At Home with Mum in ’63 Ch. 02

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This is Part Two of my story of how I came to be sharing my mum’s bed, making love to her and generally having a fantastic few years of incest. Please read Part One first…


As we lay back recovering, I let my hand rub her stomach and gradually move lower down. My fingers slid into her pubic hair and I began to gently twist her hairs around with my fingers — she didn’t stop me. Gradually I moved my hand lower down until I felt the little mound of her clitoris. I rubbed it gently. Then I pushed a finger between her lips and her hips came up to meet my hand.

“You’re so sexy,” I said, “and don’t you get turned on quickly?”

She moaned softly as I caressed her clitoris. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her hand as it reached for my cock, which had stiffened into another erection. She grasped my cock and squeezed it as she enjoyed my hand at work on her cunt. I moved my hand round until it was cupping her sex and so that my thumb was rubbing her clitoris. She started to groan and breathe heavily.

“Oh please don’t, you mustn’t do that,” she sighed.

“Just cum again for me,” I pleaded as my hand moved faster. I dipped two fingers inside her soaking wet hole and then used the wetness on them to stimulate her clitoris still more.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming already,” she cried. Her hips bounced up and down as if she was fucking me and her hand wanked my cock wildly.

“Oh, that was lovely, but no more please, I’m out of practice!” she said as she cleaned herself up.

She repeated that having sex, as she put it, had been really enjoyable and she reminded me that I really should have used a condom as she could still easily get pregnant.

“I haven’t got any condoms. I don’t seem to get round to having sex these days,” I said.

“Well then, you should have pulled out before you spurted,” she told me.

“I hadn’t planned to be inside you at all,” I said, lying like mad, “I just wanted to get your attention to get you to wank me again.”

“Never mind,” said mum, “It was going to happen eventually if we slept in the same bed and it’s happened now. Anyway, there was no way that I’d let you pull out just as I was in the middle of an orgasm and what’s more I wasn’t going to waste all your lovely spunk.”

I agreed with her.

“It would have made a mess again if I’d pulled out,” I said.

“No,” said my mother, “I wasn’t worried about the mess. I’ve been desperate to feel some spunk squirting up inside me and once you were inside me, that’s where all your spunk was going to end up, even if you shouldn’t have been there at all.”

Then she explained to me that she’d invited me into her bed so that we could keep warm but all the time she had been thinking that she might be able to seduce me — and now it had happened — but I’d seduced her! She knew very well that something would probably happen but she also knew that it was very wrong. “Stop worrying about what’s right and what’s wrong,” I said, “just enjoy it — I’m not likely to tell anyone. Just don’t get pregnant please!”

I started to apologise but she hushed me — it was her fault, she said, but it shouldn’t ever have happened and it mustn’t happen again and that we were very naughty. But I knew from her voice that I wasn’t really in trouble and that she was speaking out a sense of duty. Then she also repeated that it had been really good, that I’d fucked her very nicely and that she’d had some lovely orgasms. We thanked each other for the pleasure we’d both had and it was pretty obvious that she’d thoroughly enjoyed herself. I just knew she was going to need more fucking before long!

She said that my cock felt really big up inside her, so I asked her how my cock measured up and she told me that from what she could remember, it seemed quite as big as any that she’d had, including my dad’s. She also said that she’d really felt the jets of my spunk squirting up inside and that it had felt lovely and horny.

“Oh, I can still feel it. I can still feel your cock inside me,” she said, “Oh, what have you made me do? I feel so sexy, so randy.” As she spoke, her hand wandered to her cunt and she began to stroke herself.

“Go on then,” I said “Enjoy yourself.” Her hand became a blur as she brought herself off yet again and her hips bucked furiously.

“Oh, that’s better, perhaps I can get to sleep now!” she said.

“That’s alright for you,” I said, “but I’ve got another erection because you were playing with yourself — now what am I supposed to do with it?”

“You could try just letting it go to sleep,” said my mother, “at least you shouldn’t have another wet dream tonight!”

We lay side by side, holding hands and waiting for sleep to come but we were both in a state of high sexual excitement and sleep wouldn’t come to either of us.

While we lay there, we talked quietly about various things and the subject of sex kept coming up again and again. We talked about making love and about having orgasms — about the size of cocks and of clitorises — about lubrication bakire porno and spunk. We both agreed that sex was really enjoyable and very necessary and it became pretty obvious that our conversation, which was becoming more and more sexy, was turning us both on — I’d already had another erection for ages. As we held hands, I pulled her hand to my cock and encouraged her to hold it which she did without hesitation. She started to rub and caress my cock, making it leak the last of its spunk from our earlier fuck. She rubbed it round the knob and her manipulations increased. I put my hand on her cunt and began to rub gently at her clitoris.

All of a sudden she pulled me towards her.

“Come on, you make me so horny” she said, “I need you up me again. Make love to me again. Fill me with that lovely cock.”

My cock, solidly erect, was throbbing furiously as I reached out to feel inside her cunt — it was absolutely sopping wet and not just from my earlier load of spunk. I climbed between her opened thighs and as she held my cock in place, I allowed it to sink deep into her cunt — we didn’t need any foreplay to precede this fuck. As I fucked her, her fingers fluttered over her clitoris and she orgasmed time after time. Eventually, as we both slammed our hips together in a wild rut, I felt my orgasm nearing.

“I’m cumming again in a minute,” I said, panting heavily, “I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Oh, you’re not supposed to cum inside me — you’ll get me pregnant,” said mum.

“You’re already full of my cum, so if you’re going to get pregnant, you probably already are!” I said, “And here I cum again Aaaah, aaaaagh! Uuuuugh!”

“Oh yes, cum! Cum in me! I want to feel you cum. Oh, now you’re making me cum again — oh no, I’m cumming again!”

“I can’t stop now,” I groaned, pumping my cock hard into her, “Here it cums — ooooooooh yes, yes, ooooooh yesssss!”

She wrapped her legs around me as I flooded her cunt with my second load of hot juices and we kissed deeply and lovingly as we both climaxed. And then, once we’d eased off somewhat and were able to feel the world around us again, she told that she mustn’t pregnant…..but she wouldn’t let me take my cock out of her until we had both finished cumming! So much for her ‘mustn’t happen again’ comments! We lay together with me on top of her while we kissed and relaxed. Eventually we parted and my cock slid from her wet, slippery, soggy and well-filled hole.

“Oh, I feel so empty,” she said, “I wish you could leave it up there.” But much as I would have liked to fuck her again, it really was time to get to sleep and it was bloody cold on top of the bedclothes.

In the morning, after she’d washed, she again returned and began to dress in front of me, this time, so it seemed, she made a point of exposing her hairy cunt and her welcoming slit to me. Actually I suppose that she had to because, as she stood up, a trickle of our juices ran down her leg. She had to open her legs to dry her cunt and I could hardly miss the view. Naturally, at my age I would get an erection in seconds and the inevitable immediately happened. Feeling brave, I pushed back the bedclothes and climbed out on her side of the bed with my erection waving before me. Just as I reached her, she bent over to pick up her knickers and I swiftly moved up behind her and poked my cock between her cheeks while grasping her breasts.

Even now her cunt was still wet and my cock slid quite easily between her lips.

“Aaaaaagh! Not now, you naughty boy” she said and she turned round, causing my erection to slide from her cleft. She held me in her arms, while my erection nestled up against her stomach and she again tried to lecture me, telling me that what we were doing was wrong even though it was nice and that we mustn’t do it again. I agreed, but I knew, even at my tender age, that once she had her hands on my hard cock or once her clitoris was caressed, she’d never be able to say no — or stop. We’d been intimate now — I wasn’t sorry to realise that there was no going back.

I hugged her to me telling her how much I’d enjoyed our love-making and how nice she’d felt. I moved my body to make her hardening nipples rub against my chest. Then, still holding her to me, I moved down a bit so that my probing cock slipped back between her legs and began to rub around her cunt and along her clitoris — I could soon feel that it was stiffening up against my cock. As I did so I began pleading with her to let me put my cock inside her again. I just knew that she’d give in and soon my cock slid around more easily as her wetness spread from her cunt. I leaned back a bit and began to squeeze her breasts and to roll her nipples with my thumbs. She groaned and told me to stop, but she didn’t push me away and in fact she held me to her, making the contact between my penis and her pussy that much stronger. She moaned gently and I could feel her body begin to respond to the contact.

I was braver now and I kept working and gently pushing at her until she found herself brazzers sitting back down on the bed. As she sat down, I continued to push her backwards and when she lay down, just wearing her bra and unbuttoned blouse, her legs just seemed to flop open, leaving her cunt invitingly available. I leaned forward and held myself poised above her body. I took hold of my erect penis and rubbed it up and down over her clitoris, also making it slide across her hole which was now lubricating profusely.

“Oh, put it in me now,” she pleaded, “please don’t muck around — I need you in me right now.” I aimed my rigid cock at her hole and pushed gently and my cock slid beautifully into her dripping wet hole. She pulled me into her and I fucked her steadily until she’d had several orgasms. Her hands roamed over my body, caressing and encouraging me until I found myself on the brink of an orgasm too. I told her that I was going to cum — she told me to keep going and as I felt my spunk begin to shoot into her, so another orgasm arrived and I could feel her cunt pulsing, sucking and squeezing my cock as I pumped into her. I collapsed on top of her and she held me tight as we recovered after our fuck. Gradually and eventually, I pulled my cock out of her hole and watched as my spunk dribbled from her cunt, until she found a towel and we mopped up our juices.

Once again, she just didn’t know what to say. By rights she should have kicked me out a long time ago but it was too late now. Her body needed satisfying and I was providing the satisfaction. I was also aware that the ice had been broken — most of the normal barriers were down and she was mine whenever I needed her. I know that we both needed each other and under the circumstances, the word ‘incest’ just didn’t exist any more — we were just two sexy people who had turned to each other for relief. I asked if I should sleep in my own bed but she said that it was a bit late now to leave her on her own and that it was ok for me to stay with her.

We’d actually been sleeping in the same bed for almost two weeks but had only had intercourse three times so far, so it was obvious that she was still unfulfilled and would need more, if her sexual activity with my dad was anything to go by. It was therefore inevitable that she would need and want to have sex with me more often than the few times that we’d managed so far and so it proved to be. We were both ready, willing and able — and horny!

That night as we lay in bed side by side, our hands met and we reached out for each other. By now I’d discarded my pyjama pants — I hadn’t wanted to wear them in the first place and I soon found that her nightshirt was completely undone. Just touching her gave me an erection which I began to massage with my other hand. We released our hands and my mother rolled over to face me on her side. Her hairy bush brushed against the back of my hand — I could feel the roughness of her pubic hairs. I moved my hand so that it brushed through her pubes.

She began to move her hips to increase the contact and she lifted her leg so that it lay on top of mine, leaving her cunt delightfully open. I turned my hand over so that my fingers could probe into her pussy. Gently I rubbed at her clitoris, causing her to moan with desire and before long her juices were in full flow and her cunt opened to my probing fingers. She kissed me and asked if I’d like to fuck her. Actually I think it was more of a demand than a question and my cock readily answered and agreed for me.

I began to hold and squeeze her breasts. They were wonderfully full and firm and her nipples stood out like little knobs, simply designed for rolling with my thumb. She reached for and held my cock and asked me to get on top of her. We rolled over and as I moved over her, she pulled me up her body until she could take my cock in her mouth.

“Ooh yes, suck me,” I breathed as I leaned forward.

She began wanking me as she sucked me and I reached behind me and put my hand on her pussy. I felt her legs open wide and, putting my hand down between her legs, I found her cunt to be sopping wet inside and out.

After a while, I gently took my cock from her mouth and lowered myself down until my cock rested right at the entrance to her cunt. I rubbed the end of my cock in her hot juices until it was well lubricated and ready to slide inside her. I continued to massage my cock against her clitoris until she began to quiver. Her arms closed round me and pulled me into her, my cock sinking completely into her hot hole. I began to play with her clitoris with one hand while supporting myself with the other and all the while I fucked her firmly, using all my knowledge to bring her to several shattering orgasms before I felt my balls contract and my spunk rocket from my cock into her welcoming cunt.

After I’d cum, I kept moving my cock in and out and before long I felt it begin to harden into another erection. I could also feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock to encourage it. I was getting to enjoy this! I started fucking her again dede porno and we began to experiment with different positions and degrees of penetration. Soon she was cumming again and again — she seemed to be having one constant orgasm and she became almost insatiable. We fucked for most of that night — I managed to pump my hot cum up her three times and sprayed her tits twice and I was totally shattered by morning.

Each time I emptied my spunk she would start to work on my wilting cock with her hand or her mouth until I was once again hard and ready. Then she would manoeuvre my cock into her cunt — she might be above, below or beside me but tonight I was just an erection to be used by her lustful body.

In the morning, as she dressed, she stood beside the bed and showed me her cunt — her lips were all reddened and puffy. She said that she was sore and tired, but that she didn’t care because she’d enjoyed it so much.

That evening my mother asked me to come to bed early because she was tired, or so she told me. No sooner had I undressed and climbed onto the bed than she grabbed my cock (which became erect in seconds) and pulled me to her. She pushed off the duvet to reveal her naked body and I could see her lovely dark pubes were shining with lubrication from her dripping cunt.

“Make love to me now,” she demanded, “I’ve been wanting you all day. You’ve made me sex-mad with your big hard cock.”

She pulled me on top of her and held my penis in place as I lowered myself onto her body. Her cunt was so wet and slippery that my cock began to slip straight into her cunt. A few gentle squirms and it sank all the way in.

“Oh, that’s better,” said my mum, “Leave it there for a while.”

I let my cock bathe in her hot juices and soon I could feel her cunt pulsing around my cock. I put my hand onto her clitoris and rubbed it. Her hips began to move and I could no longer keep my cock still. I started to fuck her, gently at first but my strokes got faster, in rhythm with her hips and my hand. She began orgasming — wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her — one orgasm after another.

Finally my cock reached its limit.

“I’m cumming,” I panted, “Oh yes, here it cums.”

She almost screamed as my spunk filled her hole and her cunt squeezed me tight as another orgasm juddered it way through her. Gradually we relaxed and parted.

“Oh yes, I needed that,” said mum, “I’ve been wet all day wanting your cock. Can we do it again please, as soon as you’re ready?”

“I thought you were tired?” I said.

“I only said that to get you into bed — now come on, concentrate on getting your cock hard again!”

I’m pleased to say that I soon rose to the challenge and for the second night in a row, it was a long time before we went to sleep.

One morning after a rare night without sex, I woke to find that my mother’s hand was grasping my cock which was just beginning to come alive. As she caressed and rubbed it, my erection stiffened and quivered with desire. Then my mother let go of my cock and ducked her head under the bedclothes. She worked her way down the bed and suddenly her mouth was around my cock and this time I just knew that she was sucking me off, not just enjoying me. Oh heaven — this was wonderful — I’d never really had anything so exciting done to my cock. She held my shaft and wanked me as she sucked me, her mouth creating fantastic feelings as she varied her suction and used her tongue and lips too…..and very soon I felt my spunk rising and I warned her that I would soon be cumming.

“Muuuuum,” I cried, “I’m going to cum in your mouth if you’re not careful.”

Her sucking and wanking continued and soon my hips began to shake until I felt my spunk squirt out into her mouth. I heard mum sort-of moan and I knew that she’d swallowed every drop before she resurfaced from down the bed, with a big smile on her face. As she wiped her mouth she said that it had been lovely to taste spunk again after what seemed like a long time without it.

She told me that she and my dad often used to have oral sex and that she loved to suck his cock until he came in her mouth. She told me that they used to have a ’69’ session and I had to ask her what that was.

“Haven’t you tried that?” she asked with a big smile.

“Well, what is 69 then?” I asked, somewhat confused.

“You go down there on me and suck me pretty well like I’ve just done to you….and I’ll do what I’ve just done again to you, at the same time,” she explained.

“I won’t know what to do, I’ve never been and licked a woman’s pussy,” I said, “Do you want me to lick you then?”

“Oh yes please,” she simpered, “I’ll tell you how I want to do it — come on — lie down and I’ll get above you. But I don’t want you ramming your cock right down my throat!”

We arranged ourselves — I lay on my back while my mother straddled my head. She kept her legs open wide and told me which bits she liked to have stimulated, as I looked up at a sight I’d never beheld before! Above me were mum’s lips — split widely apart; her clitoris was near where my chin would be and her already thoroughly wet hole was scant inches from my mouth. I hardly knew where to start although the fist thing I was able to do was to breath in her heady erotic aroma — a scent that I’ll never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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