Anyone for Cards? Ch. 04

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Friday evening came and over dinner, my father, the 60-year-old High Court judge outlined the rules for his “court” hearing and his decision over whether my sister, Janet, or I had won the punishment competition involving his wife, our stepmother Amanda, 35.

“First, dress rules,” said my father, a tall, distinguished grey-haired man. “Since it’s an informal court I think everyone should be clad in erotic clothing of some kind – I leave it to you Janet and Jason to decide how you are dressed, I will choose an outfit for my dear Amanda.”

And he beamed at his wife, as he sipped on the last glass of a vintage Chateau Margaux. “Thank-you, darling,” said Mandy, in a quiet voice, as if she already knew what he had chosen.

“As for procedure,” father continued, “you may go first Jason with a brief statement as to why you consider you performance worthy of my verdict, you, Janet will follow.”

We both nodded. I had a trick up my sleeve, but I wasn’t going to alert Janet to it, just yet.

“Then we will call on your stepmother to give her testimony as an expert witness, and I will then deliver my verdict after considering all the evidence. Any questions?”

We had none. Father drained the glass of fine French red and smiled: “Good, convene in the court in my study in 20 minutes.”

In my bedroom I chose a pair of black PVC briefs – well, the back fully covered my buttocks, but the front had a sort of mesh panel which was see-through, and my eight-inch cock was at semi-erection. Then there was a tap on my bedroom door, and in walked my sister.

Janet was wearing a superb black PVC bikini, which held her lush 36-inchers into full uplift. The gleaming black effect of the material was heightened by a red lipsticked mouth motif which was on the centre of the bra cups and on the mound region of the panties.

“You look good enough to eat, Jan,” I told her.

She laughed and said “Later, darling brother, later” before giving me an open-mouthed kiss and whispering: “Good luck, Jase – you’ll need it. I’m the odds-on favourite!”

“I know, but favourites get beaten,” I replied. “Shall we go?”

We then entered father’s study to find three chairs had been placed in the centre of the room, facing his desk. Seated in the middle chair was our stepmother. As she turned to smile at us, I saw that she was wearing the cruel leather bondage bra and punishment panties that Janet had made her wear during her first punishment session with stepmother.

“Hi,” said Mandy, brightly, as I took the chair on her left, Janet the remaining one. “His honour will be coming soon,” said Mandy. “Oh, I mean entering – oh, that sounds risque, too. You know what I mean.”

Then behind us we heard a cough before my father announced: “All stand for his honour, Judge John.”

In swept my father, wearing a long black judge’s robes and a black PVC thong, which did nothing to hide the fact that his eight-inch cock was in an obvious state of arousal.

He sat behind his desk, put a pen on his legal notepad and smiled: “Nice outfits, Jason and Janet, and especially nice for you, my dear.”

Mandy smiled at him and replied: “Thank you, your honour.”

“Right,” said father, making himself comfortable for the “hearing”, “we’ll start with you, lad. Make your opening submission.”

I stood, cleared my throat and spoke in what I hoped was legalese: “Thank you, your honour, but before we begin I wish to make an application to disqualify my learned friend, Janet, from the competition.”

“What are your grounds,” snapped the judge.

“Over-spending the 100 pounds limit which you placed on our expenditure at Miss Hardcastle’s sex shop,” I answered.

“Er, um, yes, I will consider your application, but not immediately,” said the judge. “First make your opening statement, then I’ll hear from your learned friend, then I’ll hear your application.”

Fuck! This would give Janet time to prepare a defence. I shrugged and went on: “May it please the court, I respectfully submit that my punishment session with the witness, Mandy, was far more erotic and stimulating than my learned friend’s.

“The way the cords strained on the witness Mandy’s nipples and pussy lips was extremely erotic, the use of the flogger to make her adopt various positions was domination at its finest, and the forced fellatio was humiliation of the top order.

“In fact, it was a pity there is not a video record of the punishment I inflicted on the witness. Next time I play that game with her, I suggest that it be recorded on videotape.”

As I sat down, my father nodded: “Excellent idea, young lad, excellent idea. I’ve made a note and I will issue a directive to that effect.

“Now, Janet, state your case, girl.”

Janet stood and beamed one of her “Let me suck your cock” smiles. “Thank you, your honour. My submission is brief and to the point, since I have no wish to detain the court any longer than absolutely necessary.”

And with that the ingratiating little bitch gave me a sidelong bayan esmer escort bursa glance as if to say “Object about over-spending as much as you like!”

“The court is indebted to you,” said my father pompously, bowing his head in that judicial deference those on the bench award to barristers and QCs who have just outrageously sucked up to them.

“May it please the court,” Janet began, “I think my punishment for the witness Mandy began on a high note and continued that way. To ride her in was a perfect demonstration of my dominance over her.

“The fact that she had to carry a bag containing her garments of punishment and the garment which I would wear to add to her punishment was, to my mind a master – or should I say mistress? – stroke.

“The punishment bra and briefs, plus the fact that she was ordered to fondle herself while wearing them was a piquant touch.

“But the piss panties and the enforced ingestion of my urine was, in my humble submission, female domination supreme! That, your honour, is my submission.”

Father smiled: “And an excellent submission, in the opinion of the court.”

He sounded charming when speaking to my sister, but when he addressed me, the old sod was all business again: “And now, sir, make your application to have your sister disqualified. And your arguments had better be good!”

I stood and again cleared my throat: “May it please the court, the spending limit imposed on us by the court was 100 pounds.”

“We all know that, get on with it,” snapped my father.

“I checked with Miss Hardcastle’s sex shop after I witnessed Janet’s performance on Thursday night. The punishment bra and panties looked extremely expensive to me. They were, in fact, 85 pounds. The piss panties were 25 pounds. The price of the riding crop which Janet used on the witness, Mandy, therefore becomes irrelevant – at 110 pounds, my learned friend has clearly exceeded the financial limit and, as such, should be disqualified. I rest my case.”

And with that I sat down. Father eyed me with new respect.

“You make an excellent argument. I shall be intrigued to hear how your learned friend answers it,” said the judge.

Janet rose to her feet, looked at me and smiled, then addressed the court.

“May it please your honour, I can present my invoice from Miss Hardcastle to prove that no over-spending occurred on my part,” she spoke in a firm, confident voice.

“This invoice states that the punishment bra-and-panty set cost 85 pounds, as my learned friend has told the court,” she said. “It will also show an expenditure of 25 pounds on the piss panties and 15 pounds on the riding crop.

“This, of course, is an expenditure of 125 pounds.”

I snapped: “Precisely.”

“Silence in court,” the judge thundered. “Continue!”

Janet then reached into her PVC panties and produced a piece of paper which she actually waved above her! “But, your honour,” she said, speaking slowly and clearly, “you will also notice a discount of 26 pounds, which makes the expenditure 99 pounds, one pound below the limit.”

Then she added triumphantly: “So, rather than over-spending, in fact I underspent.” And with that she stepped forward and handed the invoice to my father.

The judge took the piece of paper and brought it to his nostrils and inhaled. “Mmmm, a delightful perfume, my dear,” he smiled, before perusing the “evidence”.

“Yes, it seems to be in order,” he said, but I was on my feet.

“May it please the court, may we know why my learned friend received this discount?” I asked.

Father looked at my sister, his head inclined in a question.

“Certainly, your honour,” said Janet. “I performed cunnilingus on Miss Hardcastle!”

“How do we know this?” I inquired, once more rising to my feet.

“Good question – what do you say, ma’am,” said the judge.

“Miss Hardcastle has an almost hairless quim and wears a little ring in her pierced left labia lip,” said Janet.

“Indeed she does,” said the judge, who then addressed me: “Application dismissed. I now call on my dear wife, Amanda, to provide expert witness.”

Amanda, the 35-year-old blonde, then stood.

“State your name and qualifications,” said the judge, in his kindly, “you’ll be well looked after in my court” tone.

“My name is Amanda, I’m 35 years of age, my vital statistics are 34-25-34 and I was a former erotic model and pornstar. I appeared in more than 20 films under the pseudonym Britt Clitt, in which I played submissive roles. In my opinion, your honour, this makes me an eminently qualified expert witness on the punishments inflicted on me this week.”

Father’s hand appeared to be at work beneath his desk. “Excellent, my dear, excellent – the court recognises you as an expert witness. Now, starting with Jason, your opinion of his work.”

My mother smiled at me. “If it pleases the court, he was very good, not to say excellent. The fact that the cords attached to the nipple bursa ucuz eskort and pussy clamps were stretched or lengthened by means of whip instructions was an erotic part of the play.

“His use of enforced fellatio to completion was also a nice touch. It was an extremely effective humiliation, which would not disgrace a Grade A porno film.”

“Fine,” said my father. “Now proceed to the punishment performed on you by your stepdaughter, Janet.”

This time mother smiled at Janet before proceeding. “May it please the court, the decision by punisher Janet to enter the study riding me was an excellent choice. A fine example of dominance.

“The bondage bra and punishment panties were a nice touch, along with the fact that I was forced to fondle myself in them, and to enjoy – if that’s the correct term, your honour – the caress of her crop on my breasts, buttocks and pussy.

“But Janet’s piece de resistance was the water sports section of her demonstration, along with the pee panties. An excellent domination display in every way.”

My father looked on with a broad smile on his face. “Thank you, my dear, you have been an excellent expert witness. You may be seated.”

Mother resumed her seat, setting herself gingerly on the chair.

Father cleared his throat in his “Now hear this” manner and began: “First, the court would like to express its congratulations to both punishers for their innovative and effective punishments.

“Jason, you were superb, with an erotic display of male dominance over your mother. Janet, likewise, except that the term, of course, must be female dominance.

“Sadly, in all such cases, there has to be a winner – and there has to be a loser. Sorry, Jason, but your sister’s use of pee pee to dominate your mother swung the scales in her favour.

“It is the verdict of this punishment court, that Janet is the winner and from 9am tomorrow morning has the rights to use Amanda as a sex slave until 9pm on Sunday evening. The winner is, of course, expected to share her good fortune from time to time with the loser and the honourable judge.

“The only exception to the hours of sex slavery will be at night time, when Amanda will return to the marital bed. Janet, you may retire and celebrate in whatever way you feel fit, Jason you may go with her. Your mother and I have some business of an, er, intimate nature to conduct.

“This punishment court is now adjourned.”

Janet and I planted a kiss on each of mother’s cheeks and departed. My sister grabbed my hand in hers and almost dragged me into her bedroom, where she quickly stripped off her PVC bra and panties. I, too, was quickly nude and when Janet threw herself back onto the bed I was ready to drive my eight-inches swiftly home.

My sister, however, had different ideas. “Lick me first, I’m sooooo wet,” she panted and I placed my face down by her pussy. The aroma was intense! Beautiful, but intense, and as I began to lap at her juiced quim I thought I’d never tasted her this wet before.

Janet writhed beneath me for about a minute or two, then grabbed my hair painfully and gasped: “Fuck me, my darling loser brother, fuck me!”

I climbed up and pressed my cock into her slipperiness. It penetrated her like a proverbial knife through butter – I’d never known her this hot!

Suddenly, our engorged lust was halted by a discreet knock on the door, and father entered, his body nude, his cock standing to rigid attention.

“Er, sorry to interrupt,” he said, placing a hand to his cock and stroking it. “But after breakfast tomorrow, Jason, we have an appointment at Miss Hardcastle’s sex shop. She’s allowing us a private visit between 9 and 10, when she opens. Be ready.”

I felt like saying “Thank’s a fucking lot, father”, but bit my tongue and said “OK, dad” before resuming my brotherly fuck of my sister. Father, still stroking his erection, left.

Soon Janet and I both came, in an exhausted thrashing and heaving. I was so beat, that I spent the night with Jan, gave her a slow, loving fuck at dawn and crept back into my own bed at 7am.

After breakfast, father rang down to Frobisher in the reception area of our apartments and asked him to get us a cab. Father, ever mindful that he was a famous face – albeit only famous judicially – put on a pair of dark aviator sunglasses and a ridiculous New York Yankees baseball cap.

As we left the apartment, Janet was helping mother into her punishment bra and panties. Janet was naked – save for the pee panties that she had put on prior to breakfast.

“Damn,” said my father, as we rode down to the ground floor in the lift, “I’d have liked to have watched that. Still, there’s always tomorrow.”

“Or this afternoon, or this evening,” I remarked and, for once and to my surprise, father chuckled at my little joke.

In Soho, father paid the cab off and we walked up to the first floor of Miss Hardcastle’s sex shop. It was 9.10am and in the window hung a charming bursa anal yapan escort message: “We’re closed – fuck off!”

Ignoring it, my father rapped on the door. A curtain by the door was drawn back and Trudy, the rather pretty and busty little blonde who had witnessed Miss Hardcastle performing fellatio during my visit there, smiled and let us in.

“Hello, my dear Trudy,” said father, in his most lecherous tone, “have you been behaving yourself?”

The blonde, who I later learned from father was only 18, grinned and in a small girl voice, replied: “No sir, I’ve been very, very naughty.”

“And what happens to little girls who are naughty?” said my father, as Miss Hardcastle entered the scene.

“They get spanked, sir,” said Trudy, still in her little girl voice.

Miss Hardcastle interrupted: “Very well, Trudy, take his honour into the spanking room – and don’t forget, if he’s nice to you, you must reward him!”

The sex shop proprietor then held out her hand, and said: “Come with me, young man.”

I looked at her closely for the very first time. She was a honey blonde, with big blue eyes, wore a tight T-shirt across what seemed like 40-inch breasts. Her black leather mini stretched across a voluptuous but still shapely backside. Aged about 50, she had obviously once been an extremely attractive woman and she still had an aura of sexiness.

As we entered her office, she shut the door and pulled off her T-shirt to reveal her massive hooters with dark brown and very erect nipples. “We’ve got about 45 minutes before opening time, Jason,” she told me, “so let’s get on with it.”

And as I stepped into her arms and bent my mouth to her lush large breasts and randy nipples, Miss Hardcastle unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans so they fell to the floor. She then yanked my thong down and stroked my already stiff cock.

As I was sucking at her big boobs, I felt for the hook and zipper at the back of her miniskirt and pushed the garment down to her ankles, finding as I stroked her buttocks that she was not wearing panties. My cock thrust against her pudenda, which was warm and moist.

Miss Hardcastle pushed me down to my knees and I managed to kick my jeans and thong away from me as I knelt before her hairless quim, a mere hint of light brown fuzz on her mons. Her piss flaps gleamed and in the left labia lip I spotted the little ring Janet had mentioned.

The aroma of an aroused, mature woman invaded my senses as I began to perform cunnilingus on Miss Hardcastle, just as my darling sister had done several days before.

The shop owner began to moan as I worked away at her snatch, then she sat back against the edge of her desk and gasped “Cock in cunt, dear boy, cock in cunt!”

I stood and placed my cock lips against her dripping cunt and thrust it up her, astonished at the satin smoothness and wetness of her vagina.

I’d only been riding her for a minute or two, before she was making a fresh demand. “Tit fuck next, darl,” she ordered, and I withdrew my penis, its helmet now pink and fully revealed as my foreskin had been pulled back to the ring by the tension in her cunt.

Miss Hardcastle lowered herself until my cock was level with her cleavage and then I pumped its hardness between the two large globes of her breasts as she pressed the mounds together, trapping me in her fleshy embrace.

Again, after a minute or two at this delightful performance, Miss Hardcastle again had a fresh demand: “Now mouth fuck me, darling, mouth fuck me!”

Once more my cock went on an upwards journey over her body, from cunt, to boobs and finally mouth. Miss Hardcastle encircled my hard-on and sucked with expertise at my throbbing erection.

All this was too much for me and within a minute of entering her mouth I was panting “I’m coooooming” and I shot my first release of the day into her.

From behind me I heard the sound of a hand clap and turned to see my father, naked, standing with Trudy, also naked, her big-breasted, white body gleaming like alabaster in the office’s hard light.

Trudy’s face and buttocks were not white, though, the cheeks on her face were bright with excitement, the cheeks on her bum bright with chastisement. And father, I noticed, was limp pricked.

Miss Hardcastle sucked me dry, then stood up and kissed me on the mouth. “He’s a fast learner, your honour,” she told my father, “almost as good as you!”

Father chuckled, then kissed the red-faced Trudy on the lips and said: “A wonderful way to start the day, my dear Trudy. Thank you, you naughty young thing, your mouth is as educated as your lovely little bum!”

Trudy smiled at him, then said: “Shall I fetch the packages, madam?”

Miss Hardcastle nodded, and father left the office to find his clothes, as the shop owner and myself got dressed.

Outside in the main shop, Miss Hardcastle took two packages from Trudy and handed one to me, one to my father. “I’ll charge ’em to your account, ducks,” she told my father, who was rarely, if ever, I suspected, addressed as “ducks”.

“Thank you, my dear,” said father, bending to kiss her paternally on the cheek.

“Right Jason, a quick walk back to the apartment and we’ll see what the day brings.”

As we walked back through Soho, towards Mayfair, I asked father what the packages contained, although I had a fairly good idea.

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