Ashleigh Plays I’ve Never

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Part 8 of 8. Each part is self-contained and reading previous parts is not essential to the continuity of the story, but several recurring characters are only described in detail on their first appearance.

Part 1: Ashleigh’s Ride Home. Ashleigh misses her ride home after cheerleading practice.

Part 2: Ashleigh’s Game Day. Ashleigh and the other cheerleaders help their football team in any way they can.

Part 3: Ashleigh’s Research Project. Ashleigh has waited until the last day to finish her research project.

Part 4: Ashleigh’s Winter Ball. Ashleigh goes to her sorority semiformal.

Part 5: Ashleigh’s Christmas Break. Ashleigh goes home for Christmas.

Part 6: Ashleigh’s Spring Break. Ashleigh goes to Cancun for spring break.

Part 7: Ashleigh’s Summer Internship. Ashleigh gets a pretigious summer internship.


Chapter 1

Ashleigh Holton bounded down the stairs of the Kappa sorority house. In two days, the new freshmen would arrive at State University, and the Kappas would present a clean, crisp image to all the prospective pledges. But until then, they acted like the snobby, drunken sluts that they really were. Ashleigh remembered how hard she tried to impress the Kappas last year as a freshman.

Ashleigh was dressed in a tight, V-neck T-shirt and short shorts. Her nipples were semi-erect and clearly visible, but she didn’t care. The sisters had been furiously cleaning the house and preparing for Rush, but Andrea as the newly-elected President deemed it necessary to have one night of drunken degeneracy.

To that end, she had purchased enough rum and Coke to get every single sister shitfaced twice over. And after Andrea had toasted to the evening, she introduced them to the game of “I’ve Never.” The game was simple – in a circle, each player declares something they’ve never done. Everyone who had done that had to take a drink. In this case, they decided to start the stakes at one shot of rum and if only one person drank, she had to tell a detailed story.

Chapter 2

Technically, the “I’ve never” statements didn’t have to be sexual, but what was the fun in that? Andrea set the tone for the evening by declaring, “Well, I’ve never fucked a black guy.” About two-thirds of the sorority drank to that, including Ashleigh.

Ashleigh was sitting next to Andrea and was next. She was actually petrified trying to think of something she hadn’t done that the other girls had. Unlike most of the Kappas, who came from wealthy families, Ashleigh’s mom was pretty lower-middle class, and her stepdad was an asshole. As a result, Ashleigh had done a lot of things her sisters didn’t know about, and she decided she was going to lie about a few things if they came up. At any rate, she picked another safe one: “I’ve never given a foot job.” At least 10 of the sisters drank to that.

Tracy, a sophomore and one of the quieter sisters (at least, when she wasn’t getting fucked), thought for a bit and said, “I’ve never had three different guys inside of me at the same time.” Only Ashleigh, Brenda, Katrina, and Crystal drank to that, and some girls called for stories, but Andrea reminded them that only solo drinkers had to tell stories.

Sasha, a senior, got Ashleigh on the next round. “I’ve never broken the Kappa rule about pissing inside the house,” she declared. Pissing outside the bathrooms was strictly forbidden inside the Kappa house. It wasn’t so much that the girls found it repulsive as a sexual act, but just that it was hard to get the smell of piss out of the rugs and mattresses. Ashleigh was pretty sure that she wasn’t the only one who had done it, but in retrospect, she realized she was the only one dumb enough to admit it by drinking.

“Oh, come on!” yelled Ashleigh. “Fucking liars.”

Nobody else flinched, although a few sisters shuffled their feet and looked at the floor. “Fine, story,” Ashleigh conceded. The sisters applauded.

“Last fall, when Jason and I were still dating, I was rooming with Liz, and she seeing that guy named Cory or whatever.” Some of the girls snickered, remembering Cory. He was a nice enough guy and a basketball player, but after fucking Liz, he’d walk around with his slimy, cummy dick hanging out. The girls didn’t particularly mind it since he had a huge dick, but a lot of their boyfriends / fuckbuddies got pretty jealous and it created a huge amount of tension.

“At any rate, Jason just couldn’t deal with the dong one night, so we looked around for a place to fuck without extraneous dicks loitering about. Megan was blowing Riley in the living room, and Cat and Tina were studying in the library, so we ended up fooling around in the kitchen. It was actually pretty fun, I got one leg up on the kitchen counter and he did me from behind, standing up.” The girls whooped it up.

“So he’s, like, fucking me, and I’m not quite there when he blows a load into my pussy, so after he pulls out, I’m like, ‘You gotta finish me off!’ He’s not happy about it, but he kneels down poker oyna and jams his tongue into my cummy little cunt, and a few minutes later I’m cumming hard. As a matter of fact, I’m cumming so hard that I’m squirting, and basically the whole floor is a mess. And no, Ginny, for the hundredth time, it’s fuckin’ NOT PEE!” Everyone laughed, including Ginny. Ginny had insisted that it was pee last year, and ended up tasting ten glasses with either someone’s squirt or someone’s pee in it. Ginny got 6 out of 10, slightly better than guessing randomly.

“I go to get the mop, and Jason’s all, ‘wah wah you peed on me,’ and in general being a huge douchebag and not even helping clean up his own goddamned cum on the floor. So after like 5 minutes of his whiny bitching, I invite him to piss on me to call it even. So he’s supposed to just piss a little and then stop the stream, but I get his noodle dick into my mouth and he fills it up he’s like, ‘Oh, shit, it hurts to stop, I can’t stop, I can’t stop.’ And soon enough his piss is running down my chin and soaking my clothes and dribbling all onto the floor.”

“Yeah, so anyway, we had to clean it up really fast because Cat and Tina were coming into the kitchen for a snack, and then Jason took me to Red Lobster that weekend to make up for it.” Everyone applauded, and Ashleigh gave a half-drunken curtsey.

“One demerit for breaking house rules,” announced Andrea. “But waived because you cleaned that shit up before anyone slipped in it.” Everyone had a good laugh.

Chapter 3

Ginny was next. “I’ve never been tied up,” she said. About half of the Kappas drank to that, including Ashleigh. Ashleigh didn’t realize it yet, but several of the sisters had started whispering amongst themselves, having noticed that, aside from her own statement, Ashleigh had taken a drink at every single statement.

The trend continued as Lindsay riffed on Ginny’s statement, saying, “I’ve never tied anyone up.” Ashleigh had to drink to that as well, and she was beginning to suspect all the snickering going on was related to her. Brenda, Ashleigh’s big sister, was a close second, only having missed the pee question. Fuckin’ liar, Ashleigh thought, she was pretty sure Brenda had taken a golden shower once, but it may have been in the bathroom.

Jordan was the prude of the bunch and despite being a senior and Treasurer, the only reason that she was ever in the sorority was because her mom was in it 25 years ago. She was cordial, but never friendly, and probably fucked fewer guys in 3 years than Ashleigh did in a month. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass,” she said. Most of the girls groaned, as it was pretty lame. Every single girl took a drink.

Next was Katrina. Katrina had to think for a bit, because she had been drinking quite a bit already, and because there wasn’t a whole lot that she hadn’t done. Since she couldn’t come up with a broad category of things she hadn’t done, she had to make a pretty narrow statement. “I’ve never had vaginal sex in a moving vehicle.” Ashleigh had to think for a little bit, but remembered she had. She moved the tumbler up towards her mouth before realizing in horror that not a single other girl was drinking. Ashleigh started to put the drink back down but all the girls shouted at her. “Liar!” “Nice try!” “Slut!”

“Fuck you all,” Ashleigh declared. She shot down her eighth shot in half an hour. If she weren’t pouring them for herself, she would have sworn they were getting stronger. Then she started her story.

“Last October, Jason took me camping up in the hills. And I know what you guys are thinking but it really wasn’t that bad. We drove all the way to the camp site and he had this super deluxe text with an air mattress and all this barbeque shit from the Delta house, so basically we just lounged around and fucked most of the time. On the mattress inside of the tent, inside of the tent but not on the mattress, bent over the picnic table, up against some random tree in the woods. Y’know, just standard ‘getting to know you’ fucking since we had just started dating.”

“So it’s Sunday morning and I’m pissed because got jizz in my eye, so he’s going down on me half-heartedly. And this car pulls up and some dude is like, ‘Hey, you’re in our spot.’ Jason gets out of the tent and goes to ask them what the fuck and there’s, like, 3 guys who think checkout is 10 am and Jason’s all, ‘No, it’s 11.’ And eventually Jason drives one of the guys down to the office to sort the shit out and I’m just standing there with these two guys who are totally gawking at me.”

“Now don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad looking, but y’know, they’re all, ‘You’re a college freshman? Whoa, are you even 18 yet?’ and I’m not really feeling it at first, but then they start acting a little more normal and one guy starts getting this huge boner in his pants and I can totally see that he’s got a monster. My nipples got hard, I guess, and because I wasn’t wearing a bra, they started poking through my tank top, and then the second guy gets a canlı poker oyna massive boner too.”

“At this point, I’m getting pretty wet and actually wondering whether we’d actually have enough time to fuck before Jason and the other guy get back, and they invite me to take a tour of their trailer. It was just a kitchen and a fridge, basically an excuse for them to accidentally bump into me with their dicks. So I pretend to look around for a little bit, and then casually inform them that Jason’s going to be back soon so they better fuck me quickly.”

“So, like, they whip off their pants and I suck on their dicks for a little bit just to break the ice, and then one guy bends me over this tiny little kitchen table we get to fucking. And it’s really good. Like the guy’s dick is just so big and it feels like I’m full, and I’m on the verge of coming when Jason and the third guy come back and they’re all like, ‘Where is everyone?’ I ask the other dude for my phone from my pants pocket, and text Jason ‘I went for a walk’ and just tell the three guys to just get the fuck out.”

“This guy doesn’t stop fucking me the entire time. Like, he’s actually shouting instructions to his friend driving the truck on how to get back to the main road while he’s jamming his cock into my pussy. And it’s all bumpy on the access road and everything’s falling off the shelf, but basically his dick is getting rammed into me super hard, and I’m cumming and cumming and eventually he cums too and blows a giant load into me.”

“The driver makes a super-hard turn and all three of us fall over, and the second dude in the trailer with me still has a raging boner, so I climb on top of him and stick his dick into my cummy pussy. And everything’s still bumping around like crazy and the dude is bucking underneath me like some crazed madman.”

“We get back to the main office and the driver stops the car, comes back to the trailer to see what the fuck’s going on, and opens the door just as the guy I’m straddling yells ‘Aaaaaaaa!’ and shoots another load into me. And he gets super jealous and wants some, so while I’m still straddling this guy with his dick pumping out the last bits of cum, I have to blow the driver.”

“So, what happened to Jason?” giggled Brenda.

“I forget,” Ashleigh replied. “I told him I went for a walk or some shit like that and I totally smelled like cum all over but I guess he thought it was his. Don’t know, don’t care.”

Chapter 4

“I’ve never had any kind of sex with a man shorter than 6 feet,” Nikki said. She was one of these supermodel types, almost 6 feet herself. Everyone drank to that. “What’s the tallest guy you’ve ever been with?” Andrea asked. Nikki had to think about that for a little bit. “I’m not sure. How tall is the basketball team?”

Nikki and Ashleigh had tag-teamed the basketball team last year. Basketball cheerleading wasn’t as prestigious as football cheerleading, so only a few of the Kappas were spring cheerleaders, and only Nikki and Ashleigh were slutty enough to offer their pussies as bounty if State made it to March Madness. “The deeper you go,” Ashleigh explained, “the deeper you get to go.”

“I’ve never fucked more than two different guys in the same 24-hour period,” Madison said. Wow, thought Ashleigh. She drank, along with half of the sorority. Ashleigh reached out for the bottle of rum to refill her shot glass, but slipped off the couch and landed on the floor with a crash. The sisters all laughed, some with her and some at her.

As a matter of fact, her big sister, Brenda, was downright concerned. She had taken two fewer shots and could easily outdrink Ashleigh, and even she was starting to feel pretty buzzed. And since she was next in the circle, she tried to think of something outrageous that not even Ashleigh could have done. The problem is that both she and Ashleigh were rabid sluts, and most of the fraternities were filled with horny college guys who would do just about anything. College guys! Brenda realized that being in a college town, most of their sexual experience would come from college guys.

“I’ve never fucked anyone famous,” Brenda declared. This prompted a large debate about what exactly “famous” meant. It was decided that nobody on campus constituted “famous,” even if they were well-known sports players. State senators didn’t count because who the fuck knew who they were. Local TV people didn’t count. At the end of the discussion, Brenda revised her statement.

“I’ve never fucked a national celebrity or national elected politician,” she said. Brenda even reached for her glass, before realizing that Ashleigh was reaching for hers. “Oh no,” she blurted out. Ashleigh slammed back her eleventh shot of the evening. Ashleigh never told me about anyone famous she had fucked, Brenda thought, and Brenda was pretty sure Ashleigh would have.

“Well, I’ll just come right out and admit I had to blow my boss and one of his underlings every single day during my internship,” Ashleigh started. This kind of surprised internet casino most of the sisters, including Brenda. They all knew Ashleigh was smart, like, actually smarter than most of them pretended to be, and when she got an internship at a prestigious bank in the summer, most had assumed it was because she was smart. Not that blowing people was wrong – that’s how most Kappas got their summer jobs – but that Ashleigh didn’t seem like the kind who needed it.

“One day, I’m curled up under my boss’s desk and doing the Hoover when his secretary rings him. And this is a big fucking deal because she knows he gets his precious little sucky sucky time from me every morning and hates being bothered. Anyway, he picks up the phone and I can only hear one side of the conversation, but I can tell it’s really fucking important because he actually makes me stop sucking his dick.”

“So he’s going ballistic and calling his little brown-nosing assistants into his office , and meanwhile, I’m curled up under his desk wondering whether I have to finish sucking his dick while he’s holding a meeting. Which he made me once do, but that’s another story. Anyway, he seems to be ignoring me, and his dick’s gone soft, so I wipe up my chin and I’m crawling out from under his desk, but he tells me to stay around. Like, in his office.”

“It turns out that the big deal is that some Senator is on his way for some kind of surprise visit, and that he’s really really pissed off about something. Like worse than ‘you fucked my boyfriend’ pissed, like ‘I’m going to send you to jail’ pissed. The Senator had apparently made some big speech using the bank as an example, and then the bank sold a bunch of derivatives that made the Senator look like a total ass.”

“Vernon makes me take the notes for the meeting, figuring that the Senator can’t rip him a new asshole if there’s a girl in the room. And sure enough, the Senator gets in and tells everyone to leave, but Vernon’s like, ‘No, she has to take a record of this meeting’ and even I can tell that the Senator wants to call him a fucking cunt but doesn’t want it in the minutes.”

“The Senator yells at him for almost an hour, and I’m trying to get all this shit down but I don’t know shorthand or anything like that but I figure Vernon doesn’t really care about an actual transcript, just wants a little buffer. And Vernon, this 65-year-old man who’s got like a billion dollars and a small army of yes men, is on the verge of tears. And even though he’s a total asshole and makes me suck his dick, I kind of feel sorry for him, y’know?”

“So Vernon excuses himself to go to the bathroom, probably to change his shit-smeared boxers or something, and the Senator’s playing all nice with me, like, ‘Sorry you had to hear that, blah blah blah.’ He goes off on how he’s a man of integrity and his word means everything to him, but I can totally see him shamelessly looking up my skirt. He’s not even subtle about it. He’s just staring at my crotch, and then I realize that I left my panties under Vernon’s desk so he’s probably just looking at my pussy and imagining Vernon sliding his dick in and out of it.”

“At any rate, I see him shifting around to hide his boner, and I just come out and say that I’m willing to help Vernon out. So he totally gets it and tells me to start playing with my tits, which I do. And then I take off my panties and keep playing with my tits while I straddle him on the chair. He’s sucking on my tits when I see Vernon at the door, looking in the window, giving me a big thumbs up.”

“We fuck on the chair for a little bit, but it’s kind of cramped, so eventually he bends me over Vernon’s desk and starts pounding me from behind. He doesn’t want to come in my pussy so when he’s all ready he whirls me around and cums in my mouth.”

“Anyway, Vernon comes back in and the Senator’s all like, ‘I think we can come to some kind of arrangement.’ Vernon makes me sit on his lap so he can fuck me while they’re drafting some kind of press release, and then after that, the Senator wants another turn so he puts me on the floor and does me mish. I’m super sore at the end of the day, but next summer I’ll be working for the Senate in Washington D.C.”

Chapter 5

From that point on, the game was less about trying to get to know one another as sorority sisters and more about trying to get Ashleigh to admit all the dirty, filthy things she had done. Petite Sabrina said she had never fucked anyone over 300 lbs, and Brenda lied and took a drink to spare Ashleigh from being the only one. She knew that Ashleigh had fucked a fatty in a limo for $500 after a night of clubbing. She knew that because she was in the limo while Ashleigh was doing it.

Cat said that she had never fucked a professor, but obviously a whole bunch of Kappas had done that. Shit, some of the Kappas did it more often than not. Tina claimed she had never fucked anyone in a men’s room, but a whole bunch of Kappas had also done that. Laurie, an unimaginative bitch, repeated her big sister Sasha’s statement about breaking house rules, but the shitting portion instead of the pissing portion. Of all the people to join Ashleigh in drinking, it came as a huge surprise that Andrea had done it too.

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