At the Feet of My Mother

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Authors note; For those of you who have been following my Siblings with benefits series, I had mentioned at the end of chapter 30 that as SWB is extremely grueling to write I was going to put up some other stories in between chapters. Well this is the first of them and admittedly this story was a guilty pleasure to write. I have two fetishes that are both apparent in my writing; the obvious incest fetish and if you notice from some of Mark and Megan’s sex scenes a serious foot fetish. This story combines both and made this story a lot of fun for me. Now a couple of notes about the story itself; although there is a foot fetish involved never fear there is plenty of “regular” sex as well. Also for those familiar with all my work I do not rush right into things and build the tension instead of diving right in. Those who have enjoyed Anniversary to Remember and Weekends with Laura know what I mean and if you liked them you will like this one. If this is the first story you have read of mine well first thank you for reading! And give it a chance I think you will be glad you did. As always thank you for reading! Lovecraft68


“Hello earth to Mr. Dion?”

Jumping at the sound of my name I looked up to see the professor staring at me.

“Umm Yes Mrs. Richards?” I asked.

“Well Mr. Dion, my initial question was; ‘are you paying attention’, and I believe you just answered that.”

“Sorry Mrs. Richards.” I said lamely, feeling myself blush a little as several of the other students around me laughed.

“You will be if you don’t pass the exam on Friday Billy,” Mrs. Richards said shaking her head. “I know US History isn’t part of your major but credits are credits.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Fortunately Mrs. Richards let it go at that and returned back to discussing the always exciting subject of Manifest Destiny. I sighed and jumped again as a paperclip hit my hand. I looked to the left and saw my best friend Jeff looking over at me smirking. As I looked at him he nodded his head, and pointing past me, winked and whispered;

“Don’t blame you Bill, she’s hot!”

I nodded in agreement, and turning my head, looked over at the ‘she’ Jeff had been referring to. Sitting one seat up from me to my right was Miranda James, and as Jeff had said, she was damn hot. Of course Jeff had been right about me day dreaming over Miranda, I mean who wouldn’t? Miranda was tall, blond, tan, and had legs that went forever. Currently Miranda was showing off those legs quite well, wearing a tiny pair of denim shorts, that when she stood, barely covered the cheeks of her perfect little heart shaped ass. What Jeff, and pretty much everyone else, would be wrong about however was exactly which parts of Miranda’s amazing body I was staring at.

If you were to follow my eyes one would think I was looking at her legs, which don’t get me wrong were more than worth checking out and I had, but the focus of my attention was at the end of those long legs. What I really had my eye on was Miranda’s incredibly sexy feet. I tried not to look, as it would only drive me crazy, but I couldn’t help it. I was drawn to those tan perfectly shaped feet, with their bright red toe nail polish, like a moth to a flame. Making matters worse was that Miranda had slid her feet out of the straps of her sandals and had her toes pressed into the shoe with her feet up in the air. This left me staring at the smooth white soles of her feet and the extremely vivid image of me lying on the floor and licking the bottom of them.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, as my hard cock was bending painfully in my jeans. To make matters worse, at that moment, Miranda decided to not only cross her legs under her desk, but to dangle the sandal off of the edge of her toe. With an act of will I forced myself to turn and face the front of the class before I popped off in my jeans. I closed my eyes and shook my head as if physically trying to get the image of sucking on Miranda’s red toes out of my mind.

For those of you who do not have one, which is most people I suppose, a foot fetish is not an easy thing to deal with. Most guys, and don’t get me wrong me as well, are obsessed with girls tit’s and asses and will stare whenever they can. The difference there is you can’t actually see anything and can only imagine so much, but feet? Well in the warm weather which is what we were in now the girls had their bare feet on full display and it was driving me crazy. Sexy strappy sandals, heels that are so high they are uncomfortable; ankle bracelets, toe rings, and of course pedicures to keep those pretty little feet nice and soft for when they are up on their man’s shoulders or chest. Better yet for when they were wrapped around a nice hard…

I was doing it again! Oh well, I thought at least I was doing a good job of not thinking of where my fetish started and whose feet I was attracted to the most. After all a foot fetish seemed strange enough to some people, but if they Casibom ever knew it was my own mother’s feet that had instilled it in me it would be off to therapy I’d go! Stop that! I yelled at myself again as I immediately pushed the image of my mother’s black stocking clad feet and pretty little toes out of my mind.

I’m sure part of the reason my fetish was so frustrating was because I had never been able to properly satisfy it. I’d been fixated with feet since well before I’d started having sex and still had yet to really explore my passion for them. Of course seeing that indeed, my love of feet had started with my mother, I tried to avoid thinking about any scenario that involved her, although admittedly lately it had been a losing battle. Pushing that from my mind before unwanted images began forming; I went back to thinking how I was too embarrassed to mention it to my first couple of girlfriends. In hindsight this was kind of stupid, as who knew maybe they might have let me play. Instead I would use any excuse I could find to rub their feet, and then after I was all hot and bothered just fuck them while I thought about their feet.

Even then, I would find positions to have their feet up on my shoulders or close to my face. Occasionally I would turn my head and give their foot or toe a quick kiss which would get a giggle out of them but I avoided licking and sucking on them the way I really wanted too. Sometimes when I would have sex doggy style I would try to look back over my shoulder at the soles of their feet facing up while they were on their knees and imagine cumming right there in their cupped feet. That thought alone would usually cause me to fuck them harder and faster and as I was spraying my cum over their ass or deep inside of them would have the image of their cum coated toes in my head. So far the closest I had gotten to satisfying my fantasies had been with Julie.

Julie and I had started going out when we met at our freshmen year at the University of Rhode Island, and after we had been together for a year, I had finally decided to fess up about how much her feet turned me on. Julie looked at me like I was a little weird but said that I always made her feel good so she would let me play. I was beside myself and after giving her a long foot rub with strawberry scented lotion got down on my knees and started kissing, licking and sucking on her cute little toes. I was hard as a rock but whenever I looked up Julie had an odd look on her face, as if she were embarrassed for me. I continued, hoping to get her into it, and after kneeling between her legs, took her feet and placed them around my cock.

Julie’s feet were still a little moist from the lotion and my cock slid easily through them as I started thrusting my hips. I couldn’t believe it! I was actually fucking her feet! I looked up again and saw Julie watching but still with that look of ‘are you kidding?’ on her face. I felt bad she wasn’t into it, but certainly was not going to stop having gotten this far. Admittedly it was a turn off seeing she was not excited and I started to look back towards her adorable little feet around my fairly sizable cock. Just as I started to turn away however I had an instant visual of my mother’s face looking down into her lap her eyes wide with lust and her lips parted as she panted and moaned while my father…

I immediately looked back to Julie’s feet and started fucking them faster and harder trying to get off, figuring that once I came and fulfilled my fantasy those sick thoughts would finally fade from my mind. I was just starting to breathe hard when Julie asked;

“You’re not going to cum are you Billy?” As I slowed and looked at her, she opened her legs showing off her pretty little pussy that had just a little bit of blonde hair over it and continued; “You’d rather do that then fuck me?”

I all but rolled my eyes as I had deliberately taken my time going down on her and getting her off nice and hard so that I could do this and she didn’t lose out. In hindsight I suppose I should have kept going, but as I stared at her she batted her baby blue eyes and pushed her lips out in the pout that always got her what she wanted from me. That pout that was so much like the one my mother used to use on my father anytime she wanted something. Of course Julie knew that it was the other things her lips could do that made me fall for it, which had made me start to wonder what my mother’s had been doing that she got whatever she wanted.

Shutting that out, I reluctantly removed my cock from between Julie’s delightfully sticky feet, and sliding up between her legs, slipped my cock inside of her admittedly very warm and inviting pussy. I had been close while fucking her feet, but the disappointment of having to stop coupled with my mind beginning to wander into uninvited territory had slowed me up somewhat. Julie had sighed happily and wrapped her arms and legs around me as I began to slowly fuck her the way Casibom Giriş she liked it; missionary and boring. After a couple of minutes Julie dropped her legs from my waist and I felt her feet land flat on my calves.

I instantly pictured them there and loved the way they felt. I started fucking her harder and she started to raise her legs, but I whispered in her ear to leave her feet where they were. This Julie was happy to go along with, as it meant I was still fucking her. A few seconds later I got braver and asked her to curl her toes. Julie giggled and started doing as I asked; curling then releasing her toes on my legs. Each time she did it I gasped and started fucking her harder. Julie was gasping as well then added to my excitement by raising her legs just enough to wiggle her feet back and forth. That was enough to send me over the edge, and as I felt my cum racing through my cock I started to pull back planning on cumming all over Julie’s feet like she had said she would let me do sometime. As I began to slide out Julie grabbed my shoulders and holding onto me moaned;

“Oh please inside Billy! It feels sooo good!”

Julie was on the pill, and in reality how could I say no to that? So, envisioning Julie’s pretty painted toes the entire time, I came hard sending what seemed like a tremendous amount of cum into Julie’s hot little box.

I came back to earth, and all but slapped myself in the head at that point, as that little replay had done little to quell the raging hard on in my pants. At least if I was still going with Julie I could get some relief but she had started complaining that between school, my part time job as a waiter at Olive Garden, and doing things around the house to help out my mother, that I had no time for her. The job and school she understood but Julie always got upset when it came down to me needing to keep up the yard or the house. In our final argument I had told her that since my father passed away two years ago my mother was working two jobs and what was I supposed to do ask Mom to mow the damn lawn too? Julie had ended it with calling me a momma’s boy and that I preferred my mother to her. In fact her last ridiculously bratty remark had been “Let’s see who you prefer when you get horny!” Well on that note…

The ringing of the final bell mercifully cut off that train of thought and I practically jumped out of my seat and all but ran out of the classroom causing Jeff to call out behind me;

“Hey Billy, pool tonight! I’ll be there at six!”

After waving to him over my shoulder I exited the building, and after walking halfway across the parking lot, smiled at my car as I approached it. The car, a perfectly restored 1969 Firebird was not only my pride and joy because it was gorgeous but because it had been the last thing Dad had given to me. Four years ago my father had been diagnosed with liver cancer. After the first year although he was still functioning the long term prognosis had not been good. Deciding to enjoy the time he had left dad had bought the Firebird which had always been his dream car and the two of us spent a lot of time together fixing it up. A year later, at my high school graduation at which point my father could barely get out of bed most days, he presented me with the keys saying that at least he had something cool to leave me.

As I got into the car and started it, deliberately giving it a lot of gas to hear the engine roar, I sighed as I felt that familiar pang of sadness go through me. After two years I was past the point of getting teary eyed on a regular basis but it still hit me that my father’s life had been cut short at the age of forty four. Pulling out into the street I glanced into the rear view mirror and as URI disappeared behind me I thought that dad had left me a lot more than the car; his life insurance policy and my mother’s selflessness was paying for my education.

Dad’s policy had been enough to pay off the house which of course is what he wanted. This way all mom would be left to pay was taxes and the usual stuff and she would be able to live there the rest of her life. Mom however, seeing that I hadn’t qualified for much scholarship money had taken the money and put it into an account to pay for all four years of my college. Because she had done that mom was currently working two jobs. During the week she worked as a paralegal and Friday and Saturday night’s she waitressed at a cocktail lounge. I felt terrible and had gotten the job at Olive Garden against her wishes so I could help pay for a few things here and there.

This was also the reason I went out of my way to do anything that needed to be done around the house. As it was mom worked Monday through Saturday and usually spent Sunday running errands and eventually passing out on the couch to rest up for another week. How could I not help? Apparently I was supposed to spend my time catering to a spoiled little brat like Julie. On that note however, I certainly Casibom Güncel Giriş wouldn’t mind having said brat around right now to relieve a little frustration. Instead I was heading home to the internet and my hand, then again, on the plus side at least my hand didn’t whine and ask for things.

I arrived home, went up to my room, and tossing my books on the bed, went over to my desk. After putting my cell down where I could reach it, I flipped my lap top open. While the computer booted up I unzipped my jeans, and sliding them and my underwear down, logged onto the internet to find some inspiration. I clicked on the favorites tab and scrolled down to where I had several porn sites bookmarked. I passed over a couple of standard ones and went further down to where I had several foot job videos saved. After staring at Miranda’s feet for close to forty five minutes I felt it only fitting that I got off to a hot foot video. God only knew it might be the closest I ever came to seeing my cum on a pair of sexy feet.

I was just ready to click on one when my eyes wandered down to the next site; Taboo tales; real Mother’s seduce their sons! I hesitated and cursed myself for not deleting that site like I kept saying I was going to. As my finger tapped the mouse nervously I began playing the game with myself; the same game I’d been playing for months. My first reaction was to get rid of the site and watch a good foot video, after all sex with one’s mother was a pretty sick subject. Of course immediately on the heels of that thought was the justification of; hey if it were that uncommon would there be sex sites about it? Never mind the endless stories dedicated to mother son sex on erotica sites. After all wasn’t that what all types of porn were; harmless fantasy?

In the end I didn’t know why I bothered; it’s not like I already didn’t know how this would end. With a sigh of resignation I clicked on the link, and as the site came up, instantly felt my cock begin to stir as my eyes scanned the trailers that were on the first page of the site. I lingered on one still of a mother on her knees, looking up into her son’s astonished face as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. I almost clicked on it but kept scanning. Like the game I had played with whether or not I would go into the site, I already knew exactly which video I wanted, the same one I’d been watching for the last two weeks.

I found it on the second page and clicking on it leaned back, putting my hand around my cock which was already hard in anticipation. The video began with a guy on his bed watching a porn and jerking off much like I was. The door opened and his mother came in and began yelling at him. I wasn’t paying any attention to the dialogue but had begun to stroke my cock as the mom in the video approached the bed and opening her robe exposed herself to her son. My breathing began to get heavier as I watched the mother crawl up onto the bed and between her son’s legs. The camera zoomed in on her and I moaned softly as this is what really made this my favorite video. The woman in the video closely resembled my own mother, same long brown hair, big brown eyes and very full inviting lips.

My hand sped up on my cock as the woman smiled and began teasing her soft pink tongue around the head of her son’s cock. He moaned and I moaned with him, as the mother let out a delightfully wicked giggle and told the son to tell her what he wanted. After some really bad pretending of not wanting it the son finally whimpered;

“Mom, would you please suck on my cock?”

I moaned almost as loud as the idiot in the movie as with a wink his mother slowly, teasingly; an inch at a time took his cock all the way down to its base. Sliding it back out she said;

“What’s the matter honey, didn’t know your mom loved to suck cock?”

With that she began sucking it faster and harder, deep throating him and moaning every time her son’s cock was buried in her throat. I could feel myself getting ready to cum and deliberately slowed myself down so I could watch a little more of the video. The mother stopped sucking, and sitting up on the bed, held up her small but perky tits. Her son sat up, and eagerly began to suck on them, as she reached down and stroked his cock. My hand picked up speed as it was getting to my favorite part. The mother lied back and slowly spread her legs. After bending his head to go down on her, the son slid up on his knees, and with a loud groan, slid his cock into his mother’s pussy. Here it comes I thought as I started jerking even faster. The mother raised her legs and put them on her son’s shoulders. Turning his head, he kissed the side of her foot, then opening his mouth started to flick his tongue across his mother’s toes. I was panting hard and could once again feel my cock getting ready to explode. On the video the mom put her other foot up to her son’s lips and…

My cell phone rang.

I jumped so hard I almost went over backwards in my chair, barely catching the edge of the table with my hand. Looking over at the phone, I saw it was mom calling, and instantly felt dirty as all hell. Reaching out I grabbed the phone and answered it quickly before it went to voicemail.

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