Anya Ch. 04

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I awoke with Anya facing away from me, with my arms around her stomach. I wasn’t sure if she was awake or not, but I drifted back to sleep after tightening my hold on her. I once again awoke to Anya stirring; she turned around, kissed my neck, and then snuggled in to my chest. I kissed the top of her head, and I knew she was smiling. I once again tightened my hold on Anya, and drifted back to sleep. When I awoke for a third time, I was met by my stomach practically barking at me with hunger. It didn’t need to do so; as the pain of an empty stomach was enough to get me out of bed. But I was reluctant to leave such a warm bed, with an equally warm, and far more sexy girl. But unfortunately my stomach awoke Anya, and she pushed me out of bed with her feet.

I quickly washed, and then poured my self in some cereal. When I got back to Anya’s bedroom, she was just coming out of the bathroom. We were both completely naked, and as I got back in to bed, I felt my blood rush to my cock. Anya didn’t help my condition by laying her head on my shoulder, and stroking my rapidly growing cock with her bare leg. We shared my bowl of cereal, and then started canlı bahis to kiss. Anya moved to position herself over my cock, when she instead leapt over me, got out of bed and stretched her perfect body. I was a mere foot away from that perfect body displaying itself so obviously. As I reached out to cup one of her breasts, she turned and walked away and went to the wardrobe. I watched her dress (A tight t-shirt, with a long, thin skirt. She wore no underwear.). As she was dressing, she told me that we should get to the architects and start on the designs for the house. Anya disappeared downstairs, and I was left with a raging hard on. I left the bed again, and found Anya standing over the kitchen counter with her elbows resting on the counter; steadying her. She was reading the morning paper, but from this angle her ass looked more interesting. I walked behind her and cupped her breasts in my hand. I felt her nipples grow hard and stretch the already tight fabric to its limit. Anya was moaning; and I knew that she wasn’t reading the paper anymore; but instead enjoying the feelings that I was creating. With my spare hand I started to gather up her skirt, bahis siteleri and once it was hiked up around her hips, I rubbed my cock up and down the length of her pussy. Her little ass hole looked appealing; so I started to spread her pussy juice over her ass with my cock.

“You know one of these days we’re gonna have to get some baby oil and stick that cock up my tight little ass. I would love for you to come up my ass.”

I just groaned my approval, and added a bit of pressure to her ass. I never entered her, but instead lowered back to her pussy. Whilst holding her breasts, I entered her and gave out a terrific moan. I started off slow, but then as I got more horny feeling her boobs, I started to slam in and out of her. I moved my hands to Anya’s hips to steady her. Her steamy hot pussy feels great on my cock, and I can feel my balls slapping against her clit. I lowered my head and started to kiss up her back. She shivered at this, and her shiver soon tuned in to an orgasm. I slammed my cock in to her, and her bucking felt great on my cock.

I took hold of her breasts again; and slowed down again. Every time I pushed inside canlı bahis siteleri her she wiggled her ass. I could feel my come rising to my cock, but I held it back with incredible concentration. I flipped Anya round, so she was sitting on the table top. She reached under her t-shirt and threw it off. Instantly after she did this, she grabbed my head and shoved her boobs in my face. I sucked, and nibbled each nipple in turn, bringing her to another orgasm. I slammed in to her with such force I couldn’t help but come. As soon as Anya felt the first spurt of come splash against her pussy walls, she quickly pushed me out, and dropped to her knees. A second spurt streaked across her boobs, but she got me in her mouth after that. I continued to shoot spurt after spurt of hot come in to her mouth. I grabbed hold of her head and fucked her mouth. My last drop of come landed on her tongue, and she gave me a little show of swallowing it down. The come that landed on her boobs she scooped up with her fingers, took a big sniff and then licked her fingers like a lollipop.

After Anya had washed again and put on some new clothes. We went to the architects and after an exertive week of working along side the architect we finished the plans to my new house. We only had to wait about six months till we could actually go, and live in there.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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