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As I waited in line I could see her, a few groups of people ahead. As the line slowly snaked forward letting in the critics and patrons alike, I could see her beautiful red hair shimmer in the neon lights of downtown. The reds, yellows and blues highlighting her luscious red locks in the dark night. I could see her gorgeous figure through the long skin tight dress she was wearing. She wasn’t skinny by any means, but she had a figure, a gorgeous one, and as my eyes slipped down her body, I found the curve of her gorgeous ass, protruding through the white fabric that clung to her like cellophane. My girlfriend’s voice brought me back to reality and out of the daze I had found myself in…

What had she said?

“Yeah babe it definitely is cold outside.” I replied back nonchalantly.

I broke my stare to look back at the girl by my side, and in turn lost sight of the girl I couldn’t help but stare at. Girl? By no means was the female in front of me a girl, she was a woman. The way she walked and carried herself, with pride, confidence and a swagger that dripped sex appeal.

We moved to the front of the line and the attendant checked our IDs and checked us off the list, and into the art show we plunged. My good friend had an exhibit here tonight, and I was here to support him, but my concentration was fragmented. Part of me wanted to refocus on my intended purpose, part of me could not stop lusting after the gorgeous specimen I had just seen in line.

We rounded the first area, a depiction of the naked female form. Some more covered than others, some baring it all, all beautiful, intriguing and exciting. Just what I needed, I could feel my cock stir in my pants, I was already excited just from my view in line. I let my eyes wander over the different pieces and then I saw her. Not her, not the her that was here in her dress tonight, but the same creature, featured in this particular painting, naked, bare, exposed, and yet wrapped up in her own essence, her own form. She was amazing. From her foot going up the curve of her ass, her long legs extended into the rest of her beauty and as I followed the curve of her body up to her back, my eyes meet hers in the painting, looking back at me over her shoulder, asking me to come forward, follow her into oblivion.

“Babe! You are staring!!” She chastised me. No not she, but the other girl I was with. I wasn’t with her, she was merely present.

And she was right, I was staring. I couldn’t look away.

“Yeah you are right. Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Alright, enough I need a break from art. Let’s grab a drink.

We went to the bar and she had a glass of wine. A beer for myself. It felt good to have a cool drink. I was beginning to feel flush back there. We sat and chatted for a moment, discussing this gorgeous woman from the painting, my merely present companion felt that she was plain, lackluster. How misinformed she was. I tried to explain the attractiveness of subtly, but the analogy was lost on her. After a few moments of futile effort I moved us away from the bar and we began to wander around the exhibit again.

I felt the heat of a glare looking down on me, and instinctively I turned and looked up to the balcony level surrounding the floor. There she was in her flowing white dress, looking down at me, not at me, more like into me. Her eyes were the same deep inviting eyes from the picture begging me to come forward, to follow her into oblivion. Her stare was intoxicating, undressing me, seeing through me. Her eyes held a wanton hungry look. She was on the prowl, and had just found her prey. I subconsciously bahis siteleri took a drink of my beer, gulping and welcoming the cold liquid. Our eyes still locked, she motioned towards the left side of the room, almost so slight it was unnoticeable. But we shared a mutual understanding. I saw the look in her eyes, and she saw in reciprocated in mine. I managed to mumble out something about the bathroom as I walked away from the person I was merely present with.

I saw her unlock arms with a man I can only assume was her present companion. Where we were headed to was a different place, a more primeval, carnal place. I followed her around the balcony, and as I looked up through the metal grating of the industrial building we were in I could see her, see directly up to her, she was wet, moist and glistening. The hunger in her eyes was not the only hunger she possessed.

I stared up at her watching her walk and move, catlike and lithe. She walked down the stairs, lifting the corner of her dress to allow her stride to accommodate her restrictive clothing. She rounded the corner, heading towards the back of the building. I followed a few feet behind. My beer finished, but the bottle, held loosely in my hand, no sure what to do with it. She rounded the corner and my heart speed up. I couldn’t afford to lose her from my sight, surely she would disappear like an apparition into the night. And as I rounded the corner into the darkness I could she her there, staring back at me. She had turned back to face me, but still steeping away from me, one foot behind the other, backing away, luring me in.

My heart quickened as did my pace. In a matter of a few short steps I had moved upon her, my large steps gaining on her short back pedal, she kept moving away from me. I interceded in her motion planting my right foot next to her, our bodies connecting for the first time, just a brush of clothing over the real feeling of skin, gooseflesh began to form on the back of my neck. What was I do here with this woman. It didn’t matter, this felt too good.

With my foot planted I shifted her weight and pushed her back towards the wall. One step, two, she careened into the wall and my weight was pressed up against hers. Her hands were in my hair and mine were upon her hips, or rather one was, I still held my beer bottle in the other. My hand wandered up her body as my other pulled her in closer, holding her weight against the wall. Her hands descended my body, finding my already hard manhood. Her kiss grew needy and aggressive, as her hands began to reach into my pants she pulled me closer into her. She knew what she wanted and needed. I felt my own inner animal take over as I pushed her hard, back against the wall, flattening her hands. I reached down over her dress cupping her moist pussy. I could feel her heat, and her wetness. She moved as my finger tips caress over her engorged clit.

I took my hand up running it through her hair and pulled her into towards me creating a gap between us and the wall we had been sandwiched against a minute ago. As I created that distance, I turned her around, bending her over in front of me. I reached down and lifted up her dress, exposing her now, soaking, visibly wet, almost dripping pussy. I held my hand on the top of her back, holding her dress up from falling down and applying consistent pressure so she could not move or stand back up. In my other hand I held my empty beer bottle.

I took the glassy smooth rim and brought it to connect with her mid-thigh. I heard her gasp, a combination of cold glass and the surprise of the unexpected. I ran in up her skin canlı bahis slowly, creating a trail of gooseflesh up until the height of her thigh, as she curved inward towards her woman hood. I placed the cool bottle up against her mound, feeling the slickness of her pussy, I rubbed the ribbed mouth up against her clit. I felt her moved to push back, trying to take more, trying to stand and penetrate, she needed to be filled. But I held her there, her dress pushed all the way up to her neck as she bent over, I intertwined a length of her fiery red hair in my grasp. As I caressed her clit, teasing slowly, I leaned down into her body. My hot breath against her ear and I pulled her head up to meet mine. She moaned as she felt me move closer into her.

“Tell me what you want, beg for it… what is it your desire. What is it you need?”

She replied back to me, sultry and wanton, the need apparent in her voice, “You. I need you inside of me.”

“Not yet my dear.”

And with that I let the tip of the bottle slip into her pussy her juices flowing unending over the glass, I could feel her hot essence coat my hand. She gasped as the bottle filled her up and I began to slowly move in and out of her, working her pussy, bringing her closer to orgasm. Bringing her closer to her release so she could flood her juices all over me; she was already dripping down my hand.

She was bent over in front of me, the curve of her luscious, firm ass staring me in the face as I penetrated her in and out, causing her to push back with her hips, hungrily against my thrusts, yearning for more to fill her up. As my hand was on the small of her back, I felt her bend over more, further down, and suddenly the pressure that I had been applying with my hand was no longer needed. She reached back, underneath herself, between her legs, and grabbed the bottle from my grasp. She let her sexy ass sink down to the floor, lowering herself onto her make-shift toy and as she did she dropped below my grasp, below my control.

She turned and faced me, looking up into my eyes, our gaze intertwined and connected, her pupils filled with wanton desire, filthy hunger. She placed her hand behind my thighs on either leg and pulled my hips into her face. Through my slacks, my cock was already rock hard and protruding very apparently. As she pulled me in, she let the bottle slide deeper into her, filling her up, giving her, at least part of what she wanted. What she needed now was the raw emotion, the raw hunger, the lust. As she pulled my body in, her teeth found my rock hard cock through the thin fabric of my slacks, and she bite and teased me gently. Her hand came up to my waist, not bothering with button, clasp nor zipper, she reached up and tore my pants down, my erection standing at attention

She glared at my large manhood, salivating. She looked up, into my eyes and shone her wicked grin. She licked her lips and in one motion devoured my cock. As she took my head, and then my shaft into her mouth, deep into her throat, she lowered herself onto me, as she let her glass toy slide deeper into her swollen pussy. She had never had a cock inside of her and in her mouth, and she savored the moment of being filled so completely. She moaned on my cock as she accommodated the larger girth down below.

She bounced up and down on my cock, slurping, bobbing, and sloppily giving her mouth to me. She gagged and chocked as my cock slid up and down her throat. She gobbled my cock taking me in all the way down to my trimmed pubic hair. Her hands were on the back of thighs, pulling me deeper into mouth, literally fucking me with güvenilir bahis her face. Dear god, this woman was so amazingly kinky, seductive and sexual. Her mouth sent shivers down my spine. She pulled back, coming up for air and our eyes locked. She looked up at me, holding my stare with her eyes, and my saliva covered cock in her hand.

She reached down between her legs, and retrieved the innocent beer bottle, now defiled. She picked it up bringing it above my cock. She tilted it and poured out the remnants; her juices that had slowly filled the bottle as she pleasured herself with the glass toy. She poured her juices onto my cock, coating it in her warm clear cum. She used her hand to work her cum up and down my rock hard cock. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my entire life.

“Now! Now, I need you now or I am going to explode!” She cried, practically screamed, lustily, begging me.

She turned and bent back towards the wall, still holding my cock in her hand she guided my cock into her soaking, sweet pussy. I slide into her easily, she was so wet and excited, between her saliva and her cum, my dick slide all the way into her, hitting her cervix, bottoming out and making her gasp at how deeply I had penetrated her.

She screamed, bucking back against me, trying to get me deeper inside of her. She pushed back taking control, fucking me as she bent over in front of me, both dominant and submissive.

She felt so good. I grabbed a hold of her red locks in the dark, the tone of her hair barely visible in the corridor. I pulled her hair from the back her head, at the roots, pulling her back onto me, deeper into her. My other hand on her hip; guiding her tight cunt back onto my cock.

She reached back and moaned, her hand caressing my stomach.

“Oh god, your cock is going to make me cum!”

And with that I grabbed both of her hips, and let the full length of my shaft slide almost all the way in and out of her, at first slowly. Then as she begged for more, I picked up the pace. I could feel my own orgasm building.

“Oh fuck! Pound me, please, let me cum. I’m going to cover your cock in my juices!”

I was pounding her deep and hard now, and her pussy started to tighten down on my hard cock as I could feel her orgasm building. Mine was building too, I felt like I was going to blow my load through the wall, she had me so worked up.

“I’m going to cum!” I gasped as my hips bucked into her ass, her flesh rippling with the force of my thrusts. My hands wrapped around her hips holding her in place.

“Oh god, I’m cumming. Don’t stop! Fill me up, fill me with your cum!” She cried in ecstasy.

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. Her pussy squeezed down on my cock and as she came, and I felt her hot juices coating me, running down my balls and down my thighs. She was gushing, with no end in sight. I pounded her harder, my orgasm imminent.

“Ohhhh gooodddd I’m cuuuummmmmiiinnnnggg….!” She screamed out, gasping for air, unable to complete her sentence.

Her knees started to buckle, unable to hold her own weight as she came. Luckily my hands were wrapped around her, and as she fell to her knees, I continued to pound her, her body shaking and quivering as my cock slide in and out of her, my balls about to burst. I gave her everything I had, and then I came, filling her up, relentlessly, unable to stop as a shot burst after burst of cum into already dripping pussy. We both lay the shaking.; both of our juices spilling out of her, on me, onto the floor.

I lay there for a moment, unable to move, my now only semi-hard cock still inside her. I felt her legs quivering, her half naked body basking in the afterglow. Basking in, what was for me, one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life, and for her, I could only imagine the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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