Ashley’s Dilemma

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Ashley stood in the bedroom doorway. Dressed in a thin orange cotton halter-top and matching shorts her horniness was evident. The outline of her hardening nipples protruded through the material. She knew it was 12 o’clock somewhere as she took another long drink from her glass Ashley asked him again. There was no answer. John just sat on the bed propped up against the pillows, and stared blankly at his book. The reading lights were still on even though the bedroom was ablaze in the morning light. John was not reading. In he fixed stare, he would not or could not answer her questions. Even the dog ignored her as she turned from the doorway.

Ashley returned to the trailer’s kitchen, refilled her glass with Jack and ginger, and weaved towards the couch. John was not going to provide her with answers or advise. It must be her decision. What was she to do? She must decide quickly. Ashley glanced at the pile of unsigned papers and forms that John had piled on the kitchen table. She bit her lip and took another long drink from the glass. Then she began to cry. With the tears came the memories of the past eight months.

The terror of that March evening in the lobby of the 4 Corners Casino & Cafe flooded back. Three security guards cornered her while she sat on the bench in the corner of the lobby. She had been trying to get someone to mind Mickey, her little mutt, while she went to the bathroom. Now Mickey shivered inside her dirty canvas jacket. Ashley hugged her grease-smeared backpack to her knees with one arm and waved the other menacingly in the air. The men were trying to get her out of the lobby. They did not think she was the type of customer that the management wanted in their establishment. Mickey yelped while she swore, pleaded, and swung her arm wildly back and forth to keep them at bay.

Looking between the guards, she saw him standing in the small crowd, which had gathered to observe the commotion. Their eyes met. Silently she had pleaded with him for rescue. Miraculously he came forward. “What’s the problem, little sister? I’m so sorry I’m late,” he asserted as he pushed passed the guards.

“Hey Mister, mind your own business. She just a cheap whore…” shouted the largest guard.

John just ignored him. Instead, he pushed passed him and reached out a hand towards the trembling woman. She grabbed it like a lifeline and started to pull herself up. The big guard grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him back.

The older grey haired man reacted in a surprising fashion. He just said, “Sonny, I’d take that big mitt of yours off my shoulder before this turns into the biggest complaint this two bit casino has ever had before the Gaming Commission and your ass is on the pavement outside.” The words and the authoritative tone of their delivery shook the guard’s confidence. The burly guard slowly withdrew his hand. Ashley was quickly at his side. There she briefly cowered. John placed his arm around he. She was in her late thirties. The dirty brown man’s canvas jacket was several sizes to large for her. Her jeans were dirty. There was a grease smudge on her chin, and small abrasions on her cheek. He could smell the odor of beer and tobacco smoke. Ashley remembered that she had whispered only one word to him, her name.

“Let’s go sweetie,” was all he said as he grabbed her pack with one hand and her elbow with the other and started to turn towards the door.

“I can’t go now,” she mumbled. She remembered how the words had caught him by surprise. There was a flabbergasted look on his face. “I need to pee,” she emphatically explained in an embarrassed voice. ” They wouldn’t let me go. I need to pee, really badly.” Ashley pleaded.

“Go on. Boys, you heard the lady. Let’s be fair now. She needs to use the bathroom. Let her through, please.” The security guards stepped back.

The scene played out in Ashley’s mind. She handed him the dog and dropped her backpack at his feet. As she brushed past him, he pressed a five-dollar casino coin into her hand. “For luck and a fresh start,” he whispered. Then as she hurried towards the casino entrance she heard him say in a louder voice, “Ashley don’t be long, and you can do your make-up in the truck.” Everyone laughed at the comment. Ashley disappeared.

Ten minutes later, hoots of glee and the rapid beep of a slot machine paying out announced that Ashley’s fortunes might have changed. Shortly there after, she approached her savior with a smile and her pockets bulging with coins. “Look, we won! We won!” shouted Ashley. His face filled with an express that combined wonder, relief, and happiness. The recollection of that moment brought both joy and sadness to Ashley. The memories of their first meeting continue to flood back over her mind.

Only one guard now remained to supervise them. He just laughed, shook his head, and quipped, “Hey man, some people have all the luck.” Then in a more frustrated tone he muttered, ” Get her ass out güvenilir bahis of here. I think you’ve worn out your welcome.” They followed his advice, left the casino, and walked towards a pick-up and trailer at the back of the truck parking lot. In the trailer, he had introduced himself as John Marshall, retired plumbing fixture salesman. However, before they could really become acquainted the guards rousted them out of the parking lot. Together they left Wells and headed north for Jackpot.

Ashley didn’t remember much of the drive. She was sipping brandy from a flask John offered her, became a little drunk, and slept most of the way. She did remember waking up late the next day in a suite in the Last Chance Motel and Casino. That memory always made her smile. The bed had been soft and smelled sweet. Now she rubbed the surface of the trailer’s sofa just as if she was rubbing the sheets on the bed and the memories of that day played back in her mind like a movie.

The hotel bedroom was large. She could hear sports on the TV in the adjacent room. A brief moment of panic swept through her. “Where was she?” A movement near her feet caught her eye. There was Mickey. She knew she was safe. Beside Mickey was a terry robe. She reached for it and slid off the bed. On the bedroom dresser were neat piles of clothes. Some she recognized and others were obviously new. A new knapsack leaned against the base of the dresser. She carelessly tied the robe. It felt good against her nakedness. With the feeling came the realization that she was clean. Her hair freshly washed smelled. Her skin felt soft and pampered. Someone was taking care of her. She hugged herself in the robe. The feel of the material against her skin was delightful. For the first time in years, she felt sensuous, sexy, and but most of all, indulged.

In her vision, Ashley saw herself walk to the doorway and the sound of the TV. In the next room, watching the afternoon ball game was a grey haired man. He was sipping a drink and oblivious to her presence. She observed silently for a moment, then gently coughed, and entered the room.

Startled at the sound the man turned and exclaimed, “Oh! Oh you’re awake…I’m so sorry was the TV too loud?” He rose and moved away from the sofa. As he did a jumble of words came from his mouth. In a rushed, panic he explained that he had helped her shower and bought her some new clothes and a new pack. Ashley remembered that John, the one who had stood up to three bullying guards, had been self-conscious and fearful that he had offended her. He continued, “…I put all of your old things in a garbage bag. It’s in the bedroom closet. That wasn’t meant to indicate that they were…I didn’t throw them out…Oh, I hope I have not caused you any offense.” The words flowed in a nervous staccato and the expression on his face was one of genuine concern.

“Oh my God John… It is John, isn’t it?” Ashley looked down, embarrassed that she did not even remember his name.

“Yes, yes, it’s John.” he replied timidly.

“No, no, you’ve been wonderful,” she replied excitedly. “I don’t know what all you have done yet, but you did save me last night and I just…” Ashley’s voice broke and tears of gratitude welled in her eyes as she moved towards him and prepared to give John a hug. “I don’t know I can thank you.” She began to sob and buried her head in his chest. Slowly and tentatively, John hugged her back.

The robe loosened as John’s arms surrounded her. She enjoyed the feeling of his arms, the faint smell of his cologne, and the warmth of his kisses that he now gently placed on her forehead. Ashley’s sobbing subsided and she responded. She felt his breath across her cheek as her mouth sought his. Their tongues intertwined. His fingers traced across her neck and bare shoulders. There was safety and excitement in his touch. The tingle they left behind thrilled her.

Soon the passion began to rise in both of them. Ashley’s breathing quickened. She felt his growing hardness push against her stomach and the warmth of her own wetness. Her hands rubbed across his chest and her fingers found his shirt buttons. Her movements caused the robe to fall open revealing her breasts to his gaze. “My God, your beautiful,” was all he could mumble. As Ashley removed his shirt, her breasts brushed against his naked chest. John moaned. His shirt fell to the floor. Ashley teased his now rampant excitement as she began to undo his belt and jeans. Gently she pushed him back onto the sofa and removed his clothes. The robe fell to the floor. Ashley let him explore her body with his eyes before she knelt before him and began to rub his thighs and stomach.

Ashley gently blew on John’s rigid penis. She watched it quiver and jerk in response to her breath. Her lips touched the tip and her tongue tasted the drops of precum that accumulated there. She liked its taste and its feel. Slowly her mouth engulfed his cock. She began to move her lips up and down canlı bahis his shaft. She sucked his glans. Her tongue worked back and forth over his pee hole. More precum rewarded her efforts. The sucking and licking made John’s body stiffen and Ashley could feel his urgency rising. Her own need grew. She dripped with wetness. Rising, she knelt over his lap and slipped him inside her. It took only a few delicious bounds before they came together.

A noise startled Ashley from her escapist fantasies. Common sense told her it would not be John; nevertheless, her heart hoped it was. A short yip and a bounding leap onto her lap confirmed that it was Mickey. The little dog had abandoned John in the back bedroom and had come to join her. She began licking Ashley’s face and neck. Ashley was trying to take another comforting sip of her drink and the dog’s sudden movement caused her to spill some. Mickey obliged by licking up the liquid. Ashley laughed. It was the first time in days she had laughed. It reminded Ashley of the first time she and John had taken a bath together. It had been during the last evening they had spent in Jackpot. The scenes replayed as a dream-like TV re-run.

They had returned from diner in the casino lounge. They had won $200 playing the slots and celebrated with a bottle of champagne. They entered their hotel room laughing and Mickey had run around them in circles barking excitedly. John had finally caught her and held her in his arms. Ashley approached with a glass of champagne. As she handed him the glass she offered a toast. “Here’s to my knight in shining armor. You’re my champion. You’ve changed my luck and perhaps you’ve changed my life.” Ashley gently touched John’s cheek but on John’s face was a startled look. An awkward silence developed between them. Ashley, embarrassed, quickly withdrew her hand and turned towards the bathroom door. “Ahh…You know we haven’t used that Jacuzzi tub,” she said with a false giggle. “That’s a shame. Since it’s our last night do you want to try it?” Ashley tried to use her most provocative tone to move John away from the thoughts of her misstatement.

“Sure,” John replied in a halting manner. “But what you said is not quite true,” he continued. “Watch.” John carried the little dog into the bathroom. Mickey was oblivious to the movement since she was licking the champagne from John’s lips. He turned on the tap. Mickey froze, stopped licking, and looked towards the sound of the running water. She barked, jumped out of John’s arms, and ran out of the room. “See not even champagne can seduce her near the tub. I bathed her the first night we arrived. I don’t think she’s forgiven me,” laughed John.

“You washed me too,” Ashley quipped, “but that was in the shower and I don’t remember a thing. Would you be up for a repeat, in the Jacuzzi?” she asked coyly. “Champagne makes me quiver all over, you might even to be able to seduce me.” She flashed a sultry look from her past and waited.

John didn’t need much encouragement. He quickly began to strip. The tub continued to fill and he was the first to enter. Ashley refilled his champagne glass and handed it to him. He was a fit, good-looking man. He wore his nearly sixty years well. His ready smile and sparkling blue eyes hinted of naughtiness but always put her at ease. She placed the near empty bottle by the tub, and slowly removed her clothes. She enjoyed giving a show. Now completely naked she moved to the side of the Jacuzzi. John reached out to assist her entry into the tub. As she stepped over the side, John’s other hand cupped and explored her buttocks and drew her pussy to his waiting lips. Ashley stood astride him in the water while his hands caressed her ass cheeks and explored her crack. His fingers softly rubbed her anal rosebud while his tongue delicately outlined her clit. Ashley warmed to his actions. Her breath began to come in short pants as her free hand guided his head. Finally, a glance at the rising water level forced her to pull back his head. “Shut off the water before it overflows and let me in,” she hissed.

Ashley placed her champagne glass on the side of the tub and slipped down into the water kneeling between his legs. Her hand soon found his cock and she began to rub. His hands and lips caressed her firm, inviting breasts and nipples. Soon their passions were rising but their glasses were empty. Ashley turned to grab the champagne bottle from the floor. This movement exposed her ass. John rose on his knees behind her. Instead of reaching for the champagne glass, he reached for her. John’s cock slid along her wet crack. Ashley gasped as his hands again found her breasts, rubbed her navel, and teased her pubic hair. Her nipples hardened beneath his fingers. Her dampness grew when he rubbed her pussy lips. As his fingers penetrated both her vagina and anus, her body shuddered and her loud moans filled the room. However, the moans turned to screams of ecstasy when he pushed his penis passed her bahis siteleri tight anal ring and rocked slowly back and forth while rubbing the front wall of her vagina with his imbedded forefingers. They both came together in an electrifying explosion that caused them to collapse in an exhausted heap over the edge of the tub. A worried Mickey entered the bathroom and tried to revive them. The little dog licked their arms and softly barked at them. They both laughed and celebrated the fact that they seemed to have become a unique little family.

John had extended the drive home to Washington and Ashley learned to handle the pick-up and trailer combination. She was surprised how easy the rig was to drive. The hard part was learning to back it up, but with John’s help, she soon mastered that. During the trip home she learned more than just driving. Ashley learned to love this older man, her hero. By the time they arrived at the trailer park in Ephrate, Ashley and John had bonded into a partnership based on honesty, trust, and sex.

They spent a blissful summer together. John did not seem to mind that she could contribute little to the household resources. Ashley had few marketable job skills. In the past, she had been a waitress, a hairdresser, and a hostess. However, those job opportunities were few in Ephrate and the surrounding area. John’s small pensions were enough to keep them in cereal and gas.

They were companions, friends, and best of all lovers. Ashley worked hard to ensure their compatibility. However, as fall approached and the prospect of returning to the southwestern states for the winter loomed, their relationship began to change. John became more distant. His legacy from the Viet Nam war compounded the problem. The V.A. doctors did little but change his medication. They were resigned to the outcome. John tried to protect Ashley just as he had always done, but he retired into himself. Ashley took on more of the household and daily responsibilities. Her name now appeared on all of John’s bank accounts and on the registration of the trailer and the truck.

Ashley glanced at the wall clock. If was after two. She realized that she had been taking solace in alcohol and dreams. They provided no answers. The silence within the trailer was deafening. John still had not stirred. Ashley fought back the panic and poured herself another stiff drink. It was long on the Jack and short on the ginger. She sipped it. It burned her throat. Compulsively she took another swallow as she turned away from the kitchen counter and looked at will and the pile of unsigned legal papers on the nearby table. The fire of the drink raised her courage and her anger. “I should just fucking forge them,” she said in an irritated voice as she sank again into the sofa. It was a dilemma. While forgery was a solution, she knew it was not for her. Seeking the help of the bank was not possible. When John had changed the signing authorities on his accounts a row had ensued. The manager was John’s estranged wife. She had screamed at John and for all those in the bank that “…the little slut will never get a dime!” Ashley loved John and would never hold him up to public embarrassment or ridicule. There were no easy choices. Ashley tried to push all the dark thought from her mind.

Another long pull from the liquor glass brought back the thought of the last time they made love. It had been almost a month ago. They had driven the pick-up and trailer to a remote site, about an hour away, in the surrounding mountains. She remembered sitting with John by the campfire and gazing up at the stars. Their expanse increased by the buzz of their homemade red wine.

John had come up behind her chair and begun to rub her neck and shoulders. His hands were magic. All she could feel were his fingertips. She leaned forward and his hands moved down her back and brushed the sides of her breasts. She set her drink aside and pulled at the strings that held her halter-top together. The material fell away exposing her breasts to the night air. John’s hands fondled her breasts and nipples. Her passion began to rise. Her hands slipped down the front of her terry shorts. She remembered his husky voice in her ear, “…Oh baby, I love it when you do that.” Encouraged, Ashley increased her actions. John’s tongue and lips traced patterns over her ears and neck while his fingers continued to pinch and rub her nipples.

The medication made intercourse difficult for John, but it did not curb his libido. Ashley knew what she needed. She arched her pelvis, slipped out of her shorts, and pulled an eager John around to kneel between her open legs. Her hands guided him home.

His teeth tugged at her pussy hair. His tongue eagerly lapped her cream and titillated the edge of her hood. His fingers penetrated and spread her wetness over her vulva and back over her anus. She pulled his head into her. His teeth grated against her clit, his fingers rubbed against the thickness at the front of her vagina. A thumb teased her anus. Her breath came in short pants. Sensual pressure built up in Ashley’s pelvis. She was almost there. “Oh God, baby…that’s it…Oh pleeaassee don’t stoooppp!”

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