Ashley’s Holes

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Ashley’s Holes 1 by Will Buster

Ashley’s little body urgently pushed backward onto Buck’s impaling ten inch boner. “Fuck me! Screw my baby pussy! Come on stud! Do my fuck hole Buck! Oh yes! Ram me you fucking big bastard! Ggggoooooddddd! I’m ccccuuuuummmmmiiinnngg!”

Buck was enjoying this immensely. The hot chick was only 13 and she was as tight as a fucking nut cracker with the squeeze on and the squeeze was definitely on as she vaginally serviced his cock as if her young life depended on it. She couldn’t get away either with his hands molded to her little hips.

He felt Ashley shudder from a cataclysmic climax as she wantonly convulsed all over his driving dick. “Fuck me! Oooooo! Keep banging my cunt you mother fucker! God you’re so fucking big! Again! Again! Harder! Oh please Buck! Fuck me harder! I need you inside me!”

The little tramp screamed as once again Buck’s meat sent shock waves that shot from her cunt all the way to her gasping mouth. Her small pink lips were wide open and her soft green eyes were closed as Buck’s bone did her and did her and did her. “Shaft it into my baby pit you nasty stud! Fucking fill me baby!”

Her dirty blonde hair shook down her shoulders and back. She’d long since lost her barrette and her sexy pony tail. She still had on her nylons but nothing else. Buck gripped her bare hips and increased his punishing pace. Except that Ashley didn’t consider this huge meat that was drilling her pussy to be punishment. She’d wanted to get fucked and by god she was getting it all the way to her naughty little cervix. Her young lust was definitely ignited and Buck wondered if he would be able to satisfy the junior high vixen.


He’d gotten lucky on the net. They’d traded very carefully worded messages until at last, he’d given her his phone number. Even then he played it cool, meeting her at a McDonald’s to make sure she was really a young teen and not some fucking police bitch, trying to trap his ass. It took some time to make absolutely sure nobody was watching them. He wasn’t all that much older being 17 but……

Buck was a high school drop out but a damned fine auto mechanic. He’d agreed to finish high school later on with night courses and that sort of thing. His father was still upset about his flight from Clifford High but pa had to admit that Buck was happy at his work and that was something. Buck also liked his work at the moment as he plowed deep into his new cock fucking chick.

She was draped over the bed face down with her pretty little ass exposed for his use. He loved how tight her cunt felt and his strokes got harder and faster. “Fuck my cock you little bitch! Come on slut! Come for me! Work it! Oh God! God! Oh Ashley! You’re such a hot little tramp! Ffffuuuccckkk mmmmeeeee!”

She giggled, “I know baby! I wanna be your toy, your fuck girl! So slam my pussy! Treat me like a filthy fucking whore! Aaaaaahahhhh! I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg! Oooooo! Shit! I can’t stop! Oh God! Fuck! Yes! Fuck! You’re so fucking big! You’re like a fucking horse! Gggggooooodddd! Jesus! Fuck!”

Her quivering little cunt twitched and squirmed and Buck could no longer hold back. With a loud groan he slammed his dick into the little trick one last time and shot his wad into her itching hole and open womb. “God! You fucking little bitch! God!”

She felt his cum, warm and so pleasantly wet fill her insides. The feeling was so sexy that she shook again as yet another orgasm erupted through her small, young body. Then he finally lifted her nearly naked body on to the unmade bed. Ashley pulled him on top of her because for a while she wanted to talk with him.

“Are you my new boy friend Buck?”

He chuckled, “It kind of looks that way precious.”

Her fingers gently toyed with his limp cock. “Am I good at fucking?”

He stared at her with mild disbelief. “For heaven’s sake Ashley! You could make serious money in porn flicks if you were a little older. Fuck you are one hot little piece, really!”

She guided his hand to her left breast. It was nubile and not fully developed but the nipple was at rigid attention and the areola was surprisingly large, like a little pancake. He gently fondled it, enjoying the texture of her silky smooth flesh and the warmth of her pink/white skin.

“I don’t have to leave until around ten tonight Buck.”

“Isn’t that a bit late casino siteleri you hot little fox?”

She smirked up at him, peering into his deep brown eyes. “Well Buck, my parents work the second shift and they don’t get home until eleven. Fortunately I don’t have any brothers or sisters so all I need to do is go home after school, wolf down my supper and get my sweet little ass over here. Do you like my sweet little ass Buck?”

For a brief moment Buck thought of other stupid questions like, “Is the pope an ex Nazi?” “Is Bush an idiot?” “Are politicians crooks?” “Does the sun rise in the fucking east?” He finally said, “Of course I like your ass.”

Ashley snickered, “Well you haven’t licked or sucked my ass hole yet. I wanna se what it’s like to get fucked in the ass. My friend Janey says it feels great, even better than regular fucking when you get used to it. Would you like to fuck my little ass hole?”

Buck lay down beside her. His black hair was already wet with summer sweat. It got hot in early June, even in northern Ohio. Buck knew he was one quarter black and sometimes he’d had a little trouble convincing white girls to let him screw their hot little snatches. True he was a quarter Puerto Rican and the other half was deep south French from good old Louisiana but he wasn’t about to tell the little blonde temptress that lay inches from his reviving cock. “Suck my cock first Ashley. Make it nice and hard.”

She moved onto him and gave him a long kiss first, sending her velvet soft tongue into his mouth. She wiggled it seductively until his own tongue forced it back as he entered her own mouth. The little minx knew what she was doing all right as she squirmed her cum dripping cunt all over his exposed balls and limp cock.

Ashley gave him a wicked grin then as she moved down to minister to his urgent needs. “I’ve sucked a cock before Buck. It was in school. One of the boys got me into the men’s room after school a few weeks ago and I kept licking and sucking on him until he shot some white stuff into my mouth. I couldn’t get all of it but what I did get to swallow tasted nice. It was kinda like sweet cream but it was warm and a little salty.”

He guided her head down. “Enough talk, slut! Suck my cock! I gotta be hard to fuck your little virgin ass hole the right way.”

Her tongue flicked out and slipped up, down and around his stiffening meat. He groaned, “You fucking little cock tease! Put your mouth on it and give me a deep throat suck you naughty little whore!”

Ashley smacked her lips and got down to work. She was pretty good for a youngster. The little 13 year old fox expertly swished her saliva around his shaft while worming her tongue around his bulging cock head. When his cock reached her throat, she gagged. She tried to get him inside further but he was too big. Buck gently massaged the back of her neck. “Try to relax Ashley. You can get it down. Just do it slow and careful. God you suck great! Ashley’s cute face bobbed up and down. It was like she was sucking a big ice cream cone with the emphasis on cream. Buck would get an around the world with this little slut and if he was lucky, she would come back for more. He finally asked, “Ashley why don’t you put your cunt on my face. Then I can lick you while you suck me.”

She stopped sucking for a moment. “Ooooo! That’s sounds sexy! I didn’t even think of that.”

She moved quickly into the required position with her body lying on top of his. “Now eat my cunt fuck boy! Stick your tongue in and taste my baby pussy!”

She tasted so fresh like the tangy flavor of sweet lemons. Even his cum didn’t spoil the lush snack he was enjoying while Ashley gave him some very exciting head. She couldn’t get it all in but she did get down about seven inches of his cock, which was pretty impressive for such a novice. When he was aching hard Buck knew it was time.

He used his tongue and fingers to lubricate and loosen Ashley’s little anal pucker. The nubile bimbo cried out as first one finger and then two slid into her clenching anus. Her sucking got faster and more energetic. “Now Ashley get on the bed and lie on your stomach. I’m gonna do your ass hole.”

She watched him with anxious eyes. She’d never had this done to her before but she’d insisted and now she would have to anally fuck him with her tiny little shit hole. “Will it hurt Buck?”

“Some at first, canlı casino but I’ll be careful and once you hit your stride you’ll love it.”

He opened a night stand and produced some Vaseline. Generously he coated his cock and fingered some more into her little rectum. “Now you’re gonna get your ass fucked, you hot little chick!”

She lay down as requested and spread her legs wide apart. Slowly he slid his rock hard member over her seeping gash until at last he nudged her anal entrance. He wasn’t sure if he could get it inside her. The damned sphincter resisted at first. Ashley moaned in pain as he slowly made progress. Suddenly it popped in and the teen slut screamed. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Shit! It hurts! Oh Jesus! Buck! Aaaaaahhhhh!”

He pushed all the way in and then held it there. “God Ashley you are so fucking tight. You feel so good! God how I like stretching your ass hole. Hmmmmmmm! Try to relax you cute little slut. Don’t worry baby, I won’t move until you’re ready!”

He didn’t move and after a few minutes, Ashley felt the pain recede and a pleasant fullness captivate her anal nerve endings. When he heard Ashley’s moan of delight he began to pump. Buck felt her anus start to contract and grip him, greedy for the new contact.

“Yes Buck! Yes! Fuck my dirty fucking ass! Aaaaaahhhhh! Yes! Give it to me! God! Stud me! Fuck my virgin ass! Fucking ream me!”

Buck didn’t know where Ashley had learned such florid lingo. Perhaps she’d snuck a porno film into the DVD player. Maybe she’d listened to some upper class girls talking about what they did with boys in the back seats of cars. He didn’t know and he didn’t care. It felt great to fuck Ashley’s tiny little bum hole. She was his total whore now, every bloody inch and crevice of her. Again and again he buried his baby maker into that writhing little slut. She was squealing in ecstasy now as a new wave of orgasm blasted through her pretty girlish body. She yelled, “Fuck my shit you fucking pig! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m gonna cum all over your dick, you fucking stud! Eeeeeeeeoooooowwwwww! Eeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh! Oh my sweet Jesus fucking Christ! More!”

He forced her legs even further apart and slammed his man meat right to the max. His balls slapped off her groin and still he pounded her. That all too familiar itch seared his prick and suddenly his lust poured into Ashley’s convulsing little anus!

He screamed and cursed and still seed was wrenched from his swollen balls until at last he collapsed on his back, gasping for oxygen and a slower heart rate. Ashley snuggle dup on to him and gave him another salivating kiss.
Then she laughed, “This sure beats home work. I should get great grades in sex education. I probably know more than the teacher does, I bet.”

He looked into her knowing green eyes. “I certainly wouldn’t bet against it you sweet little fox. Would you like to visit me tomorrow?”

She got coy then. “Well that depends….”

He held her closer. “On what Ashley?”

“Well if I ccuuummm over here tomorrow I expect you to give me another around the world like today. I need a lot of attention.”

Even though he was spent, his hand cupper her oozing groin. She was still horny. He couldn’t believe it. “Do you want me to fuck your little ass hole again?”

“Of course big guy! But I want you to fuck my little bum tomorrow to. How long do you think it will take you to get hard again?”


Between her cock sucking skills and further exploration of her cunt with his slobbering mouth, it took about an hour to revive his flagging manhood. Buck unceremoniously plunked her in a sitting position right above his rigid dick and impaled the petite school chick in one long stroke, right up her recently fucked rectum. She cried out at first but this time she got into a rhythm fast. She rimmed him with anal jerks and grips that could have raised the dead. He was young and strong himself and what the hell, he’d already done enough to her to warrant some serious jail time so he might as well go for the gold, little golden Ashley.

“I like it in my ass! I want it some more Buck! Oooooo! It’s so fucking bbbbbiiiigggggg Eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa! Aaaagggghhhhh! Fuck my ass! God! Oh God! Buck! Give it to me up my baby ass hole! Yyyyeeeesssss! Be my whore master Buck! Ram my fucking shit! God!”

She screeched with passion as climaxed ripped through her youthful belly. kaçak casino Her hips swayed and her tits bounced from side to side as Buck’s cock sent her soul to bliss.

Then he easily rolled her onto her back. The blonde youngster was only 100 pounds and a shapely four feet ten inches. When he’d manhandled her into position, he re-entered her neglected pussy and banged the hot bitch’s box. “Now you’re gonna get it slut! Fuck my cock like you need it! That’s it Ashley! Grip it and fuck! Yeah! Go Ashley!”

Ashley soon whimpered with extreme need. “Yes Buck yes! Fuck my baby pussy hole! Fucking squirt that baby milk into my dirty little fuck hole! Squirt a baby into my cunt you fucking stud! Ooooo! Buck! Buck! Fuck my pussy! Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Yes! All the way to the back! Aaaagggghhhh! Harder! I’m gonna cum on your dick! I’m gonna cum all over that big fucking baby maker! I’m your fucking whore! I’m your anal whore! Do you like fucking your filthy little fuck fox? Do yeah!? I bet you do you slut fucker! Don’t talk! Just fuck! Ooooooo! Oooooo! Bang me baby!”

Her cunt writhed and clenched in a staccato rhythm that inflamed Buck’s passions like some satiny furnace. She met his vicious thrusts. She arched her back and lunged into his massive, slamming dick. “Again fuck boy! Pour it into me again! Yes! Drain that baby juice into my fucking baby making pussy! Do it Buck! Just fucking do it! Yyyyyeeeesssss!”

They both screamed because this time they came together. It was an explosion of utter rapture. His seed jetted into her boiling bitch box like the waves of a tsunami! She’d tried to get her legs around his waist but she was a little too short. So he’d pushed them back to her fucking ears. How he loved pounding her little pussy pouch until he launched all his gizz into that tiny twat of hers like a Florida space shot.

She finally crooned, “You fuck so much better than Nick at school.”

“How old is he?”

“Oh he’s only fourteen and he doesn’t know what you know. Do you fuck a lot baby?”

He grinned down at his new, young teen conquest. “I fuck as much pussy as I can get my hands on, you sexy thing.”

She grinned back at him with mischief written all over her virginal looking face. “I kinda figured that my boy toy. I’ll be back tomorrow for some more fun fuckin’. Is that okay?”

“You come over here tomorrow girl and you’re gonna get a lot more of the same.”

He snuck down between her legs and opened her sexy legs wide. He might not be hard but it was still early. She giggled as his tongue made contact. “Eat my holes sexy! Ooooo! Wiggle that tongue inside my naughty fuck hole. Oooooo! I’m definitely cccuuummmiiingg back for more of this tomorrow. Oooooo! Yes! Oh Buck! Stick your tongue into my little ass hole and suck it! Ooooo! That’s so nasty and dirty! Yes! Deeper Suck my shit! Oh God Buck! Eat me! Fist my cunt! I wanna be your slut! Can I be your fuck girl? Please?”

He mumbled something in the affirmative. “Oh Jesus Buck! Oh Jesus Christ! Fuck! Push those fingers into my cunt and fucking fist me! Yyyyyeeeeesssss! Again! Yyyyeeeessss! Keep that tongue in my ass and do my holes! Eeeeeaaaaahhhhh!”

Buck had never experienced a girl this hot and over sexed before. She must be a certifiable nympho or something because the more he played with her young teen body the more she responded! His entire hand was inside her clutching cunt and it squished easily inside her from the huge amount of cum he’d pumped into her already. His spunk that he’d erupted into her tiny anus helped make the little vixen taste good and he got his tongue quite a ways up her bum hole while she screamed her most obscene language to keep him interested in the task at hand. His fingers and thumb pounded her to three more orgasms before she finally needed a piss break. This little teen tramp was the perfect start to a long hot summer and Buck was sure looking forward to ravishing little Ashley day in and day out. Yet it would be so pleasant to pick up a few more of these under aged, junior high tricks. He’d have to bang Ashley’s brains out until she could be convinced to bring a few of her friends over for some proper servicing. After all, hadn’t the good book said that if you would be great you must be servant to all or something like that? Well he’d start with Ashley. A guy could get accustomed to a fresh, young juicy little tart when you really got down to it and Buck determined to get down on Ashley’s juicy little pussy as much as he could. He smacked his lips at the tasty prospect as Ashley returned to his bed, minus her nylons now.


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