Another Incredible One Ch. 05

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This is truly amazing! I have only submitted 4 chapters to Literotica, and in one of them, I said I’d wait until just the right moment to show my mom these stories… Well, it has happened already! I was planning for it to be sometime much later, but last night just seemed so right, what with all that has happened over the last couple of days. She went totally crazy and showed me just how much she loved my stories by giving me an eye-popping blow job that really curled my toes! In fact, she made me promise her that from now on, I have to let her know when I’m at the keyboard here and she would join me in writing my tales of sex, love, lust and mind-bending orgasms.

No, she’s not going to help me here on the keyboard; she wants to suck on my dick while I’m inputting the details… Yes, she’s here right now sucking for all she’s worth… And I’m as hard as ever just loving her tongue swirling all over my cock. I can hardly concentrate on what I’m writing here, but I’ll manage somehow!

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s like a dream I’m in, and if it is, I never want to wake up! Ahhh, I really do think I’ll be cumming very soon from her attentions here! At least then I will be able to concentrate better on what I’m trying to say!

The last couple of days have been such great days for us. First of all, my mom hired Rita to work with her in our store. Betty Lou has hired me as caretaker Casibom to their 55 acre ranch outside of town a few miles (right now, there’s nothing there except weeds). All I have to do is plow the land to get it ready for the hot months ahead. It works out great for all of us. I’ll be living part of the time out in the small house on the property. I think she has plans on opening the place up next spring for boarding horses, but that will depend on a lot of things. Meanwhile, the 5 of us have moved into our home here, and Betty Lou has put up her home for rent. The money is to help all of us with general bills, so our different savings accounts can continue to build for the future.

Right now, Rita and I sleep together, and Curtis sleeps with mom and Betty Lou. They are all out at a soccer game that Curtis is involved in, and aaaaaahhh – ooooooooooh – grrrrrrrrr! Oh, what a cum! My mom looks so sexy right now with my spunk all over her face. She held my cock gently pumping it as I spurted and spurted into her open mouth and around her face. I’m going to help her clean up just a bit with my tongue, and I’ll be back in just a moment…

Well, I’m back! Wow! She’s back too! Gently licking and sucking my now tender dick. I’d say it’s medium hard, but in just a short time, I’m sure she’ll have it as hard as it was before! Now where was I? Oh yeah! Curtis and his soccer game… Casibom Giriş Mom and I have decided to keep this story writing aspect of our lives to ourselves for now, but only for one reason: She wants us to have something that’s just for us. Since we got together with Betty Lou, Rita and Curtis, we have nothing that we can call just ours anymore. Well, this is just ours. Our private time together, and no one has to know the details of it. They know something’s up, but we’ve let them know it’s our time, and they think it’s cool. Rita wants to know more about it, and mom says we’ll let her “in” when the time is right… I agree with that too.

It’s fun that mom and I have our own time together. As you know, I cleaned up her face just now, and surprised her by diving into her pussy for a quick snack. Her panties were totally saturated and I knew she needed a good cum. For a while, I just licked her pussy through the material of her panties. Yummy! Then I yanked them off, and finished her off with three fingers up her pussy and my tongue on her clit. I don’t think I’ve described her clit to you yet… Wow! It’s a half-inch long! So nice to suck on. So easy to make her cum with. She has a sensitive clit and can cum hard even when it is stimulated even just a little bit. I love the way she cums using all of her body to absorb the full impact of it.

Rita is just the opposite! Casibom Güncel Giriş She cums good, but only writhes around a little bit. The big difference between them is that Rita can have multiple orgasms while mom only has that one big one! If mom had multiple orgasms, I fear she would faint from the force of it. Rita loves to cum, as does mom, but the force factor is just not there. I wonder sometimes why that is? Maybe it has something to do with the flood factor also. Mom just gushes when she cums, and I love that so much! Rita just stays wet, and that’s it! I love knowing when she’s cumming, but I miss that gushing flood from her. The reason I even mention it is because my face is still soaking wet right now from my mom’s gusher a few minutes ago. Wow! It was great!

My dick must have just grown an extra half inch in mom’s mouth, because she just asked me what I’m writing about at the very moment I was inputting the information about her gushing. Wow! You can tell I sure love it a lot! And now, she can tell it too!

Just so you know, I have ordered one of those fuck machines. I can’t wait to see Rita’s face as she climbs onto the thing and starts really getting into it. I can’t wait to see mom’s face as she starts to orgasm on it, and cums as hard as she does. Wow! I’ll keep you posted on that too! And Betty Lou?! Ahhhh… More later as things continue to heat up… Oh boy!! Mom’s tongue is all over the place and I just can’t wait much longer! I have already felt my balls tighten, and my toes are starting to curl again! O.K!! There goes another huge load of jism straight down my mom’s throat! Isn’t she something?!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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