Art Class Life Model Adventure Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Pandora never washed before work. She liked to smell of sex while she stood naked in front of the young male university students. She liked to watch them blush and hide behind their easels while they caught the scent of the delights they had not yet tasted in their young virgin lives.

Malevolently she liked making eye contact with them, observing their eyes dart away and their trousers shift uncomfortably.

She would always keep her poses demure, ever-professional, merely the animated statue. But her victims knew she was no innocent.

When she was invited to critique their attempts at capturing her classical form, she was presented with infinite re-creations of her breasts and buttocks. Their focus was clear and crude.

Nevertheless, she walked amongst them and praised them for their immature efforts. As she did so, she would lean in close to them, letting her breasts brush their bare arms, or her thigh rest against their limp hands. She would hear their breathing quicken and their voices become constrained when they attempted to thank her for her compliments on their compositions.

One day she found herself talking after class with her favourite student Sebastien. They were so engrossed in their conversation about the female form in classical art that they suddenly found themselves alone, as everyone had left.

Pandora said she had better get dressed, but was enjoying the conversation so much that she invited Sebastien into the changing room with her to continue it.

Nervously, he accepted. He had never seen a woman naked in the flesh before this class, nor had he found one he conversed so easily with. There was a normality of her nakedness in the art studio, but in the changing room there was an intimacy he felt he was a voyeur upon. Despite his trepidation, he followed her into the changing ankara türbanlı escort room.

It was quite a small space and he was very aware of how near he was to this beautiful naked woman. For she was a woman; with her full breasts, rounded buttocks and pussy slit which was always visible, no matter how demure the pose.

She noticed he was completely transfixed staring at her ideal womanly form. She could almost hear his heart beating like a hummingbird’s as she walked slowly towards him, keeping eye contact as she advanced.

She took his trembling hand, put it to her breast and slid it down to her waist. She maintained her eye contact with him the whole time, watching him swallow nervously, yet lick his lips with unconscious anticipation.

He savoured the softness of her skin and the curve of her body, holding her gaze all the while.

She moved closer to him and slid her hands under his t-shirt and pulled it off over his head, then pulled him close to her and kissed him. As her lips touched his, his whole body felt like he’d received a static electric shock. As she kissed him, she ran her nails gently down his back making the tingling intensify.

As their lips locked, her tongue found his and showed the promise of its agility and skill.

Standing with her naked body pressed against him, she felt his young inexperienced penis rise, searching for her.

She responded to its plea by kissing his neck, down his young but strong abs, reaching the waistband of his jeans. She knelt on the floor in front of him and he was powerless to move. As she undid his jeans to release his erection, she looked up at him with wicked provocative eyes.

She pulled his jeans down and he was left vulnerable in his boxer shorts. His erection was fully visible underneath ankara ukraynalı escort the soft fabric. There was a wet patch at the tip of his penis showing his heightened state of excitement. She removed his boxers slowly, still looking up at him from her unorthodox position of power.

His youthful but muscular thighs framed his perfectly proportioned penis. It stood proud and ready for her. While maintaining eye contact, she took his cock in her eager mouth, right down her throat to the base. He gapsed at this overwhelming new pleasure. This was far superior to pleasuring himself.

She ran her agile tongue around his member with relish, licking his balls and perineum too. Over and over she took his throbbing shaft right down her throat.

She could feel he was about to come, so she sucked the tip and ran her hand up and down his shaft until he blew his load all over her waiting breasts. He moaned a deep guttural admission of ecstasy and his knees buckled so he was kneeling in front of her.

She looked at him and smiled wickedly. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pushed his face to her cum-soaked breast. “Suck!” she said. And his zealous tongue found her rock-hard nipple and lapped his ecstasy from it.

He relished the task of licking his own cum from her breasts. The taboo of ingesting his own emission only heightened the experience.

Once he had finished, she pushed his head down her toned stomach to her pussy, which was dripping wet with honey. The act of giving him his first pleasure had turned her on immeasurably. She lay back and parted her long, soft, legs wide, welcoming him in. He was overcome with excitement and intrigue with his first glimpse of her glistening pussy. He was struck with wonder at the beauty and readiness of her moist ulus escort and parted lips. He longed to worship with his tongue like he had licked his pleasure from her breasts.

As he got close to her throbbing clit, he savoured the scent of her pussy honey. His tongue circled her clit, caressing it ever so gently, watching her pussy twitch with pleasure.

He kissed his way around her upper thighs, teasing her with the promise of ecstasy. He plunged his now confident tongue into her pussy and sucked her clit with intense force. He varied his speed and intensity, teasing her until she came explosively and her honey ran from her pink throbbing pussy, down to her tight arsehole. Her moans were so loud, they were lucky the building was empty, or they would have been discovered.

With her cunt dripping wet and begging to be entered, he took his eager, throbbing, inexperienced cock and gently found her welcoming opening. Once his tip had found its rightful place, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deep inside her and gasped with pleasure.

He slid his cock in an out of her dripping wet pussy faster and harder, pushing right up against her cervix, until he nearly came. She could tell he was at the point of climax, so she pushed him out of her and straddled him. She pinned him down, keeping eye contact with him and teased the tip of his throbbing cock with her wet cunt. She hovered above him, letting just the tip of his cock in her pussy, then coming off him again. Then suddenly she plunged his cock deep inside her, taking him all in. She rocked her hips and rode his cock aggressively, while biting his neck. Finally, he exploded inside her, pulsing his cum into her receptive pussy. She dismounted and took his cock in her mouth and sucked his glistening cum from it and swallowed it, licking her lips as she did so.

She helped him to his feet and he stood there, shocked at what had just happened, but thrilled and grateful. She kissed him deeply, put on her sheer dress and walked out of the changing room, sliver thread of honey trickling down her thigh.

He couldn’t wait until the next class, who knows what might happen.

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