Apallonia; Roman Goddess

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This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author.

* * * * *

Gary rolled over onto his side in his hospital bed in preparation to go to the bathroom. He had a king sized piss hard-on early in the morning, six thirty am, and needed to relieve it. Gary had checked into the hospital for his biannual head to toe physical. Today was the last day of being prodded and pricked by the hospital staff, he could not wait to be released to go home. Just as he was about to get out of bed a lovely registered nurse entered his room with a syringe in her hand. “Mr. Gary Pollard?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m Gary Pollard,” he replied.

“Well, sir, you aren’t going to like this, but your doctor ordered a B-12 Vitamin shot for you,” she said, adding, “and they sting.”

“Just what I needed,” he remarked as he offered his arm. She shook her head ‘no’.

“Where they brand horses, sir,”

“You mean horses asses, don’t you?” Gary said. She smiled and shook her head as she lifted his hospital gown to expose his hip. Just as she lifted the gown, Gary shifted and his piss hard-on came into view for a moment.

“Oooo, perhaps I should come back after you go to the bathroom,” the nurse said apologetically.

“That’s not what you think it is, young lady,” said Gary, trying to confuse her as a joke, “That’s the effect you caused by coming into my room,” he said with a smile. She cocked her head and smiled at him.

“You’re a naughty old man, Mr. Pollard. A young girl isn’t safe anywhere near you and that…thing!” she said, acting afraid. “Now, roll over and brace yourself.” She was right. The injection stung like fire, but his hard-on, piss induced, remained intact. The nurse raised her eyebrows in wonderment, but refrained from commenting, although she was amazed that he had retained his hard-on. “Thank you, sir,” she said very professionally and left the room. Gary waited for a few moments for the sting to subside then hurried to the bathroom to relieve him self.

He dressed and waited for his Doctor to release him. The wait was not long and soon the same pretty nurse came into his room pushing a wheelchair. He knew that the hospital rules said that all patients must be wheeled to the door and he offered no resistance. He looked at her nametag and it said Apal Rossini. “Is that your given name or a nick name?” he asked.

“It’s short for Apallonia,” she said smiling.

“That is a beautiful Roman and Greek name,” Gary told her, “and it fits your beauty aptly.” Apal thanked him and told him that her Dad was Italian and her Mom was Greek. Her first name was a feminization of Apollo, a Greek God, but with an Italian flair. Gary reflected on this beautiful olive skinned young woman. She was indeed beautiful. Long dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail, with an extremely lovely face. Her complexion was flawless, with full lips and dark brightly dancing eyes. Apal’s breasts were large and rounded, her nipples pushing at the fabric of her uniform. Her breasts were just the right dimensions for her tall frame with ample flesh, but not at all chubby. She wasn’t thin like a model, but she was absolutely stunning, with long well shaped legs and a very shapely bottom.

“As soon as you sit in the wheelchair, the faster you get to go home, Mr. Pollard.” Gary nodded and sat down to be wheeled out of the room and to the front entrance. He thanked Apal for the ride and reluctantly said goodbye, wishing he were thirty-five years younger. At sixty-nine, he just figured that some lucky young Doctor had picked out Apal for a future Mrs. Doctor. He walked slowly to his car and got in. The engine roared to life and he drove out of the parking garage to go home, thankful that he was still healthy, but with a sore rump from the shot. He made a mental note to tease his Doctor about that and drove on.

A few weeks passed, uneventfully, and Gary was out to a posh restaurant for a farewell dinner for a friend. Following dinner, the gag and farewell gifts the party dwindled down to just a few people that Gary didn’t know. He decided to get a nightcap before going home and headed for the bar. Sitting at the bar he ordered his whiskey and water, sipping it. Looking about he saw a young woman, sitting alone, that looked familiar, and she was looking at him as though she knew him. Shading his eyes from the glare of a mirrored glitter ball, he saw that it was the nurse who had given him the shot. He picked his glass and made his way to her table.

“To the very lovely Apallonia,” he said raising his glass, as in a toast. She smiled as she recognized him.

“Thank you sir,” she said motioning him to sit down, “Mr. Pollard, I presume?”

“The very same,” he replied, “which you left with a very sore rump, I might add.”

“Ah, yes, the shot of B-12,” she smiled. He sat down and they chatted about his hospital stay poker oyna and other small talk for several minutes. Gary bought another round and Apal teasingly asked if he was plying her with liquor.

“How else do you take advantage of a lovely lady without plying her with liquor, charm or whatever,” he replied. She laughed and sipped her wine as she listened to the music from the jukebox. “Would you like to dance and make an old mans day?” She accepted and they rose to embrace in the dance. Gary was a good dancer and Apal seemed to naturally ‘fit’ as a dance partner. Her perfume tantalized Gary’s nostrils and he began to get a hard-on. Apal felt the huge bulge in his pants and playfully rubbed on it with her belly.

“That thing is loose again,” she teased, “Is it always like that?”

“Only around beautiful women,” he replied. She laughed and told him that he sure had endurance for a man in his late sixties. “I’m old, not dead,” he teased her.

“Ummmmm, I think you’re right,” rubbing her belly over his bulging hard-on. “Will it stay…that way, long?” she asked half joking, but in reality wondering if it would.

“It will as long as you are stimulating me, but I need Viagra for any sustained effort,” he confessed. Apal nodded, continued dancing and ‘cock and belly’ rubbing him. She began to feel moist at her pussy and was surprised that this ‘older’ man was arousing her. She put her cheek hard against his as they danced, continuing to stimulate him and in the process, herself. Apal felt her nipples harden as they rubbed against the fabric of her dress. Her breathing was a bit faster and her heartbeat seemed to pound in her chest. She pulled her head back to look at Gary’s face then instinctively kissed him deeply. Gary returned the kiss with gusto.

“Ohhhhhhh, I don’t know what came over me,” Apal said the kissed him again more passionately, “Gary, take me home, now.”

“Of course,” he said, “did I offend you somehow, Apal?”

“No, you dirty old man, I mean take me home to your house!” she declared. Gary wasted no time. He paid the check and Apal held his arm as they left the restaurant. In his Town Car, Apal kissed him again, longingly and with a great deal of emotion. “I’m so hot, Gary, please hurry.” Gary drove out of the parking lot with deliberate speed. He didn’t speed, but wasted little time getting to his home. Inside they kissed again as she began to pull at his clothing and Gary at hers. He led her upstairs to his bedroom where she removed her clothes to stand stunningly naked in the moonlight shining through his bedroom window.

Gary gasped at her beauty. Her breasts were even more magnificent than he imagined, upright, with large areolas and large hard nipples. Apal’s bush was thick, curly and full. He could see her pussy glisten with her juices as he became naked. He reached in his nightstand for two diamond-shaped blue Viagra pills and downed them. Gary pulled Apal into him by her lovely asscheeks to hold her as he kissed her again, sitting her down on the edge of the bed. She lay on her back as he lay next to her and licked her areolas, avoiding her nipples. Apal whimpered from arousal and tried to place a nipple in his way, but Gary expertly avoided her to tease her remorselessly. She begged him to suckle her and he finally relented, licking first one then the other nipple while she writhed in pleasure.

Her scent wafted to his nostrils as he drew his tongue down her body, pausing to rim her navel while she moaned. He nuzzled her bush with his nose and tugged playfully at her bush with his lips, pulling at the soft curls of her ample bush. Apal’s treasure was wet and her fragrance aroused him as the Viagra began to take effect. He kissed her pussy as though it were the lips on her mouth and she shuddered in response, whimpering. Gary lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders as he blew air on her clit, causing her to tremble with desire. “Please…please… I can’t stand it,” she murmured as he finally licked her closed pussylips tasting her nectar seeping from between them. “Ummmmm,” she moaned when he flicked his tongue across the edges of her closed pussylips.

Gary gently tugged on her cuntlips with his teeth, to her sounds of lust and passion. Apal twisted her hips and tried to grind her pussy into his mouth. He parted her cuntlips with his tongue, drawing it through the cleft of her pussy swallowing her fruitful juices. Apal groaned as he plunged his tongue deep into her, licking and sucking as she writhed in pleasure. “Yes…oh yes,” she whimpered as his tongue swirled about the pink inner folds of her pussy. He could see her clit standing erect, swollen and engorged, aching for attention. Gary didn’t deny her as he flicked his tongue over her sweet spot as her nubbin throbbed. He swirled his velvety tongue all about her clit, sucking it into his mouth and ravishing it with the tip of his tongue.

“Oh God…I’m cumming!” Apal screamed as she shuddered through a fierce orgasm. canlı poker oyna Her body trembled and shook as she pulled his head into her cunt spewing her juices all over his mouth. Gary swallowed her nectar and ‘tormented’ her clit as she tried to push him away from her intensely sensitive clit. Grasping her hands, he locked his fingers with hers and continued to pleasure her as she swayed, groaned and gasped for release. Finally, Apal’s orgasm slowly abated and she sighed, breathing hard to regain her composure. “Oh wow!” she uttered as her senses returned, “that was wonderful…so wonderful.” Gary’s cock was rock hard and he stood up with her legs still on his shoulders.

He pulled his foreskin back to expose his pinkish purple cockhead and drew it through the cleft of her pussy several times. Apal quivered as she felt his cock flesh being bathed in her juices and she sighed. Gary slowly pushed his cock into her and she squealed with delight as he entered her steadily. She gasped as he seated his member deep into her cunt and his balls slapped at her asscheeks. “Yesssss…yes,” she squealed as he began to draw his cock back and forth, thrusting deep each time. Her beautiful breasts lay slightly splayed to each side and swayed as he rocked her while they fucked. Gary lowered his lips to her nipples, alternating licking and sucking them as she moaned delightfully, “Ummmmm…ummm…yesssss.”

Apal marveled at the rigidity of her older lovers’ cock, surprised at the vigor of his fucking her. She lowered her legs to his waist and wrapped them around him, locking her feet as they fucked. Gary groaned and breathed hard with each stroke as he resisted cumming to pleasure his younger lover. Apal’s moaning and writhing set rhythm to their coupling as her cunt clenched his cock hard with each stroke. She could feel her orgasm building as his cockshaft rubbed her clit with every thrust. Gary strained not to cum first, while Apal went headlong on her way to another orgasm. It overtook her on a deep thrust of his cock and she cried out and shuddered in a mind numbing orgasm. He felt her juices squirt into his pubic hair and drench his balls. Her cum nectar flowed heavily over his balls and ran down the crack of her ass coating her asshole.

Apal’s pussy clutched his cock as though she would strangle it. It proved too much to resist and Gray shouted a deep guttural groan as he too, exploded in an intense orgasm! His thick creamy white cum blasted deep into her pussy with each cum spasm of his cock. Apal could feel his warm cum filling her as his balls emptied their precious load into her sensitive pussy. She gasped and ground her cunt into his groin extracting every drop of cum his balls contained, before screaming, “Yessssssssss!” sighing as she felt his cum squirting out of her pussy and running down to coat her asshole. “Oh God, that’s soooooo good, Gary…soooooo good,” she kept repeating, hugging him tightly as he remained hard. After a few minutes, she was as spent and exhausted, but marveled at his wonderful hard-on still buried within her. “Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re still hard!” she sighed in his ear holding him close.

“I wish I could take the credit, sweet Apallonia,” he said, “It’s the Viagra, but it’s great!” She smiled and kissed him passionately as her legs released his body. Gary pushed himself back and dropped to his knees and covered her cum filled pussy with his mouth. Apal groaned in delight as she felt him tongue her pussy, sucking out his cum. He swallowed the first mouthful then drew his tongue down to her asscrack to lick and cleanse her of cum, rimming her pink rosebud clean. Apal reveled in his demonstration of devotion and squeezed her pussy to push out another mouthful of cum. Gary lifted from her cleansed pussy. She grabbed his face between her hands, pulled his lips to hers, thrust her tongue into his mouth and shared their blended cum juices.

Apallonia lay back onto the pillow and Gary joined her. “That was sensational, Gary. No one has ever done that with me…it’s soooooo cool, sexy and, ummm good.” He lay next to her with his cock pointed at the ceiling. Apal sat up and rubbed his nipple and Gary groaned in obvious pleasure. “You like you nipples played with, lover?” Apal asked. Gary nodded ‘yes’ and she rolled one nipple between her thumb and forefinger as she licked his other nipple. His moans of pleasure signaled Apal to continue licking and sucking his nipples as she fondled his balls. After a few minutes of tonguing his nipples she moved down to lick the residual cum from his cockhead and shaft.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” he cried out as she closed her lips over his intensely sensitive cockhead and drew her head up and down, sucking and licking it hard! She tongued his cock and balls free of cum, taking each testicle into her mouth separately. Apal sucked his cock for several minutes and kept rising up to kiss her lover then returning to sucking his cock.

“I’m a shameless hussy, Gary,” she said to him, internet casino “I love to suck a cock and taste its rich goodness.” Returning to her task she slowly locked her lips about his cock and deep throated him, trying to swallow his cockhead. Her repeated efforts to swallow his cockhead drove Gary nearly insane with lust and desire. Apal’s throat, closing and releasing his sensitive cockhead, was more than he could stand and he stiffened as he shot another huge load into her throat. She let the first spasm run down her throat. Moaning with pleasure at each spurt, she pulled back to receive his cum spurts into her mouth. Apal rolled his cum in her mouth, obviously enthralled with the taste. “Oooooo, that’s soooooo yummy!” she sighed.

Gary was lost in the throes of his orgasm and was temporarily unable to respond. Apal kissed him to share more cum with Gary then fell back on the bed, her head burrowing into the pillow as she sighed. “You nasty dirty old man! You have worn me out…shame on you,” she teased him. He smiled at her as she still held his hard cock in her hand. “Does this never go down?” she asked, amazed that he was still nearly as hard as before.

“Yes, love, it will soon shrivel up and refuse to get up,” he teased in return. In a more serious vein he said, “It usually takes two to three hours to wear off and we are just about there.”

Apallonia rolled on her side with her back to Gary and snuggled back into him. Gary placed his cock between her asscheeks, his cockhead resting on her tight little asshole. “Ummmmm, that feels good…leave it there, Gary,” she sighed. She asked him if he had ever fucked a girl in her ass. He told her that he had, but it usually ended up hurting most of them. Some women loved it and craved to be fucked in their ass, but most could do without, he told her. “Oooooo, I don’t like hurt,” she told him, “but some day I might want to try.” She squeezed her asscheeks on his cockhead, “Ummmmm, it feels so good and naughty there,” she whispered. Gary pushed just a bit, but not enough to even begin penetration. Apal sighed in pleasure.

“Do you have to go home, Apallonia?” Gary asked.

“No, I don’t work on Saturdays…and why are you calling me Apallonia, all the time?”

“Because its such a beautiful name and saying it is like a lovely melody…Ap…a…llon…ia,” he said emphasizing all the syllables in her name, then kissing her neck and earlobe.

“Ummm, ok…I love my name too,” she nestled her naked body next to his, feeling his hard-on softening a bit. “I’m sooo tired, my love…I’m sleepy.” Gary held her tight and covered their bodies with the blanket. Apal moved her bottom, as she made sure his cockhead was safely nestled against her asshole and she fell into a deep sleep. Gary closed his eyes to join her in a well-earned rest after the passionate love they had just experienced. How could he have gotten this lucky, he thought to himself. Don’t question the Gods, he thought, and fell asleep.

Gary stirred in his bed barely awake, hearing the shower running. He arose and walked into the steamy bathroom to see the beautiful Apallonia showering. She seemed to shimmer under the water as it swept away the lather that covered her. Apal grinned and blew Gary a kiss. Gary, in turn, blew a kiss back to her. Apal, pretended to catch it and bring it to her pussy, grinning from ear to ear. Gary, shook his head, brushed his teeth and entered the shower with Apal. She kissed him and began to wash him, rubbing his cockhead with a hand full of lather. The stimulation caused Gary to get an erection. Apal washed and rinsed his cock. She kneeled kissed and suck it for a few moments then stood to embrace and kiss Gray passionately.

Apal left Gary to shave in the shower as she exited to dry her magnificent body and her hair. Gary kept watching this magnificent naked creature grooming herself. Drying her long dark hair, Apal combed it and clasped it in a ponytail. She saw a smaller thick terrycloth robe in the open closet and she put in on, wondering to whom it belonged. Gary came out of the shower and dried himself, putting on the larger similar robe. “This fits nice, Gary,” Apal said posing for Gary. He nodded and explained that it belonged to his now deceased wife. “Oh, I didn’t know,” Apal said sincerely and began to take it off. Gary stopped her, telling her it was there to be used and it looked so nice on her. He wanted her to wear it.

They went downstairs to the kitchen where Gary asked if she was hungry. “Ravenous!” was her reply. Gary grinned as he brought out eggs, sausages, bacon, bread and the pans to prepare their breakfast. She took Gary’s arm gently and led him to the kitchen table and sat him down. “Let me fix breakfast,” she said. Gary grinned and nodded as he sat. Apal noticed that Gray used ‘coffee singles’ for his coffee and prepared two mugs in the microwave. She sipped the hot black coffee and gave Gray his mug to drink while he waited for her to finish cooking breakfast. Telling her where to find stuff, as she asked, breakfast was prepared and they ate heartily. “You were wonderful, last night Gary,” Apal said, “You seemed so intent on pleasing me, more than yourself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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