At the Biker Bar Ch. 02

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Thank you so much for the kind words, comments and votes left for chapter one. It’s appreciated and completely blew me away. Apologies that there is no group sex in this chapter but I wanted to get to know Jack a bit more. I promise that the group stuff will be back in chapter three.



When I awoke I saw the sunlight pouring through dirty windows with worn threadbare curtains. It took me a second to remember where I was. The grimy little flat above the rough biker bar from the night before.

All the memories came flooding back. It had started with an online advert and ended with me being a spunk covered mess on a pool table. As I moved with a groan, a delicious ache coursed through my body. I knew I had been well and truly used and abused. It was possibly one of the wildest and most erotic nights I had ever had in my life.

A heavy arm was draped across me, circling my waist. As I started to stir the body behind me pulled me tightly against his body, spooning me from behind. I could feel a big hairy chest against my naked back and his beard tickling my shoulders and neck. I could tell he was happy to be there. A thick hard cock pushed and twitched against my arse cheeks. I felt light kisses moving along my neck and shoulder causing my pussy to start to tingle.

I looked down at the arm, completely covered in tattoos, I remembered the biker it belonged too. Jack, who I met when I first arrived at the bar. I remembered his kindness as he wrapped me in his leather jacket and carried me up the stairs after the gang bang. I remembered his tender kisses as he cleaned the spunk from my used, tired and sticky body. Mostly I remembered he had been to busy looking after me to take of his own needs. I felt I owed him something for that.I rolled over and snuggled up to his hair covered chest. He started to stroke my arm leaving a trail of goosebumps. My fingers curled into the hair on his chest, before heading down to a slightly chubby stomach. Finally I reached his pubic hair, my fingers reached down to stroke the length of his hard cock.

He groaned and tensed against me as I gripped him as well as I could with one hand. When I reached the tip of him I could feel the pre cum oozing out of him. I slowly slid up and down the length of him. Feeling him get firmer, using his pre cum to lubricate my movements. He slowly started to thrust into my hand. His lips found mine and he kissed me as softly as he had last night, his tongue dancing with mine.

I pulled away and started kissing his neck, feeling his beard ticking my face. I could feel myself growing moist as I moved down further. My lips found one of his nipples, sucking and kissing it. He started to thrust faster into my hand as his nipple stiffened. I gave it a quick bite as I continued down.

I finally reached that hard cock. I licked around the tip, my tongue swirling, tasting the salty drops beading out of the end as my hand kept moving. I took the whole of the bulbous head into my mouth, sucking as I slowly slid as far down as I could. I started bobbing up and down in time with my hand as I sucked.

His cock was rock hard and I could tell from his breathing just how aroused he was. His body was clearly fighting the urge to push its way deeper into my mouth. I wasn’t sure if this was because he was trying to prolong things and make things last or if it was just another example of the patient and kind nature he displayed last night. I stroked his big, heavy, hairy balls, feeling the weight of them as I took him all the way down fighting not to gag.

I looked up into his blue eyes, they were fixed on Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort mine gazing with a look of wonder and lust. He gripped my long dark hair in his fist and carefully pulled me off him, away from his straining cock. I couldn’t understand why, I was certain he was enjoying himself. I looked with questioning eyes, confusion all over my face. He chuckled down at me shaking his head. “you did enough last night princess. This time its all for you.”

“But…,” was as far as I got with my argument as he rolled me onto my back and kissed me again. His sheer bulk on top of me was thrilling. He kissed his way down my body exquisitely slowly. Taking his time to lick and kiss my stiff nipples. His big strong hands cupped my arse as he moved down to my tummy, licking and kissing it leaving me squirming under gentle bites. Finally he reached the smooth mound of my pussy. Then he laid a gentle kiss on top of it as his sparkling blue eyes met mine.

He ducked his head, licking along the length of my slit, I was already unbelievably wet. I sighed as his tongue soothed my still bruised body. He took his time exploring my lips, slowly working towards my centre. His tongue swirled around my clit, making me squirm and moan. He took it between his lips, gently sucking as he thrust a finger into me. That finger curling up finding my g spot easily teasing in an easy rhythm in time with his sucking.

My moans got louder in volume, my pussy getting wetter all the time. I started gripping his finger with my inner muscles. Another finger slid in to join the first, he started to slowly slide them in and out of me. The slow steady rhythm felt so very good but I wanted more. I tried to move my hips with him to speed him up. But he held me still, slowly driving me crazy. I used my hands on my tits, cupping them and teasing the nipples. Twisting and pulling on the nipple piercings. The pleasure making me cry out and arch my back. All the time his eyes locked on me, burning with intensity as he watched me lose control.

He watched my face as my eyes widened and I started to contract on his fingers. He lapped at my juices as they poured from me. I grabbed his hair and pulled him deeper grinding his face into me as my orgasm exploded. He kept his fingers moving inside me as I came, until I couldn’t take anymore. I pushed him by his hair away from me.

He bent to kiss me again. This time not so gentle, he forced his tongue into my panting mouth. I could taste my pussy on him and feel how wet I’d made his beard. I wrapped my hands around his neck to bury them in his long hair, my long legs wrapping around his thick waist.

I felt his hard cock sliding against my cunt, rubbing against my clit and lips as we moved together. He moaned into my mouth as he entered my tight wet hole. I still felt bruised and I ached from the night before, making it a painful pleasure as he stretched me slowly with his thick cock. He started to thrust into me, deep, slow thrusts. Each time he bottomed out I felt him hitting my sore cervix, with the bruising pleasure spreading out within me. His body rubbed my oversensitive clit. He hit my g spot with every stroke due to thick cock. I was moaning trying to speed up but he kept to that delicious teasingly slow pace.

I could feel the pleasure building in me. My nails scratching his broad back, I soon started to twitch and jerk my whole body convulsing beneath him. The spasms flowing from my stomach muscles down to my pussy. Squeezing and pulling him deeper.

He pulled away from my frantic kisses, watching my face as he struggled to hold back his own orgasm while I had mine. Just as I was coming down to earth, I looked up at him, his face contorted with a series of grunts and I felt him swell inside me. His thrusts sped up, making me spasm as a smaller orgasm shot through me. He thrust deeply a few more times before he buried himself inside me, filling me with his cum.

He collapsed on top of me, his heavy hairy body feeling fantastic against my smaller one. I could feel him softening inside me as I played with his hair and buried his face into the crook of my neck. His beard and lips tickling the soft skin as he kissed me, his warm breath making me shiver. I felt safe, comfortable and so warm I soon started to doze off again.

I awoke face down to a hand trailing across my arse. caressing the cheeks as I pushed my hips up towards his hand, I was rewarded with a deep chuckle and an open handed slap making my cheeks jiggle. It was then the smell of fresh coffee hit me. I looked up to see two large mugs in his free hand. I turned over and took the mugs offered as he climbed in next to me. I leaned against his chest as we drank the coffee until he broke the silence. “right princess, we got to talk.” I wondered where this heading so I just listened to him. “I want you to take the advert down and ignore any replies you get. You enjoyed last night, right? You enjoyed this morning, right?” he continued.

I nodded enthusiastically “fuck yes, last night was so fucking hot, but this morning was perfect to help me recover.” He laughed at that but before I knew it I had agreed to be his woman. If I wanted the rough stuff it was to be with the boys from the club but only with him watching. I was fine with the agreement. As far as I could see it was a case of me having my cake and eating it, and damn it was good cake.

“Lay on your front princess, I want at that arse.” He whispered it in my ear, making me shiver as his teeth closed around my ear lobe. I scooted down the bed rolling so I was face down. He pushed one of his pillows under my hips so I was propped with my arse up. He straddled my thighs and started stroking my round cheeks. His big hands making my skin tingle.

I’d always been quite proud of my butt. It was round and soft, but still had some firm definition to it from doing a lot of walking. It seemed somebody else was appreciating the view as well, I could feel his cock twitching against the back of my thighs. I looked over my shoulder to see him admiring the curve of my arse and a large black and grey tattoo of a dragon curling around a gravestone decorating most of my back. “Face down princess, I won’t tell you again.” I giggled in reply and got a smack across one cheek in response.

I dutifully looked down, yet I could feel a new wave of wetness adding to what was already there. I raised my arse up in the air, hoping for another smack. I was rewarded with a harder spank on the other side. The sting left a burning heat and he started to stroke the site soothing it with his hands. I moaned into the mattress enjoying the sensations. One of his fingers slipped into my arse crack at the top, moving down to my pussy. He pushed a finger into my wetness. Sliding it in and out, making me squirm and moan underneath him, thoroughly enjoying how he was making me feel. I heard a draw opening next to the bed, I looked up and saw a tube of lubricant in his hand.

As the finger continued to move in my pussy, I felt a cold, wet blob landing on my tight arsehole. A finger working its way slowly in afterwards, the finger slipped in easily and started to move in time with the one in her pussy. The feelings flooded me. I felt so good my hips squirmed and tried to impale myself deeper on his fingers. Soon I started to beg. “Fuck me Jack, please fuck my arse.”

The fingers pulled out, leaving me feeling empty with the loss of them. I whimpered but soon felt the rounded tip of his cock pushing at my tight sensitive ring of muscle. He spread my cheeks with his hands. Slowly pushing forward with hips. With a popping sensation and a little pain he was inside me. He slowly slid deeper, my tight arsehole gripping every inch as I engulfed him. When he bottomed out his hairy balls hit my pussy. He held still for a few seconds to let me adjust to his size. He let out a low moan before starting to pull out again.

He kept a slow steady pace as he held me still. Slowly the feeling started grow from amazing to exquisite, building inside me. I could feel that my juices were flowing out of my pussy. The pillow underneath me was eating wetter by the second. As good as it felt I was aching for more, I wanted to push back on him. I needed to impale myself on his thick solid cock. I was struggling against his hands, making small cries of frustration, begging him to please fuck me harder, faster.

Suddenly his grip shifted, he pulled my hips back into a doggy position and slammed into me. His balls hit me with a slap. His thrusts were suddenly relentless. I reached down and used my hand on my cunt, shocked at how wet I was. My body started to shake as my orgasm hit, twitching and spasming on him. I felt him swelling and jerking inside me as he found his own climax. He bit down on the back of my neck as he buried himself to the hilt as he filled my bowels with copious jets of hot spunk.

I was utterly spent and just lay beneath him trying to remember how to move. Eventually he rolled off me. I managed to stagger to the bathroom and in the direction of the shower. As the hot water soothed my aches I wondered what life had in store for me now. However it turned out I was pretty certain it would be a lot more exciting.

I came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, I saw my dress had been retrieved from downstairs so I pulled it on. Jack had offered me a ride home and I gladly accepted. What I hadn’t expected was for him to walk towards me holding a spare helmet, I loved bikes and had ridden bitch many a time, but I was fairly certain that a dress barely covering my arse and no underwear didn’t constitute as protective gear!

Downstairs in the parking lot he led me to a low slung matte black cruiser. It looked big, mean and powerful. I felt my pulse speed up, I still had my doubts about my attire but it would appear common sense was well and truly abandoned that weekend. I exchanged a fierce grin with jack when he looked at me, knowing full well I looked like an over excited schoolgirl.

I climbed up behind him knowing anyone watching would have gotten an eyeful of my well used cunt and arse. my arms wrapped around his waist as I settled in, the engine roared to life with a meaty throbbing between shaky thighs. Once we picked up speed it was cold, fucking freezing to be honest. The wind blowing up my dress excited me and was certain the wetness leaking would for a frost on my lips. I pushed my chest and hips into his back, holding him tighter, trying to block out the freezing wind as much as possible.

When we got back to my place he helped me off the bike, my arms and legs were covered in goosebumps and my teeth were chattering in time with my shivers. My nipples were like painful bullets. I don’t think I had ever felt so cold in my life. Jack rubbed his hands down my arms removed our helmets and kissed me. “Get that sexy arse inside in the warm princess. I’ll pick you up Friday.” With that he donned his helmet again and roared off. Leaving me watching him ride away, grinning like an idiot.

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