April’s Fool

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Chapter 1

March 31St – The day before.

April is a therapist, specialising in couple, and marriage counselling.

She was from the city, and was on a short break from work, in a country town named Daylesford.

Daylesford is well known as a place to seek spirituality, meditation and relaxation, and April was in the mood to indulge in a week of pampering.

She found a bar in town, on the first night, and she would go there every evening at Five o’clock, for dinner.

The food was good, it wasn’t too busy, and she found a customer who intrigued her.

She found out that his name was Ben, as she would quietly sit in one of the romantic booths near the bar, and observe and listen.

April would order, and have her meal ready to eat, for when Ben came in, by himself, at Half past five, each evening, for an after work drink.

April dressed plainly through the week, not wanting to draw attention to herself, especially from Ben.

She would wear jackets, t-shirts, blouses, buttoned up to the neck, jeans, tracksuit pants, runners and flip flops. Anything too make her look plane and uninteresting.

She learnt everything that she needed to know about Ben, from conversations with the barkeep.

As a therapist, April really looked forward to the evenings, when Ben would come in and divulge facts and thoughts on his life.

It was her daily fix of work, and he would, inadvertently, divulged a lot.

Ben was a Liquidation Accountant from the City,

and it was his job to oversee the closing down, of the local Timber Mill, in Daylesford.

Ben lived with his wife, Kylie, and two teenage boys.

He was a self confessed womaniser, and chauvinistic pig, in fact I’d go as far as to say his head was so far up his own ass, he was the only person he could ever see, and he liked it like that.

He always ordered a scotch on the rocks, and would have three drinks, up until his wife called him at Half past six, on the dot.

It was like clockwork.

This particular evening, the Half past six phone call from his wife, had Ben organising what time his wife, Kylie, would come up for a dirty weekend.

From the conversation, Kylie was happy to travel the three hours up North, and the conversation ended, with her aiming to arrive, between nine and ten o’clock on Saturday morning.

This evening is Thursday, so tomorrow night will probably be the last time she gets to observe this, at times, vile creature.

Ben left at seven o’clock, as per each evening, and headed to his hotel accomodation, literally across the road from our bar, to finish off his evening.

April left not long after, and drove the fifteen minutes to the motel she was staying at, ready to run a bath and soak for the rest of the evening.

If April has one talent, it’s her ability to run a perfectly relaxing, and luxurious bath.

She has a heavenly scented Pomegranate, and Lavender bath bomb, that she dropped into the tub.

You could smell the scent from the lounge area where she was seated, naked, under a cozy blanket, and a glass of Baileys in hand.

April put her now, empty glass of Baileys on the coffee table and removed her blanket, to go and check her baths status.

The bath was almost done, so April went back out to the living area, grabbed her glass, a small bucket of ice, and her bottle of delicious, Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey.

She took the items into the bathroom, and put some ice in the bottom of her glass, and poured herself, another deserved drink.

April set her drink on the baths tiles edge, and stepped her body into her perfectly warm and scented bath tub.

She nestled under the divine, warm water and bubbles, with her body submerged up to her neck.

“Mmmmm, yummy.” April whispered to herself, as her soap covered arm reached out and picked up her glass, and she took a sip.

April was totally immersed in her warm lavender, and pomegranate world, as she put her head back against the bath, and closed her eyes.

April is single, but it’s not to say she isn’t in love.

Her mind wanders to the one she can’t have, the one who she wants in the bath with her, the who she wants to cuddle up at night with, the one she wants to caress, and make love too.

April’s vision is so vivid, and the relaxing elements of the lavender, allows her to feel the presence, of the lover she craves.

Her mind is now beginning to take over her body, as April starts to cup her tanned and soft C-cup breasts, and circle’s her nipples with her index finger.

“Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmmm…ohhhhhh” April moans in a whispered voice.

With April’s areola and nipple of her left breast now visible through the bubbles, her right hand slides down towards her shaven mound.

When her hand heads south, her legs know to spread enough for her pussy’s lips to spread, just enough to slightly open her vaginal entrance.

The warm water enters her vagina, rewarding her with a feeling of comfort, and a desire to be pleasures.

April is an expert at self pleasuring bahis siteleri herself, a skill she can thank her mother, for teaching her as a young woman.

“There is no greater turn on, than knowing your own body, and teaching someone how to pleasure it.” Her Mother would say.

April knew that the perfect place to quench her lustful thirst, was by stretching back her mound’s smooth skin, back towards her, releasing and exposing her clit from its sensitive hood.

“Ohhhhhh, my god.” April moaned, as she would release her skin.

Her hood would cover her clit again.

She would repeat the process multiple times.

“Mmmmm…Mmmmmm….Mmmmmm,” April moaned faster, and more desperate.

“Ohhhhh, fuuuck!” April groaned, as her orgasm shot through her body.

April immediately reached her hand down to her vaginal entrance, and inserted her middle and index into her lavender soaked box. The pressure that her palm applied to her hood covered clit, was enough to have her vaginal muscles contracting violently, bringing her second nectar bearing orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhh… Sweet Jesus…Mmmmmmmmmmm!” As April released a muffled soul screeching groan.

Her minds vivid lover, would now snuggle up to her and kiss her sublime full lips, and just hold April, as she recovers from her self indulgence.

April’s peaceful and contented mind, brought sleep for her, at this point, as the lavender, and pomegranate bath soaked into her satisfied skin, and senses.

April awoke approximately thirty minutes later, relaxed, satisfied and quite sleepy, but it didn’t stop her from reaching over, and finishing of her glass of Baileys.

Although the bath, by this stage, was only lukewarm, April was comfortable and content, and wanting to move beyond her current tipsy state, as she poured another glass, of her favourite Baileys Irish Cream.

“Come to mummy.” April giggled, as she took another sip of her favourite drink, ever!

April had no intention of moving, so she turned the faucet on, and ran more hot water through her cooling bath.

She manoeuvred herself, in order to release some of the cold water, via the plug.

She was kneeling on her knees, careful not to drain too much water out, whilst her hands stirred the water, mixing the hot water from the faucet, through out the cooler bath water.

Thankfully, the water was getting warmer, as her exposed skin was getting cold, and goosebumps were now covering her soft, tanned skin.

She reached over and picked up her glass of Baileys, and drank its creamy alcoholic contents in one swig.

“Ahhhhhh, yummo, one more I’m thinking.” April smiled, licking her lips of the excess Baileys.

She poured another glass, and put it down on the bathtub ledge.

April gave one last stir of the bathtub, and faucet water, before turning the latter off.

“Ooooo, perfect.” She said in delight, and sank her cold body, back under the now, hot and soapy water.

April leant over, and picked up her glass of Baileys, and turned a sip, into half of the glass, down her hatch.

“Wooohoo!” She she screamed out excitedly, then quickly covering her mouth.

Why do people do that, scream and then cover their mouth, the noise damage is done, ha! April thought, and giggled to herself.

She put her glass back on the ledge, and put her head back again, resting her neck and head, and closing her eyes.

Ben came to mind, and a smile came to her soft, makeup less lips.

She leant over, and had the remainder of the Baileys, in her glass, and then poured another.

She was becoming quite drunk, as she lay her head back down, and closed her eyes.

Ben was still front, and centre of her mind.

She opened her legs enough, to let the hot, lavender water enter her slightly open, vaginal slit.

My goodness it felt good, she wanted to touch herself, but the water sitting in her pussy, felt so amazing and hot, she just let herself be.

She wasn’t attracted to Ben, in fact quite the opposite, but the thought of seducing a married man, as a marriage councillor, now that was exciting.

Or was it immoral?

The thought of knowing he was married, knowing he screws around and knowing he was a pig, made him an easy target to seduce.

But their is a wife, and two boys involved, which is where the morality question enters her mind.

Does the wife know, yet put up with his ways?

Would she be devastated?

Would it ruin him?

So many questions, and outcomes, but honesty surely would win the day, was April’s thinking.

“I’m dressing up for dinner, and I’m going to pick up Ben & go back to his room and fuck him!!” April whispered to herself, as she skulled her glass of Baileys.

She manoeuvred over to the bath plug, and remove it, as the beautifully scented, and soapy water began to drain.

April turned on the faucet for the shower, which was part of the bathtub setup, and waited for it to warm up.

Once warmed, she got under the steamy, hot stream, and began washing the soap from her taut, canlı bahis siteleri and tanned body.

The water ran over her shoulders and down her breasts, the warmth stimulating her nipples, to an erect state.

The water was now washing the excess soap from her flat stomach, and down to her shaved, pubic mound.

The warm stream of shower water, was now running over her hooded clit and down through her pussy’s lips, and edging at her pussy entrance.

Wow it felt so warm and sensual, the water running over her, was turning April’s arousal level to high.

The shower head was removable, and April did just that, placing the head only inches away from her clitoris.

She pulled back the hood, and allowed the stream of hot water drown her clit.

April adjusted the force of the stream setting on the shower head, creating a narrower, faster and harder flow.

With her arousal level now off the dial, she began teasing her clit.

She would continue to pull back her hood, and put the hot stream on her clit, and count to five, then remove the water jet.

The tease was intense enough, for April to start reducing her count.

Now down to a three count, April’s right hand took over the shower heads masturbation, as she began rubbing her clit with her index, and middle fingers, the shower head, now in her left hand.

April shut her eyes.

A vision of her desired lover, stood before April, joining in with her frenzied state.

Is this all for me Beautiful? Her mind’s vision asked.

Ah hu. I want to be entwined through you so badly, I want to feel your touch, your breath and your flesh. April pleaded, as she spread her legs apart in the shower.

As your therapist, I’ve heard your mind speak, I’ve heard your torment and felt your abuse.

I’ve nurtured you with advice and knowledge, and all that is left, is carnal.

I need to taste your lips, and feel the warmth of you tongue on my skin. I need to taste your fruits, and devour your sex, and I need to feel you collapse into me, as your body trembles through it’s submission. As April’s wanton tears merged, with the water dripping from her skin.

Then release your ecstasy, fuck me Beautiful, I’m ready to receive your gift, from the soul of your pussy, cum for me April, your womanly energy, will rock me through your mind. Her minds lover encouraged her.

April turned the stream to

a narrow, fast jet and put it between her now, spread legs.

The stream pushed past her vaginal entrance, burst deep into her pussy, soaking her pussy walls on the way through.

“Ohhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, shit, shit, ohhhhh fuck, ohhhhhh baby, ohhhhhhhhhh baby, ohhhhhhh yehhhhh.” She cried, absolutely beside herself, and so satisfied inside herself.

The water jet was like a cock, that purposely filled her every crevice, hellbent on supplying her with, an intense vaginal orgasm, that has left her breathless and in desperate need of a swig of Baileys.

This time, strait from the bottle.

April felt like her mind, body and spirit orgasmed as one, she was so peaceful and shower wet.

April returned the shower head back to the wall mount, and finished washing her body.

She decided to wash her hair, so she tilted her head back, allowing the hot shower stream, to wet her beautiful, long, ash blonde hair.

With her hair and body, now washed, April turned off the faucet, and began the drying process.

She towel dried her hair, and put it up into a towel turban, then began to dry her tanned, and wet skin.

She draped the towel around her back horizontally, and began moving it from side to side, moving it from her shoulders, down her back to the top of her taut ass.

She brought the towel back to her front, and began drying her neck, shoulders and down to her upper boobs.

Drying her nipples, areola’s, side and under boobs.

Her breasts were very sensitive to touch, and arousal was born from the process.

She could feel the heat, in the depths of her pussy rise, and a tingling in her vaginal entrance.

April was wanting to masturbate again, but she wanted to do it in bed, so she dried her tummy, and pat dried her pubic mound, an inner thighs.

Her towel brushed her clitoris and pussy entrance, as she let out a moan. She brought the towel up to her face, and could smell her sweet pussy scent, where the towel had brushed her.

Mmmmmm, that is so delicious, perhaps a little taste before bed. April hungrily thought.

She put the towel on the bath ledge, and sat on it, with her legs in the tub.

April spread them slightly, and her vagina opened up, enough to put a slender finger in.

“Ohhhh.” April whispered, as her index finger entered her cunt.

“Mmmmmm.” as April licked her wet, scented finger.

This was all about tasting her juice, it was nothing to do with masturbation.

Her index and middle fingers entered her wetness, scooping out an impressive amount of her sex, and she brought her fingers to her mouth.

“Ohhh, fuck that tastes sooooo canlı bahis sweet.” admired April, as she lapped up every drop of her wetness again.

It soon became about masturbation, as April spread her legs wider, allowing her index and middle fingers to reach deep in her wet, and slippery chasm.

Her palm applied immense pressure to her clitoral hood.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, Ohhhhhhhhhh!!” April came very quickly, and brought her cum soaked fingers up to her mouth, and lapped up their wet and sticky offering.

She felt amazing, and her sexual scent, had her high and buzzing.

She is right now, the complete sexual package, and would have any man cumming in their pants, if they inhaled her exquisite aroma.

She ideally, would love a cock right now.

She would love it’s length in her mouth, hot tongue lapping its droplets of pre cum..

She has a craving for bodily fluid, and a desire to feel a cock’s hot cum drain into her mouth, and slide down her throat.

But she knows she is too drunk to drive into town, so April jumped into her warm, and soft bed.

“Oooh, this is so luxurious.” April yawned, as she closed her eyes.

Her dream lover was in the darkness, she kissed April in the lips.

April smiled, and she fell asleep, wet and horny, but sexually satisfied via her expert self care skills.

Chapter 2

April 1st – April’s Fools Unexpected D-Day.

The morning sun shone through April’s window, at seven twenty a.m.

The sun’s warmth hit her face at seven thirty three a.m.

April’s awakening with the sun, triggered the morning after consequences.

The throbbing booze fuelled headache phase, the dry mouth phase, the everything is too bright phase, and of course, the fuck I’m hungry phase.

First chore of the day, toilet.

Off to the bathroom, and a messy bathroom at that.

Shit! What a little piggy. April thought, when she walked in through the door.

She sat down on the toilet, and observed the mess.

Ohhhhhhh, now that feels good! as her morning stream poured from her urethra, into the bowl.

Towel on the floor, empty glass of Baileys, half empty bottle of Baileys, bubbles still sitting in the tub, and her phone on the floor, with Daylesford Nightclubs in Google.

Why would I want a Nightclub at eleven thirty at night for, I remember I had everything I needed right here. as April looked at her hand.

She looked down to her vagina, and saw semi wetness at her entrance, and dried juice trails on her inner thighs.

Second chore was shower, which she turned on, after finishing on the toilet.

She picked up the towel from the floor, and could immediately smell her sweet aroma, imbedded in its fabric.

Her scent was still very appealing, and she felt proud of the fact that any lover she encounters, will be rewarded with her sweet nectar.

April dealt with the glass, and half empty bottle of Baileys, then hopped into, what she hoped, was a warm, headache zapping shower.

April tilted her head back, wetting her long, blonde hair, under the warm to hot shower stream.

It felt divine, as the water soon ran down her silky, tanned, and voluptuous body.

She reached for the shampoo in the wall’s alcove.

“Oh, shit!” She exclaimed to herself, “Fucking empty.” as April looked to the small conditioner bottle, and you guessed it, the same.

“Fuck, I must have washed my hair last night, hmmmm, which would explain the towel on my pillow.” April thought to herself.

Now drenched from head to toe, April turned off the faucet, and tiptoed out of the bathroom.

“Oooh shit!” She giggled, whilst slipping on the bathroom floor.

She managed to stop herself falling, by grabbing onto the door frame, and ran out into the carpeted bedroom, and grabbed her toiletries bag, and the towel from her pillow.

April headed straight back to the bathroom, and took her shampoo and conditioner from her bag, and hung the towel up, on the towel rack.

She hopped back into the shower, and put her shampoo and conditioner bottle into the alcove, and turned on the faucet, and had the perfect water temperature very quickly.

April began wetting her hair again, and washed her entire body, including, washing and conditioning her hair.

She turned off the faucet, and wrung the excess water, from her hair.

April took the towel from the hook, and began drying off her body.

She was still a little horny from last night, as she could feel a tingle, and warmth inside her quim, as she was drying her breasts.

Jesus, how much alcohol and masturbating did I devour last night? she thought to herself.

She began pat drying her pubic mound, clitoral area, and her vagina.

“Fuck, mmmmm… it’s almost unbearable. I can’t believe how fucking horny I am.” she thought, as she seriously thought of rubbing one out, this instant.

Save it for later gorgeous, seduction when horny as fuck, will be fool proof. she thought, while looking at her banging body in the mirror.

Perhaps a little taste.

April said to herself, as she dipped her index finger into her wet, vaginal


“Mmmmmm, shower fresh, and finger licking good.” April giggled to herself, as she licked her finger clean.

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