At the Neighbor’s

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We’d been living out in the country for a while when our new next-door neighbors moved in. It was a mother and two daughters- one about 18, and the other about 20, all redheaded, and all gorgeous. You’d met them a few times before I did- helped them move some things in, and then come home and been VERY attentive to me afterwards, so I knew that they were at least interesting. Finally I had the time to go and take them a welcome basket, so I started out one morning after I’d gotten you off to work.

I knocked at the front door, and when there was no answer went around to the back yard. They had a similar back yard to ours- lots of trees for privacy, and shady nooks all over the place to curl up and read a book in. As I rounded the corner of the house I saw movement, and just as I began to say hello I noticed that it was the two girls in the hammock. They were lying beside each other, oblivious to my presence. The older girl was holding the younger girl’s face in her hand and kissing her, while the younger girl had her hands in her sister’s shorts and was obviously very busily stroking her. I couldn’t help it- I just stood there and watched- half shocked, half horrified, and very, very turned on. I watched as the older one lifted her sister’s shirt and bent her head to her sister’s small breasts, fastening her mouth on to a nipple and sucking. I could almost feel the tiny little nipple under my own tongue, and putting my basket down, I leaned back against the tree and watched from within its overhanging branches as I slipped my hand into my shorts.

The younger girl finally managed to get her sister’s shorts off, and as I gently rubbed my clit I could see her plump güvenilir bahis young pussy appear- even from 10 feet away I could see the glistening of her juices. I watched as she inserted a finger into her sister’s ass while rubbing her clit with her thumb, and watched the other girl’s hips raise as the hammock swayed. However long they’d been doing this, they’d certainly figured out what each other liked- the older girl was moaning and gasping as the younger one silently fucked her with her small hand.

I couldn’t help myself- I slid my shorts down to my hips, and wet two fingers with my now gushing wetness, and then slid them into my ass as I continued fingering my clit. Of course I came almost immediately, and then again and again as I watched the two sweet girls in front of me. After I couldn’t take it anymore, I leaned up against the tree, and was standing there trying to catch my breath when I felt a soft hand touch my cheek from behind me. I turned around in shock, to see a woman who could only be the mother of the two girls in the hammock, who she was watching with an indulgent look.

“You certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself,” she said with a smile.

“Um, yes.” I replied- I’ve certainly never figured out the etiquette for situations like that, and I had no idea what to say. But since she didn’t seem angry I thought I’d just go along with her lead, and since her shining red hair was hanging half way down her nicely firm ass I thought that I’d just stand and watch her for a while.

“I’m the neighbor, Susan,” I said, a bit unnecessarily, and without thinking, held out my hand to shake hers. She looked at me and smiled for a minute, türkçe bahis and then brought my hand to her mouth and started sucking on my long fingers, still slick and wet from my pussy. I gasped, and jumped a bit, and she looked at me with a smile in her eyes.

“You taste good,” she said. “I’ve found that watching them does that to me too. They’ve been at it since just after their father left last year, and I really don’t have the heart to tell them to stop. With just moving and not knowing anyone and me gone so often during the day, they’re really all that each other has.”

I nodded a bit stupidly- I had no idea what to say to this woman who accepted incest so seemingly casually, even though I couldn’t disagree with her reasoning. And I was a bit distracted by the long tongue that she continued to run up and down my fingertips, looking at me with an invitation in her eyes.

No one says that I’m stupid (most of the time), so I finally moved forward and took her head in my hands. Positioning myself so that I could still see the two young girls, I began to seriously kiss her. This woman could definitely kiss- the softness of her mouth against mine, and her lazy way of running her tongue around mine was making me even wetter than I had been. I watched the two young girls move into a 69- not exactly gracefully because there’s no way to do that in a hammock, but still deeply engrossed in each other. As I kissed their mother I watched as their tongues flicked out, seemingly in unison, and buried themselves in each other’s pussies. The younger girl came almost right away, giving a series of little groans and lifting her head off of her sister’s clit as I watched her güvenilir bahis siteleri shake.

Moving her mother’s hand down to my pussy, I felt her begin to stroke me through my shorts as I pulled her t-shirt away from her heavy breasts, lifted them up to my mouth, and began gently biting on the nipples as she fingered me. The warm flesh in my mouth, and her slightly colder hand now inching its way under my shorts drove me crazy- I came again as soon as she touched my clit, and as I sucked on her long nipples I knew that she wasn’t far off either. I took her free hand and gave her one of her own breasts, and as I sucked and nibbled on one, she looked into my eyes and sucked on the other as I shuddered again beneath her. I reached down and slid my hand into her shorts, going straight for her pussy as I drove a finger inside of her and pressed the palm of my hand against her clit. Keeping up a steady pressure I almost threw her off balance until she ended up leaning against the tree, still with her own breast in her mouth. I pulled on her nipple with one hand while I fucked her against the tree with the other, determined that she would cum for me as many times as she could. I don’t know how long we were there- it only felt like minutes even though it must have been longer, but finally she collapsed against me and said “enough, please.”

I kissed her and stepped away while we rearranged our clothes, and turned to find the two young girls sitting up in the hammock watching us, now fully clothed and obviously sated. The older girl smiled sleepily at her mom “Hey mom, I didn’t know you were going to be home so early.”

“That’s okay dear- I’m just meeting the neighbor,” she said quite naturally. I stammered and blushed a bit as I was introduced to the two girls, handed over my basket, and after giving the mother a quick kiss after inviting her over for coffee next week, I went home to tell you all about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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