Ashley and Justin

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Tina had met a new girl at work named Ashley. I had met her a couple times and I must admit I didn’t care that much for her. I can’t really place my finger on why I didn’t care for her I just didn’t. I just kept it to myself though, Tina can have whoever she wants as a friend. The only good thing I know about her is Tina says she has a fantastic tongue.

Today was a warm day for March so I was able to drive home from work nude. The sun was warm on my skin and it was nice to be able to play with my cock as I drove. I pulled into the driveway and saw Tina had already left for work. I had forgotten she was going in early today but was supposed to get off early too. I had planned on waking her up by fucking her, but obviously that was no longer possible.

I got out of the car and the air was still a bit chilly, but the sun was still warm. I stood there for a minute stroking my cock wishing it was just a bit warmer so I could masturbate in the back yard. Instead I gathered my clothes and went inside. I put my wallet and keys on the counter and threw the clothes in the hamper. Then I grabbed my phone and a beer and went into the living room.

I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for, so I pulled out my phone. I figured if I could find someone who was on I could sext them and give me an idea of what porno to put on. I pulled up messenger but the only one on was Ashley. As I sat there thinking, Ashley sent me a text telling me how much she loved the taste of Tina’s pussy. I replied to her about how I didn’t doubt it, I loved it too. I told her there isn’t anything about Tina I didn’t love, and that included sexually. She told me Tina had invited her over to a Saturday night event and I told her anyone is welcome. She told me her and Tina had watched a couple of our homemade sex tapes and she really wanted to see in person if I was as big as I looked in the video.

I got up and put in a bisexual orgy video. I was horny enough now so I took a cock pic and sent it to her, telling her this was me right now. She told me it looked damn good, and that Tina had told her to wait until she felt it deep bursa eskort bayan inside her. Then she sent me a nude photo of herself. I had to admit she looked damn good. So I told her she was pretty hot, and I might just masturbate to her. She replied to me go ahead, she was already in the work bathroom playing with herself looking at my cock. Suddenly a request for a video chat appeared and I quickly answered it.

She had set the phone on what I assume was the toilet paper dispenser and I could see she was indeed playing with her pussy. She had freed one of her breasts from her bra and was rubbing her nipple too. I sat the phone on the table and we both masturbated watching each other. I watched her cum and then I had my own orgasm, my jizz shooting onto the floor in front of me. She told me she couldn’t wait to taste it, she loved sperm almost as much as she loves pussy.

I watched her put her boob back in her bra and pull up her pants. I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. If she didn’t like clothes maybe I misjudged her after all. She blew me a kiss, told me she would see me later and disconnected. I cleaned up my mess, turned off the TV and went to bed.

I was about to lay down when she texted me again. She asked if it was true I liked to fuck guys. I told her I loved a good cock in my mouth and anytime there was one in my ass it was a good day. I laid down and drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but I woke up with a hand on my hard cock. I heard Tina moaning next to me so I knew it was after 2pm. I opened my eyes and saw Ashley eating Tina’s pussy, and Tina was stroking my cock. Ashley looked just as good naked in real life as she did in her photo. Ashley looked at me and her eyes were shining. She was clearly loving what she was doing. I told her so much for waiting for Saturday and Tina told me she could handle this anytime.

Ashley was looking at my cock and see said she wanted to try it. She climbed up and straddled me and Tina guided my cock into her pussy. Then Tina moved onto my face so I could eat her pussy. I could hear them kissing bursa merkez escort as they both rocked on me. I couldn’t tell who had the wetter pussy. Ashley’s pussy tightened on my cock as she started to cum. I bet her orgasm lasted over 30 seconds, closer to a minute. I didn’t think she was ever going to end. It was kind of a turn on. Tina must have thought so too because she started to cum on my face.

Ashley pushed Tina back onto the bed told me she gets to lick up her juices. I heard Tina gasp and have another orgasm. Ashley was very noisy licking Tina and i grabbed my cock and stroked it as I watched and listened.

I heard a noise in the corner and when I looked I saw a naked guy watching us stroking his cock. Ashley had finished licking Tina clean and moved back onto my cock. Her breasts hung nicely in my face and i started sucking on them. One of my favorite things to do is squeeze the boobs together so I can lick and suck both nipples at the same time. Once I started doing that it wasn’t long before she had another orgasm. She laid on top of me, using her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock, and kissed me.

She looked into the corner and smiled and the guy came over to her. She told me this was her husband Justin, and he had never been with more than one person at a time. When she had told him about wanting to go Saturday he was nervous. Tina had suggested she bring him over before hand to get a little broken in. Ashley said after seeing my cock photo she knew Tina was right and wanted it right away. Tina never passes down sex so quickly agreed. And they knew I wouldn’t mind, I never turn it down either.

Ashley took his cock in her mouth and started sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. I looked at Tina and she was playing with herself watching us. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss, mouthing that she loved me. I did the same to her and looked back up. Ashley was sucking and stroking his cock right in front of me, and it looked damn good. I squirmed under her and she looked down at me and smiled. She asked me if it looked good bursa sınırsız escort bayan and I told her she knew it did. She whispered in my ear that she was going to get his cock in position for me to suck it, but he didn’t know it. He had told her he wanted to fuck Tina before,but he never responded when she hinted around about being with a guy. She whispered she really wanted to see him with another guy.

She started sucking him again and slowly pulled him down toward my face. Once his cock was close enough she started jacking him. I raised my head and once in position, she guided his cock to my mouth. She let go of his cock and watched as I blew her husband. I felt his cock grow harder and soon he was mouth fucking me. I gladly took it and could feel my cock growing harder inside Ashley.

Ashley sat up on my cock and was riding me hard and fast. I looked at Justin and saw he had his eyes closed so he didn’t yet realize what was going on. Tina stood up and moved in front of Ashley, guided Ashley’s mouth back to her pussy. Ashley sat down hard on my cock and started slurping Tina’s wet pussy.

Justin must have heard it too because I saw him open his eyes. His eyes got wide and then he looked down and saw it was my mouth he was fucking. He stopped for a second as if trying to process everything, then he looked back at the girls. I kept sucking him and then I felt it and knew he was cumming. Somehow Ashley had pushed past Tina and took his cock just as he was exploding, and sucked him dry.

He stood there for a minute and then told Ashley they needed to go. She protested for a second but Tina told her it was okay, he just needs time. Ashley kissed me and told me she was sorry, and I told her not to be. I told her to take care of him and listen to him. They were welcome anytime but everything needs to be right. She smiled and said we were right and got up to leave. She kissed Justin and patted his ass as they got dressed. As they left Tina crawled on top of me.

We made love for the next half hour and finally laid next to each other, our bodies hot and sweaty. She laid with her head on my chest and asked me if I thought they would be back. I told her it was 50/50. On one hand he left right away, on the other hand he did cum. I told her I guess it depends on how adventurous he was. I don’t expect to see him Saturday, but I have been surprised before.

Besides, he hasn’t fucked Tina yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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