Another Man…or Woman Ch. 02

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Big Nipple


Parking in her own garage, she walked through the gate in the shared fencing, and into the side door of Harry and Vicki’s garage. This was the door she always used when she was going over to their place for a little ‘playtime’. Locking it behind her, she entered from the garage, which leads into a ‘mud room’, and then, into the kitchen.

On the island of the kitchen was a fat doobie, laying on top of a note;

“SC, (short for sweetcheeks, Vicki’s sex-name for her),Fire this bad boy up, take a couple of good hits, then bring it to us in the BR; we’ll toke on it while you undress for us.”

She did, indeed, fire up that bad boy and took two huge hits, holding the potent smoke inside of her for as long as she could. Releasing the smoke with a ‘whoosh’ from her lungs, she immediately felt flushed, and a bit light-headed. She immediately made a mental note to herself to ask Vicki to get her some of this good shit and, as stoned minds will do, forgot about it on the short walk down the hallway to the master bedroom.

Stopping in the doorway, she took in the sight of Vicki slowly sucking on Harry’s rather sizeable cock. Seeing her in the doorway, she smiled and raised her hand, signaling that she wanted the doobie. Sweetcheeks did as asked, smiling at Vicki’s mouth filled with Harry’s dick.

Vicki stopped sucking and fired up the joint, passing it to Harry, with one hand, the other one gaziantep bayan escort keeping a steady stroke of his dick. Toking and smiling, they took it SC’s strip show because that’s what it was. SC knew how to use her body to her advantage in most situations, disrobing being one of them. When she removed her bra, releasing her ‘girls’, Vicki’s mouth broke into a huge grin.

Vicki was ‘small-boobed’ (34-B), or at least, she thought she was. She loved women with big tits, like Sweetcheeks had, loved stretching her mouth around the hugeness of larger breasts. Putting the joint down, Vicki pointed Harry’s dick at SC, shaking it like bait.

Sweetcheeks crawled onto the bed with them, stopping to give Vicki a long, lustful, tongue-probing kiss before continuing on to Harry’s cock. Kneeling between his legs, she bent down, taking almost all of him down her mouth and throat in one swallow. Deep-throating dick wasn’t usually an issue for her. There was only one she couldn’t swallow and it belonged to a good-looking black man that she met at a swinger’s party.

Vicki turned on her side, supporting her head with one of her hands, reaching and fondling SC’s gorgeous tits with the other. Harry’s dick seemed to get even bigger as she rapidly moved her head, and mouth, up and down his shaft. Between his cock in her mouth and Vicki’s hand, now, rubbing on her pussy, she was ready to fuck.

Taking his cock from her mouth with a loud popping sound, she smiled and lay on the bed, pulling him between her legs. Reaching between their bodies, she guided his cock into her, raising her hips to meet his opening thrusts. Vicki moved closer to SC, kissing her for a long time before moving her mouth to suck on her tits, one at a time, trying with all her might to get her mouth to open even wider.

Harry was pumping hard, now, and SC was matching his thrusts with her own, her little man erect and rubbing against his crotch as they fucked like minks. She felt the first spurts of his cum against the walls of her vagina, and grabbing his ass-cheeks with both of her hands, she pulled him hard and deep against her pussy, grinding against him for all she was worth.

She was able to pop off three quick orgasms as he finished losing his load. Pulling his head down so that she could kiss him, she released him afterwards, loving the way he slowly pulled his cock from her snatch.

Harry had no sooner got out of SC when Vicki took his place between SC’s still-spread legs, lowering her head and mouth to lick up some cum that was beginning to drip from SC’s freshly-fucked pussy. Vicki knew what she was doing when she was giving head to a woman. She should, having started eating pussy when she was thirteen. Vicki’s seductress, and best friend’s mom, was Vicki’s first experience at eating pussy.

Having licked up the leakers, Vicki now concentrated on getting her tongue as far up SC’s love canal as she could to get as much of her husband’s jism, as she could. In the process of doing so, she took her friend, SC, to three mind-fucking-blowing climaxes, the kind that leave your body trembling for minutes, afterwards.

They took a break, finished the doobie, and both SC and Vicki double-teamed Harry, both of them getting fucked as a reward. Laying across each other in after-sex bliss, SC suddenly rolled onto her stomach and crawled between Vicki’s legs.

“I promised you that I’d go down on you, and I’m here to do what I said,” SC said before lowering her head to suck her friend’s pussy into orgasmic overload. Getting on her knees and raising her ass into the air in an unspoken invitation to Harry to fuck her, doggy-style, SC returned to the task of eating Vicki’s cunt.

That last fuck by Harry is what did her in, that was the one that caused her to cry “Uncle”. Barely able to walk after that pounding, she made her way out of their house, promising Vicki that she’d be over for coffee, in the morning. That was their code for coming over to fuck.

And, tomorrow?, that’s what they were going to do; they had a ‘date’ with another neighbor for coffee and ‘chit-chat’, but Vicki and SC’s plan was to seduce their neighbor and gang-bang her, lesbian style. The neighbor was ‘just’ about ready to explore those fantasies that she had opened up to Vicki and SC about.

There was no doubt in either Vicki or SC’s mind that they would be sucessful…

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