Appreciating Mother Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the praise for chapter 1 of ‘Appreciating Mother’.

Chapter 2 is a little shorter, but much of Chapter 1 consisted of scene-setting. I hope you enjoy chapter 2. As always, please feel free to comment honestly.

There will be further chapters. I am starting work on the 3rd part as soon as this is uploaded.


I knelt beside my mother, my face burning with shame and embarrassment as I buried it in my hands. The forest around us seemed to have fallen silent. It felt as if the whole of creation was focused upon my humiliation.

I had been mere seconds from bliss when my body and my youthful inexperience and lack of control had betrayed me. My beautiful mother had been about to undo her bra. She was going to let me see and touch the wonderful breasts that I had fondled through her underwear but, even before her fingers could release the clasp that nestled between the cups, excitement had overwhelmed me and I had come in my shorts.

I heard her move and felt her arms around me. She kissed my head as I kept my face covered.

“Don’t worry, baby,” she said, hugging me. “It’s no big deal. To be honest I was half expecting it to happen sooner.” She gently, but insistently, pulled my hands from my face. “It is what young men do,” she said, kissing my cheek. “Excitement and hormones are a hard combination to control. Your dad had his moments of… impatience when we were young.” She chuckled, but I knew she wasn’t laughing at me. “In fact, when we were teenagers he had plenty of impatient moments. Goodness knows what your granny thought when she did his laundry.”

“Oh god, Mum….” I groaned and leant my forehead on her shoulder. “So close! Another couple of seconds and…” I lifted my head and looked down. Her blouse still hung open. I could see her magnificent bosom straining at the pretty pink lace of her bra.

Mum smiled and kissed me. She sat back on her heels. “They’re not going anywhere, darling.” She put her hands under her breasts and bounced them up and down. My jaw dropped open, and despite my premature orgasm of a minute before I felt my cock twitch. Mum stood up and reached out a hand. “Let’s pack this stuff up and get you home. Get yourself showered and freshened up, then you’ll feel better. After that, if you’re a good boy, I’ll see if I can find a way to make up for your disappointment.”

My heart leapt with hope. Ignoring the stickiness in my pants I jumped to my feet and began to gather away the picnic stuff while my mother watched with an expression of fond amusement.

* * * * *

When we got home I showered and changed into a clean t-shirt and shorts. I was still embarrassed about spurting off in my pants, but I wasn’t about to let that destroy my surreal and wonderful weekend. I found my mother on the sofa in the sitting room. A bottle of white wine and two glasses stood on the coffee table in front of her. I was pleased to see that she hadn’t changed her outfit. She still wore the thin, white cotton blouse and loose, long black cotton skirt. There was nothing at all overtly sexy or even glamorous about the outfit, but somehow it was just right. Kind of demurely pretty, but at the same time it didn’t really conceal the glorious curves of the full, mature figure beneath. Mum smiled as I sat beside her.

“Open the bottle for me, please?” she passed me a corkscrew.

I poured the wine and we sat back. Mum snuggled under my arm with her head on my chest. We sipped our drinks. The wine was nice and dry, and ice cold. I drank half of my glass and leant forward to put my glass on the table. Mum did the same.

“Feeling better now?” she asked.

“Much. Still feel like a stupid teenager though.”

Mum reached up and hooked a hand around the back of my neck. She pulled me down and we kissed. Mum sighed into my mouth and worked her tongue against mine. We broke for air after five minutes or so and grinned at each other.

“Wow,” I said reaching for my glass.

“Definitely.” As mum sat back with her drink she took my hand. “But Andrew… We have to talk.”

My heart sank. Talking wasn’t what I’d been hoping for. “Ok.”

“You’re a young man…” She squeezed my hand. “…And like all young men your hormones run pretty hot, as we’ve seen.” I blushed at that but Mum continued. “In the last few hours our relationship has had a few shocks and some things have changed. Earlier today I let things go much further than I should have. It was getting pretty serious. You realise that, surely?”

I nodded.

“Andrew, my mind is spinning. I fear for the consequences of how we’ve become. I fear that I’m leading you on and that all this will mess up your head and your life.”

“Mum, I’m young but I know my mind. I’m in love with you and that’s never going to change. I don’t see that there have to be bad consequences. We can love each other without hurting anyone else – without anyone else knowing. I’m certainly not going to tell anyone and risk what I have with you… What I hope Casibom I have with you, I mean.”

Mum drained her glass and put it on the table. “I meant what I said earlier. I am in love with you too.” She took my face in her hands. I put down my glass. “But I had to tell you what scares me. I have to give you the chance to go back to a normal life with a loving – but normal – mother rather than a mad woman who should know better.

She hesitated for some time then, “If we don’t stop this now… Andrew, I won’t be able to stop.”

“I don’t want to stop, Mum. I don’t want you to stop. Whatever happens I’m going to love you, but I’m going to be careful that nothing happens to spoil it. If we have to have a secret life then that’s what I want. I just want to be with you. and to be honest about how I feel about you. I couldn’t live pretending things were different. It would break my heart every time I looked at you. Mum, I…” I ran out of words so I kissed her.

It was a kiss that sealed our fate, whatever that would be. In its desperation I could feel that neither of us would be able to back out. There could be no more debate or soul searching. With that kiss we committed to our love and to our passion. We almost devoured each other and when our lips parted both our faces were wet from a mixture of saliva and my mother’s tears. We kissed and cuddled for a while and each of us must have said ‘I love you’ fifty times. Eventually pounding hearts began to calm. We had accepted what neither of us could fight and that removed a weight from my soul that I hadn’t even known was pressing down upon me. I think Mum felt the same.

Between us we finished the wine.


“Yes, darling?”

“Would you sit on my lap? I love it when you sit there and kiss me.”

She didn’t waste any time. Seconds after I spoke my mum plonked her bottom down on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Ok then, lover boy… Kiss me.” And kiss her I did.

“I think this is my favourite way to sit,” I smiled.

“Nothing to do with the fact that it brings my boobs closer, I suppose,” she giggled.

I hadn’t been thinking of that particular aspect. I was still in a bit of an emotional daze, but… “Now you come to mention it, hell yes.” I gazed at the bulging front of her blouse. “Oh Jesus, mum.”

“I’m sorry your fun got spoiled earlier,” she said, kissing my cheek and then my mouth. “This time, just relax.” She leaned back against the arm of the sofa and thrust her breasts out. “Help yourself, greedy boy,” she smiled and then shut her eyes.

With mum’s eyes shut I was able to stare at her boobs unselfconsciously and they were amazing. One of my arms was around the back of Mum’s waist as she sat sideways on my lap, but my free hand reached up to squeeze one of her big tits through her blouse.

“Just a moment,” she said and slid off my lap. She turned to face me and then straddled me placing her knees on either side of my thighs. Once again, she leaned back a little, thrusting her breasts forward. “Now you can use both hands,” she smiled.

“Oh my God!” I filled my hands with them, once again noticing the hard points of her nipples as they poked into my palms through the material. I squeezed and rubbed them. I bounced them, fascinated by the way they moved. That made her laugh.

“Sorry,” I said, a little embarrassed.

“Don’t be, honey,” Mum replied with a smile. “I love it that you are so impressed by my tits. At my age that’s a real ego boost. You can play with them and bounce them just as much as you like.”

I groaned, reached up to push her boobs together and then buried my face between them. She giggled again and wrapped her arms around my head, holding my face to her bosom. When she let me go we snogged some more.

“Want to try again?” she asked.

“Want to try what?”

She didn’t speak, but she reached up to undo a button on her blouse then dropped her hands to her sides and waited. With trembling fingers I undid the rest of the buttons and then slid the blouse from her shoulders. She shrugged it off and let it fall to the the floor behind her. For a few minutes I played with her tits through the pretty bra, squeezing and kneading them and kissing the upper slopes. Then I started to bounce them again, trying to see if I could get them to spill out of the cups, but the bra was too perfect a fit.

As I reached for the front fastening clasp I hesitated. I had a sense of deja vu. This was the point at which I had previously disgraced myself. Despite my mum’s protestations that over-excitement was normal, I didn’t want to relive the embarrassment of ejaculating prematurely. I paused and composed myself.

“That’s right. Take your time, honey,” Mum said softly, encouragingly. I could see how the tiny clasp worked and I managed to release it first go. I held the lacy cups together for a few seconds and then let go. My mother’s large, soft, pale boobs burst free and she shrugged off the bra, allowing it to fall on top of her discarded blouse.

I stared for Casibom Giriş a while. Then looked up at my mum’s face. She was blushing and looked a little nervous. “I hope you’re not too disappointed, baby,” she said. “I’m no spring chicken and the pretty bra isn’t just for decoration. It helps with gravity too.”

“Oh god,” I groaned and fell upon her huge tits, squeezing, kneading, kissing, sucking, bouncing. I would have eaten her alive if she hadn’t stopped me.

“You’ll have another accident, baby,” she smiled.

She was right. I could feel my temperature rising. I leaned back against the back of the sofa. My arms continued to reach out allowing me to play with Mum’s tits, but I calmed myself a little.

“Mum, you are so… gorgeous. You are perfect. Such a hot, hot babe.”

“Smoothie.” Her smile vanished, replaced by a thoughtful expression. She swished her skirt back out of the way and looked down into my lap. “I did warn you that I wouldn’t be able to stop,” she said.

My heart pounded. “And I said that I didn’t want you to.”

Mum reached down and undid the button of my shorts, then she raised herself up and undid the zip. She reached in and I felt her fingers close around my hard shaft. She pulled my cock out into the open. “Oh my. Who’s all grown up then?” she murmured. “Baby, you are beautiful.” She began to stroke my erection, up and down. My hands gripped her soft tits. “Andrew, just relax and let it happen when it wants,” she said. “Who cares if it’s ten seconds or a minute? Just feel good, baby, and let it happen when it will.”

She began to work my cock more firmly and more quickly. I looked down at her hand wrapped around my erection. I had never felt so hard. Nor had I ever seen my cock look so big. I felt kind of proud of it. “Oh Mum, that feels so good.” I kept squeezing and bouncing her tits as she masturbated me.

“I love to feel you, my baby,” she breathed. She gave my shaft a squeeze. “My big baby,” she giggled. “This is a lovely surprise for mummy, I must say.” She squeezed it again.


“Baby, you have quite a lot to offer.”

“Really?” I said again.

“Yes really, now stop fishing for compliments and squeeze mummy’s tits.”

Even hearing my mother use a mild word like ‘tits’ excited me, and her calling herself ‘mummy’ was so hot. And those big soft breasts with their large, dark pink nipples bouncing in my eager hands… It was all too much and I felt the familiar, unstoppable sensation.

“Oh god, Mum. Mum, I’m going to come.” I grabbed at her breasts, squeezing hard. My cock clenched and a thick spurt of semen squirted up between us. “Ah, Mummy!” I cried, squeezing my eyes closed as my mother kept pumping my cock and I continued to shoot spurt after spurt of come. When I opened them again I saw Mum gazing down at my cock, wide eyed and with her mouth open.

“Wow, honey. Looks like you needed that.” she said. She held a sticky hand up before her face. “What a lot.”

“Sorry Mum.”

“Oh god, baby. Don’t apologise. That was lovely.”

We locked eyes and smiled at each other – a little shyly, which may seem crazy after the intimacy we had just shared, but now some of the intensity was spent we didn’t have that rush of overwhelming sensation to hide behind. We were literally, to an extent, naked before each other.

“Wow, mum.”

She nodded, blushing, but still gazing into my eyes. “Wow, baby.”

We kissed for a long time.

“We’d best get cleaned up,” Mum said. “I think you covered both of us, darling. Better not get any on the sofa or we’d have some explaining to do. Let’s get showered and changed. Bring your laundry down when you’re done and we’ll get everything tidy.”

I grabbed a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants from my room and headed for the bathroom. Mum went into her room and I heard the shower in her en suite start up.

By the time I had made myself presentable and gone downstairs and through the kitchen into the utility room, mum was already there. She looked clean and fresh. She had changed into a light, knee-length dress of lemon cotton. She took my laundry and put it in the machine then she took my hand and led me to the kitchen where she made coffee. We sat at the table holding hands.

“I love you, Mum.”

“I love you too, darling,” she said. “Listen, Andrew, there are a few things we can’t avoid talking about.”

“I guess.”

“So, we’ve decided that we’re in love.”


“I must tell you that I do still love your dad. I am still his wife.”

“I love him too, Mum.”

“I know, honey. This is hard to talk about but… well, I don’t want you to get jealous. I know what it’s like when you’re young. If it helps, well, your father and I are rarely physical these days. Your dad has had a few problems in the past and although that did pass we never got back into the routine of making love.”

I blushed.

“Sorry, baby. I know this must be hard to listen to. It’s hard for me to talk about too. Anyway, last time your Casibom Güncel Giriş dad and I were really intimate must have been eight or nine months ago. We do cuddle in bed, but we just don’t worry too much about sex.”

I thought for a few moments. “Mum, I have to be honest… I’m glad you and Dad love each other, but I’m also glad you don’t… you know. You’re right about jealousy. It would hurt to think of you with someone else – even Dad. I’m sorry, that’s a dreadful thing to say. Especially as you and Dad are married. I have no right to feel like that.”

“It’s just the way feelings work, honey. They have little regard for what’s right or wrong.

“One other thing I want you to know: even though your dad and I don’t make love, I’ve never gone elsewhere for attention. There has never been anyone else but your father.”

I thought about it. “I’m glad about that too, Mum.”

“And I do mean that there has never been anyone else at all. Not ever. Your dad was the first man I ever made love with.”

“Wow. Old school.”

Mum slapped my hand. “Cheeky monkey.”

“Sorry,” I grinned. “But seriously, Mum, I think that is very cool.”

“So you understand. I love your dad and I will not hurt him or leave him. I am in love with you, my baby, but you’re going to have to share me to an extent. There may be occasional times when your dad does want to have sex, and if that happens I won’t deny him the love he’s entitled to. “

“I can live with that.”

“You really have grown up, haven’t you?” she said and squeezed my hand.

“I’m trying.”

“How about you?” Mum asked. “I just laid my private life bare before you. Fancy sharing your own secrets?”

I blushed yet again. I kind of hoped red looked good on me as it seemed to be the default colour of my face these days. “Fair’s fair,” I admitted. “There’s not much to tell. Girls like me and I like girls. I’ve had a few girlfriends. We’ve touched a lot and made each other come with fingers and stuff, but…” I tool a deep breath. “I’ve never had proper sex.”

Mum squeezed my hand again and smiled. “My baby’s a virgin? Wow,” she said. “Old school.” We both burst out laughing. “I get more proud of you every day, honey,” she said.

“Can we go back to our sofa now?” I asked. “We don’t have time to waste. I want to be close to you every moment that I can.”

Mum stood and led me out of the kitchen, but she hesitated at the doorway into the sitting room. Instead of going over to the sofa, she led me by the hand toward the stairs. She stepped onto the first step to bring her face closer to my level and put her arms around my neck. She kissed me deeply and them gazed into my face.

“Baby, we’re in love,” she said softly. “In our own crazy way we are a couple. I adore you. I think you are just the most gorgeous man on the planet.”

“And you are definitely the most beautiful woman,” I breathed.

“When we are alone and it is safe,” Mum continued, “I will give you whatever you want to make you happy. Whatever it takes to ease those raging hormones and make you feel good, my baby, just help yourself. I’m yours.”

If my heart had beat any harder it would have fractured my ribs.

“So,” she kissed my cheek. “You’re in charge, lover. What would you like?”

“I… I…”

“Just show me,” Mum said and began to lead me up the stairs.

At first I expected her to lead me into the room she shared with Dad, but to my relief she, like me, seemed to think that would not be right, and she took me to my own room. We embraced and kissed deeply. I revelled in the feeling of her tongue pushing hungrily into my mouth. I reached down and cupped the cheeks of her lovely round bottom as we snogged. She moaned softly into my mouth.

I slowly moved my hands around and upward so I could fill them once again with those breathtaking big, soft tits. With a delightful little shock I felt the light touch of my mother’s hand on my erection. She gently grasped my cock through my sweat pants.

“What do you want, baby?” she breathed.

“Everything,” I whispered.

“Take it then,” she smiled and kissed my cheek, still squeezing my hard shaft through my clothes.

“Take off your dress, mum.”

She winked, then putting a hand against my chest she gave a sharp push that made me sit on the edge of the bed. Swaying slowly, as if to seductive music, Mum began to undo the buttons that went all the way down the front of her dress. When she had undone them to her waist she pulled the sides apart so her bosom thrust out of the open front of the dress. Her white bra was silky and the lacy cups were cut very low, only just covering her nipples. She swayed closer to me, pushing out her bust, offering her breasts for me to touch, but as I reached for her she flowed just out of my reach, smiling. The rest of the buttons were eventually undone and she turned her back toward me and let the dress fall to the floor. My jaw nearly hit the floor at the same time.

My mother had dressed up for the occasion. Beneath the dress she had been concealing not only the beautiful silky bra, but matching, very brief, high-cut panties. I watched the delicious globes of mum’s swaying bottom for a few moments and then she turned towards me and did a little ‘ta-daa!’ curtsey.

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