Art Professor

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I was horny and it didn’t help that I was nude. My name’s Christine and I am an artist model in the Midwest. Posing for art students didn’t usually make me horny but this was Tim’s class and his classes, or should I say Tim, had an effect on me. I’ve had the hots for him since the first time I modeled for one of his classes.

Tim is about 45 and very nice looking, about 5”10″ with a nice build. I am an attractive 41-year-old MILF with a nice body, perky 34B tits, a neatly trimmed pussy, slim waist and a very nice ass. I started modeling about five years ago and have loved it ever since. I enjoy the variety of people for whom I model. However, Tim was different. From the first time that I modeled for one of his class, I was thinking sexy thoughts about him. My nipples became hard and my pussy got wet. While Tim would explain to the students what he wanted them to do during this class, I would glance at his crotch wondering if he had a big cock.

During breaks, I’d don a robe. Tim and I would make small talk off to the side while the student chatted amongst themselves. Today I was horny and needed to do something about it. While we talked I let my robe part, exposing some cleavage. I noticed that Tim’s eyes drifted down. My back was to the classroom so I made some arm movements, which caused my robe to open further, fully exposing my firm tits. My nipples were hard and by the looks of Tim’s pants so was his cock. Then I slowly slid my right hand down the edge of my robe, brushing my hard nipple and exposing Tim to a nice view of my neatly trimmed wet pussy. He gasped and said the break was almost over. I excused myself to use the models changing room restroom.

While in the changing room, after using the facilities, I opened my robe and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I cupped my breasts slightly pinching my hard sensitive nipples then slid one hand down my body to my wet pussy. I gently brushed over my slit and flicked my hard clit letting out a sigh. WOW!!! I couldn’t believe how horny I had become wondering about Tim’s cock, wishing he was standing in front of me displaying his cock, begging for attention. I needed to cum and soon. Glancing at the whatsapp escort clock I reluctantly closed my robe and headed back to the classroom.

The next hour Tim had me do poses that were definitely intended to show off my ass. I have been told that I have a great ass. During the poses, Tim would wander around getting all views of my naked body. When he would stand in front of me, I noticed a bulge in his pants and it was getting bigger as class proceeded. I could feel my pussy juices flow as I thought about Tim’s cock. The timer finally went off to end the class.

Tim dismissed the students giving them their assignment for next week. As the last student filed out of the room, I heard the door lock then heard Tim say, “You have a great ass Christine.” As I gave Tim a better view, I suddenly felt his strong hands caressing my ass. I felt my pussy juice beginning to run down my thighs as he pressed against me. God I was so horny. He moved his hands along my body cupping my tits making my nipples hard.

I turned to face Tim and reached down grabbing his hard on. I had to find out how big his cock was. As I started to undo his pants, Tim leaned down to suck my tits, his flicking tongue causing me to moan with pleasure as his tongue found my hard nipple. Releasing his dick from its confines, I slid down to my knees to admire Tim’s manhood and stared at his beautiful 8″ cock. I reached up and slowly started stroking his stiffness, squeezing precum from the tip as I placed my tongue under his cock head to catch the clear droplets. I opened my mouth, taking in his cock and swirling my tongue around the head. I love sucking cock; the feel of the hardness sliding in and out of my mouth gets my pussy so wet. Tim’s moaning was making me so hot that I started pumping his cock faster and faster with my mouth. My hand found its way to my pussy and I inserted a couple of fingers into my slit, soaking my hand with juice. I then ran my tongue down the length of his dick to the base giving his balls a bath, sucking each one into my hungry mouth. Pulling my tongue back to the tip I stood and led Tim to the model stand.

The model stand is istanbul escort bayan a 7-foot square raised platform against a mirrored wall on which the models pose. The mirror is so students can get a reflected view of the model. I wanted to watch Tim have his way with me. My sheets were spread on the stand so I stretched out on them as Tim lay between my parted legs and began licking my pussy. His tongue felt wonderful as he ran it the length of my pussy from my ass to my clit. Flicking my clit with his tongue, I felt the build up of an orgasm and did not want Tim to stop. Tim’s talented tongue was doing its job, with every pass across my clit I was nearer to cumming.

“Your tongue feels so good,” I said in a breathy voice “Don’t stop.”

Tim looked up at me and said, “I won’t, you taste too good.”

As Tim continued to lick my clit, I started cumming, spraying pussy juice into his mouth. I needed to cum some more so I held Tim’s head against me encouraging him to bring me more pleasure. He did not disappoint me; Tim kept licking my clit making me cum several more times, soaking his face with my hot juice.

“Oh yes, lick my pussy,” I moaned, “Make me cum some more.”

Tim grabbed my ass and pulled me close, vigorously licking my clit. His hands began fondling my ass as he pressed his tongue against my sensitive clit and began exploring my ass with his fingers, rubbing my juice seductively around my hole. I was so wet from all my pussy juice that Tim’s middle finger slid easily into my ass. Tim slowly fucked my ass, with his finger sending me into orgasmic convulsions, my hips bucking and pushing down on Tim’s finger as I came.

Tim got up; his face soaked with cum. He looked so hot and knelt between my legs, grabbed his cock and began rubbing it along my slick pussy. When his cock touched my clit, I let out an affirming moan as a shock wave went through my body. I lifted my ass and spread my legs, inviting Tim to slide his cock into my waiting pussy, filling me with his 8″ monster, making me moan with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, fuck me!” I moaned as his cock slowly pumped my pussy.

“How do you like it?” He asked.

I özbek escort replied, “Hard and fast, fuck me hard and fast!”

Tim began pounding my pussy with fury, my pussy tightening around his big cock pulling him deeper into my wet slit. As Tim continued to fuck me, my pussy squirted, covering our bodies and sheets with my juices. Suddenly Tim pulled out and whispered, “Turn over. I want to look at your ass while I fuck you.” “With pleasure.” I replied.

I knelt, giving Tim a nice view of my ass. With my ass in the air, I felt Tim’s hot breath and lips begin to caress my wet flesh. He then began to French kiss my back door, probing my hole with his magical tongue. The sensation was incredible: I couldn’t take any more. I quietly said, “Please fuck me!”

Leaning down on my arms and further raising my butt into the air, Tim got the hint. I suddenly felt the tip of his dick press against my pussy. I pushed back engulfing his monster cock. The sensation of the rhythm of our fucking was about all I could take, “Oh yeah fuck me, fuck me!” I moaned and started cumming, spraying my juice down my legs.

Tim was starting to make some sexy sounds indicating he was about to shoot his load. “Oh god your pussy feels so good.” He moaned, as he kept pounding me from behind.

“Where do you want my cum?” He breathlessly asked.

“On my ass!” I exclaimed.

Tim pulled his big cock out of my drenched pussy and laid it between my ass cheeks, sliding his cock back and forth between them.

“I’m going to cum!” He grunted.

“Oh yes, I want to feel your hot cum!” I said.

“Here it comes!”

Tim groaned loudly as he shot his big load. I felt, and saw in the mirror, the first rope of cum land in my hair; the rest of his heavy load covered my back and ass. The feeling was euphoric and I didn’t want it to stop. As Tim’s orgasm subsided, we both let out a sigh of satisfaction. I turned and looked in the mirror and thought, “You are a Horny Bitch.”

We had lost track of time and looked up at the clock. “Shit!” we said in unison. Tim’s next class was to begin in ten minutes; we were naked, I had cum in my hair and the room filled with the scent of sex. We gathered our things, Tim quickly got dressed and I put on my robe; I could feel Tim’s cum running down my back and ass as I made my way to the changing room. I felt that after sex glow, wondering if passing students noticed.

I hope I am scheduled to return to Tim’s class soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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