stood astride my legs. She had taken off her vest. Her tits felt full and firm as a fondled them through her silk blouse and what felt like a very sheer bra. They were more than a handful but not huge. I circled around them, cupped them from below, and gently squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. I felt her nipples harden and lengthen. I pinched and tugged on them. She groaned softly, and then pushed my hands to the buttons between her boobs.

I unbuttoned her blouse slowly and then traced the contours of her belly back to her sheer bra. I unhooked the clasp in the middle of her cleavage and felt her naked breasts as the came free. So tightly plump and smooth for someone her age, I thought. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and fingers and tugged on them extending them as she groaned again. She liked that. I tugged harder. And she leaned in to offer one to my mouth.

I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth and flicked my tongue back and forth, while squeezing her tit and pulling on her other nipple with my hand. I sucked her whole areola into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipple and pulled on it with my lips as I let it slide out of my mouth. Then I switched to the other breast and gave it the same, while rubbing my other hand all over the one that I had just left slippery with saliva.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. She pushed my left hand down her side, to the button and zipper of her miniskirt. I fumbled with the button and then slide the zipper down. She stepped between my legs and her skirt fell down to her feet. She stepped out of it.

I rubbed my hands down the outsides of her hard smooth thighs. God, she must work out like a demon, I thought. The women I had dated in college had not felt this tight. I brought my hands back up the front of her thighs on both sides of her panties, then up across her belly to her breasts again. What a body.

I had a perfect picture of it in my mind.

I fondled her tits again, and then brought my hands slowly back down the middle of her belly and around both sides of her panties and down the insides of her thighs and then back up again. When I reached her belly, she stopped my hands and put them on the elastic at the top of her panties. I pulled them down her legs and she stepped out of them.

When I brought my hands back up her thighs and then down I found her pubic mound smoothly shaved. I felt a tingle run down to my balls. But there, as my hands moved down, instead of a smooth wet slit and a hard clit, I found a small turgid cock sticking straight out at me above a tight shaved package of balls.

I moaned then, “Mmmmm,” as I rubbed both of my hands along both sides of her cock and balls and gripped her small cock in one hand. It was wet with precum at the tip. I spread her precum with my thumb to lubricate the head of her cock and rubbed the underside, as I reached up with my other hand to bahis siteleri find a breast.

I had heard rumors that Dan D. had never gone all the way with sex reassignment surgery, though Dana was definitely gender female and everybody called her she without fail, and had for more than twenty years now, except for the occasional confused newcomer to the field who only knew Dan’s classic early work and made the classic mistake of her referring to her as him.

I had often fantasized about this, holding a breast in one hand, a cock, in the other. She or he? Him or her? Or both?

I am definitely heterosexual, mostly. But I occasionally check out shemale sites. I confess. There’s something about a chick with dick that makes me super hard. It’s like a big clitoris, but it isn’t.

It was getting bigger, too. Not huge, but a good five inches, maybe even six, and a nice handful around, not super thick, but substantial, as I rubbed my hand up and down her cock, like I would rub my own. I squeezed her balls with my other hand and then lightly rubbed my index finger along her perineum, from the base of her balls to the edge of her asshole and back. I brought my hand to my mouth to get it nice and slick with spit and went back to giving her a hand job, and then did the same with the other, exploring her balls and perineum and circling her tight asshole, now all slippery with saliva.

She leaned in and pressed the tip of her cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and let her in. She tasted salty and sweet and musky, like my own precum and saliva when I masturbated, but filling my mouth. The head of her cock was so soft and smooth. I held on to the shaft and sucked on the tip moving it in and out of my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, rubbing the tip of my tongue along the underside of the head of her cock. I took her boner out of my mouth and held it up toward her belly and then licked around her balls at the base and then back up the length of her cock, which now seemed perfectly adequate, as I played with the head her cock with my other hand.

We moaned together, then, and I took her back into my mouth. She pushed her cock all the way down my throat. I was surprised I could take it all as I felt her smooth balls against my lower lip. Another inch and I’m sure I would have gagged, but the soft head of her cock pushing against the back of my throat felt incredible.

So this is what it’s like, I thought. Now I get it. I’d always thought giving a blowjob was a chore for a woman. Now I knew in my bones why some moaned and got horny themselves when they did it.

She pulled her cock out and stepped back. She pulled my t-shirt up over my head. I felt her hands on my chest and then she bit my nipple. She bit the other one and sucked it into her mouth hard. “Uhhh,” I grunted as an electric shock traveled down to my balls.

She put her hands under my armpits to get me to stand then unbuckled my pants. I wasn’t wearing underwear and when my cock sprang free she took it one hand, rubbing down the length of it, spreading precum from the tip halfway down. Then I felt her take it into her mouth.

I’m not huge either. A good seven inches or so. She took it all, all the way down to my balls a few times, and then sucked hard, back and forth across the tip. I was getting very hard and very close to blowing my load when she put her hands on bahis şirketleri my chest and pushed me back into the chair.

She stepped away for a moment, getting something from the desk. I heard a squirting and a squishing sound, then she was straddling me again, with one hand on my chest and the other on my cock. She rubbed the tip of my cock back and forth across her perineum and then in a slow circle around three times around her asshole.

She lowered herself, pushing the head of my cock into her ass. It was so tight. I heard her let out a slow breath and felt her sphincter relax as she pushed herself across my cock head. The head of my cock popped in behind the tight ring of her asshole. But she didn’t go all the way then. She moved back and forth, so that the ridge of my cock popped in and out a few times, rubbing across her sphincter as she relaxed. And then she lowered herself all the way down on to me.

I had my hands on her tits the whole time, fondling them, and kneading her nipples. She pushed them in my face. I squeezed them together and sucked and nibbled on one nipple and then the other, as she slowly rotated her hips and ground her pelvis on my cock, finding the place where the tip of my cock pressed against her prostate.

“Yes,” she said. Then she started up and down. She’d found her spot.

It felt so strange but so good. Her ass was as tight, tighter even, than any pussy I’d ever been inside, and I was edging close to coming.

Her tits felt great in my hands and in my mouth. It was like fucking an amazing woman.

But there was a cock and balls flopping against my pelvis as she levitated and then came crashing down on my cock again and again. She. He. Her. Him.

I remembered her clitoris then. Such a dolt, I thought to forget that.

I reached down to touch it. I wrapped my hands around it and it got harder as my cock went deep into her and her huge clitoris fucked my fist. The tip of it got harder. The ridge stood out as it went through my hand. My cock got super hard and hot then, and it felt like it was going to get too big for her. She slowed down for a moment. And then came back even harder. Riding my cock and fucking my hand.

Her. Him. He. She.

And then she came, shaking as she slammed down on my cock. Cum sprayed from her cock across my belly. And my cock felt harder and hotter than ever, like a hot metal rod. I grabbed her hips and pumped into her over and over again, more forcefully than I’d ever fucked a woman before, my balls slapping against her ass, and the whole thing became a crazy kaleidoscope in my mind, cocks and balls and breasts and mouths, as she grabbed my head and kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth, and I came more violently than ever. It felt like pure, red hot, molten metal was shooting out of my cock deep into her, once, twice, three times.

And then I collapsed.

She slumped on to my chest. And we stayed like that for what seemed a long time while she rubbed my chest, and my cock stayed hard inside of her, until it eventually softened. And then she got up and padded into the bathroom. I heard her cleaning up, as if in a distant part of a house. I drifted and dozed off wondering what it would feel like to have her fuck me. I wanted to know. I felt my cock swelling again.

She woke me with a kiss as she took off my sleep mask. She was fully dressed. She had a towel in her hand.

“Get yourself cleaned up,” she said. “And I’ll see you at the reception. I’d love to hear more about your research.”

She turned and walked to the door and was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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