Appletease: part 2 of The last day of school Final Hour

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Secen 2 Act 2
Last time we left off on the two girls they where going to have sex with two different people. Eve Swings was going to fuck her math teacher but she decided not to. Because he had another woman that was a student in his office so she went home after that. Audrey Fish was fucking Eve Swings dad for the most parts but her pussy couldn’t take her big cock anymore so she stoped.

Eve was walking home from school and ran into Audrey’s ex- boyfriend Auto.

Eve Swings: Hey Auto what’s going on?

Auto Johnson: Nothing much just taking a walk thinking where did i go wrong when i slept with my english teacher.

Eve Swings: you didn’t fuck up on sleeping with your english teacher. If she wanted it then you did the right thing. Do you have a job this summer?

Auto Johnson: Not really.

Mrs. Rivers goes on with her speach about how this class was the best class she ever princabled. Right in the middle of her speach she starts to moan really load so everyone can hear her. She didn’t know what to do so she goes on saying about everything else about the class. She moans even loader everyone on the football field and in the stands can hear her. Mr. Cox lookes over at her wanted to say something but keeps his mouth shut for a moment. After her last moan that the whole school that graduated can hear her now and Mr. Cox opens up his mouth and says something to her over the loud speacker.

Mr.Cox: What the fuck is going on there Mrs. Rivers?

Mrs. Rivers: I don’t know. If i know i would take the person that is doing what ever to my pussy and just fuck the shit out of him.

Mr. Cox: Well either find out who is doing that to your pussy and fuck the shit out of him to get it out of your system or your not the princable for this school anymore.

Mrs. Rivers looks underneath the podium to see who was playing with her pussy. She takes him into the school right in the womans locker room. Strips his clothes off and start’s to scuk on his dick. The guy moans out loud. She deep throats his dick right down to his balls. The guy moans louder and yells out her name.

The guy: Omg! Joan rivers yes!

Mr. Cox keeps going on the graduation keeping it rolling as Mrs. Rivers is getting her pussy pounded by the student that was eating her out underneath the podium. It didn’t help that she had a mini skirt on with croach less panties on with the out fit that she was wearing. Where the guys toung could reach her clit of her pussy.

Mrs. Rivers: So Joesph do you want to fuck me even thow i am married woman?

Joesph: Of coures Joan. i don’t care if your married or not your husband will never know about your little fling with one of the students fucking you.

Mrs. Rivers: Not really my husband is a teacher here at the school i don’t think he would care if my pussy got pounded by you Joesph.

Joesph rips off Joan’s clothing and starts eating away at her nice 40 year old pussy. she starts to moan in pleasure. he goes up ward with his toung licking her pussy up and down attacks her clit hard. She moans louder its been awhile since her pussy got this wet. He didn’t know what to think while he was eating his old princable pussy. He takes his nice hard long dick and slaps her clit with it. She really lets it all out then moaning.

Mrs. Rivers: Come on Joesph just stick your big ass dick in my pussy i want it.

Mrs. Rivers sit Joesph down in a chair takes his clothes off with her teeth. Joesph didn’t really know what to think at the time but he just went with the flow of thing’s. She starts with the tip of his dick sucking it. He lets a soft moan. Then she deep throghts his cock he gets into it a little bit more moaning louder.

Joesph: Omg! Mrs. Rivers yes fuck yea suck that dick!

Mrs. RIvers: Would you like my pussy around your dick there Joesph?

Joesph nods his head yes as mrs. Rivers gets ready to mount his dick. She points his dick up towards her pussy hole and slames her pussy right down on his dick. Her pussy was so tight that she hasn’t had sex in about 15 years from her husband.

Joesph: Oh god Mrs. Rivers you feel so tight.

Mrs. Rivers: Oh god Joesph you really fill my pussy good with that dick of yours.

This goes on for several hours they go back and forth fucking each other making each other feel good. He pound her pussy so hard that it made dents in the walls.

Mrs. Rivers: Oh my fucking god! Yes fucking Joesph! I’m cuming!

Joesph keeps going at her pussy like a horny school girl. He cums the biggest load all up inside of her. When they got done fucking each other her pussy was really sore and dripping wet from his load of cum that fill her pussy up good.

Mrs. Rivers: Wow Joesph i havn’t been fucked like that in years when can we get another round in? Maybe i should get a devorce from my husband and just go out with you.

Joesph: I don’t know when we can fuck each other again. I do want to go off to college and get my degree into something before i get involved with a woman like yourself.

Joesph gets dressed escort bayan and heads back to the graduation ceramony. Mrs. Rivers gets her clothes back on french kisses Joesph and heads back with him holding his hand. Mr. Cox finishes his speach on the whole class of 1999.

Mr. Cox: Well then did you get everything you needed out of your system?

Mrs. Rivers: Yes i did and i loved it every bit of that young mans cock.

Mr. Cox: So what are you going to do if your husband doesn’t pleasse you anymore?

Mrs. Rivers: I’m thinking about getting a devorce from him and going after Joesph.

Mr. Cox: And what about the kids that you and him have what would they think that there mother don’t love there father anymore?

Mrs. Rivers: I really don’t care what my kids think about me devorcing there dad and going after a younger guy its not there desscion.

Mr. Cox: Well what ever you want that will make you happy i say go for it your husband is a pieace of shit anyways you really need to just get rid of him what a dick.

After the graduation and everyone goes up and get there deplomas they start taking picture with there family. Mrs. Rivers start to head home as Joesph is standing by her car.

Mrs. Rivers: What can i help you with my sexy horny man?

Joesph: Well Mrs. Rivers i was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend since your thinking about leaving your husband for me.

Mrs. Rivers: I think that could be arranged but your not in high school anymore so you can just call me Joan for now on. And as me being your girlfriend i think that would be wonderful but i have to get rid of my husband first before i can get into a relationsip with you.
So where you going after this Joesph?

Joesph: I thought i would go home and come back for grad Blast.

Mrs. Rivers: I will be at grad blast as well would you like to do some hard reading in the libary with me?

Joesph: I would like that alot but what about your husband where you going to go when you tell him that your leaving him for a younger guy?

Mrs. Rivers: For the longest time I wasn’t happy wtih my husband but know since i found a man that makes me feel like a woman again and not some cheep slut i’m happy with that and i see that in you.

Mrs. Rivers gets in her car doesn’t think twice Joesph leanes down kissing her sexy. She gets all hot and bothered but does nothing to get her hormones raging again. She drives off as Joesph walks home thinking about that day with Mrs. Rivers pounding her pussy. He never felt anything like that with a older woman before but know since his dick got pussy for the first time he wants to pound her more and more.

Joesph walks into the house his mother and father was sitting in the living room. Wondering what there son was thinking about he never came home with a smile on his face before.

Mom: Hey Joesph how did it go at graduation?

Joesph: It went great mom could of went any better.

Dad: Well thats good son you going to the grad blast then?

Joesph: Yes i am father before i go off to college.

Mom and Dad: Yea about that we can’t pay for your college so you would have to go out and get a job to pay for your own college sorry about the disapointment.

Joesph: Thats fine Eve found a job out in califorina that there hiring so thought we might work there just to pay for a college.

Mom: NIce what is it called?

Joesph: it is a resort and it’s called Appletease.

Mom: that’s good son so when are you leaving to go get that job?

Joesph: We are leaving after grad blast gets over with.

Dad: Who is all going to work out there?

Joesph: Well there is Eve, Audrey, me, Auto, Eve sister that i had a crush on since the 3rd grade, Jack and Jack sister that actually wants to fuck me so hard she can taste it.

Dad: Well before you go would you like to get some of that cum out of your dick your sister is upstairs waiting for your dick to enter her or you can also take your mom and sister on and let them ride your dick until you cum.

Joesph: No thanks dad i just got my dick fucked by my princable she was really fucking good.
oesph goes upstairs to shower up for the grad blast. meanwhile Eve and Audrey went over to her house to get ready for the grad blast her father was in the living room stroking his hard dick that never got fucked by Audrey.

Eve Swings: I don’t know why your getting all dolled up there audrey?

Audrey Fish: Because i was thinking on going to fuck some of the football players at the grad blast tonight. And I’m pretty sure that your going to go and fuck that math teacher that you think is so fucking hot.

Eve Swings: Yeah your right i am going to go fuck that math teacher i wonder who he was fucking in his office when he wanted me to fuck that big dick of his.

Audrey Fish: I am pretty sure it was probable a teacher that he was fucking and not a student. But who knows anymore most of the girls we went to high school with was sluts.

As the girls where talking in Eve’s bursa escort bayan bedroom Eve’s dad was walking up the stiars and lisstening to there conversation. He knocked on the door.

Eve Swings: Come in.

John Swings: is everything all right in here ladies?

Eve and Audrey: Yeah we’re ok.

John Swings: Ok i just wanted to make sure that you girls was all right and not fighting on who is fucking who.

Audrey Fish: You know what Mr. Swings come here i want to show you something.

Eve Swings: If your going to go and fuck my dad then i can just leave so you can get your fill on his 9 1/2″ dick.

Audrey Fish: I just want to finish what we started before i freaked out and called you.

Eve leaves her bedroom Mr. Swings went closer to Audrey wondering on what she was going to do to him. Audrey went up and locked Eve’s bedroom door so no one could come in or go out. She put on some music to get the sexyness rolling. John couldn’t believe what he was seeing but he liked it. The music started to play and Audrey was being a naughty stripper for Mr. Swings. John Swings was not complaing that Audrey was stripping for him he kind of like it. Audrey stripped all the way down to her bra and panties. Mr. Swings was thinking in his head ( wow those are some 44 tripple d’s tits my daughter doesn’t have those big of fucking jugs.) Then he looked down to take a look at her snatch he thought to himself again ( Damn if i was her father i’d be banging her everynight.) She had a shaved pussy line there was no inch of hair around that line he wondered what was underneath the bra and panties getting him really fucking horney and hard on top of it.

She walked over to him sat on his lap and started to grind on his dick. About 3 hours into the strip dancing she made him cum right in his pants. she felt ever inch of him throw his pants.

Audrey Fish: How was that Mr. Swings?

John Swings: That was great i never know that a young woman with a nice tight pussy was so good. And you didn’t have to have me enter your pussy either you made me cum all inside my pants i needed that thank you Audrey.

Audrey Fish: Your welcome Mr. Swings I’m not like your daughter that likes older men to fuck. I do like to have a family of my own some day after college.

John Swings: Yeah i hear you on that one. But you do have some nice big ass tits.

Audrey Fish: Why thank you Mr. Swings. My tits are 44 tripple D’s.

Audrey gets dressed and turns off the music and then lets Eve come back into her room so she could get finished getting ready for her big night at the grad blast.

Eve Swings: So how did my dad like your stripping. Since you don’t like to have big dick’s in your tight ass pussy.

Audrey Fish: He loved it i didn’t have to have his big ass dick in me just to make him cum. I kind of gave him a lap dance and he cumed all over in his pants.

Eve Swings: Nice Audrey you could of fucked my dad so you know what it felt like when a guy does cum in your pussy for the first time but i understand that you want a family after college and that you came from Nascar Califorina.

Audrey Fish: Yeah maybe your right i should of just stuck his dick in my pussy and road him like a cowgirl in heat.

After Audrey and Eve got done getting ready for a long night at the high school they meet up with some of there friends. They guys where talking on how they might get lucky with the cheerleaders and the girls where talking about how they where going to get lucky with the football players. Most of the night went by ok.

So Audrey and Eve set off going to the school to be locked in for that night. There where chaperons in the school that where going to be locked in there with them. Everyone was going inside the school there where alot of people do many different things. In the jim they had games going on you could win money they had a casino in the cafeteria. Or you could just walk around and talk with your friends.

So Eve set off on her own trying to find her math teacher that she wanted to fuck throw out the school year. So she walked to his class room trying to find him. Audrey went to oppsite way and try to find that star quaterback that everyone waas talking about that had a 8 1/2″ dick that no one did fuck at all.

Eve found the math teacher Mr. Whale’s in the wood working room. She walked up to him and tap him on the shoulder. He turned around and looked at her undressing her with his eyes thinking on how he would get to fuck her nice tight pussy.

Eve Swings: Hey Mr. Whale’s so what are you thinking about?

Mr. Whale’s: Well i was thinking about how good it would feel if i could fuck you with my dick.

Eve Swings: Well know if you wanted to fuck me then why didn’t you say so?

Mr. Whale’s: Because i’m a teacher and it wouldn’t been professional for a teacher to be fucking his student when school was going on but know since you are graduated and of age it’s not so bad to think about know. so if you want to fuck me go for it i’ll lock the door so no bursa eskort one can come in.

Eric Whale’s goes over and locks the wood working shop door. Eve walks up to him and starts to kiss him on the lips with her toung as well. Eric hands moved down to her chest quizing her 44 tripple d tits. His other hand wondered down to her pussy and started to rub it.

Eve Swings: oh god mmm that feels so good i want more.

Eric Whale’s: Ok i’ll give it to you.

Eric removes her clothing and slides down to her tits licking and sucking on them. Makes her so hot and bothered that she gets really horney.

Eve Swings: MMM! Yes Mr. Whale’s come on baby give me that dick.

Eric Whale’s: I will just wait i want to please you first.

Eric moves down to her nice juice wet pussy and started to finger her while licking her clit.

Eve Swings: Oh my fucking god Mr. Whale’s i can’t take it anymore fuck me!

As Mr. Whales was pounding my pussy i felt his hand rubbing my ass didn’t know what to think at the time but i just went with it. He leaned and whispered in my ear.

Eric Whale’s: Hey Eve i have a question for you?

Eve Swings: Yeah! what is the question Oh go this feel so fucking good.

Eric Whale’s: Oh god i’m about to cum. I was wondering if you ever got fucked up the ass. Oh shit mmm yea.

Eve Swings: Oh god Mr. Whale’s! Yeah pound that pussy good. As for your question no i have not got fucked up the ass. Holy shit i’m cumming all over your fucking juicey dick.

Eric Whale’s: Oh well it was just a question. Oh my god your pussy feels so good on my cock. I’m going to lose my shit and yes i’m cumming.

Eric Whale’s cumed all up inside of Eve Swings blow the biggest load he could of ever imagined. After they got done fucking each other they both got dressed and he went one way and Eve went the other heading to the fake casino that was in the cafeteria.

Now as for Audrey she ran around the whole school trying to find Doug. He was the star quarterback for Saints row high school Saints. The only place she didn’t check was the gym. First she went down stairs thinking that he was in the locker room waiting for her. But then she saw the homeroom teacher fucking Auto Shift.

( I quickly ran out of there not thinking on what was going to happen what an asshole he truned out to be braking my heart.) Audrey thought to her self. So Audrey went into the gym to look for Doug. He was at the last basketball court playing with some of the classmates. Audrey walked up to Doug and wanted to say something but she waited until the game was over.

Doug Friedman: Hey Audrey what brings you down here in the gym?

Audrey Fish: Well Doug i was wondering if you wanted to go back to the locker room with me and take a shower maybe get a little pussy action.

Doug though about it and he noded his head. The both of them went into the basketball womans locker room got undressed and took a shower together. She kissed him on the lips drug her toung across his chest and slide it all the way down to the tip of his dick. Before she got done with the floor play he squrited. He started kissing on her neck went down to her 45 Tripple E tits sucked on them for about an hour then slide his toung down to her clit licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She moaned.

Audrey Fish: Oh god Doug. Mmm yes. Give it to me big boy.

Doug tryed something new that no woman would of think on him doing. He took the head of his dick and started to slap it on her clit.

Audrey Fish: Holy shit Doug i didn’t know you had it in you to do something that special.

Doug Friedman: Yeah i know it’s the frist time i ever did that to a person. i wanted to fuck you ever since you moved here to hell reazer.

Audrey Fish: Well then why don’t you sick your dick in me and pound away until we both cum you would be my fucking frist guy fucking me.

Doug Friedman: Well lets get this thing going then so we both can feel better.

Doug sticks his dick in her not softly he rams it in her. She gaps for air then he slowly gives it to her. She starts to moan loudly he shoves his whole shaft in her hitting her g spot. She moans louder and louder in pleasure.

Audrey Fish: Oh my fucking god Doug yes!

Doug Friedman: Yes Audrey yes!

Doug pounds her pussy harder and harder making it reder then hell.

Audrey Fish: Holy shit Doug yes i’m about to cum.

Doug Friedman: Oh god yes Audrey so am i.

Doug and Audrey both start to cum together. After they clean the pipes they took that shower together and got dress. When they got done it was around 4 o’clock in the morning they had to get back up stairs to watch the slideshow throw all the years they had.

Everyone was at the commons watching the slideshow Joseph was getting jacked off in his pants sitting right by Joan River’s. No one paied attention. Around 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning everyone got let out of the locked school. Mrs. River’s looked at her husband and told him that she wanted a devorce because he like younger woman and she wanted to get married to one of the students that made her pussy speical. Audrey and her friends where going to go out and get that job out at the resort in Califorina.

End of Secne 2 Act 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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