Ashley’s Pees Where She Wants Ch. 05

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Ashley is a 19 year old high school student, one of the last in their school’s grade 13 program which is now ending. She found a tablet she was able to translate and now she has the ability to control minds. She has used this power to fill her growing pee fetish she discovered one evening when she pissed into her 18 year old sister’s favorite teddy bear.

Recently she found a boy trapped helplessly in the gym at school. She totally soaked his face before giving him a taste of her golden fluid.


Ashley loved her powers so much she just had to know where they came from, and in the months following her experience at Meghan’s house she searched for answers to her questions. Her main points of interest being two questions she wanted answered. Firstly, “Where had this come from?” and secondly “Were there any more?”

In order to answer these questions she was going to need to go on a little trip. Nearby the local university there was a small museum dedicated to the civilization Ashley’s tablet had come from.

It only took a bit of “convincing” and a field trip was arranged for her archeology class to go to this museum. Once she was there the first question was answered, a small almost unknown city of the ancient civilization. That was where her tablet was originally discovered before she was able to secret it away for her own studies. Now here she was at the museum’s exhibit to these people staring at the answer to the second question.

This second tablet was different from hers. Whereas her tablet was about controlling the mind, this one appeared to be about controlling the body. Ashley thrilled at the possibilities this would present. “What kind of control would this allow?” she wondered.

First things first though, she had to have this tablet at home to study in detail. In order to do so she would have to get to someone in charge and have it taken somewhere and handed over to her. On the way to the elevator she passed by the washrooms and overheard a couple of her classmates.

A boy that was just coming out of the washrooms named George and a girl named Sally who was looking irritated as she stared at an “Out of order” sign on the girl’s washroom while hopping back and forth in obvious desperation. “That’s not fair!! The women’s washroom is out of order but the men’s isn’t?” “There is another set of washrooms though, come with me and I’ll take you to them.” said the boy.

Ashley was joined by the pair as the elevator doors opened and the three got in. It was a fairly small museum, only the two floors and not many people around, so Ashley pushed the button for the first floor and the doors closed.

Seeing the girl bounce around in desperation made Ashley realize that she needed to pee as well. Then she had a devilish idea, one she thought could be quite fun as she decided where she was going to pee next. Acting fast she activated the elevator’s emergency stop control. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

The girl in surprise yelled at Ashley for stopping the elevator. This was when Ashley used one of her mind tricks. Manipulating both their minds she told them “The elevator just stopped on its own. I didn’t touch the controls.”

“What am I going to do; I’m really in a hurry here.” Ashley could tell as the girl looked nervous as she began blatantly pressing her hands into the front of her jeans in complete desperation. Now Ashley could just wait until the girl peed her pants, but something about this pretty girl made Ashley want to corrupt her so bad, almost as badly as the girl needed to pee right now.

Ashley decided to play a little game right now. She wouldn’t outright make her do it, only influence her decision to make it more likely, this decision had to be hers but Ashley was going to do all she could to make sure the girl chose to do what Ashley wanted her to. Ashley started off with a few manipulative lies to get things going.

“Say Sally, when we were over at the exhibits and I thought I overheard George saying that he wanted you to wait for him outside the toilets, that you should wait there and he will come out and show you to the other washrooms.”

Sally, now believing this revision of her recollection of events, said “Yes. I suppose if I had known about their elevator problems I would have taken the stairs instead.”

“I suppose so, but if I were you I wouldn’t have waited for him to go first. I guess he just wanted you to feel like he helped you out by showing you the way to the washrooms himself.”

“Hey that’s right, I should have just gone ahead. Why did you have me wait for you instead of just telling me they were downstairs?”

George was a bit confused, which made sense since that was in fact not how it happened. Though as far as they could remember that is how it happened thanks to Ashley. She continued with her mental toying with what could be the final push to get Sally in the right frame of mind for what she had planned.

“In fact I would say it was a bit selfish. You could have just taken her down stairs and both used the lower washrooms, but you made her wait while you got the relief that she didn’t.”

Sally turned her eyes angrily at George and gave a small shove with one hand before returning it to her crotch and bouncing around some more. “Now thanks to you I’ll probably end up wetting myself right here.”

Now the stage was set as Ashley made her move. At least if she failed now she would still get something out of it. Ashley walked over to George and quickly whispered in his ear “You have no water bottle and no solutions will come to mind for my next two questions.” just to ensure he didn’t mess up her plan somehow.

Ashley stood opposite Sally and looked George in the eyes and asked him “So how are you going to make this up to her? Isn’t there some way you could help her out?” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri When he shook his head Ashley suggested her own solution. “I think since it is your fault she is going to pee without the convenience of a toilet you should have to deal with that pee. If you have no container available then I am going to choose where it goes for you.

Ashley whispered into his ear another set of instructions, she placed her hands on his shoulders after which his legs felt weak and he dropped to his knees.

Then she put her other hand on his chest and he lay down on the floor. “What are you doing?” said George with surprise at the ease with which she manipulated him.

“Just stay there and I will tell Sally here what I think she should do.” Now here is where her game comes into play and Ashley makes sure not to command Sally at this point, hopefully she won’t have to. “I think that since it is your fault you should let Sally pee in your mouth. That way she won’t have to wet her pants.”

Sally seemed upset with George, and started to step forward but stopped. “I don’t know about this. I really have to go, and it is his fault, but isn’t that kind of a gross thing to do to him?” Ashley expected as much. Most people probably aren’t into the idea of peeing in someone’s mouth, especially when it isn’t what that person wants.

Ashley decided Sally needed another push, and that she would have some fun as well. She whispered more commands to George “You will open your mouth when one of us lowers ourselves onto your face and you will drink everything we give you. You will not say anything and will lie here until we are both done with you.”

She then turned to Sally and told her “Okay I will prove to you it is not disgusting. Deep down boys want pussy and will do anything to taste them on their tongues or sink into them. Trust me when I say he will drink from you gladly, and to prove this to you I will go first.”

Ashley lifted her skirt and tucked the hem into her waistband to hold it up. Sally gasped in shock “You don’t wear any underwear?” Ashley just smiled at her as she put one foot on each side of George’s head. She lowered herself and caught a brief glimpse of panic in his eyes before her butt obscured his face from view.

Sally’s eyes went wide when George opened his mouth below the descending pussy. Ashley made contact with his upper lip but stopped short of making a seal with the rest of his mouth. She wanted Sally to see her stream when she began peeing. “Now watch what he does Sally, you’ll see.”

Ashley pushed lightly and started with a small stream to make sure he caught it all. The stream poured out of her and landed in his mouth. After his mouth began to fill and an echo began to be heard from within Ashley lowered herself the rest of the way creating a seal against his mouth.

The next part Ashley didn’t expect. She felt George’s tongue reach up and lick her pussy lips as she peed into his güvenilir bahis şirketleri mouth. Ashley figured that he must be trying to make the most out of his situation, her pussy was right there after all. Ashley smiled at Sally as she began to pee harder into the mouth below her.

The two of them could hear him gulping down the deluge of girl piss in his mouth and Ashley made sure to make a show of smiling like this was the best thing ever. Sally, hopping in the corner and watching the show, went from the look of mild disgust to one of curiosity. It looked to Ashley like Sally was probably ready to take her place on his mouth.

She finished her pee and she rubbed her lips across his to avoid dripping, though an extra drip doesn’t do too much when you wear a short skirt with nothing underneath.

Sally was just about convinced, after all George had just swallowed all of this other girl’s pee without any complaint and she wanted to get back at him almost as much as she needed to pee, when a spasm hit and finished the job. “Okay I can’t hold this any longer. Get ready George.”

Ashley backed away and gave George one more order. His licking gave her an idea that could get this girl to really enjoy peeing into George’s mouth. “When she is on your mouth, be sure to lick around the bit at the top of her slit.”

Sally hurriedly unzipped her pants turning around and stepping forward. She pulled her pants down and squatted over his mouth. His mouth opened for Sally just as it had for Ashley and sealed itself around her young mound. She looked down into his eyes for a moment but this made her a bit nervous so she looked up at Ashley who had an encouraging smile on her face.

A moment later pee started gushing out of the girl. She had just started her pee when she gasped and looked down in amazement. Sally then started some light moaning. Ashley knew that George’s tongue must have started at its job on Sally’s clit and knew just how good that can feel, especially when you are peeing at the same time. If this experience can’t get her into this nothing will.

Sally slowed her pee, not just because she was getting empty and not for George’s sake but because she wanted this experience to last. She tried stifling her moans but in the end couldn’t help but make more noise as she approached her pinnacle of pleasure. At the last second she pushed hard and emptied the remainder of her bladder as she reached her first orgasm caused by a boy.

George couldn’t be gladder when she was done, he didn’t think his stomach could hold any more of their pee. “Now lick her dry.” Ashley commanded.

Sally got up and pulled her clothing back on. Ashley quickly whispered to George “If she asks to do this with you again, or commands you, you will tell her yes and you will do it.” before standing in front of the controls and turning off the emergency stop behind her back. “I guess they must have fixed it.”

They all got off at the ground floor, the other two heading to the stairs to go back up. She didn’t need to use the bathroom anymore that’s for sure.

Ashley proceeded to head over to the museum’s main office. She spoke with the first person she saw, “Who is in charge of the exhibit upstairs. There is something I wish to discuss.”

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