Another Night at the Hardwood Club

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We decide to try “The Club” again. We excitedly jump in the shower to prepare for our night out. I start by soaping up your body. Massaging as I go, to removed all the tension from the previous week. I scrub you down well, paying particular attention to your fun parts. A tingle runs up your spine as my fingers trace across the outside of your pussy lips to be replaced by the showerhead spray. I adjust the pattern so that it is a soft pulsing spray. I work my way up to your breast and work the spray around your breast to ensure the soap is all gone. As I move the spray around my tongue performs a taste test. Yes, I whisper, there is no more soap here. I run the spray down across your body turning the pressure up to increase the vibrations on your skin. My tongue wonders over to complete the soap test on your right breast. I run my tongue around and around slowly making smaller circles. Every so slowly my tongue just glances across the tip of your nipple and you give a little jump.

You enjoy the feeling of your body responding to my touch. I lightly suck in your ever-growing nipple. It can get so hard sometimes that it amazes me. You lean back enjoying the feeling of the pulsating waters across your skin and the attention your breast are receiving. My tongue starts wandering downward from your breast towards your trimmed pussy. My tongue traces an outline around your short trimmed hairs as the water jets massage your ass cheeks. I love the look of your pussy closely trimmed. I enjoy the sight of seeing your lips swollen with desire and your honey just coating the outer lips before I have even touched them. Your clitoris commands your legs to spread open wanting the touch, needing to be touched, now. My tongue reverses directions and heads back up towards your breast. You sigh disappointedly as you cunt yearns to be touched. But the sigh turns to relief as you feel the warm gentle water pulsate over your lips and circle around your erect clit.

The feeling as the water plays across your clit is familiar as you think back to the last time you used the shower head for some relief. I was on a trip and it was just days before the monthly visit was due and you were so fucking horny. Even the two times you fingered your clit that day did not satisfy your urges. But the feeling of the water was somehow different. Something you couldn’t totally control like your fingers. The variations in pressure, speed and duration caused you to have such a strong orgasm that you had to sit down for fear of falling over. That time was great, but now, the added pleasures of having someone caress your breast and nipples were even better. You feel the orgasm building quickly and try to push me away but I forcefully prevent your hand from moving mine away. You squirm saying that you want to feel my cock in your twat as you cum. I say No, not this time, as I continue the water jet onslaught of your erect clit. You persist in wanting to feel my cock and I have to push a little harder to prevent you from stopping me.

I finally stand up trapping one of your arms between the wall, while pulling your other one over your head and me. You try to push your legs together but I spread them apart far enough with my legs so that the shower spray is still working its magic on your clit. You say Stop, I don’t want to cum yet! I stop your protests by kissing you deeply. My tongue probes the back of yours as the water spray pulses on. You still struggle a little and I grab your hair and pull your head back whispering, Stop fighting and just enjoy it. You start to get upset when your mind is betrayed by your sexual desires. You feel the heat building inside you. The feeling is coming on strong and you cannot stop it even though your mind insists on no. The first wave gaziantep bayan escort hits you and your legs spread wide wishing there was also pressure inside your vagina. The convulsion clamps your cunt so tight that you feel an even hotter liquid run down your legs. Your hot sweet nectar is being pushed out and running down your legs as you scream and grab onto me so that you do not fall. The waves keep cumming as the water keeps changing its touch ever so slightly. I reach over and suck on your wet erect nipples. The strength of each wave finally starts to subside.

I dry you off with a towel, making sure to dry all the nooks and grannies of your body. I help you into some virginal white cotton panties, running my hands up your smooth legs. I trace the outline of your lips lightly thru the thin material and smile seeing your wetness has already started to soak them. I help you on with your new push up bra. You really like it as they stand up and out saying, Suck me. I slide your hot red skirt up and over your great ass. Your blouse is a nice tight silk that accentuates your up thrust breast. I grab you from behind and firmly squeeze your breast and pull you back on too me, grinding my crotch into your ass. You moan lightly as my hands slide down to your hips and pull you into me. All too soon I stop and say, Let’s go to “The club”!

We arrive at the “The Club” and as I open your door to help you out I notice your panties are damp as you part your legs to get out. My cock is throbbing at the thought of the night to come. We walk in and the eyes are watching your ass in the tight skirt. We walk around from room to room. You lock onto the room that has a woman in the special chair that allows her to be serviced by four guys. I pull you onto the dance floor and we start boogie woogien. We dance enjoying the music and thumping of the sound system. It turns me on watching you move on the floor. You are enjoying the dancing and teasing me. You alternate between grinding against me and flipping around so that your skirt bounces up revealing quick flashes of your white panties. We decide to take a break and head over to get some drinks. I walk behind you like we do, my cock to your ass. My hands are wandering all over your body. You push my hands away not wanting to do anything on the dance floor, but your ass gives me a little push backward. We sit at the bar and talk for a while. You tease me by spreading your legs just enough to give me a peek at your wet panties. I run my hand across your back and you say No, don’t unhook my bra. I give you a mischievous smile and pretend I do not know what you are talking about. This goes on for a little while until I cannot stand it anymore and suggest we go find someplace to fuck.

You pretend to shy away and be shocked by my language. I cannot stand it anymore and stand up trying to pull you along to one of the special rooms. You resist and I say you have no choice. If you don’t come with me now I will bend you over the table right here and fuck you. You say no. I spin you around on the bar stool and grab you, grinding into you. My cock is hard and throbbing, wanting to feel your wetness and heat. My hips start humping you slowly, I try to kiss you but you turn your head away. I grab a handful of hair and pull your head backwards forcing you to kiss me. My free hand runs up your skirt tugging at your panties. A finger slides under the material and into your steaming cunt. I massage the inside of you then pull my finger out. It is dripping with your juices. I then bring my hand up and slide the finger into our mouths as we are kissing, so that we both can taste your honey. You moan no, but you don’t stop running your tongue around my finger and mouth.

I tell you to stop saying no or you will have to pay. Your legs spread a little bit allowing my cock to rub against your swollen lips. I feel your tongue probing the back of my throat. My hand once again wanders down and around your bra strap, threatening to unleash your breast. You shake your head don’t do that. That is the last straw, I whisper to you. Now you must pay the price for teasing me. I grab your ass and pick you up and carry you over to the table in the corner. I place you down of it. It is just the right height to take you. You squirm saying, I’m sorry, let’s go to one of the rooms now, but I say no, you’re too late. I grab a hand full of hair and force you to lay back.

This and the short skirt cause you to expose yourself to anyone that cares to look. You try to close your legs but I spread them apart with my legs and my free hand runs over your soaked panties, pausing to tweak your clit through the material. A moan escapes your lips as you plead with me to let you up. I ignore your pleas as my hand works its magic on your twat, lightly running over your mound, shielded under the cotton. You thrust your hips up as my hand crosses your clit trying to get more attention to your aching pussy. I tease/work you up like this for a few minutes. You again ask to be let up, but I refuse. Your nipples are hard and sticking thru your bra and blouse. I run my hand up and over them squeezing them firmly as I fuck you thru my pants and your soaked panties. You moan as your hips respond by trying to fuck me and you wrap your legs around me pulling me inward. I start to rub your clit lightly thru the material and your excitement is evident by your movements and breathing. You are slowly moving your head back and forth with your eyes closed, trying to forget where we are and enjoying the moment.

My hand moves on just as you start feeling an orgasm building. You open your eyes saying don’t stop and notice that a small crowd of men has surrounded us. You’re startled and ask me to stop but I say you should have listened before. You have no say so now. My hand finds the zipper on the side of your skirt and slides it down. You shake your head no, but I start pulling it off. You start fighting harder and I ask the guys for help. A different guy grabs your arms and legs. Another still holds your head still. You are fighting still, but the skirt does come off. I stroke your clit through your soaked panties and you moan loudly. I start unbuttoning your blouse and you say no don’t please. I ignore your pleas and finish, pulling it off of you when all the buttons are undone.

You look uncertain as I enjoy the view of you in your bra and panties being held down by 5 guys. I start running my hands over your body, starting at your neck. Lightly touching, massaging as my fingers find there way down to your breast. I step forward a little and slowly start rubbing my cock up and down your panties. They are transparent because they are so very wet. The smell of your sex is intoxicating as it surrounds us all. My hands run around behind, finding your bra strap and releasing it. I slowly pull it off showing your breast to all. I feel your hips start fucking my harder and I step away so that you cannot cum. At least not yet, I think too myself.

My hands squeeze and pull and twist your tits, feeling your hard nipples through my fingertips. You moan, Fuck me, fuck me now! I tell you that you do not have any say so right now. I make the decisions. My hands start running down your body as you still squirm against all the “tie downs”. I slide my hands just under the material and follow it around. My thumb reaches out and just glances across your erect clit. You gasp as all the guys place their free hands on your body and start kneading and massaging you all over. The feeling of all those different hands running all over you brings you closer to your orgasm and you want it all the way. You moan louder and louder, saying how good it feels, don’t stop anything; fuck me, cum on me. I run a finger under the inside of the panties and just ever so lightly brush across your lips. Your moans are so very loud and hungry sounding. I cannot hold back any longer and grab the panties in both hands and rip them apart. I pull them up so that the material presses in between your lips. The panties are finally ripped in half and as I pull them away two guys ask if they can have them. I give them each a half and the immediately take them to their mouths, sucking and licking in your sweet honey.

I almost blow my wad right there looking down to see your hot swollen cunt. Your lips are bright red with desire and your wetness is flowing heavily. I drop my pants and with one movement, bury my rock hard cock in your cunt. The heat and tightness is the best feeling in the world. Just as my balls are pressed against your ass, you start bucking. Your orgasm comes on quickly. The site of seeing all these guys right here just looking at you with lust, feeling all the hands on your body moving and touching every inch of you and the hard cock in your pussy is too much and you start cumming. Your cunt is so wet that every time my cock slides in, your honey flows out coating my balls and running down your ass. My hips are thrusting hard taking my cock almost out of your hot tunnel then slamming back in until my balls slap your ass. You cum hard and what seems like forever. I am still fucking you with full strokes. My hands grab your legs and pull them forward, rocking your ass up in the air a little. I pull out and put the head against your ass. Before you can say no, I firmly push it in all the way filling your ass now with my rock hard cock. This brings you quickly to the verge of another orgasm. You cannot believe how sluttish I am making you feel, with all these different guys touching you everywhere and now being fucked in the ass with everyone watching. This orgasm builds and builds and builds. You enjoy the feeling of being fucked in the ass and having my balls slapping against you.

You feel something hot and wet hit your breast and you notice that some of the guys are jerking off and the first one is now shooting his hot sticky cum across your chest. This causes you to forget any thoughts of being quiet. You start screaming Fuck me! Shoot your cum in my ass! Your body is responding to my fucking so much I begin to worry about the table breaking. Feeling you cum takes me over the edge. I grab your hips and pull myself deeply into your ass, pumping my hot load of cum deep into your ass. You turn your head and tell the guy there to fuck your mouth. He quickly moves his cock into your mouth. You suck him in deeply and he grunts and starts shooting his load in your mouth. All the other guys shoot their loads all over you body. They rub their cum all over your breast.

This goes on for what seems like forever. Finally we slow down and stop. Somebody grabs a towel and starts wiping you off. I pull out and wipe off. You just lay on the table breathing in gasps, trying to get your breath back so that you can get up. I look around and bring you your skirt and blouse. Your bra and panties are nowhere to be seen. I dress you and when you stand up you have to lean on me, as your legs are wobbly. I walk/carry you out to the car. Once we get home I start a hot shower for you and soap you down for a second time today. You are exhausted and just let me do whatever. I finish and have a hard time toweling you dry as you want only to lay down in bed, which we due finally after a few minutes. We stumble into bed and spoon just before we fall to sleep. I love the feeling of my cock on your ass as I drift off to sleep…z z z …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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