Ashley and Her Brother Ch. 02

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The next morning I awoke slowly. I was glad it was Saturday and didn’t have to deal with school on top of the stress of last night. I was finishing up my senior year of high school in and the senioritis was becoming overwhelming. Taking advantage of the weekend, I wasn’t in a hurry to actually get up. I’d wake for a bit toss and turn in bed then end up drifting back asleep even as the sun pierced through the blinds of my bedroom. It wasn’t until the third or fourth time of waking that the urge to relieve myself overtook my urge to sleep in. As I rose I it dawned on me the implication of why I was naked from the waist down, and that realization brought back the rush of memories from last night.

I scurried into the bathroom still bottomless. After relieving myself of a surprising amount of pee I returned to my bedroom to find the pajamas I had worn last night. They were still a heap on the floor of my bedroom near the door where I discarded them. Foregoing panties, I pulled on my pjs and headed downstairs wondering if Bryan was even going to acknowledge what happened yesterday or if it would fade away as a one-time thing. I was too sleepy to do my usual overanalysis of my life and just wanted to get some breakfast.

I didn’t have to wait long to figure out which of the two paths I was in store for. It being almost 10:00 in the morning, my whole family was already up. Dad was in the living room watching something on television. Mom fluttered around the house clearly searching for something, but ignored me for the most part. I stood at the counter by the fridge pouring the last of the milk into my cereal as Bryan entered the kitchen. As he passed me his hand swept across my ass somewhere between a caress and a grope. It was too slow and methodical to be an accident but also too quick and smooth to look like anything weird happened. Turning quickly to face him my eyes were alive with panic and fear. Didn’t he realize that our parents were not only home but, like right here? Hell, dad was sitting on the couch not 10 feet away since our kitchen actually opened up to the family room. Had he even been glancing in our direction he would have watched his son feel up his daughter’s ass in broad daylight. Too risky!

He met my eyes, smiled, and kept walking. My head then turned to the living to see if we had been caught. But, nope, nothing. Dad’s attention was glued to the ever so riveting sport of golf. I calmed a bit and brought my cereal and a glass of orange juice to the living room sitting in one of the two chairs that bookend the couch my dad sat on.

After I finished my cereal, I tried watching golf with dad but eventually begged him to watch something else. He turned on some old rerun of a TV show. One of those weekend marathons that tend to dominate cable television lately. Nonetheless it was better. We watched in a mix of silence and the occasional small talk. About halfway through the episode Bryan joined us, sitting in the chair opposite me.

During the next commercial Dad got up and left the living room. He wasn’t gone more than 5 seconds before Bryan looked directly at me and silently mouthed something unintelligible. I could guess what it was but didn’t actually understand him. My hesitation made him pantomime lifting up his shirt. Fuck.

“Show me your tits,” he mouthed more clearly this time.

I shook my head no my eyes wide pleading with him not to make me do that. Dad could be back any second. Plus, who knew where mom was fluttering about. It was one thing fooling around harmlessly in his room when no one was home, but this wasn’t worth it. I shook my head no again.

He looked me square in the eye and whispered, “Do it.”

My defensiveness waned. Well, we were alone – at least for the moment. I was torn between my terror of getting caught and my desire to give in, give Bryan what he wanted and show him like I did yesterday. Honestly, part of me may even been a little flattered that he wanted to see me more. I know it’s not a shocking leap to guess what happened. I peered into the kitchen, peered down the hall, ears straining to hear the sound of footsteps. Coast was clear. Quickly, I lifted my shirt flashing my bare breasts to him for the second time in as many days. My cheeks flushed and heart raced. The wrongness and dirtiness of it disgusting me and turning me on at the same time. He smiled eyes glued to my soft perky breasts. What girl doesn’t love that feeling? That feeling of being attractive, turning someone one, pleasing. Incredible.

The rest of that weekend was a blur. We all came and went at different times but it seemed whenever both Bryan and I were home, I was the focus of his attention. He did a surprising job of playing cool. Much cooler than I felt.

If we had a few seconds alone in a room he’d take advantage of it by sometimes making me flash him again. Usually that was just lifting my shirt and showing him my tits but once I surprised him and even myself a little when I turned around, Ankara bayan escort bent over and pulled down my pjs flashing myself lewdly. He liked that with a grin that lasted well after I hid away my modesty.

Other times, when we passed in the hall his hand would play across me. Not for long, but enough to keep me in a constant state of horny arousal. He clearly didn’t want to get caught either and he seemed to know when he only had a millisecond to caress my ass or a few seconds to cup my tits in his hands.

Once, we passed each other in the hallway and he confidently pushed me against the wall, my legs spread as he boldly slid his hand down the front of my cotton pajamas and cupped my bald, pantyless mound in his strong hand. I shuddered. It was like he was claiming my pussy as his, holding my most private part. I loved it. His fingertips slid across my folds before he reached my clit turning me on all the more before retreating.

It was a game… a tease… fleeting seconds throughout the course of the entire weekend. I loved his hands on me. Loved that he wanted me. That he touched me. I even loved the risk of him doing it when they were home. It was just to keep us turned on. And I knew it turned him on too. I started paying more attention to his crotch noticing his erection. I started reaching for his cock sometimes too when we had a moment, touching him through his pant. Sometimes it was soft, but most of the time I could feel his thickness even through his pants. Once, I was coming out of the living room and he pressed me against the wall, his pants covered cock pressing against my ass.

“Can you feel how hard you make me Ashley,” he whispered in my ear.

It took everything in my power not to pull his cock out right then and there and please him. We had barely done anything, hell I hadn’t even seen it, but already I loved his cock. I wanted to see it. To touch it. To taste it. To pleasure it. I pictured it in my mind often that weekend wondering when I’d get my chance. Every once in a while I’d reflect on how surreal the whole thing was. Here I was daydreaming about my brother’s cock. Knowing that it was me, his little sister that made him hard and horny.

Unfortunately, Monday came all too soon and it was a pretty uneventful weekend save for a few arousing highlights. With Monday came dread. I didn’t want to go back to school and leaving Bryan to go to school made it all the less desirable. Bryan had been way more fun than anything that could possibly happen at school. Nevertheless, part of me at least was still a good girl trying to do the right thing so off to school I went, dressed in a another matching dark polo shirt with my schools insignia on the left breasts along with the ever too trite plaid skirt. The day went by agonizingly slow even though I got on A on my AP Calculus test and totally nailed my government presentation. As the day crept closer to 3:30 I began getting more and more excited. What was going to happen when I got home? I knew the parents were gone at least until around 5 or 5:30. Bryan would be home. Would he be waiting for me? He only had one class on Mondays down at the community college. I hoped he was looking forward to playing and touching as I was. The thoughts alone made my pussy tingle and I had to consciously prevent myself from speeding home at the end of the day. My brother’s hands on me? Hot. Speeding ticket on my way to see him? Not hot.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, my phone vibrated in my hand. I peered at the screen somewhat annoyed that it was interrupting what was waiting for me behind the door, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw those two familiar words stand out on the center of the screen: “Come Here.”

Shit was about to go down.

My brother was clearly waiting for me to get home for him to text as soon as I appeared. I became giddy with excitement or lust or whatever you want to call it. I ran inside the house threw my purse down on the entry table before quickly running up the flight of stairs to the second floor. I stood outside his bedroom for an extra moment waiting for my heart rate to go back down. It didn’t.

I knocked on his door and then there he was. One second I was standing outside his door the next I was in his room the door closed quickly shut behind me. Before I even knew what was happening I felt his hands in my hair pulling me to him and then, oh fuck, then he was kissing me. He was an indescribable mix of gentle and rough. Maybe rough wasn’t the right word, needy, perhaps. It was years of sexual frustration and desire pouring out as we made out. I relaxed, sinking into our kiss as our lips opened and tongues danced together for the very first time. I wrapped my arms around him holding him as he held me. Oh my god, it was finally happening. My brothers soft lips, his tongue. He pressed himself against me and I could feel his erection already straining against his blue jeans. His hands went down my back and held my ass as we Escort bayan Ankara stood there barely a foot from his now closed door. I would have done anything for him in that moment.

Our kiss softly faded into him softly kissing my lips then my cheek then my neck.

“Oh… Ashley… you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he cooed in my ear.

“Me too,” I replied breathlessly. “Forever.”

“You made me so fucking horny this weekend,” he confessed, “I must have jacked off like a dozen times.”

I laughed and looked at him. The thought of him jerking off a dozen times was both comical and arousing. Furiously stroking his cock thinking of me. Poor guy was probably sore from all that attention but of course the comment still flattered.

I started rubbing his cock through his pants feeling it twitch in response.

“I wanna see it…” I whispered.


“Hey, you’ve already seen me naked. You don’t think I want to see you, touch you, as well?” That last comment made me blush at my own forthrightness and I had to look away.

He took me by the hand and pulled me back with him towards his bed. He sat down on the edge of it again, like last time.

“Kneel down,” he instructed. And I did. Fuck, just him telling me to kneel was hot. The ultimate taboo, right? Kneeling before your brother, his cock moments away from being unveiled. Still in my school uniform I knelt on the floor beside my brother’s bed looking up at him with anticipation and lust.

“Take off your shirt for me.” I complied, peeling my shirt off the polo and revealing the simple purple and black Victoria Secret bra that contained my breasts. Without needing to be asked I unhooked it and let it fall away. He sighed loudly. “You have the best fucking tits, Ashley.” He leaned down and played with them in his hands while I grinned up at him. He didn’t play long, but just long enough to make them hard enough to pinch, which he took glee in doing, causing me to squirm. “They’re perfect.”

Then he leaned back on the bed, his feet square on the floor, his hands behind him, propping himself up.

“If you want to see it so bad, take it out.” He grinned down at me, teasing me, clearly waiting for me take the next step and unveil his erection. My hands trembled as they reached for his pants. I had seen cocks in porn certainly, but this was about to be my first real life cock. I slowly pulled down his zipper and struggled for a couple seconds undoing the button of his jeans. For the record, it’s oddly difficult unbuttoning pants backwards on someone else. Unbuttoning his pants revealed a pair of grey boxer shorts. He lifted his butt up letting me pull his jeans down to the floor bunching at his ankles. Every few seconds I could see his cock twitch behind the thin cotton fabric. I don’t think I’ve ever been as turned on in my entire life as I was in that moment. Warmth radiated from his crotch. I was about to feel my first cock, and not only that, it was Bryan’s. My hands rubbed him through the fabric. I reached for the elastic band and gingerly pulled it up and away letting his cock spring free. Just the sight of it made me suck in my breath. I pulled his boxer briefs down to join his pants on the floor and took a moment just to admire my brother. He had a delicious looking penis. I say delicious in that my mouth literally watered at the sight of him. The skin already pulled taught with the strength of his erection. It stared at me. All 7 inches of his beautiful cock. I knew he was circumcised from when I saw him as children, but he had certainly grown since then. He was no pornstar mind you. It wasn’t comically big like you find in porn all too often, but I did have a fleeting though of concern for how that thing would ever fit inside me. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and felt the intense heat emanating from him. It felt weighty in my hand. As I touched him for the first time he moaned and his eyes fluttered. I started stroking him slowly, taking my time, enjoying the view from my knees of his hardness.

“Oh Ash… that feels so good. I love your hands on me.”

I started stroking him a little firmer. One hand wrapped around his cock the other gently exploring his balls. They looked so big, and full of cum. How could his balls be so full if he had cum so many times this weekend, I wondered to myself.

“Suck it,” he urged. Was it a question or a statement? I didn’t much care. I wanted to suck him. My nerves got the best of me and I hesitated until he urged further, “go on Ash, suck your brother’s cock.”

I kissed the head of his cock softly. Then, stuck out my tongue and licked the underside of his shaft while holding it in my hand. He seemed to like that as his cock throbbed even more. His cock tasted good, manly, and a little salty. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and pulled it into my mouth.

“Mmmm…” I breathed onto his cock. He did taste good. Granted, I had nothing to compare it to, Bayan escort Ankara but we both seemed to be enjoying my first blowjob. I started bobbing my head on his cock like I had seen in porn. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, but he didn’t seem to be complaining. In fact, as I blew him his comments were getting dirtier.

“Fuck yeah Ash, you’re such a good little cocksucker aren’t you….. Oh fuck… good girl…. That’s right. Keep on sucking your big brother’s dick….. Mmmmm fuck….. Good girl…… You like that don’t you…. You like my hard cock don’t you baby sis… Mmmm…. who would have guessed my little sister would be so good at sucking dick…. dirty fucking girl…. getting wet for your brother’s cock…. aren’t you….”

I moaned, nodded or made eye contact when I could, but mostly I was turning into an incestuous cock sucker. I knew my panties were being soiled by my soaking wet, creamy pussy and I let one hand explore myself under my skirt, while the other stayed wrapped around Bryan. Through my panties, my fingers rubbed my clit and played my wet slit. All the while I tried taking more of him into my mouth, even trying to get it down my throat. I knew how much boys liked that and thought I’d at least try, choking a bit in the process.

“Oh baby sis… I’m going to fucking cum… Don’t stop… Yes… Fuck… Yeah… “

I felt his hands in my hair, then they were holding my head. He started pulling me deeper onto his cock making me gasp and choke but it worked. And though my eyes watered and I worried about breathing, he did finally get balls-deep down my throat. Before I knew it, he was using my mouth to pleasure himself, forcing me on and off his hard cock. My mind had a fleeting thought that this is the difference between a blowjob and face fucking. I loved when he took control, then I knew it was exactly how he liked it. Being used by him also let me play with needy pussy as my orgasm was fast approaching.

But first I felt him, his cock twitched and expanded and he pulled my mouth off of him.

“Open wide,” he gasped.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could just as the first streak of his warm, thick, salty cum crossed my tongue and hit me in the back of the throat. That did it, my orgasm exploded from within me rolling in powerful crashing waves through my body. Trying to keep my mouth open for him, the second pulse successfully joined the first in my mouth, the smell and taste of my brother’s semen overwhelmed my senses. But, my own pleasure had me writhing on my knees and I was moving too much to be able to catch the rest in my mouth. The next squirt of his warm cum hit me right in the face, the last couple of smaller squirts fell onto my exposed tits. His orgasm subsided first, the sluttiness of it all only adding to my pleasure. I was covered in his sticky white cum, marked by him.

I was finally his and it made me so fucking happy.

After he covered me in his cum for the first time, I knew would do anything for more. I was becoming addicted to our secret dirty life. In fact, while I was still kneeling on the floor cleaning his cum off my face, he told me that we couldn’t stop, he loved it too much, loved me too much, needed this too much and I was going to make myself available to him whenever he wanted. The idea made my heart skip and pussy tingle.

“I love you Ashley, so much, but you made me need you too. I need that beautiful sexy body of yours. I couldn’t go back to how things were, not with you just down the hall,” he said sweetly even while I was still kneeling before him. He continued with, “You are to come whenever I call, and I’m going to touch you whenever and wherever I want, do you understand?”

I couldn’t help but nod. But, I kinda thought that was already what was happening with him feeling me up in the hall or making me flashing him, but it dawned on me we were only just beginning this new kind of relationship.

“Do you want to be mine Ashley? All mine? More than just my sister?”

“Yes…” I whispered. “Yes,” I added more confidently. “I’ve wanted this for so long; I want to be yours Bryan.”

He smiled at me and it was one of the most loving silent exchanges we ever had. We were moving past brother and sister.

“Good, but there are going to be some rules I expect you to follow. First, like I said you are to give yourself to me anytime, anywhere… your whole body will be mine to play with. Second, you are no longer allowed to wear panties while you’re at home. I’ll let you keep them on at school and when you’re out with your friends, but when you’re in the house, I want easy access to that beautiful pussy of yours.”

I was fine with Rule

, I loved having his hands on me, so that was no problem. Plus, he seemed to keep in mind that neither one of us wanted to be caught so I trusted him. But, Rule

was scarier for some reason. Even the thought of it made me a little self-conscious. I mean, I usually could just sprawl out on the couch, or put my feet up on the coffee table, even in a skirt and not really worry too much about it. But now, I’d have to make sure my parents never noticed that I was going commando under my schoolgirl uniform, otherwise it could end it catastrophe.

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