Ashley’s Adventure Down Under Ch. 03

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John couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was, his beloved Ashley, on-screen, being fucked by a group of black men, only a few rooms away from where he is. This resort is well equipped to fulfill all carnal desires indeed. The TV has been programmed to receive feed from any room or suite as long as the occupants gave their consent by pressing the “Consent” button on the remote control. Each room has at least four cameras to take in every angle of the action. What other facilities were present, he didn’t yet know about all of them yet but he has every intention to find out.

Looking closer at the remote, he noticed a button labelled “X Help” and decided to press it. A moment later, there was a knock on his door. Looking through the peephole, he noticed a sexy blonde girl in a bikini. John immediately opened the door. The girl looked better than through the peephole. Definitely much much better. He invited her in and she smiled a broad smile, wrapping her arms around him as she whispered in his ear, “The little missus isn’t around, Mr Gabriel?”

John slowly moved his hand down and into her bikini bottom, gently rubbing her clit directly, causing her to gasp in the middle of saying her name, “By the way, I’m Jenniferrrrr … aaahhh …”

John noticed that she was already wet when he probed her cuntal opening. Her juices almost dripping onto his palm. He slowly slid two fingers inside her pussy and she ground her hips against him, letting his palm rub hard on her clit while he finger fucks her. She slowly moves further into the room with John guiding her with his fingers in her cunt. Every step she took was pure pleasure as his expert manipulations brings her closer and closer to climax. The door slowly shut behind them. John looked at the TV and said, “There’s the missus to be, about to get fucked by a group of black studs.”

Jennifer gasps at the sight as it fuels her impending climax. John’s hand and fingers continue their expert stimulation and she begins to shudder and shake, her legs almost giving way due to the climax smashing into her. She groans out loud and collapses on the bed, John’s fingers slipping out momentarily as she began squirting all over the sheets and carpet. John lay down beside her, took the dildo which Ashley had used earlier and shoves it deep into Jennifer’s wet, pulsing cunt. Another climax hits her and she squirts again. Pussy juice flowing non-stop as John pumps her open cunt with the thick, veined dildo.

Then, Jennifer turns around, gets on her hands and knees and raises her ass high. She is in a position where both John and her can watch the TV while fucking. The wild, lustful encounter continues in the next room where Ashley is also placed on her hands and knees with one black guy under her, gaziantep bayan escort his cock positioned to enter her pussy. Another black stud is shoving his long tongue up into her cunt from behind, as if the additional lubricant is needed. Ashley is dripping wet. Another black stud is molesting her ample breasts while the one below her has one nipple between his teeth, nibbling gently, driving Ashley insane with anticipation and desire. Fingers and tongues continue to caress and stimulate her sensitive spots. So many hands on her body. The cock below her is rock hard and just waiting to penetrate but there it stays, just rubbing against her clit occasionally, driving her insane with yearning lust.

Biting her lips, Ashley reaches down between her legs and grabs the long, thick tool. She grips hard and pumps it quickly, allowing it to reach an even greater hardness. Then, without warning, she slams herself down on the hard cock, taking almost the full length into her, stopping only when she realized how big it was. With another couple of strokes up and down, Ashley gets the entire fucking cock into her pussy and she just stays there, unmoving. She can feel the thick tool buried up to its entirety in her tight pussy. The black stud below grunts out approvingly as she wiggles her hips a little to further get used to the large cock which is going to render her pussy a wild fucking in just a moment.

Back in her own room, John and Jennifer are enjoying the show she is putting on. They are engaged in a slow, sensuous fuck. Jennifer cums easily when her G-spot is well stimulated in doggie-style fucking. John is pulling gently in her nipples and rubbing her breasts as he fucks her from behind. They turn their attention back to the television screen when they heard Ashley let out a yelp.

Ashley was just about getting used to the huge tool buried in her when another one slides into her ass. She is being double fucked by two handsome black studs. The simultaneous stimulation is driving her closer and closer to climax even though the hard pumping has not even started. The anticipation of what is to come and now the actual feeling of those two large cocks in her pussy is driving Ashley absolutely out of her mind with lust and desire. Her anticipation is building to an uncontrollable level. Her mind is almost overloaded and the yearning is almost too much to bear. She grinds her hips, wiggling a little, getting more accustomed to the feel of two large and dangerous tools in her cunt and ass. She feels a mouth latch on to her nipple and then another mouth to another nipple. She looks down and notices the Asian girl is now busily suckling on the sensitive nub of her breast while the black stud below her starts again to nibble on her tits.

She lets out a low groan and pushes her breasts into their mouths. She looks further back down the slithe, sexy body of the girl and sees that she has her legs spread wide and a black cock is pummelling into her like there is no tomorrow. The anticipation in Ashley builds further as she imagines what would happen to herself as she now has two of those cocks inside her already. They are still unmoving while she gently grinds on them, building up her own orgasm, even like this. It is a slow climb, grinding like this, but the pleasure from her nipples and having her ass and cunt completely filled like this is surely bringing her to one inevitable outcome.

Then, all of a sudden, both cocks pull out, almost all the way, before slamming into her again. Hard and sudden. Her orifices are accustomed to the thickness and length but the fast fucking motion drove her completely out of control. She feels her slow climb to climax is suddenly accelerated a thousand times. Her body convulses and quakes in the pleasure buffeting her nether regions below. She grabs a breast and feeds it into the mouth of the black man, urging him to suck harder. The Asian girl has just cum and is already sucking hard on her tit as Ashley herself feels the tsunami-like wave of pleasure ever closer to its peak.

The hard, black cocks relentlessly pumps into Ashley as she savours every moment and every sensual, erotic feeling they provide her. She fucks back hard onto them as they pummel her deep and fast. The tips of her breasts are raging points of fire, further fanning the sensations in her loins. Completely lost in lust and subjugated to the delicious fucking rendered by two magnificent cocks, Ashley lets out a low groan as her climax hits her like a brick wall. Her body shudders and shakes but the cocks fuck her non-stop. She is screaming in climax when another wave of orgasmic pleasure hits her hard. She’s cumming continuously, one after another. The overwhelming sensations caused her to lose her mind, giving herself completely to those domineering black studs. The only other time this happened was when John had so satisfyingly fucked her with two dildos and his own fabulously thick cock.

By now, Ashley is a sweating mass of lust deranged flesh, just wanting to be fucked and fucked furiously. Her ass and hips grind backwards with their every forward thrust, taking their cocks as deep into her as she can. Her rectal and cuntal passage stretched deliciously to accommodate the fleshy members driving her delirious with desire and lust. The fucking rendered by these two black studs causing her to climax again and again. The intensity of the copulation, coupled with the stimulation on her tits makes the orgasms almost non-stop. Thinking that there can be nothing more, Ashley felt a suction cup attach to her clit and start to vibrate. She didn’t even see who put it there, right at the most sensitive spot. The sucking is consistent with a milking machine while a small vibrator right at the center serves to drive any hot blooded woman completely out of her mind. Then, the mouths on her nipples leave them yearning for more but are quickly replaced with the same sucking and vibrating little cups.

Ashley is delirious with pleasure, overwhelmed. Overflowing with wanton lust and carnal desire. Her body responding involuntarily. Her climaxes seem to merge into one long, satisfying orgasmic flow. She isn’t even aware that her body is rocking in time with the rhythm of the two huge rods fucking into her non-stop. Her eyes are closed and all she yearns for is the next wave of orgasmic pleasure to hit. Then, the next, then, the next.

John and Jennifer are both staring at the TV screen, almost in disbelief, watching Ashley take two huge cocks into her like she has been doing it all her life. Her anus and pussy lips are stretched wide by those fuck tools. There are still men around the bed waiting their turn. The sweet angel-faced girl that Ashley is, is a huge contrast to the wanton-slut behaviour she is exhibiting now.

Her eyes still closed, she feels a fleshy knob at her lips and she opens them to take in another huge took, almost gagging as it fills her mouth and throat. A moment later, it shoots streams of semen into her mouth making her swallow quickly to avoid gagging. He withdraws and another man takes his place. A moment later, semen again. She is being used as a sperm dump. They had been masturbating to the lewd spectacle before them and are now just dumping the product of their final act of lust into her. All this while, the two magnificent cocks keep bringing her to climaxes, with the help of the vibrating suction cups on her tits and clit.

Then, the fucking gets really fast and furious. The two had been holding back for the longest time. Ashley’s tight cunt and ass has taken its toll on their massive pricks. At the same time, they both slam hard into her and hold themselves there, emptying their balls deep into her open orifices. They jerk and seem to go even deeper as she felt their semen splashing hotly inside her hungry pussy and rectum, filling her up satisfyingly with hot seed.

Ashley is then laid down on the bed, beside the sexy Asian girl. The girl moves to her and suckles gently on her clit as Ashley’s orgasms are just subsiding, goo oozing out from her gaping pussy and asshole. Ashley waves into the camera as she knows John is looking. Meanwhile, he’s still with the hot babe, pumping her full of his fat cock till she is screaming at the top of her lungs while watching his beloved Ashley get ravaged by those huge black cocks.

They have a whole week at this resort …

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