Another Reunion with an Ex Ch. 02

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In the middle of the night I was awoken by someone crawling into my bed and sliding the sheets off of me. In the near darkness I could tell it was Emily. She whispered “I guess I want more” before lowering her mouth to my cock which grew to an almost instant erection.

Once I was ready she slid up my body and settled down onto me. She wasn’t quite as wet as earlier and it took a bit of work to get me fully inside. Still, she got damp with time and was soon lifting and lowering her body on my erection.

I was in that half awake-half dreaming state. Luckily both states involved a sexy woman moving her hips up and down the length of my cock and grinding her clit against me, moaning softly.

Her pussy clenched me tightly as she orgasmed. She kissed me tenderly on the lips and whispered “I haven’t had good middle of the night sex in a long while.” She slid up off of my still hard cock which was slick from her pussy. “Anything I can do for you?” She asked.

“I think I’m ok. I’m pretty good from last night and need to save some strength. Yeah. Plus I’m still sleepy.” The words barely escaped my lips as I drifted in and out. I felt soft lips kiss my forehead and my blankets rearranged around me before hearing the patter of bare feet back to the bedroom. I slept soundly.

“Wake up you. You’ve got two hot girls here and you’re going to sleep all day?”

Emily’s voice broke me from my slumber. The apartment was brightly lit from the morning sun. I guessed it was ten in the morning. Emily stood above me, looking down grinning mischievously. She was wearing a cute little pajama consisting of a pale blue halter top that clung to her large breasts yet failed to cover her midriff and a pair of tiny shorts.

“Yeah James, get up and fuck us some more!” Isabella called out from the kitchen, which is immediately adjacent to our living room. She was naked and in the process of slicing up fruit for breakfast. I was glad to see that Emily’s presence hadn’t disrupted our weekend habit of Isabella cooking breakfast naked. I smiled contentedly and closed my eyes, by Emily yanked the covers off me.

“Oooh! That looks yummy. Hey, Isabella, do you mind if I suck on your boyfriend for a while? His cock is nice and hard.”

“Is alright. Just don’t spoil your appetite, ok?” Isabella replied with a beautiful smile. I sat up and spread my legs, and Emily sunk down in between them and took my dick in her mouth.

I was glad that there was no awkwardness after the previous night and that the party was continuing. Isabella busied herself in the kitchen, paying little mind to the blowjob being given in the living room and instead focusing on her cooking. My focus drifted between my naked girlfriend in the kitchen and my partially clothed ex sucking my dick.

“Hey, I’m gonna ride his cock now.” Emily called out, continuing the established conversation pattern.

“Ok, just do not let him cum. I need some fucking this morning too.”

Emily followed through with her stated plan and stood up, shedding her shorts. She licked her hand and rubbed it against her pussy for a second before hopping onto the couch and targeting the tip of my cock at her pussy. I reached down and held it in place for her while she supported herself on the back of the couch and slowly impaled herself on my manhood.

Again, to say it felt wonderful is an understatement. Emily rode me with focused intensity, and I busied my hands squeezing her firm ass while filling my mouth with her hard nipples.

A few moments later I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Isabella standing behind the couch. She bent down to kiss me sweetly as Emily continued rising and falling on my dick. Isabella took a strawberry out of the bowl she was holding and placed it at my lips. I opened my mouth and accepted the piece of fruit greedily. Isabella took another strawberry and offered it to Emily. The blonde woman paused her dick riding to accept the fruit, then resumed her task.

“It is ready, so come and eat.” Isabella said, using a tone like one might with small children.

“Ok, let me finish up.” Emily replied, and ground her hips against me in such a way that always makes her come quickly. Emily is truly an amazing woman when it comes to her ability to get herself off when on top. After allowing herself a minute to savor her orgasm she flopped off my cock and scampered over to the table, still bottomless.

Isabella had prepared pancakes with maple syrup in addition to the bowl filled with strawberries covered with yogurt. Emily immediately dug in, but I waited for Isabella to sit down.

“Eat sweetie. I ate a bunch of fruits while I was cooking and I have something else I want to put in my mouth.” My girlfriend grinned and then slid under the table. I felt her lips encircle my cock as I took a bite of pancake. I was still hard and slick from Emily, knew Isabella could taste my ex as she sucked me and began to pump my shaft with her hand.

I ate slowly; largely distracted poker oyna by the blowjob I was being given under the table. Emily kept looking at me and grinning, but didn’t try to make much conversation. I gasped as I felt my inevitable orgasm building. After Emily’s fucking and Isabella’s quality blowjob it was no shock that I was ready to explode. Isabella sensed my stated and sped up her efforts. I had to stop eating and drop my hands to the table, still clutching my knife and fork. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly as I felt myself shoot several spurts of hot cum into Isabella’s eager mouth. When she was satisfied that I was finished she slid out from under the table and moved towards the bathroom to spit out the results of her fellatio.

“Wait.” I said. “Before you spit that out you should ask Emily if she wants some.” Emily looked at me a bit surprised, but shrugged her shoulders. Isabella paused and looked at me for direction, walking slowly towards my ex.

“Emily, stay put, but tilt your head up. Good. Ok baby, now stand over her like you’re leaning in for a kiss.” Isabella complied with my wish. “A little closer. Ok, Emily open wide. Good. Bella, open your mouth and give Emily my cum.”

Isabella’s lips parted and I watched my cum slide out of my girlfriend’s mouth and into my ex’s. Emily held her mouth wide open as Isabella pursed her lips, squeezing the last bit out. The final drop slid from my girlfriend’s lips to my ex’s open mouth.

Emily looked straight at me, closed her mouth and swallowed. She then opened her mouth and showed me her tongue and how all my semen had disappeared. She smiled, self satisfied, and Isabella also looked at me, giggling.

“God you’re a kinky bastard.” Emily said, still grinning.

“He’s my kinky bastard.” Isabella answered, walking over to me and sitting on my lap. She took a sip of juice and then kissed me. “Wow, he’s still hard. I guess he liked that cum trick.” In truth it was possibly the sexiest thing I’d ever witnessed and my might have shot again watching if that had been possible.

“I’m glad you’re still hard. You done eating yet? ‘Cause I want the second part of my breakfast.” Isabella looked at me hungrily and I wondered what she had in mind.

Without really waiting for my answer she straddled my chair facing the table. She rubbed my wet dick against her pussy and slid down onto me, giving me a nice view of her ass and sighing contentedly as I filled her up.

“Pass the syrup please” Isabella said in a wonderfully casual manner to Emily as she arranged her food. She occasionally oscillated her hips against me to remind me that my cock was buried completely within her. I simply admired her backside and caressed her ass, sides, back and hips while she ate. Isabella’s movements were slow and careful, and given my earlier release I was able to just enjoy the sensations involved. Emily finished eating and watched us for a bit before deciding to start washing the dishes while Isabella continued multitasking.

I let Isabella take her time. When I’m well fucked like I was that morning yet in a highly erotic situation I have the wonderful capacity to become fully erect and hard yet have little desire to climax. Sex feels nice and I can force myself to shoot if I want to with hard thrusting, but I don’t feel much of a need and am fine with just enjoying the pleasure and stopping without finishing proverbially. Essentially, I don’t seem to get blue balls when my balls are well drained.

Isabella occasionally glanced over her shoulder and winked or smiled at me mischievously and then returned to her breakfast. Emily occasionally glanced over at us while she tidied, with a huge grin on her face.

It’s remarkable how quickly something can go from new and novel and a little scary to normal and comfortable. My experience has been that when traveling and staying in a hotel or friend’s place, it starts to feel like “home” after a couple of days. In the case of our erotic couplings it seemed everyone was comfortable with our arrangement in less than 24 hours. Both girls were comfortable with me sexually prior to the visit, but I was happily surprised at how both had taken seeing the other with me and joining in. I still wanted to talk to Isabella in private to make sure she was happy with how everything had progressed thus far and wanted it to continue.

While it was still an erotic and kinky situation, it also seemed somewhat “normal” that my girlfriend was riding my cock while eating her breakfast while my ex washed dishes in the sink wearing only her pajama top.

Emily walked over to us and touched my shoulder tenderly. She reached around Isabella and gave her tit a playful squeeze. It took Isabella a second to realize the hand wasn’t mine, and laughed when she realized the truth. She reached up and wrapped her arm around Emily and pulled her torso towards her. With a bit of twisting she was able to take one of the blonde woman’s large breasts into her mouth and suck on canlı poker oyna the nipple after I helped free it from its confines. Emily sighed contentedly. I guided Isabella’s still rocking hips with one hand and placed my left arm on Emily’s left buttock, squeezing it and pulling her in close to us.

“Isabella gave me an idea earlier” Emily said, breaking away from us and ducking under the table. Moments later I felt her tongue playing with my balls and licking my shaft as it slid in and out of Isabella’s wet pussy. Her wet tongue felt almost as good as my girlfriend’s wet pussy.

“Ay!” Isabella suddenly gasped, a shiver passing through her body. “Oh God don’t stop that please!” She cried and began moving up and down on my dick rapidly. I wondered what Emily had done, but since her tongue was still stimulating my cock I surmised she must have started playing with Isabella’s clit with her hand. I gripped Isabella’s hips as she cried out loudly in orgasm, shuddering.

Emily sprung up from under the table, laughing and giggling with a self-satisfied smile. “That was fun!” she exclaimed. “I’m gonna go take first shower. You guys can use it when I’m done.” She pranced off to the bedroom.

I leaned over and kissed my still panting girlfriend between her shoulder blades. I trailed tiny kisses along her shoulders and the back of her neck. When she had recovered from her climax she turned her shoulders and placed her hand on my head and guided my lips to hers. We kissed tenderly for a few moments until she finally eased herself up off my still hard prick.

I offered her the chair we had been sharing and took over the seat on the opposite side of the table which Emily had previously occupied. I beamed at Isabella, who smiled back shyly.

“How you doin’?” I asked, happily, yet concerned she was enjoying everything that transpired.

“Good. Very good. This has been really wild. But very fun. I guess everything has surprised me, but kinda in a good way.”

“I’m glad you’re having fun. I am too, if you couldn’t guess.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured.” She smiled at me. “I am glad. I like making you happy. But I am glad we are doing this together and with Emily. She is fun and hot. I did not know she would be my type. I do not usually like blondes.” She winked at me and ruffled my own dark blonde hair. “But she has a definite honesty to her. She is intense. We are both strong women who like sex a lot. And we both like you!” I leaned over the table and kissed her.

We went into the bedroom together and heard the sound of Emily turning the water off as she finished her shower. Emily jumped slightly when we opened the door to the steamy bathroom, presumably out of habit of not being interrupted while toweling off. She was facing away from the door and the sight of her firm backside still thrilled me despite the newfound familiarity. Nonetheless my dick didn’t really jump much, as it had returned to a flaccid state and presumably needed some recovery time from the mornings activities.

“It’s all yours guys” Emily said. She patted my dick on the way out the door joking “It’s kinda weird seeing it soft for a change!”

Isabella and I showered together without a lot of horseplay. She did take the time to rub extra soap on my dick to make sure it was nice and clean, in addition to just groping me. I returned the favor on her tits and ass. We chatted a bit about the day ahead and how much fun we both were having so far. After a final rinse off I stepped out and started toweling off while Isabella lathered her legs up to shave them.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and found Emily sitting on the bed, towel around her head and wearing a lovely matching black bra and thong set. I smiled at her and sat down next to her on the bed, kissing her cheek.

“Hey Em. How are you?” I asked.

“Pretty good. This has been really intense so far.”

“I know what you mean. It’s been pretty wild for all of us. Are you ok with how things have happened?”

“Yeah, I am.” She replied. “It’s sweet that you care, but not surprising. You’re not some stuck up guy who just takes what he wants without thinking how it affects others. You always were.” She paused.

“But?” I asked, wondering what was bouncing around in that overactive brain of hers.

“It’s nothing. I don’t know. Seeing you and Isabella together, so happy. It kind of makes me have second thoughts about you and me you know? I know, we’ve been through this before. We broke up for a reason, and it’s for the best. But between seeing how good you are to her, and the great sex…”

“I don’t want to make you feel bad or uncomfortable.” I said.

“I know. I’m coming into this eyes wide open. I’m glad with everything we’ve done. Isabella is great. She’s so smart and beautiful, and so sweet to you. Nicer than I ever was.”

“I don’t know if that’s true.”

“Yeah, it is true. I was never that good to you. I was younger and stuff.” She didn’t get to finish her thought internet casino as Isabella came out of the shower, naked, with her towel around her head. She looked at us and frowned for a second.

“Why the sad faces?” She asked, plopping down on the bed on my other side.

“We’re just talking about stuff.” I told her.

“It’s ok.” Emily quickly added. “My feelings about things are complicated naturally. This is all new to me. Threesomes, doing stuff with another woman. And that’s on top of any lingering feelings I have for James.” Isabella listened quietly. “But, I have enjoyed everything so much. It’s been amazingly liberating. This just feels natural, open sexual expression. Thank you for sharing him Isabella. I know you don’t have to, and it’s amazing you’re not jealous. I’m not sure I could handle your position.”

“It is alright.” Isabella responded, wrapping her arm around me fondly. “I trust him. I know he cares about me. I know he will be honest with me about his feelings. If a guy I like wants to be with me I am happy. If he decides he does not want to anymore I am sad, but I will get over it. I do not believe in jealousy or drama. Plus, seeing him with you is really hot!” She flashed her beautiful smile and I couldn’t help but kiss her.

“Te quiero carino” I said. “I don’t deserve a girl like you.”

“Yeah you do.” was her reply.

“Ok you two, I can only take so much mushiness. What are we doing today?” Emily said, getting up to finish getting dressed.

“We were thinking we’d take you to Balboa Park and then go shopping at Horton Plaza. We’ll hit the beach tomorrow. Isabella needs to work on Monday but I’ll take the afternoon off. You can decide then how you want to spend the morning.” I told her.

We went about getting dressed and ready to leave the house. I was slightly quicker than the girls, but as neither is the prissy high maintenance type they were ready soon after me. We got into Isabella’s VW with her driving, me shotgun and Emily in the back.

Our trip to the park was very relaxing. It was nice to go out in public, soak up the sun, and just rest. As fun as fucking two women is, I found myself really enjoying a chance to catch my breath and recover, and also enjoy their company outside of the bedroom. I was grateful they were getting along so well. Both were naturally distrustful of other women, but I supposed that the previous night’s activities had broken down a lot of barriers and allowed them to really open up to each other. I spent a lot of time just watching the two of them chatting and giggling about various topics, occasionally joining in when I had something clever to add. The topic of the sex we’d shared naturally came up, but so did a lot of other topics.

Both women were physically affectionate with me in somewhat clandestine manners. There were plenty of families with children running around on that Saturday. We eventually found a nice grassy spot and lay down, with me resting my head on Isabella’s tummy and Emily putting hers on mine. We chatted a little bit until Emily dozed off and Isabella wasn’t far behind. I had slept in a bit longer and just enjoyed the soft closeness for a while, watching the clouds. I stroked Emily’s long blonde hair and ran my fingers across the inch of Isabella’s abdomen that was exposed by her shirt riding up a tad. It was very peaceful.

Eventually my stomach began to complain about being empty and I decided to rouse the girls. They agreed that lunch was a good plan, and we found a little café to buy overpriced sandwiches at.

After lunch we all agreed that we’d had our fill of the sun for the day and got into the car to drive to Horton Plaza, which is a decent sized mall in downtown San Diego. Isabella isn’t a shopping fiend but needed to buy a birthday present for her sister that day. Emily loves to buy nice things and sometimes spends more than she really ought to.

At the mall I decided to be a bit exhibitionistic, flaunting the fact that I was “with” both women. I would walk in between them with a hand in each of their back pockets, or make a point of cuddling up against each of them while in a particular store. I caught a few jealous glances and one or two disgusted looks, but overall people didn’t seem to notice or care much.

They made me try on some clothes at a men’s store, but had a hard time agreeing on anything but jeans.

“He does have a pretty good butt for a guy,” Emily remarked as I modeled for them.

“Yeah, he does, for a white guy. He actually has a butt!” Isabella responded.

My favorite stop of the trip was naturally Victoria’s Secret. Since it was a weekend the store was somewhat crowded. We browsed the selection of tiny panties and lacy bras, commenting to each other on what we liked and did not. Our tastes were fairly similar in styles, although Isabella prefers low rise bikini cut panties and Emily is a hardcore g-string girl. Emily also prefers dark colors and the occasional red, with a lot of black which contrasts against her fair skin. Isabella likes a lot of color in her underwear. My experience has been that women with medium skin tones tend to look much better in orange and yellow than their lighter skinned counterparts.

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