At the Fair and After

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Belle Delphine

James was at the fair, walking around near the tents and games, watching the drunks and carnies interact. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. It was a little too warm for him. He sought relief under a tent.

Amid the moving thicket of people, he spotted a woman he had known from his class. Her name was Jackie. Jackie was wide in the hips, had full, large breasts that were noticeable under her white shirt. She had long, curly black hair.

“Hi, how are you?” she said, as she approached.

“Great. It’s a little hot out today, though. Had to get into the shade”.

“Yeah, me too. I can’t stand the heat.” She made some remarks about how white her skin was, how it burned if she was in the sun for too long.

James watched her fingers point to her thighs and her upper arms, as she explained why she never tanned. He had always thought of her as vaguely attractive, but had kept away from her, as he was very distantly related to her. They were like 3rd or 4th cousins.

Jackie asked if he wanted something to drink, and he said that he would. She moved away from him, and walked over to the makeshift bar area. James watched her as she passed, glancing at her ass in khaki shorts. She had thick legs, and she walked oddly, a bit awkwardly.

She returned with the drinks, and they began talking about school, boredom, music, and where they each lived. She said she lived two towns over, about twenty miles away. James lived less than a mile from the fairgrounds.

“Do you want to see it? No one’s home right now—they’re all around here, somewhere,” he said, meaning at the fair.

“Oh, sure, that’d be fun. I’ll drive,” she said.

When they got inside her car, he watched her legs slide in and then backward onto the seat. He thought her upper thighs were beautiful. They antep escort were so white, he hardly believed they were real.

They continued to his parent’s house, and then went inside. James showed her around the house, moving from the downstairs kitchen up to the bedrooms of his parents and his sister, before going into the large bedroom that he shared with his brother.

They both sat down on his bed. She moved her hair back many times, so that she could see him.

He wanted to touch her legs, to feel their fullness. He wanted to suck her breasts, to hold their heaviness.

They spoke about her jobs, how she would have to be leaving soon to go to one of them.

He felt that he had to hurry with some passionate declaration, or some nonverbal movement. But just then he heard the door open downstairs. He leapt off the bed, hurriedly, while Jackie laughed.

“Christ, who could that be”, he said.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He looked out the opening in the doorframe, and saw that it was his sister, who had come home briefly to retrieve something, or so she said.

His sister’s entrance reminded him of his relations with Jackie, that they were cousins. He never wanted to be thought of as one of those inbred country people that play with their cousins, or family members.

They waited in his room, waited for his sister to leave, and then they both walked downstairs, as James had requested, and then out into the garage.

Jackie sat on the little cement stoop, and they began talking again. She smiled and flirted aimlessly. He felt that he was mixing up her signals, that it was all in his head.

She got off the stoop for a second to pick up a ball near to the stoop. As she did, James noticed that she had sat in something on the stoop that had left a black stain. He told her.

“Where is it?” she asked, looking over her left shoulder, still in a crouched position from trying to pick up the ball.

“It’s right here,” James said, putting his finger on her ass.

“Brush it off, will you?” she asked, unable to see the stain.

He moved his full hand to her ass, made brushing movements, making contact with her khakis. She stayed in the same position.

She looked over her shoulder when he had stopped and said, “Do you like to touch me there?”

He fumbled with his words, before admitting that he did enjoy it.

She laughed and stood up before him. He was on the stoop now. He could see her entire body, magically before him.

She looked at her watch, began walking backward toward the garage door, toward the outside, toward her car, laughing.

At the frame of the garage door, she said, “I get off of work tonight at seven”. Why don’t you come into the city and see me. I’ll make it worth your while.”

She turned around, still giggling, and walked out to her car.


At seven o’clock that night, James was outside of her workplace, waiting for her. He had changed into blue-jeans and wished he hadn’t, as the bulge in his pants was straining against the tight cotton pants.

Shortly, Jackie came out of the store. He waved to her, and she came over to the car.

“Get in,” he said. He leaned over to open the door for her.

She got in, and she immediately noticed his cock’s outline, pressed under and straining toward his right hip pocket.

She turned to him, put her hand on his leg, and moved it over his cock.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all day,” she added, as she rubbed it in careful strokes. She moved closer to him.

He noticed her breasts. Her shirt was unbuttoned more than earlier in the day. He moved his hand toward her breasts, cupping the far breast, and then lightly pinching her nipple. She moaned very lowly.

Her hand moved toward his belt buckle, unloosening it, popping the button on his jeans. He had to slide up off the seat, as she unzipped his pants.

He asked her if she had done this before, in the car. Her hand was inside his jeans, searching for his cock.

“Yes, I have. With many men. I love being in cars,” she offered.

She bent her head down into his lap, freed his rigid prick from his pants, and immediately put it in her mouth, sucking on it slowly at first, and then very quickly after. After some time of this, she turned her head up toward him, her hair in her face. He could only see part of her left eye as she asked him to fuck her mouth as if it was her pussy.

She turned her body, as he kneeled on the seat. She gripped his ass from behind, cupping his ass, and began to pull his meat into her mouth. She moved his ass into her and back away again, as his cock penetrated her lips and filled her mouth again and again.

He couldn’t hold himself much longer, and told her in-between huffing and straining, that he thought he was going to cum any second. She pushed him and his cock deeper into her mouth, till her lips were all that could be seen of where his cock once was, so thoroughly had she devoured it, engulfed it.

He was moaning now, rising.

“Do you like that? Do you like that?”

“Um, uh. Um, uh.”

Rising and rising, in and out, pushing and pulling.

“What…did you want me to do…to do…this afternoon?”

She pulled away at this point, her mouth full of saliva and smeared lipstick, and said, I wanted you fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my open ass.”

And with that, James came, in jerks, spurting his cum on Jackie’s chin and lips, her right cheek, her throat and shoulder.

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