Ashley and Jack’s Turkish Delight

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Rounding a bend in the unsealed narrow country road, I was disappointed to see that the last few hundred meters were uphill. Weary from our third consecutive day hiking on the southern Turkish coast, I grabbed Jack’s hand, trying to get his help pulling me forward. I felt him wrapping his fingers around mine, and upping the pace a little which was assisting me to move.

Past the bend, the road was joined by a track that wound downhill through pine trees. Just before we reached the start of the track, I spied a girl emerging from the pines. She stepped onto the road just in front of Jack and me. Seemingly not really perceiving us, she was engrossed in the music on her i-pod.

The first thing I noticed as she as she turned to walk in the same direction as us, was a trim butt barely covered by her tight blue bikini bottom. That suggested she was walking up from the beach that, I had discovered from our guidebook, was below.

As Jack was half a stride ahead of me, I could not see much more of the newcomer. However I could see Jack staring in her direction. So I quickened my pace and drew level with my boyfriend, eager to work out what had his attention.

I immediately could guess why he was staring. The naughty boy seemed to be focusing on the jiggle of the girl’s large breasts, which were unconstrained by either bra or bikini top.

In truth girls like that have always made me a little jealous because I tend to think that at least half of the population prefer their breasts to my b-cups.

Jack turned and winked at me. As I walked beside my boyfriend of over eighteen months, I too was seeing occasional glimpses of side breast from her barely there t-shirt. I smiled to myself as I felt Jack alter his pace to keep in prime viewing position just behind the girl.

Deep down I really admired how confident she must be to dress in such a revealing way. She knows that revealing her body would certainly draw stares, just like she was getting from Jack. Me too if I was honest.

It did not take long for us to arrive at the Lycian Garden which was everything the good reviews had suggested. Cabins were dotted along the hillside, running along from a built in deck. On the deck were tables and chairs set out beside a bar.

We stopped at the little office beside the bar and, after Jack went inside, I briefly watched the girl walk, hips swinging in a sultry way, towards the cabins. After she disappeared I walked across the deck which overlooked a secluded wooded valley and the bright blue sea.

Saying, “This is beautiful,” to myself, I waited for Jack to check in.

When we were shown to our cabin, I was thrilled because, while simple, it was spotlessly clean and comfortable. Better than I had expected given its price to be truthful. Looking out the cabin window I spied a small swimming pool just down the hill side.

As I took off my pack Jack put his arms around me saying, “I am so looking forward to a day’s rest and relaxation. How about we hit the pool.”

He quickly found some board shorts in his pack and stripped off his walking clothes. He paused naked, realising that I hadn’t moved and was staring at him. Smiling I went to him, putting my arms up onto his shoulders.

“Oh my God Jack you are so not giving up sport. You are a hulk, over 6 feet, broad shoulders, and a trim body. Even after eighteen months I can’t get over how hot you are.”

“Hey you. You are the gorgeous one Ashley. I adore your slim trim sexy body,” he replied which made me feel warm and gooey inside.

Lifting my t-shirt he said in his bedroom voice, “Come on either you get a bikini on or we are staying inside.”

Feeling hot and sweaty, I was more desperate for a swim than an orgasm. Searching in my pack I found a bikini and slipped off my clothes. As I slipped on my bikini bottoms, Jack picked up my bikini top saying, “Don’t know whether you will be needing this.”

“Topless,” I thought, “I bet I know where he got that idea from.”

Sauntering over to him I took his penis in my hand asking, “Is it me, or the cutie that we saw on the way here, that has given you thoughts about not wearing a top?”

Feeling his penis stir I had my answer, “Ah ha…it is that big breasted shameless display that has turned you on.”

Grinning Jack said, “Well that and the fact that the most gorgeous b-cups in the universe are in front of me.”

He ran a finger around my sensitive nipple which made me feel even gooier inside, my residual envy fading a little with his appreciation of my figure.

“Well these b-cups are going into a bikini until I know for sure being topless is ok. And this body is off to the pool. So you better get that erection down a little so you can join me without embarrassing yourself.”

I left the cabin first, but Jack caught up with me as I got close to the edge of the pool, and jumped right in.

“Come in Ashley this is so refreshing.”

I went to the side where there were wide steps and stepped in, enjoying the coolness poker oyna of the water as it reached higher up my tired skin with every step. After swimming around for a few minutes, we sat on one of the steps and took in the view over the pine covered hills and the sea beneath them.

“Ash, I am so glad you suggested this as our summer vacation. The walk is hard work but the views are so worth it. I am having a lot of fun so far”

I was relieved that Jack liked the walking. Knowing that his past vacations involved beaches and bars, I had spent the last month fretting over whether he would like the solitude that came with longer distance walking as much as I do.

After a minute or two he put his hand on my chin and led me into a kiss. Gently and then more passionately his tongue met mine and I enjoyed the physical taste of my boy. The boy who I was more and more convinced was the love of my life. Just testing how he was feeling I put my hand on his lap and could feel his penis start to stir.

I heard a splash. We broke our kiss. Both turning to see that the girl from earlier had jumped into the deep end of the pool. We watched as she swum into the shallow end and walked over to where we were sitting.

At around 5 7 she was about the same height as me but in other ways she was different. Younger and more brunette to my blond. A little bigger in the hips but much bigger in the breasts which were now covered by a bikini top. And her olive skin was somewhat darker than mine. But I had to admit I thought she was stunningly attractive. Feeling Jack harden some more I realised he did to.

“Don’t stop kissing on my account,” she said, “But I couldn’t resist coming over to talk, as you are the only ones around my age here. I’m Cara by the way.”

“Hi Cara, I’m Jack and this is Ashley. We are just cooling off after a day’s walk.”

With this easy introduction we sat in the pool and chatted. First, about the long distance walk we were doing part of. And that tomorrow was a rest and relaxation break.

Then we talked about university. Cara was nineteen and was having a final holiday with her parents and much younger siblings before starting university in York. York she observed was about as far away from home as she could be while still remaining in England.

Both Jack and I told her about our undergraduate degrees, and that they were both about to start our Masters at Oxford. She seemed more interested in Jack’s economics than my ancient history.

From our conversation it became increasing clear to me that Cara was a little bored with only her parents and her lap top for company. But when we discovered a shared interest in animals, Cara delightedly got out of the pool. She called me over and pointed out some of the local animals including hens, ducks, one kitten, and a lovely dog called Alexander.

Because we had things in common and as she seemed good company, I didn’t feel Cara was intruding on my time with Jack even though he was sitting in the pool alone. Though I suspected he was quite comfortable spending his time watching our bikini clad bodies move around looking out for animals.

After a while Jack called out, “How about a beer?”

I was up for that, as was Cara and we turned to face the pool, calling out “Yes please,” in unison. As Jack jumped up onto the pool ledge, water flowed down his body giving added emphasis to his well-muscled back.

I could see Cara’s eyes following him as he walked to the bar. When Cara turned back to me she said, “God girl, he has a hot body.” I was slightly taken aback as, while I have seen other girls check out Jack, she was the first to comment so directly.

But she is right he does have a hot body. There is no use me denying it or being shocked she had noticed, “He so does. He plays a lot of football and I love the way it keeps his muscles well defined.”

“You two are such a cute couple. It is so good to have someone younger and fun around here. I hope you don’t think I am intruding.”

In truth I was enjoying her company and found her openness kind of refreshing, “No, not at all, you are good company,” I said spying Jack returning, “Hey our barman is back, let’s get back in the pool.”

Jack came back with three beers and as he approached the pool he seemed aware he had two pairs of eyes on him. He handed out the beers and sat next to me with Cara on my other side. I again placed my hand high up on his leg.

“Hey,” he said after we had begun our beers, “I found out that dinner is served up by the bar, and that the beach down below us is good. What do you say we hit that tomorrow Ash.”

“That sound good Jack, I saw in the guidebook that the beach gets two stars.”

“Yeah it’s really cool,” Cara said, “I have gone down a few times with the family and by myself. If you like I can show you tomorrow. I would love it to be honest, it gets me away from being with my family. Without them we could go all the way to the far end. It’s not that far but I like it because it is sheltered canlı poker oyna beyond the rocks and a good place to go topless.”

I felt Jack’s cock twitch when Cara said topless.

“That’s sounds great it’s a date,” I said, thinking that may not have been my best choice of words.

We sat talking and enjoying our beers. Cara was a sponge asking questions and picking up all she could on university life, both parties and studying. But I liked her enthusiasm and Jack seemed as entranced with her bubbly personality as I was. She was also quite tactile touching me on the arm and even one time on the knee as she make a point.

At one stage when the conversation had turned to Turkey, she mentioned how she was having trouble with her camera settings and that her photos were crap. I saw Jack’s eyes light up and he offered to have to have a look at it for her. Ever since he was at school, photography has been Jack’s passion. His camera, though less expensive than his car, is his most prized procession.

Cara bounced out of the pool and rushed up to her cabin to get the camera, both Jack and I watching her butt disappear into the distance.

“I like her,” I said “She is enthusiastic and fun. You don’t mind if I ask her to have dinner with us?”

“No she’s cool, so long as the conversation is not about animals all night,” said Jack laughing.

Cara came scurrying back. She and Jack sat on the ledge of the pool with their feet in the water. I sat on the step watching the two of them. They were engrossed in Cara’s photos and talking about how the light settings were wrong.

I zoned out of the conversation, though I could see that Cara was even more tactile with Jack than me. But as it just seemed how she was, rather than specific to my boyfriend, it didn’t concern me.

After a while it occurred to me that I so needed to wash and blow wave my hair before dinner. “Hey honey, I am just going up to shower and change before dinner. You stay if you like. Cara feel free to join us for dinner if you don’t have to be with your parents.”

Cara beamed at me obviously delighted. “I would love that,” she replied, but quickly returned her attention to Jack and the camera.

When Jack entered the cabin about fifteen minutes later, he came up behind me, naked and drying my hair in the small bathroom. He dropped his board shorts, and as he squeezed past me to get in the shower, he patted me on my butt.

I asked, “Have a good time with Cara?”

“Yes, she is really nice, we worked out her camera is stuffed. We had a good time talking about photography. I think I talked her into picking it up at York.”

“Why does that not surprise me,” I said laughing, “Hey, by the way Cara thinks you are hot.”

“She really said that?”

“Yes why?”

“Well she said that you had a hot body you when you got out of the pool” Jack replied.

My stomach tightened from the thought she found me hot. But there was also a little anxiety that I did not compare to her. “Really?” I said,” I’m small compared to her big breasts.”

“Yes she did. Funnily enough she even asked me if I preferred her big breasts. My God she even squeezed her boobs together emphasising her cleavage as she said it.”

“What did you say?” I asked feeling more anxiety rising.

“Ha, I said I liked hers a lot, but that my favourite breasts are the ones attached to my girlfriend. Cara giggled at that and said it was a good answer. Keeping two girls happy at the same time.”

I smiled at Jack and gave him a kiss. He pulled me into an embrace but I knew we could not get too carried away or we would miss dinner.

“Come on lover get in the shower. We have got to get ready for dinner.”

I put on the only good dress in my pack. Brought for clubbing in the last town we were to stay. As Jack zipped it up for me he commented that he liked that I had chosen not to wear a bra. As it was still warm Jack had decided on shorts and a t-shirt. I thought they really emphasised his figure.

Telling each other we looked good, Jack picked up his camera, and we went to the bar where Jack took advice on a local red wine.

Taking our bottle of wine we sat at a corner table set for four. Relaxing we took in the view. The sun was about twenty minutes from setting into the sea. I took Jack by the hand saying “God this is perfect. I so love sharing this with you.”

“Me too. Love you honey,” he replied.

I sipped my wine content to watch the sunset and hold hands with Jack.

There were four other people at the bar. They were joined a few minutes later by Cara and her family. Cara waved as she ordered a drink and wandered over with her parents. We stood as she introduced them to us.

We chatted briefly before Cara’s mother suggested to her dad that they move to their table where Cara’s younger sisters were waiting impatiently.

I had immediately noticed how Cara had dressed. Short skirt and even a push up bra that really emphasised her cleavage. I internet casino thought she looked hot and had dressed to accentuate her body. From the glances Jack gave her, I realised her outfit worked for him.

We chitchatted but when the conversation returned to animals, Jack picked up his camera saying he wanted to get some shots of the valley at sunset.

“Do you mean the pines or my cleavage?” asked Cara innocently.

I had to laugh as Jack reddened slightly. It was so unlike him to get embarrassed.

As we watched Jack standing at the railing taking shots, Cara bent over and whispered “Hey I like your dress, you look very sexy.”

“Thank you,” I stammered a little flustered by her attention.

A moment’s pause but, “So do you,” was the best I could manage.

It was my turn to blush when I realised that I had glanced at her cleavage as I said it. She had smiled when she caught me.

Fortunately she changed the subject away from me, saying, “You boyfriend has a cute butt. Those shorts suit him.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “But with his body he looks good in anything.”

Jack returned and we sat at the table with Cara opposite Jack and me, “Oh my God,” Jack said with a smirk, “That is the most beautiful valley I have ever seen.”

He was rewarded with a perfect pout, and a sly, “Are you sure?” from Cara.

I must admit I started wondering how skilled this girl was at flirting.

“Oh yes,” said Jack with the most innocent look on his face, “Best natural feature I have seen today.”

“It didn’t seem like that on the walk up to the cabins,” said Cara with a wicked grin. We are so busted I thought.

“I so don’t know what you mean,” said Jack bringing his glass to his lips. I guess in an attempt to hide his smile.

One of the staff interrupted with the fixed menu for the evening which brought the flirting to a close. At least for the moment I was imagining.

As I sat there l was only half looking at the menu. I kept checking things in my mind.

Was I envious of Cara? Not really, Jack had told her he preferred my breasts.

Was I ok with her flirting with Jack? Yes, generally, it was like watching sport, first one side and then other. Though I had to say to myself, in soccer terms Cara was ahead two to one.

And what did I think of Cara? Perhaps that was a question I hadn’t yet got my mind around.

I had a wonderful time at dinner. The food was delicious.

It was a set menu but dish after dish was of the highest quality and featured lots of vegetables often picked fresh from the organic garden. For me the highlights included crisp fried aubergine slices in tahini and yoghurt dressing, whole sea bream baked on the barbeque, and syrup-drenched Turkish milk puddings.

And it was fun with Cara. Yes she was flirty. She had Jacks total attention, as he showed her the photos of the valley and discussed how he had controlled for the light of the setting sun. But I didn’t feel threatened by her as she seemed genuinely interested in learning about photography.

After that she kept asking about us as a couple. She wanted to hear about where we met and how our relationship developed. That brought me strongly back into the conversation, as Jack is my favourite subject. And she really endeared herself to me by sounding almost as excited as I am by the prospect of Jack and me moving in together once we get back to Oxford.

At one stage she said, “I am just so going to find me someone like Jack. Do you know at the pool, after you left, he said his favourite boobs were the ones attached to his girlfriend? I thought it was so cute.”

As she said cute she reached across and ran her fingertip in two circles around the open palm of Jacks left hand. As his right hand was holding hands with me I felt that hand clench as a little shiver ran through his body.

“Yes,” I replied, “Jack told me.” Cara raised an eyebrow when I said that.

As we finished our desert, Cara said, “I can’t believe how much you two packed away. It is a mystery to me how much you two can eat. I so have to watch my weight.”

She looked at me, ran her tongue over her lips. Then she directly asked, “Ashley how do you remain so slim and sexy? Do you do a lot of sport?”

“Yes some,” I replied a little flustered.

“I love the way you look, understated. No bra is strongly sensual in that dress.”

I felt myself blushing. It was like Jack and I had swapped positions. I was now on the sports field competing in flirting with Cara. But I already felt a goal behind. And I was not sure I could really play.

I tried to summon up some of Jack’s confidence. “Perhaps though a push up bra would have more effect,” I cooed.

“I am not sure my effort competes with your bounce,” she sighed. And pouted, making her look a little sad.

Immediately without thinking, I felt as though I should cheer her up.

“But you look so good Cara,” I said placing my hand over her upturned palm.

With a little devious smile, she ran her fingers around my palm in a circle. A little shiver went up my arm and down my body all the way to my pussy. I withdrew my hand feeling flustered at the effect her touch on me. My God I thought at best I am now down three to one.

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