Another Love Story Ch. 01

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Ian couldn’t wait for 5pm. It was Friday and it was a long holiday week-end. The meetings this week had been endless and less than productive to say the least. Only 3 more hours and he was done. He was actually even looking forward to the commute home, music cranked and all the week’s stresses blowing in the wind.

Ian Stewart MacIntyre had been working for the Whit Corporation for 2 years as the Chief Information Officer. Almost everybody else in the company called him Stewart since he had learned growing up in a rural part of the Carolinas that ‘Ian’ was a name that made most people say, “You ain’t from around here are you.” Whereas, most people could pronounce Stewart the first time they read it.

He had come to the far eastern part of Washington State after 15 years in Texas working half that time with NASA at the Johnson Space Center and the other half consulting for various oil companies. After accumulating a sizable nest egg, he had moved with his wife to Spokane to be near some real mountains again. He still made frequent trips back to Houston to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center since his wife’s condition still needed regular monitoring. The cancer she had developed 6 years before had left her incapable of sexual intimacy, a condition that although it was deeply painful, Ian, as he was known only to close friends, had learned to live with. After all they had been together since college and his love for her was unshaken as he cared for her special needs even though his needs were not being met.

Ian let himself float off in the fantasy he had been thinking about lately in which his executive assistant played a significant part. He was gently stroking his cock through his pants imagining it pressed hard between her perfect legs while he held tight to her tight ass and kissed her lips, when his phone buzzed and jarred him back into reality.

“Shit” he said, quickly sitting upright and glancing down at his semi hard cock as he reached over and punched speaker phone.

“Yes?” he questioned.

“Sorry Ian. I just got a call from Mr. Whit’s assistant. Apparently there is an emergency board meeting and we need to go now.” his executive assistant Cara explained.

“Oh, that’s just great, no chance of making it an early escape now.” he muttered.

“No Sir, it doesn’t look like it. If you want to head up, I will grab the files and your juice?” she said.

“Thank you Cara, see you in a few”

Cara smiled. Ian was a great guy, a wonderful boss and she knew he was as disappointed about not leaving early as she was. Add to that he was the sexiest suit in the building and she smiled even more.

He had asked her to call him Ian instead of Stewart after only a week of working together, explaining that since they would be working closely, she might as well use the name those he was closest to him used. She harbored a secret hope that this gesture meant more than just a case of professional expediency.

Cara Roze Craig, a descendant of William Craig, sometimes referred to as the “Father of Idaho”, had come to work for the company 18 months ago, becoming Ian’s personal executive assistant 1 year ago, almost to the day. She was afraid that she had fallen in love with this older married man the first time she met him, although her consummate professionalism required her not to give him or anyone else the impression that their relationship was anything other than just that, professional. Still, there were times staring at him in meetings and through his usually open office door, that had made her warm deep inside and canlı bahis often caused her to wish she had brought extra clean panties to work.

Setting the phone to answer any incoming calls, she gathered everything she needed for a long meeting and put her purse over her shoulder.

“Better hit the restroom first” she thought, “the way Old Man Whit goes on and on I might not have another chance”.

Setting everything down on the counter she entered the stall and slid up her skirt to sit down and tinkle. She stared at the stall door and thought to herself that this was going to be the longest meeting of the week and she was sure she would doze off ten minutes into it.

“I need something to keep me awake.” she laughed. “And I know exactly what I need”

Reaching into her purse she pulled out a small silver case. Opening it she smiled. Nestled inside in purple velvet were two silver eggs. She had just gotten them in the mail yesterday and hadn’t even really looked at them. They were shiny and the metal was cold to the touch. Setting them down on the shelf in the stall she cleaned herself up and stood up, turning to put one foot up on the closed lid of the toilet and took the eggs out of the case. Pulling the edge of her panties aside she slowly slid the cold eggs inside her pussy.

Adjusting her panties she stood up and did a little shake to settle the eggs up inside her. She made herself a deal, stay awake for 15 minutes, and get 30 seconds of buzzing eggs. She walked up and down the bathroom getting used to the weight inside of her then grabbed the remote and slipped it into the pocket of her skirt. She gathered up everything and headed out to the conference room.

Ian was sitting as far from the front of the table as possible as usual. Cara knew he got as far from Old Man Whit and everyone else as possible so that he could zone out when needed. He had his laptop set up in front of him and she was the only person who would see the screen. She took her chair next to him. He would probably sit and listen for a bit then he would start playing a game on his computer to try to keep himself awake.

Too bad he didn’t have some vibrating thing to reward himself with for every 15 minutes of attention she thought, sitting down, handing him his juice and adjusting in her chair. “Oh that feels good” she thought.

Ian leaned over and started talking to Cara.

“Thanks for the juice. I have looked at the agenda. We don’t need to take notes. Everything is there for us. So it looks like we just sit, nod at the appropriate points and pray he doesn’t go past 5. Pinch me if I fall asleep and I will do the same for you.”

“Thanks Ian, I don’t think I will be falling asleep, I got a plan on keeping myself awake” she smiled.

He just raised his eyebrow and said “OK then” laughing slightly.

The meeting started right on time and within 5 minutes both Ian and Cara had the glazed over look. Another meeting on the merger and all the benefits it would bring.

Cara kept her eye on her watch and forced herself to wait the entire 15 minutes before she reached in her pocket and put her finger on the on button. Glancing at Ian to make sure he wasn’t looking at her, she switched the eggs on. The sensation of the two metal balls vibrating together made her gasp quietly. She looked up, relieved no one had heard. Wiggling down in her chair she closed her eyes slightly and enjoyed the entire 30 second reward, only reluctantly turning it off.

Sighing she opened her eyes to see Ian staring at her. “Oh Shit” she thought. bahis siteleri

Ian had heard Cara gasp and then wiggle in her chair. Watching her face closely, it only took about 10 seconds to realize she what she was doing.

“Oh hello” he thought. This meeting was not going to be as bad as he thought. He continued to stare at her as she opened her eyes and smiled when she began to turn very red.

Handing her a glass of water, he leaned over and whispered. “Let me have it”.

“Have what?” she asked sheepishly.

“You know.” He whispered. “the little remote in your skirt pocket.”

Totally embarrassed she gulped water and reluctantly slid the remote out of her pocket and into his waiting hand under the table. In glancing down she could see that his khakis were bulging in the crotch. The thought of him being turned on by it was exciting and her panties became a little wetter.

She tried to pay attention to Mr. Whit, giving quick secretive side glances at Ian, but he just was looking forward.

Suddenly, she gasped as the eggs turned on again. She looked at Ian and he just smiled, leaned over and said “relax, enjoy, I know I am”.

Sitting back she let her mind go and just enjoyed the vibrating sensation inside her pussy. It was on low and just felt really good. She sighed when she felt it turn off, but then bit her tongue as he turned it back on full high.

Ian watched her face as he turned it off then suddenly turned it back on High. “Oh man, that was poetry.” He thought. The look on her beautiful face was priceless. Far sweeter than any fantasy he had had about her.

As she bit down on her lip, his already hard cock jumped in his pants. He kept the vibe going, turning it down then back up on high randomly. She opened her eyes, begging him to stop, but he kept it up for a minute more then turned it off. He saw her slump in her chair and smile.

He was really enjoying himself and knew that as soon as this meeting was over he needed to go to his office and jack-off. No way could he drive all the way home with this hard on.

Cara sat there for a couple minutes, thankful for the dark upholstery and the black skirt she wore. She was soaked. She thought he was going to make her cum there for a minute and was not sure she wouldn’t moan out load if he did that again. Glancing over, she looked down and was totally surprised at the enormous erection pushing against his zipper.

“Wow,” she thought, “if he gets any harder he is going to bust his zipper.”

Sitting up and leaning against the table she casually placed her hand on her knee. Looking around the room she made sure all eyes were on Whit and then slowly moved her hand under the table and onto Ian’s knee. Dragging her nails up the inside of his thigh, she felt him jump as she cupped his bulge. Making her movements very slow so no one would see her arm moving, she began scraping her nails on the outside of his pants. He held his breath afraid to move. As her movements became bolder he slid himself down in his chair slightly and opened his legs. Leaning his head back, he just reveled in the feel of nails against his screaming cock. The feel through the material rubbing against him was amazing.

She was so enjoying touching him, feeling him quiver and shake as she scraped and rubbed his pants against his cock. He was huge. She seriously wondered, not for the first time, what he would feel like inside of her; inside her mouth and then her pussy, maybe somewhere else. She let herself fantasize about riding him while he sat in his office bahis şirketleri chair and was so surprised when he turned the eggs back on that her hands grasped his erection tight and caused him to gasp. He turned her eggs on high again and all she could do was hold on to his bulge tightly as her stomach turned to mush.

She released her death grip on his cock, leaving her hand covering it when he turned the eggs off. She could feel the front of his dark pants was wet and she knew she was soaked through. Both of them laid their heads back in their chairs and tried to catch their breath. Then as if they were one, they both turned and looked at each other and smiled.

Waiting a couple minutes to collect themselves they pretended to pay attention to Mr. Whit. Her hand gently rested on his knee and his hand on her arm. She started when she felt his hand slide over to her knee and pushed her skirt up, touching her stocking and massaging. Without thinking she took her fingers and unzipped his fly. His huge cock was stuck and she heard him moan as she worked it out of his pants, his hand pausing on its journey up her thigh. It was thick and dripping with pre cum. Her finger touched the sticky juice on the tip of his cock and she began to spread it around. After a shiver she felt Ian’s hand continue up to the top of her thigh high stocking and then was surprised when he teasingly snapped her garter. She smiled, thinking this guy is so fun.

As she made his cock slick with pre-cum, his fingers explored the delights under her skirt. He should have known she would wear stockings and garters. He began to imagine those stocking clad legs over his shoulder and his face buried in that hot wet pussy. Her panties were totally soaked and as he felt her fingers stroking his cock. He turned the eggs back and was delighted when he actually felt her pussy jump under his fingers.

Ian knew he couldn’t go without her release. He knew that would be one of the sweetest things of his life so he continued to turn the egg on high as he cupped her mound and pressed into her with her panties still blocking his complete access. She began to squirm ever so slightly as his thumb delved in and began rubbing her clit through her panties.

Her hand began to move of its own accord on his cock and they both completely zoned out. She wanted him to stop. She was going to cum if he didn’t, but he just rubbed faster and turned the eggs up even more.

He put one hand on hers against his cock and stopped her stroking. She looked at him questioningly. He mouthed the words, “You, me, later.”

Moving her hand off his throbbing cock he put it back in his pants and zipped up, looking at her again he smiled at her little pout. Oh god she was cute.

Ian kept rubbing her clit and turning the eggs from low to high. Then he stopped, leaving his hand on her mound. He listened to her catching her breath and as she reached up for a drink of water he turned the eggs straight on high. She spilled the water a bit and moaned it the glass. This time he knew he would have her go over. His elbow pressed her back into her chair and he slid his fingers inside and touched her throbbing clit. Pinching it he began rubbing it and could feel the eggs vibrating inside. He slid a finger inside leaving the palm of his hand on her clit and began finger fucking her hot tight pussy.

All of the sudden, he felt her stiffen up and warm, sticky thick cum poured out of her pussy all over his fingers. He damn near came himself right then and there. His cock jumped hard. Ian left his hand cupped over her mound, fingers inside and let her ride the orgasm out to the end.

Looking up he realized that the meeting was breaking up. Well, the meeting might be over, but neither he nor Cara was going to be going home soon.

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