At Master’s Table: Ivan’s Dilemma

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He trembled with fury as he drove away from his friend’s home. Ivan Novahich couldn’t believe what had just happened at Dean Ryker’s house. Ryker had been his best friend for three years. They worked in the same office and went to lunch together most days. They had attended conferences together, gotten drunk, and shared whores. They watched basketball together and argued about the superiority of American football to soccer. Ivan had been a regular at Ryker’s monthly poker games almost from the start. Other players had come and gone, but Ivan had been a fixture.

Ivan considered himself a stud. With his handsome, swarthy features and his thick Ukrainian accent, girls practically begged him to take them to bed. He was always glad to oblige. To Ivan, sexuality was fluid. As a result, he’d also bedded a fair number of young men. They were always slender, slightly effeminate creatures that had been eager to wrap their lips around his cock. They had been equally eager to bend over for him.

Dean Ryker was a man. There was nothing effeminate about him. He was tall, muscular, and firm. Ivan had always admired his co-worker’s intellect and physique, but had never imagined a sexual relationship with him outside of sharing a woman. Yet, that was exactly what had happened tonight. Ryker had bent him over and made him a bitch. There was no other way to describe what had transpired. He’d made Ryker angry, and Ryker had taken him to the bedroom to talk. He’d been surprised when his friend had removed his belt and too dumbfounded to do anything but obey when Ryker had told him to bend over. He’d endured the spanking, surprised at his growing erection.

He’d thought it was over when Ryker threw aside the belt, but then his friend had been tearing into a condom. Ivan had pleaded with Ryker not to proceed, even though his body was suddenly desperate. He’d thought his friend was going to split him in two, but that fear, and the pain, had quickly been replaced by intense pleasure. Ryker had quickly developed a rhythm that Ivan found maddening. Ivan knew that Ryker’s bitch and Mila Navaro, sitting in the next room, could hear every sound, but that didn’t restrain him. Just when everything seemed too much and Ivan thought he would go insane, Ryker had stiffened, grunted, and abruptly pulled out, leaving Ivan with a throbbing erection.

But Ryker was not finished. He’d further humiliated Ivan by forcing him to apologize in front of the bitch and Mila, and then dismissed him. That dismissal included leaving his pants behind. Now, Ivan was driving toward his apartment complex in the darkness, naked from the waist down. His cock was poking straight up as the scene repeated in his head. One moment, he was angry at the way he had been treated and humiliated. The next moment, he wanted to turn around and beg Ryker to finish the job.

In his turmoil, Ivan didn’t pay attention to his speed or his erratic driving. He swerved over the center line and then onto the shoulder. Fortunately, the road was deserted, but it probably would not have made a difference. He was navigating on automatic. The only thing that penetrated the emotional and mental fog was the flash of blue lights in his rearview mirror. “Fuck,” he growled, pulling over to the shoulder.

He watched as a lone officer got out of the car. He had his hands on the steering wheel, but dropped them to his lap to cover his erection. He rolled down the window and tried to appear casual. He felt sweat form on his upper lip as the officer slowly bent. “Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” he demanded, shining a bright flashlight in his eyes.

Ivan blinked, trying to adjust to the light. “No, sir,” he managed to stammer.

“You were going well over 90,” the officer replied, swinging the light around the inside of the car to make sure no one else was in it. “You were also swerving all over the place. Have you been drinking?”

“I’m not drunk,” Ivan answered.

The officer’s light came back to Ivan. “License and registration.”

Ivan reached for it, uncovering himself in the process. The officer’s flashlight landed on Ivan’s shaft and stopped. Ivan extended his driver’s license toward the cop, but the officer didn’t take it. “I bet that’s fairly distracting,” the cop said in a casual voice. “Maybe you should take care of that before I let you back on the road?”

Ivan looked up in surprise. The cop’s expression hadn’t changed, but there appeared to be a hunger in his eyes. Ivan leaned back and wrapped his hand around the base of his stiff cock. His fingers met his thumb as he started slowly stroking up and down. The cop did not respond at first, but he did not tell Ivan to stop, so he quickened his pace. He closed his eyes, Ryker floating through his mind. He moved his fist faster, sliding up and down his shaft in a steady rhythm. His breath grew shallow as he thought about Ryker swinging the belt.

When Ivan opened his eyes, the cop’s expression had changed canlı bahis subtly. The broad shouldered officer was watching intensely. His eyes burned as they watched Ivan’s hand moving up and down the long rod. He wet his lips with his tongue. His chest expanded quickly with each breath as pre-cum started to glisten on the tip of Ivan’s cock.

Suddenly, the cop jerked the door of the car open. “Get out!” he growled. Ivan froze, blinking in surprise at the cop. “Get out,” the cop ordered again. On shaky legs, Ivan slid from behind the wheel of his car. The cop grabbed his arm in a tight vise and dragged him toward the police cruiser. The officer opened the back door of the cruiser and shoved Ivan into the back seat face first.

Ivan looked over his shoulder to see the cop undoing his belt and opening his fly. Ivan relaxed as the cop pulled his own erection free and settled on his knees at the edge of seat. He leaned forward, ready to plunge into his victim, when the radio sprang to life. “Unit 12, locate.”

“Fucking damn,” the cop hissed. He sat back on his knees, pressing the radio button on his shoulder. “Red Rock Road.” He put his free hand between Ivan’s legs and began squeezing and relaxing his grip around Ivan’s throbbing cock. Ivan felt his pulse reacting in time with the cop’s steady hand.

“There’s a wreck on Highway 23. Need you to report there.”

“Roger that,” the cop growled, pulling his hand from Ivan’s cock. He slapped the upturned ass once and Ivan shuddered in pleasure. The cop stood, adjusting his trousers before walking to the trunk of his car. He opened the trunk. Ivan slid out of the car, his heart pounding while the cop was out of sight. The officer slammed the trunk and stepped around the vehicle. He tossed a pair of pants to Ivan. “Try to focus on the road till you get to your home or a whore.”

Without another word, the cop got into his car, turned on the lights and sped into the distance. Ivan watched as the blue lights faded into the darkness, then put on the jeans. They obviously belonged to the cop. They sagged around the waist and were about three inches too long, but smelled of musk. Frustrated at having his pleasure thwarted for a second time, he slowly got into his car. He needed release and could only think of one sure source of pleasure.

He forced himself to drive calmly into town, passed the liquor store where the clerk had given him a very satisfying hand job prior to going to Ryker’s house. She had told him to meet her later at the Garden Club, a popular dance club in the heart of downtown. It was known for loud music and dark corners and the rumor was that there were private rooms on the upper level fully stocked with booze and bowls of condoms. Ivan knew the private rooms weren’t a rumor and that plenty of fucking went on in the middle of the crowded dance floor. He’d paid for private rooms in the past, but he had also received a blow job while sitting at the bar and bent a boy over the bathroom sinks. Even if the clerk wasn’t there, he knew he would have no problem finding release at the Garden Club.

Ivan knew he was handsome. He had thick sandy brown hair that he wore swept away from his forehead and deep blue eyes. His face was chiseled and his thick Eastern European accent attracted people to him. When he dropped the keys into the valet’s hand, he knew the man’s eyes followed him up the steps and into the club. Ivan slowed his walk, enjoying the attention.

The addictive pulse of the club washed over him the moment he entered the doors. He could smell the sweat of the dancers, the sweet fumes from the alcohol, and the aroma of sex. The music throbbed from the speakers. He could feel the floor vibrating. His heart picked up the rhythm immediately. Multi-colored lights flashed across the faces of dancers, capturing their ecstasy. He waded into the pool of dancers, moving his body against whatever body was closest to him. By the time he reached the bar in the center of the room, he was fully emerged into the tribal atmosphere.

He ordered his drink and downed it at once before ordering another. His eyes were sweeping the room, attempting to find a desirable target for the evening. He landed on a skinny boy surrounded by several other males. He finished his second drink and was about to move into the fray when a buxom girl sidled up to him. “You made it!” she yelled, pressing her breasts against his arm. She leaned close to him, her palm sliding over the fly of his pants as she said in his ear. “I was hoping you would.” She caressed the outline of his erection. “Feels like you couldn’t get your mind off me, either.”

Ivan settled back onto the bar stool, allowing the clerk’s hand to roam as much as she wanted. “I didn’t want to leave you all wet and alone,” he answered.

“But I’m not alone now,” she said with a teasing smile. She looked to her side and for the first time, Ivan noticed a red head hovering nearby. Her eyes were dancing and he knew she had bahis siteleri already taken something.

“That’s all right,” he replied, hunger in his voice. “There’s enough to go around.”

She squeezed him through his trousers. “I think you are right. Probably enough for three or four, but I don’t share very well.”

“That’s not very nice,” Ivan said. “We’ll have to teach you to share.” He grinned at her friend. “What about you? Do you like to share?”

“Oh, yes. I love sharing.”

Ivan suggested that they dance and he found himself squeezed between the two women on the dance floor. He didn’t know their names, so he dubbed them Clerk and Red in his head as their bodies gyrated against each other. Clerk was in front of him, her hips rubbing against his, promising what was to come later. Her blouse clung to her skin, her nipples clearly outlined against the silk. His hand had slid up the back of her thigh, beneath her skirt, and squeezed her bare ass. Red was beside him, one hand on his butt and the other on Red’s back. Ivan placed his mouth against Red’s and her tongue was in his mouth. He turned his attention to Clerk and kissed her. Ivan had one hand on Clerk’s breast and the other on Red’s. Clerk’s were large and soft. Red’s were smaller and firm.

After three songs, all three were panting and eager for a closer encounter. Ivan wasn’t sure that he could make it upstairs to one of the private rooms. He pushed forward, parting a path through the throng as he elbowed his way to the stairwell. The trio stumbled upstairs, pausing to kiss and caress every few steps. They stepped passed a couple pressed against the all, the man’s pants around his ankles, the girl’ legs wrapped around his waist. As Ivan fumbled with the doorknob, Clerk went to her knees in front of him. She lowered his zipper and freed his erection. Red was kissing his throat and working open the buttons of his shirt.

He finally opened the door and they fell into the room. Clothing melted away and the three of them fell onto the mattress. Clerk wrapped her lips around his shaft, her tongue rubbing it and sucking it. Red’s mouth roamed over his upper body, kissing his throat, his chest, and his mouth. Clerk’s head moved up and down, her lips dragging on his hot shaft. Red straddled his shoulders, lowering a shaved pussy to his mouth. He extended his tongue, sweeping it along her damp slit. He found her clit and began lapping against it in time to Clerk’s mouth moving on his cock.

His tongue danced along Red’s slit, dipping inside and circling her small button. His hands covered her small breasts, squeezing them with his palms and rolling her nipples with his thumbs. Red’s hips were gyrating, her body riding his mouth, her head thrown back in giddy pleasure. Clerk’s lips were wrapped around his long erection, her tongue making circles around it.

Red cried out in pleasure and he caught her sagging body in his hands, not releasing her from the assault of his mouth. Clerk slipped her mouth off him with a soft pop and though he couldn’t see, he could feel her moving. Her legs slid against his and her knees pressed against his waist. She hovered over him and he could feel the heat of her open, wet pussy. Ryker may have the bitch and Mila panting, but Ivan felt confident he could bed any person he desired.

“What the fuck?” she said suddenly. Ivan felt all the heat leave his body as he realized what had happened. Clerk’s hand was around his prick, now as soft and flaccid as a beanbag. He hadn’t cum, but just as he was about to enter her pussy, his erection had withered.

In shame, he pushed Red away and pulled from Clerk’s hand as he sat up on the side of the bed. “Fucking Ryker,” he grumbled, grabbing his pants and pulling them on. He put his arms in the sleeves of his shirt and stormed to the door. He looked back to see Red eating Clerk’s pussy, neither missing his presence as he fled the Garden Club.

As he waited for the valet, he tried to grasp what had happened. He had never had any trouble performing before, but as soon as he was about to use his tool, Ryker had popped into his mind and he had been unable to continue. It was like he could see Ryker watching him, a frown of disapproval on his face, his arms crossed angrily.

Thinking about Ryker caused him to harden again, but it was too late to return to the Garden Club. He was too humiliated to go back in there. The valet pulled to the curb and met Ivan half-way around the car. “Sweet ride,” the boy said. Ivan mumbled an acknowledgment and continued walking to his vehicle. “You weren’t in there very long,” the valet said, slowing his walk. Ivan stopped and looked over his shoulder at the pretty boy. “I have a break in ten minutes if you didn’t find any thing you liked inside.”

Ivan could easily picture the college boy’s mouth stretched around his cock. He thought about not even waiting for the valet’s break. He could throw the boy over the hood of his sports car bahis şirketleri and fuck him right there in the middle of the street. Unless a cop drove by, no one would say a word. The public orgy of the Garden Club often spilled into the streets outside the dark, throbbing club. If the right cop drove by, the encounter could be very enjoyable for them all. His failure upstairs was too close, though, and he could not handle a second humiliation.

He got into his car and began driving, wandering aimlessly through town. He didn’t want to go home, and he couldn’t go back to Ryker’s house. He finally found himself circling the police department. He drove around it twice, and then parked underneath a street light. “What are you doing, Ivan?” he grumbled to himself as he got out of the car. He leaned against the hood and lit a cigarette, trying to clear his thoughts as he watched the door of the police station.

He took his cell phone out of his pocket and thumbed through the numbers, stopping on Ryker’s name. He started to dial it, but stopped himself. He wanted Ryker to fuck him again, but not under the conditions that had been established tonight. A patrol car drove by him, slowing down as it turned into the station’s parking lot. Ivan sat up a little, looking at the driver with anticipation. The driver was a woman, so he looked away, knowing female companionship would not settle him.

“To hell with it,” he groaned, pressing the dial button on his phone. The phone rang four times and Ivan was about to hang up, certain it was going to go to voice mail, when the connection was made.

Ivan heard panting and grunting before he heard a gruff voice say, “Hello, boy.”

Musical, breathy laughter echoed across the receiver. “Is that the man-slut?”

“Jesus, Mila,” Ryker responded. Ivan heard a thud and realized that both voices had faded. Ivan listened for a moment, imagining Mila Navaro, the blond goddess from work who made most of the men speechless, with her legs spread while Ryker’s hips thrust rapidly. Ivan’s hand wandered to his crotch, but remembering where he was stopped himself. He turned to get back into the car and finish the job by hand, but bumped into a solid wall.

He looked up to peer into the black eyes of the cop from Red Rock Road. “Couldn’t find a whore?” The cop said. He did not wait for an answer, walking passed Ivan and climbing into a black pick-up truck. Ivan got behind the wheel of his car and followed. The cop pulled into the parking lot for a cheap motel on the far side of town. Ivan circled the block, watching as the officer went into the lobby of the hotel. Ivan pulled into the far end of the lot and walked along the closed doors until he found one propped partially open.

The cop had turned on a lamp and pulled the shades while he waited on Ivan. As soon as the door was shut and bolted, Ivan went to his knees, his fingers working open the buckle of the cop’s belt and undoing his fly. The cop put his hand on the back of Ivan’s head as Ivan opened his mouth to swallow the thick phallus. He worked it deep into his throat, squeezing the base with his hand until he could take it all. His mouth sucked hard on the shaft, his tongue rubbing the long shaft. His hand massaged the cop’s heavy sac. The cop groaned, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. “Damn.”

The cop began jogging his hips forward and back, the swollen head of his cock popping in and out of Ivan’s throat. Ivan countered the cop’s timing, slamming forward as the cop did, driving the shaft deeper into his mouth. The cop’s balls slapped against Ivan’s chin as they lost themselves in the primal lustful ritual. The cop had his hands on either side of Ivan’s head, slamming their bodies together with each forceful thrust.

The cop quickened the pace and Ivan went into a panic, trying to pull off the long cock. He didn’t want the cop to cum too soon because he was afraid the cop wouldn’t have the stamina to finish, but it was suddenly too late and the cop was filling Ivan’s mouth with a hot load of thick cream. Ivan struggled to swallow it around the hard shaft still in his throat. Cum dripped down his chin. The cop finally pulled out and Ivan sat back on his heels, gasping for breath. His erection throbbed against his fly and he was grateful for the baggy pants. He wiped his chin and looked at the cop standing over him with his hands on his hips. His pole still stood proudly at attention and he wore a confident smirk on his face.

Without speaking, they both began removing their clothing. As soon as they both were naked, Ivan crawled onto the bed. The cop grabbed Ivan’s hips as his knees sank onto the edge of the bed. The cop used his finger to probe Ivan’s hole. Ivan groaned and shuddered and surrendered to the cop. The cop positioned the swollen, slick head of his cock at the opening and thrust his hips forward. A tearing shot of pain pierced Ivan and he cried out, but the cop was not as big as Ryker and he quickly adjusted to the invader. As the cop began thrusting his hips, Ivan responded, slamming backward with each forward thrust. The cop bent forward, reaching around Ivan to grab his cock and stroke it in time with the fierce thrusts.

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