At The Movies

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Debbie felt the cold wind blowing her skirt around her legs as she and Bill hurried from the car to the movie theater. The winter was bitterly cold , and she considered herself lucky that she had Bill to keep her warm. A gust of Artic air blew in the door with them as they entered the theater.

Debbie blew on her hands to warm them up and Bill paid for their tickets. He guided her into the dimly lit theater and they selected their seats in the back row. As soon as they were comfortably situated, Bill slid his arm around Debbie’s shoulders and pulled her to him. She turned sideways slightly and pressed her tits against his arm. Debbie slid her moist lips over his and they kissed for a long time.

Debbie rested her hand on Bill’s thigh and wasted no time in moving it up to his already hardening cock. Bill chuckled to himself, wondering what he had let himself into by agreeing to come to the movies, especially with Debbie.

She gently squeezed and kneaded his cock through his pants, her fingers following the whole length of it and over the head. He could feel her short quick breaths on his neck, and this excited him. Her hand continued to massage the bulge in his pants, but she made no move to unzip him.

His thoughts were in total conflict. He wanted Debbie to pull his engorged cock out of his pants and suck on it till he shot down her throat! Then again, he wanted to take it slower. He wanted to pleasure her as well. He made a move to slide his hand up her skirt, but she pushed him away. That wasn’t like her at all!

“I want to suck your cock” she explained to him, grinning mischievously, “I want to make you cum.”

Bill looked around them. Hearing those words had aroused him to the point of no return. No one was paying attention so he quickly pulled on his zipper and released his cock. Even in the dim lighting, Debbie could see the purplish head.

He moved his hand to the back of her head and guided her down to his swollen cock. She went willingly, lowering her mouth to his hardon. He sighed as her lips settled around the head. Slowly she moved down till antep escort his whole shaft was in her mouth and the head pushed into her throat. He could feel her tongue sliding all around, rapidly flicking the underside of the head.

He slowly rose up to meet her mouth as she moved up and down. Bill loved to watch her lips slide up and down as his cock disappeared into her wet, warm mouth.

What also turned him on were the little moans and whimpers coming from Debbie as she manipulated his cock. He knew she was extremely aroused as she licked and sucked him. He could imagine her cunt juices trickling down the crack of her ass and her large nipples, hard and erect. He was anxious to prove himself right. He couldn’t wait to get this woman home!

“Oh baby! I’m going to cum!” he whispered.

Debbie immediately tightened her lips around the base of his cock, and slowly moved back up the shaft, sucking all the way. Her mouth had a way of milking his cock at the same time her tongue was licking all around. It nearly drove him insane!

As she reached the head, her lips tighened even more causing her cheeks to cave in. Then with one fell swoop she pushed down on the whole length of his cock. At the same time, Bill pushed upwards, ramming his cock into her throat, causing her to choke, just a bit.

Then his hips started jerking as the first spurt of cum shot down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow, not that she minded. Debbie loved to swallow Bill’s cum.

Debbie’s mouth continued sucking his cock as she drained his balls. Bill could hear her giving his now semi-hard dick exaggerated slurps as she cleaned him up.

When Debbie sat up and looked at Bill, he could see that her cheeks were flushed and her nipples were erect.

“Let’s forget about the movie,” Bill suggested, “we have some unfinished business to take care of, my dear.”

The two lovers wasted no time getting ready to leave. In the cold car, Debbie huddled close to Bill trying to get warm as he drove.

When they got back to her place, Bill showed Debbie exactly what he meant by “taking care of business”, or rather she showed him.

Debbie pushed Bill back onto the bed and within minutes, he was naked. His cock was standing straight up, at full attention!

Still dressed, Debbie straddled his legs, resting her pussy against the underside of his cock and against his balls. Her hand slid down, squeezing the shaft as she pressed it into her wet, warm pussy. Bill moaned as he realized Debbie wasn’t wearing any panties. She started moving up and down slightly against his dick, causing a large drop of precum to fill the slit.

Looking directly at him, Debbie continued rubbing her pussy against his hard cock as she started unbuttoning her blouse. Bill reached up to help and again, she gently pushed his hands away.

“No touching,” she said teasingly.

Slowly Debbie continued to reveal her lace covered tits, enjoying the looks she was getting from Bill.

“Fuck woman!” Bill groaned, “you’re driving me crazy!”

“That’s the idea,” Debbie taunted.

As she slid the blouse over her soft shoulders, Bill moaned, raising his hips up causing his rigid cock to press further into her wet crotch.

Reaching behind her to unfasten the clasp of her bra, she thrust her tits at him, so close, yet so far away. He fought the urge to grab this woman and throw her on the bed and just take her! He wanted to fuck her hard and deep till he exploded inside her cunt; but he was enjoying her teasing as much as she was.

With an aching cock, Bill let her continue.

Debbie slid her bra off and tossed it aside, finally revealing her magnificent orbs. Her large pink nipples were pointing upwards, begging to be sucked. He loved her large aerolas. Bill reached up again and tried to touch them.

“I said, no touching,” she laughed, playfully slapping his hand away.

Debbie rested her hands on either side of Bill’s shoulders and, leaning down, she dragged her rock hard nipples over his chest. He reached around her back and pulled he down to him, flattening her tits against his chest. Her nipples poked into his flesh.

Bill’s lips covered hers, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

His hands slid down to her waist and pulled her skirt up over her head. Debbie’s smooth pussy peeked out between her lacy garter belt that connected to her silky thigh high stockings.

Her wet slit rested along the length of Bill’s cock, pressing it against his stomach. It was easy for her to slide back and forth because they were so slippery. Faster and faster Debbie moved along his cock. Her clit rubbed against the head of his dick, causing her to moan. All of a sudden, she moved ahead too far and when she slammed back, the head of Bill’s cock found the entrance to her hot wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhh!” she exclaimed, but she kept going, forcing Bill’s cock deep inside her.

Bill was so close to cumming, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down over his cock. Debbie leaned forward a little and offered Bill her tits.

“Suck them for me! Suck my nipples hard! Suck them till I scream!” Debbie begged.

As she rode up and down on his throbbing cock, he sucked hard on her nipples. With each suck, her pussy contracted around his cock, milking his balls. Within seconds Bill blew his load inside her! Debbie’s cries echoed through the room, her pussy shuddering around his spasming cock. Their bodies were trembling with pleasure.

As her orgasm subsided, Debbie pulled her tits from Bill’s mouth and sat up on his cock, bringing his hand to her pussy.

“Rub my clit, while I fuck you!” she demanded.

As his finger rubbed her swollen clit, it excited her more. Bill felt her pussy grabbing at his cock again, squeezing and releasing as her cunt worked up and down the shaft. Bill rubbed her hard little nub faster, bringing this wanton woman closer to another orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh I’m cummmmiiinnnnngggggggg!” Debbie cried as Bill drove his cock deep into her cunt.

He grabbed Debbie’s hips, pulling her down on his dick, grinding her clit against his pelvis. As his own orgasm reaches deep in his balls, draining him mentally and physically, the two lovers gasp for breath in each other’s arms.

They lay there for a long time. Neither had the energy to speak, nor did they want to.

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